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Avery: Yes, please, before she kills us

Griffin: You should see her when she's mad.


As I opened my eyes, I saw a very smug black man with white hair. Surprisingly I didn't recognize him from all of Griffin's pictures. However, what tipped me off to actually wake up was the fact that he was holding a knife.

"You know, funny thing about you Jumpers, no one knows how you manage to stay off the radar so long." He said as he sat on a small wooden table looking at his knife.

"Maybe because the shock you cause after you kill our friends and family allows us to learn quickly." I spat at him finally thinking clearly. My head ached and I was in no mood to deal with a blood thirsty paladin. Focusing on a familiar spot, the Sears Tower, I tried to Jump but only got a huge electric shock through my body. I gasped, surprised and bit my lower lip, holding back tears. For some reason I was very over emotional.

"It can't be that traumatizing considering you're still alive." He said knowingly. I tried to lash out with my legs as my hands were handcuffed behind my back. Roland was just out of reach however and my chair almost tipped.

"You rip five year olds from their parents or vice versa and you don't think that's traumatizing? You son of a bitch you really think that what you're doing is morally right? Really? Killing innocent five year olds because they are genetically different is right." I barked out a laugh and shook my head, "You all believe that we're the monsters, but we aren't. That title belongs to you and your cronies."

"Pretty speech, you think it'll help you survive?"

"No, just trying to find your sense of moral justice in this."

"You realize that once we have Griffin and his friend we are going to kill you. However, until then we need you alive."

I looked at him for a moment puzzled, "Why would Griffin come after me?"

"We saw you two together and it's obvious that he care about you."

My laughter resounded throughout the small room, "You honestly think that Griffin will come after me? I just met him less than a month ago. There is no way that he cares for me."

"Yet you care for him." He pointed out and I glared at him,

"Ah, but I'm already in your custody so therefore me being here has no cause." I said hoping that I was getting onto the road I wanted and not the one to a quick death. Roland looked at a paladin that appeared behind me,

"Take her to the cell." They began to take me out but he added, "Make sure you get several shock sticks on her."

"Yes, sir" Was the tart reply. As the paladin dragged me out I began to struggle against him,

"I can walk on my own thank you." He let me stand after I told him to leave me with a shred of dignity. If I was going to my death, I was going with honor I told him. He, let's call him Frank, allowed me to walk. After a while Frank and I came to a smallish cell with what looked like power lines coming from each wall. Frank put me in the center of the room and attached one of the lines to each of my hand. Then he attached the other two to my feet and unlocked the handcuffs. I could hear the steady hum of electricity and slowly I began to feel it go through the lines and into my body. Chewing on my lower lip I began to taste blood as I sized up the room. Griff had told me about the Jumper he knew that tried to Jump a building. This wasn't exactly a building but I had no clue if I could Jump the whole room. Maybe I could if there wasn't electricity messing with my mind, but with it? I had no clue.

Frank walked out of the room and left me alone to my thoughts. Though the one thing that was really bugging me more than the room was what Roland had said. I knew that it was possible (highly likely) that he had said those things for exactly this reason, to get to me. But then again it is possible that he was breaking a long running streak and habit and actually telling the truth. Then again, how could Griffin care for anyone like me? ME! A freak, a homeless one at that. Though he was slightly like me I guess. He was a Jumper who, I assumed, had his parents killed which meant he had no home too, right? Shaking my head I told myself to stop. That now was not the time to think of such things. Now was the time to think on getting the hell out of this place before Roland decided I was right and that they didn't need me.

Suddenly there was a thump and the door opened, Frank's unconscious body slumped to the ground. David, some woman, Griffin and Alex were standing in the doorway. I blinked and then blinked again and then looked at Frank.

"What'd you do to Frank?" I asked curious.

"Who?" Alex asked confused.

"Frank, the paladin. I mean that's not his real name but I had to call him something." I felt Griffin Jump behind me and start cutting and untying the lines.

"Oh, Boo, don't you know not to name them, you only get attached." Laughing I suddenly realized that what Roland said was true. I did care for him and it seemed as if he cared for me, which I don't know what scared me more, that or the fact that there were paladins filling the doorway. Alex worked on securing the door and David tried to calm the frantic woman.

"Who is she?" I whispered to Griffin.

"His mum. She's a paladin."

"Ah, thanks for that information, can I kill her now?" I asked.

"No, you cannot." David shouted and I winced,

"Yelling is not necessary." For some reason Alex and Griffin were arguing again. I looked at the wall and put one hand on it, thinking. The arguing was muddling my thoughts however and I glared at them,

"Oi," I shouted and they looked at me surprised, "You remember when I said that one day that arguing is gonna get you killed?" They nodded, "Well guess what. It may be today and it may be by my hand if you two don't shut up and let me think!" They gulped and stayed silent. I cleared my head and just as I was about to try what I thought was impossible the woman spoke,

"What are you trying to do? Jump the room?" Her voice contained a hint of humor and I walked up to her. We were standing toe to toe and I looked her in the eye,

"If you don't shut the hell up then I will make sure that the first place I Jump you is the closest shark pit I can think of. Got it? Because I don't appreciate pessimists when I am trying to do what, in my mind, is impossible." I walked back to the wall and by now the paladins were getting through Alex's lock. Clearing my mind, I pictured the Chicago railway that ran outside my cousin's apartment. I focused on it and felt a tug around my waist that usually was accompanied with Jumping, but this time it was different. It felt like it was pulling all my energy from every cell in my body and then trying to pull my body through a small hole. Like trying to put a hexagon peg through a square hole. The room disappeared from around me and suddenly my body hit concrete. I groaned and looked around; there were pieces of plaster everywhere. Suddenly Griffin's head was in my view, his hair and face and clothes covered in plaster.

"You think I look bad, you should see yourself, Boo." He said helping me stand. I coughed and looked down at my clothes, which was basically stark white. Alex had handcuffed David's mother and David was protesting severely.

"She doesn't need to be handcuffed Alex."

"Why, dear David, is that?"

"She can't hurt us." I snorted at that,

"David, she kills us, Jumpers, for a living. And you think she can't hurt us?" I said unconsciously leaning into Griffin, who had had arm around my waist. Glancing at the enormous Jumpscar that I had left behind, I saw it was still there, which was odd. Until I realized that they could still come through it. I Jumped back to Griffin's lair with as much precision as I could in my current state which was bone tired. Millie and Casey were there waiting for us. Griffin came after me and Alex and David's mother followed him. David was the last to come in and Millie ran to him. I looked at the wall of Griffin's sketches of paladins. There were two that I recognized immediately: Frank and one of the ones that killed my parents. It only took a couple minutes for me to find the other one and I was happy to know that he was already dead. Slowly I took notice that the adrenaline that my body was running off of was dying off. For the second time in two days, everything went black.


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