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I was sitting in the courtyard of school, eating the stuff that they call "food". My Ipod earbuds were in my ears and I was listening to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy's Mr. Pinstripe Suit. My foot was tapping to the beat when Casey walked up to me. I glanced up from my Pre-Cal homework and saw everyone watching us. She sat down next to me on the low retaining wall. The stares from her "friends" grew more intense as they grew curious as to what would happen next. She looked at me with a look saying "I just want to talk." I sighed and pulled out one earbud, turning down the volume in the other one. Casey was chewing on her lip and I looked back at my Pre-Cal homework, knowing that she would talk when she was ready. She looked over my shoulder and said, "How do you get any of this?"

I smiled a bit at the thought of Griffin helping me with yesterday's work, "I know a person." I answered her. I heard her hesitate a second before speaking.

"Ave," She said using my old nickname, "I need your help." My head shot up and I looked at her with a look of pure shock and confusion, "Please." She pleaded; her eyes showed her true feelings of fear and shock. I sighed and grabbed my books, walking out of the courtyard. When I didn't hear her following me, I turned around, "Are you coming?"

Casey nodded and followed me. I walked to the end of the street, "Where are we going?" she asked. I turned around walking backwards with ease,

"I figured you wouldn't want your friends hearing what you were talking to me about." I said with a bit of venom in my voice. I sighed and added, "My Aunt is out for the week, my apartment is empty and by the look on your face, this is not a simple problem." She smiled, the old Casey coming back slowly.

"Can we pick up some food first?" I grinned and nodded. We caught the bus and when Joanne saw Casey she smiled and said, "It's good to see you again Miss Casey."

Casey nodded and we took the seat opposite the one behind Joanne, who asked, "Where to girls?" We looked behind us to see that the whole bus was empty. I looked at Casey, "Where did you want the food from?" She shrugged,

"I don't care." I looked up a Joanne, "Where is the nearest Chinese food place?"

She took us to Panda Express for some sweet and sour chicken, tea, and rice and then Joan took us to my apartment. I climbed up the fire escape to my floor and Jumped into my room, unlocking the window and climbed back through. We sat on my hammock and ate. After awhile, I looked at her, "So what's wrong?"

She sighed and looked down at the chicken, "It started a few days, I came home to find that my parents weren't there. I thought that they were just out somewhere. My little brother came home and they still weren't home. It was about eight and there was a knock on the door, two people dressed as police officers came into my house and one handcuffed me while the other killed my little brother before my eyes." I gulped and knew where this was going, "They told me that my half-brother was this thing called a Jumper and that he was the reason why this was happening." Tears were pouring down her face now, "My parents are dead, my brother is dead and all because of this half-brother of mine that I have no clue who he is. They said he was a Jumper and I thought of you for some reason. What is a Jumper, Avery."

I looked down, trying to think of how to tell her all the stuff about the war that had been raging for years. However, my thoughts were shattered by a loud thump in front of us. Griffin sat in front of us with sand in his hair and his jacket all cut up, a baseball bat in his hand. Loud footsteps were sounding above. I looked at Griffin and saw the shimmering Jumpscar behind him.

"Hey, Boo." He said and I cocked my head to one side. Suddenly a man about forty-five came down from the fire escape. He had sky blue eyes and his black hair was laced with gray. "Griffin, hurry up, they know we are here. We have to go." I sucked in my breath and grabbed Casey's arm. She was yelling at me to tell her what was going on. I put my hand over her mouth with a murderous look in my eye and told her, "I will explain this all to you in a minute, but right now grab some of my stuff that will fit you and put it in a bag." I threw a bag at her and she did as I told her. Griffin Jumped into my room and looked at what I was doing.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" He asked.

I looked at him, "I don't know but at this point I'm not staying here, and she" I said motioning towards Casey, "Is coming with me." He snorted,

"How many times have you Jumped with someone else?"

"Once." I said without looking up. He looked at Casey, "Do have everything your taking." She nodded slowly and he grinned. He Jumped towards her and then Jumped with her somewhere. I grabbed the rest of my stuff and dived into his Jumpscar. My head hit the sand and I looked up only to be blinded by the sun. I sat up and looked around, Casey was screaming her head off and the gray-haired guy was pacing, Griffin had Jumped next to me and sat in the sand. He looked at me, "Welcome to my lair." He said with a cocky smile and a British accent.


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