She felt like her heart had stopped beating. Her breath came in short gasps and all she wanted to do as she saw him fall to the rubble-strewn ground, a ground that they had walked so many times before, was scream. This couldn't be it. Not now that they had all they had ever wanted; they hadn't fought so hard for it all to end like this. As his assailant laughed manically a cold rage came over her. Never before had she wanted to kill so badly. The man ran off and she started to follow but was stopped by another cold laugh, one she knew all to well.

"Mourning your half breed hubby?" it cackled. "Don't worry you'll be with him soon enough!"

She turned back and sent up a shield before firing back. They fought fiercely, the two witches, neither one gaining the upper hand. All around them the grounds were lit up by the spell fire of other fighters, whose yells and screams drowned out any noise. She heard none of it. Even while she fought, deadness was building inside and it was a struggle to just keep pushing on. The only thing that kept her going was the knowledge that he would not want her to give up.


As her wand went flying time seemed to slow down and even as she knew what was coming next she felt no regret except for their beautiful baby who would have to grow up with out them.

She felt no pain as the spell hit her and the last thing she saw before the unknowing took over was his face, looking peaceful. The face of the man she had loved for what seemed like her whole life; the other half of her soul.