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Remus Lupin, Werewolf, Marauder and Third Year flopped down in his usual seat at his usual table in the Hogwarts Library and sighed in dejection. He needed quiet, and that day the incessant antics of his three best friends were driving him crazy. He had just stormed out of the common room after making a few cutting remarks and now he was regretting it. The full moon was in two days and he felt tired, rundown and irritated. Impatiently, he pushed the fringe of his sandy hair out of his amber-brown eyes and tried to focus on rewriting his Defense Against the Dark Arts essay.

He was able to write three paragraphs before the quiet of the library was pierced by the sound of someone crying. It was muffled, as if whoever it was, was attempting to hold in their sobs, but he could hear it none-the less. No one else seemed to have taken notice though. Looking up Remus saw a girl sitting at a table across the room. The table was half hidden behind a set of shelves and the girl had her head resting on it, her arms underneath for support. Her hair was blinding he noticed, an eye smartening yellow. Sitting there watching her cry made him feel like some sort of peeping tom, as if he was intruding on some tableau moment.

Slowly, almost hesitantly, he rose and went to the girl's table. Upon closer inspection he saw that she was quite small and a bit younger then he first thought. Probably a first year, he mused.

"Do you mind if I sit here," Remus asked kindly.

The girl didn't look up from the table although she was now trying to hold her sobs in. Slowly she shook her yellow haired head.

He sat opposite her and for a few minutes the only sound from either of them were her soft sniffles.

"Are you alright? He finally asked, then cursed himself. Of course she wasn't, why else would she be crying. "That is to say, why are you crying back here?"

The girl had yet to look up at him, but she mumbled, "I'm fine. Bad day is all."

Her accent, he noticed, was harsher than his. Like Sirius' and his own fathers. Probably lives in London, he mused.

"Well I know we don't know each other, but can I ask what happened? It's just that I was sitting over there and I heard you crying…."he trailed off. She finally looked up at him. Her eyes, a deep grey colour, were puffy and red ringed. And her heart shaped face was pale and streaked with tears.

"Sorry," She said sadly as she sniffed. "I didn't mean to disturb you, really."

Remus frowned. "No, its fine really. I wasn't really doing anything, but I heard you and couldn't help wondering what was wrong."

She was still sniffling although her tears had stopped. "Here," he said, reaching into the pocket of his robes and pulling out a handkerchief. She smiled slightly as he handed it to her.

"R.J.L." She read looking at it; she then wiped her eyes and handed it back to him. "What's that stand for?"

"Oh. Remus Lupin," he said. How had he come over here and not introduced himself? Really what had gotten into him today? First yelling at Sirius and now introducing himself to strange girls with even stranger yellow hair. He then realized he hadn't even asked her name.

"I'm Tonks," she supplied, drawing a pattern on the table with her finger.

"Tonks?" he asked curious. He knew that name…

"Yeah. Tonks. Just Tonks. Your friends with my cousin yeah?"

"Uh…" he thought for a moment. Her cousin. If her name was Tonks, or just Tonks or whatever she had said, then...

"Oh. Your Sirius' cousin, yes?"

She nodded. Her complexion was now clearing and she hadn't shed a tear since finally looking up.

"Yup. Haven't seen him yet though. He talks a lot about you, that's how I knew who you where when your said your name."

"So, your Nymphadora."

She scowled. "Don't call me that. Please. Its just Tonks, ok?"

Remus smiled. "Ok, just Tonks."

She rolled her eyes but smiled slightly.

"So why are you back here crying?" he asked gently, leaning forward and putting an elbow on the table.

Tonks sighed. "Its stupid. I mean I'm ashamed of myself for even crying, just had a really bad day you know? And I was handling it fine until Shannon Finnegan made a comment about me being a freak. Normally that doesn't set me off you know? But I was feeling a bit tetchy already. Besides," she said bitterly, "she's probably right. Everyone in my house thinks I'm some kind of dark creature or something because I'm a Metamorphmagus."

Remus felt a spasm of anger. Dark creature…. he knew what that was like. If anyone ever found out about him he would receive the same treatment. He was lucky his friends had accepted him so easily after finding out. But he knew not everyone was like them.

"You are not a dark creature," he said vehemently. "Far from it. And I doubt your whole house doesn't like you. This Shannon Finnegan, did you say her name was? She is most likely just jealous or she doesn't understand. When people don't understand something they can act more harsh then they normally would."

She was looking at him skeptically now.

"You really have nothing to be ashamed of," he said more gently. "Everyone has their quirky traits; yours is just more obvious than others. And it makes you unique. You have something that no one else has. So of course they are going to be jealous. Not everyone thinks that way though. Just try and brush it off."

