The Host: Fanfiction

Please note that I do not own 'The Host'. That is Stephenie Meyer's work and I am not trying to abuse it. Also, this fanfiction does not start at the beginning of the story. This story starts with Wanda's first encounter with Jamie. It is from a new character, named Lexi's point of view. Enjoy and please comment!

I tried to tell him it was a bad idea. He didn't listen, as usual. I would have argued more, but I could tell it wouldn't do any good. So I sat with him, waiting for it to arrive. We waited for a long time, or maybe it just felt long, with the two of us leaning against the wall, saying nothing.

Finally, it came. As soon as it saw us, its eyes grew wide, and its hand clutched at Jeb's arm in fear. I wondered for a moment how we could possibly be scared of these things. But then I remembered what had happened on my last birthday, and I knew why they were so frightening.

"Well, for Pete's sake!" Jeb exclaimed, obviously irritated. "Can't nobody keep a secret around this place for more'n twenty-four hours? Gol'durn, this burns me up! Bunch of gossipmongers…"He trailed off into a grumble.

I was too occupied looking at it to try and hear what he was saying. I glanced over at Jamie for a moment, and saw that he, too was staring at it. His eyes were sad, and I could tell he was angry with himself for feeling this way. He didn't want to be a kid, he hated it when Jeb called him that.

I put my arm around Jamie, trying to comfort him, and he smiled weakly at me for a moment, but his eyes were still as sad as before. I wished I could do something to help him, but I knew that all I could do now was stay with him.

"Jeb," Jamie said-a gruff greeting. He looked quickly at it, and then away, at the far wall.

"Whatcha doing here, kids?" Jeb demanded. I opened my mouth to reply, but Jamie interrupted me.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Jamie demanded back.

Jeb went silent.

"Was that Jared's idea?" Jamie pressed.

"Jamie…" I murmured warningly, looking from Jeb to Jamie, and back again. My hand moved to Jamie's and he squeezed my hand harder than usual, as if trying to gain strength from it. I'd give you all the strength I have if I could, Jamie, I thought morosely.

Jeb sighed. "Okay, so you know. What good does that do you, eh? We only wanted to-"

"To protect me?" he interrupted, surly.

I squeezed Jamie's hand hard, warning him again.

"Fine, Jamie. So you don't need protecting. What do you want?"

Jamie was surprised by Jeb's quick agreement, and so was I. It was rare that Jeb would go down without a fight.

"I-I want to talk with her…with it," he finally said. His voice was higher when he was unsure.

"She doesn't say much," Jeb told him, "but you're welcome to try, kid." Turning to me, he said, "You gonna stay too?"

I nodded without a moment's hesitation. Jeb pried its fingers off his arm. When he was free, he turned his back to the nearest wall, leaning into it as he eased himself to the floor. He settled in there, fidgeting until he found a comfortable position. The gun stayed balanced in the cradle of his lap. Jeb's head lolled back against the wall, and his eyes closed. In seconds, he looked like he was asleep.

It stood where he'd left it. It looked like it was trying not to look at Jamie, but it couldn't. This puzzled me. Why would it want anything to do with Jamie?

Jamie was surprised again by Jeb's easy acquiescence. He watched the old man recline on the floor with wide eyes. Then Jamie looked back at it, and I saw his eyes narrow.

I noticed that its knees were starting to shake, and it moved slowly to the tunnel wall across from Jeb and slid down to the floor. There, it curled up around its bent legs, as though it were trying to be as small as possible.

Jamie watched it with cautious eyes and then took four slow steps forward until he stood over it. I stayed close to him, just in case. I looked at Jeb, who hadn't moved or opened his eyes, and then Jamie knelt down at my side, and I followed. Jamie's face was suddenly intense, and it made him look more adult than any expression yet.

"You're not Melanie," he said in a low voice.

It said nothing, simply shaking its head. I wondered why it didn't speak. Was it afraid?

"You're inside her body, though," Jamie said.

It paused again before nodding.

"What happened to your…to her face?" I asked quietly.

It shrugged.

"Who did this to you?" Jamie pressed. With a hesitant finger, he almost touched the side of its neck. It held still, but he withdrew his hand before touching its neck.

"Aunt Maggie, Jared, and Ian," Jeb listed off in a bored voice. We all jumped at the sound. Jeb hadn't moved, and his eyes were still closed. He looked so peaceful, as if he had answered Jamie's question in his sleep.

"Ian?" I muttered, shaking my head sadly. How could he do this? Sure, it wasn't human, but even so… I would have to talk to him later.

Then I noticed that Jamie hadn't spoken again, and I saw that he was looking at me gently. It was my turn to smile weakly, and we stayed this way for a moment, looking at each other, before Jamie turned back to it.

"You're not Melanie, but you know all her memories and stuff, right?"

It nodded again.

"Do you know who I am?"

"You're Jamie." Its voice was so soft I had to strain my ears to hear what she…what it had said.

Jamie blinked, startled that it had spoken. Then he nodded. "Right," he whispered back.

