Chapter 30- Epilogue

"So, how was it?" Chris asked as Wyatt rematerialized in the living room of the manor in bright white and yellow lights. He had been sitting back on the couch, relaxed and waiting for his brother to return from the past.

"Got my powers back," twenty-six year-old Wyatt grinned. "And I managed it without letting it slip that you were with us," he said proudly.

"Yeah, you just told Aunt Phoebe about Uncle Coop," Chris snorted.

"Hey! That was, er, an accident. He caught me by surprise."

"You went to the past Wyatt! How was meeting the people you've known you'd have to see for years a surprise?" Chris asked baffled.

"Yeah, well, it was," Wyatt tried defending himself as his brother laughed. "Anyway, mom and the Aunts saved the future I mean present, ah well, you get it," he said frustrated dropping next to Chris.

"I know," Chris wiped his eyes, "Mom stopped by to get something she forgot and when she asked what I was doing and I told her you'd lost your powers she went all, oh, that was today? They could've been more specific! Honestly those were easy demons we were fighting but imagine they hadn't been," Chris huffed.

"Well, we knew the gist of what had happened and everything worked out, though I did play my part pretending I didn't quite well actually."

"Proud of yourself?" Chris asked his preening brother.

"Very." Wyatt said pleased and the wrinkled his nose, "I have a lot more appreciation though for the time you spent there. I was bursting to tell them everything, get them to get you away from the Dursleys then."

Chris smiled, "I know, but in the end everything worked out well. Now," he said getting up. "I have to get ready."


"Got a date. She likes my accent," he preened. "She says it makes me sound cultured and sophisticated."

"Don't get so full of yourself, anyone could do it," Wyatt said faking an accent.

"Was that supposed to be British? Cause it sounded like you had stomach cramps."

"Hey! It was so British! Besides, the Brits loved my accent!" Wyatt smirked.

"Name one."


"The fact that she's currently married to Ron argues against you," Chris said ducking a swat from Wyatt and running upstairs followed by his brother.

Chris had graduated from Hogwarts and then taken his parents suggestion to try a Muggle college for a while before he decided what to do. He went to Berkley and he had realized that he liked it more in the Muggle world. Magic was still a part of his life but he could be just Chris here unlike in the Wizarding world where his fame never abated and just grew as he was now known as the defeater of Voldemort, even if he had done it with his family's help. They didn't just let him be. That is not to say that he left that world completely, he was always orbing there to see his friends and family and a friendly game of Quidditch. He remembered fondly the first game of Quidditch his mother saw, they had come to the first game of the season in fifth year invited by Dumbledore and Piper almost had a heart attack.

Sirius was still teaching at Hogwarts and Remus at Magic School which made seeing both Marauders frequently quite easy. Sirius had finally managed to overcome Remus' popularity and become the most popular teacher at Hogwarts. He never failed to remind everyone of that, he was still sore about that first class. Magic School and Hogwarts had also kept collaboration throughout the years which was helped by the fact that since Sirius had to board at Hogwarts Remus was living there with him and was able to bring messages back and forth with ease.

That was just one aspect of the measures taken for a war that never happened that ended up helping them. For instance, Madam Bones had taken the Dementors away from Azkaban and had never brought them back, all the negotiations Remus had started with the Werewolf packs had been continued and were the beginning to what was now known as the Magical Being Liaison Office in the Ministry that deals with the rights of many Magical creatures such as werewolves, goblins, house-elves, etc. They had managed to attain many rights and ban many of the prejudicial laws such as the one Umbridge had passed about werewolves and employment. They weren't perfect yet, and there was a lot to fight for still, but they were in the right path.

Another one of her actions was to give more importance to Muggle relations, she created a whole department that included from preparing Muggleborn children to what they should expect at Hogwarts and preparing them so they didn't enter school at a disadvantage to incorporating the technological advances from the Muggle world to the Wizarding World. She had asked Arthur Weasley to head the department while his Assistant, Perkins, received his old job and now the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office was part of the Muggle Liaison Office.

Ron, to everyone's surprise, or not much, since Chris knew that once he had his confidence he was really good, had become a Quidditch player and was now responsible for the Cannon's first chance at a championship in many many years. He still grumbled about Percy sometimes, who had taken his sweet time to admit he had been wrong, but in the end did so after he was demoted at the Ministry and had been assigned to the position of Perkins's assistant. Apparently having to deal with the damage wrongly charmed Muggle objects could inflict gave him a better understanding of his father and the work he had done so far. He, of course, had been accepted back in the fold, but his siblings didn't let him forget what he had done.

Hermione had gone into law and now worked at the Magical Beings Liaison Office. She and Ron had married last year and Chris had been best man. He orbed to their house for a standing dinner invitation every Friday.

Another surprise was the fact that Snape and Prue were still going strong. Snape had stopped teaching and started his own private potions lab. Chris honestly thought the man seemed happier, though it was difficult to tell the happy sneer apart from the derogatory one. He's Aunt Prue liked him to call Snape Uncle Sev, but Chris didn't like it nor did he think Snape appreciated it. He was sure that was exactly why Prue insisted on it.

He had to agree that their relationship had improved, they might be considered friendly enemies today but they'd never be buddy buddies.

And speaking of enemies, the Malfoy's of course landed on their feet, and even managed to shed a bit of their Dark Wizards reputation as Lucius's role in helping the Order was made public. Chris hoped Lucius Malfoy endeavored in keeping it that way by not reverting to his old ways once more.

Wyatt was finishing Med School, which he knew made his parents happy, not only because he was following his dad's footsteps but because there was nothing farther from evil ruler than saving lives.

Chris had ended up majoring in Management and had started working with his mother at the restaurant. Piper had loved it, especially since she had admitted that Chris was an excellent cook and helped her not only manage but as a chef too.

And of course, he and Wyatt had started taking the mantle for the Charmed Ones in keeping the world's peace against demons. All in all he was quite happy with his life as a Charmed Wizard.

The End

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