Tonks seemed to be thinking so he said no more, instead looking around the library. He really should find a book to help with that essay on cheering charms while he was there.

"Thanks, Remus." She was looking a lot better now and she smiled genuinely at him. It was a pretty smile, he thought. A little crooked, but still pretty.

"So," he said, smiling as well. "You mean to tell me that you've gone half a year without enjoying the pleasant company of your cousin?"

Tonks laughed. "Pleasant is one way to put it. Me, I would have used a more descriptive word. "

"He can be a little crazy at times," Remus conceded, still smiling. Now that she was no longer sobbing he was really enjoying talking to her.

Tonks snorted. "Crazy is putting it mildly. But yeah, I've wanted to talk to him but I never seem to catch him. Oh well, I'll see him this summer probably. He always comes to visit Mum."

"What house are you in? I don't even remember seeing you being sorted." He glanced at her hair. He was sure he would have remembered someone so colorful.

"Well I had my natural appearance then. Mum insisted." She rolled her eyes. "I'm in Hufflepuff. My dad went crazy when he found out. He was one too."

They lapsed in to silence and Remus was just thinking that he should probably go and apologize to Sirius, or else he would make dinner miserable with his sulking, when she suddenly said, "thanks, for coming over here I mean. You didn't have to. And under normal circumstances I would probably being talking your head off. In fact next time we meet I probably will. Then you'll be cursing your self and saying why did I ever talk to that Tonks girl, she's mad!"

Remus laughed and received a nasty look from Madam Pince. "Well, you've given me fair warning so I really can't complain." He looked at his watch. "Are you going to dinner? I have to go find Sirius."

She nodded and stood gathering her things. "Why do you need to find him?"

Remus sighed. "I may have bitten his head off earlier," he said a little guiltily. He really did feel bad. After all it really had been James fault.

"Git probably deserved it," she said happily as they left the library. "What did he do?"

"Well it was more James' fault really. You've heard of him too yes? Well he made a comment about this sixth year Sirius fancys and they got into a bit of a tussle. Sirius went flying into the table that I had my homework on and sent it flying over."

"That's not that bad."

"No. But the table was the one close to the fire. Lets just say that I am now down two essays and a text book."

Tonks laughed heartily at that. He really didn't think it was that funny, but it was better than how she had been acting half an hour earlier.

"Well I'd better go," Tonks said. They had reached the Great Hall. A tall black haired girl had just spotted Tonks from the Hufflepuff table and leaned over to whisper to her friend.

"I'll see you later then."

"Remember, try not to worry about what she says." Remus indicated the girl with a tilt of his head. Somehow he knew this was Shannon.

"I'll try." She smiled slightly at him and made her way to the Hufflepuff table. Remus quickly headed for his own house table.

"Here he is," Peter said as he sat down.

"Where'd you go?" James was shoveling potatoes on to his plate and didn't look up as he asked this.


Remus turned to Sirius who was sat opposite James. "Sirius I…"

"Don't worry about it mate," he said as he too shoved potatoes on to his plate, no doubt on his second or third helping. "Know how you get around this time of the month." He said this more quietly so that no one who was eavesdropping could here.

Remus nodded gratefully and started on his kidney pie. "I just met your cousin Nymphadora."

"Oh, please tell me you called her that," Sirius said a gleam in his eye. "She hates it."

"So I found out. She was in the library, a bit upset."

"Is she ok?" while Sirius couldn't stand his family, Tonks was part of the only decent part of it. He didn't like to think of anything happening to her.

"I think she is now. A girl in her year, Shannon Finnegan, was giving her trouble. I think she may have it handled now."

"Shannon Finnegan?" James said overhearing. "Isn't she Mark's sister?"

"Mark?" Peter asked through a month of pie.

"Keep your mouth closed Peter," Sirius said as some pie hit his nose. "She's that bird with the legs right?"

"She's only in first year Sirius, and every girl is that bird with the legs to you."

Sirius smirked. For being only just turned 14 he was already cultivating an appreciation for the fairer sex.

"Who's Mark?" Peter asked again, somewhat impatiently.

"That Hufflepuff beater. You now the one who Sirius knocked off his broom last match?" James said starting on the Treacle Tart.

"Oh yeah." Sirius grinned. "That was a good hit. He was out for a least three hours."

And then the three of them were off discussing Quidditch, or rather James and Sirius discussed it and Peter listened with rapt attention.

Remus just smiled and shook his head. It always led back to Quidditch. He glanced over at the Hufflepuff table and saw Tonks was no longer there. He hoped she would take his advice.

It really was nice talking to her, he mused as both James and Sirius broke into raucous laughter over something one or the other had said.

Part of him hoped he could do so again soon. He had a feeling that he and Tonks would get along rather well.