We all looked at Jeb, who remained still, and then Jamie and I turned back to it.

"Then you remember what happened to her?" Jamie asked.

It winced, and then nodded slowly.

"I want to know," he whispered.

It shook its head violently.

"I want to know, "Jamie repeated. His lips trembled. "I'm not a kid. Tell me."

"It's not…pleasant," It breathed.

His straight black eyebrows pulled together and up in the middle over his wide eyes. "Please," he whispered.

It glanced at Jeb before replying, "Someone saw her go into a place that was off-limits. They knew something was wrong. They called the Seekers."

We both flinched at the title.

"The Seekers tried to get her to surrender. She ran from them. When they had her cornered, she jumped into an open elevator shaft."

Jamie's face went white under his tan, and I squeezed his hand gently.

"She didn't die?" he whispered.

"No. We have very skilled Healers. They mended her quickly. Then they put me in her. They hoped I would be able to tell them how she had survived so long." Suddenly its mouth snapped shut. Jamie didn't notice, but I could tell it didn't mean to say all that. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jeb's eyes open and stare at it. Jamie didn't notice that, either.

"Why didn't you let her die?" Jamie asked. He had to swallow hard; a sob was threatening in his voice. I felt a lump rise in my throat at the sound of his voice, so miserable. I blinked back the tears in my eyes.

"I wasn't in on the decision," it murmured. "I was still in a hibernation tank in deep space when that happened."

I blinked in surprise. I hadn't been expecting it to say that. I wondered how far off the rest of our science fiction theories had been from the truth. I laughed quietly, thinking of the days before the invasion, when "aliens" had meant little green men in space suits.

"Where were you coming from?" Jamie asked.

It smiled at him before replying. "Far away. Another planet."

Suddenly I heard footsteps. I jumped to my feet and turned to see Jared at the end of the tunnel.

Jamie ignored my reaction and kept asking questions. "What was – "he started to ask, but he was interrupted by another question.

"What the hell?" Jared shouted at us, frozen with fury. "Damn it, Jeb! We agreed not to – "

Jamie got to his feet at once. "Jeb didn't bring me here. But you should have."

Jeb sighed and got to his feet. As he did so, the gun rolled from his lap onto the floor. It stopped only inches away from it. We all stood still for a moment, watching it, but all it did was shift away from it uncomfortably.

I almost laughed, watching it. A human would have grabbed the gun immediately, but what was it doing? It was actually moving away from the gun.

Jared had a different reaction than I did, though. He lunged towards it, closing the length of the hallway in a few strides. It cowered into the wall and covered its face with its arms. I watched him pick up the gun quickly, watching its every move.

"Are you trying to get us killed?" he almost screamed at Jeb, shoving the gun into his chest.

Jamie had let go of my hand now, and was staring angrily at Jared.

"Calm down, Jared," Jeb said in a tired voice. He took the gun in one hand. "She wouldn't touch this thing if I left it down here alone with her all night. Can't you see that? He stabbed the barrel of the gun toward it, and it cringed away. "She's no Seeker, this one."

I understood what he meant, but Jared didn't seem to want to even consider the possibility that it wasn't dangerous.

"Shut up, Jeb, just shut up!

Jamie was very angry now. "Leave him alone," he shouted. "He didn't do anything wrong."

"You!" Jared shouted back, turning on Jamie, now. I stepped forward, moving protectively in front of Jamie. "Get out of the way Lexi," Jared said, a bit more calmly. I didn't move. Jamie glared at me and whispered, "This is between me and him. Stay out of it." I glared back at him, but after a moment, I moved back reluctantly.

"You get out of here now, or so help me!" Jared continued when I was out of the way.

Jamie balled his fists and stood his ground.

Jared's fists came up, too.

"You shouldn't have tried to keep this a secret from me," Jamie said between his teeth. "And you shouldn't have hurt her." His right hand unclenched and pointed at its face.

Jared spit on the floor angrily. "That's not Melanie. She'snever coming back, Jamie."

"That's her face," Jamie insisted. "And her neck. Don't the bruises bother you?"

Jared dropped his hands and closed his eyes. After taking a deep breath, he said, "You will either leave right now, Jamie, and give me some space, or I will make you leave. I am not bluffing. I can't deal with any more right now, okay? I'm at my limit. So can we please have this conversation later? And Lexi, if you don't leave, I can promise you that Kyle will hear about this." He opened his eyes again.

I glared at him angrily. Kyle, I thought. He wouldn't be afraid to give me a few bruises. It builds character, he'd say. I was strong for my age after living on the run for so long, but I wasn't that strong.

"Sorry," Jamie muttered, breaking the silence. "I'll go…but I'm not promising that I won't come back."

"I can't think about that now. Go. Please."

Jamie shrugged. "C'mon Lex," he said. Then he turned to look again at it, and left. I trailed behind, glaring at Jared for another moment.

"Please." Jared said, pleading with me now.

I sighed, and then turned to follow Jamie. There was at least one thing I knew for sure; it was going to be a long day.