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The Girl in the Bar

Remy LeBeau slouched back in his booth, lazily shuffling his deck of cards. His brown hair fell casually into is demon red eyes as he casually took note of his surroundings with the habit of a thief.

Around him in the crowded bar, jazz and swing music curled through the smoky air drenching its patrons with the smell of cigarettes and bourbon. The loud boisterous laughter of the locals circled the dancing couples, pressing up close as they spun drunkenly through the bar, or giggling shrilly as they settled into booths or quiet corners. New Orleans, the Big Easy, and his home for nearly twenty-two years, this bar, this atmosphere, was as familiar to him as breathing.

He nodded to the bartender who immediately brought over a new drink, his progress followed eagerly by the eyes of the many females congregating casually down Remy's end of the bar, eyeing his body appreciatively and admiring the casual power he exerted over those around him. As he threw back his drink, he smirked at one, a bosom blonde, wearing a top cut so low that more protection was offered by the satin black bra that peeked out of the top suggestively.

Suddenly the bar door opened and he found his eyes drawn instinctively to the new arrival. Mon dieu... she was beautiful. Her brown hair was pulled back in a knot that left two bizarre white curling streaks to fall casually down to frame her exotic face. Her lips were round and full, while her eyes were a deep emerald green that glittered in the smoky light of the bar. Her outfit was so far removed from the other females of the bar, it was almost laughable. Tight black pants and a long sleeved white top, matched with elbow length black gloves... there wasn't an inch of her left bare yet all of her clothing hugged her curves so suggestively that she radiated more pure sex appeal than any of the scantily dressed women now eyeing the new competition with primitive hostility.

She settled on a bar stool, biting her plush lower lip slightly as she considered the array of drinks in front of her. Gambit unfolded himself, stretching slightly for the appreciation of the females watching him, before winding his way casually across to the bar. The other men all cast their hopeful eyes away, respecting his right to the newcomer. He settled into the seat beside her before turning to drink in her intoxicating scent, a spicy flower that wafted to meet him.

She ignored him, still looking straight ahead, but her entire body tensed. Through his empathy he could taste the waves of discomfort floating off of her. He leaned in closer, and she flinched slightly before turning to face him, a frown lighting her beautiful features. "And jus' what do ya wan' Cajun?" A southern belle! He found himself drawn in further by her melodic southern drawl. She scowled at him as he lazily lifted a hand to brush the beautiful white curl that had fallen down in front of her eye, only to find it gripped in a firm gloved hold and pushed roughly back down to his side.

"Remy just thought he'd acquaint himself with the most belle femelle at the bar." He let his eyes trail over her body appreciatively. He met her eyes to find them regarding his own thoughtfully. "Ya' a mutant?" He reached a hand again to stroke the white stripe in her hair. "As are you." he murmured silkily. She glared at him before spinning stiffly to face the bar. The bartender wandered over to take her order.

"I'll have one shot of tequila and one of vodka, one scotch on the rocks, one gin and tonic, one rum and coke, a Tequila Sunrise, and a pint of what ever beer you have on tap." She frowned thoughtfully, before nodding as if that was everything. "Oh, and can I also have a coke?"

The bartender looked at her in suprise, before shrugging and settling into making the drinks. Gambit stared at her but she ignored him, still staring straight ahead, a faint blush lighting her cheeks. As the bar tender put the drinks in front of her she shudderd slightly. He watched with interest as she picked up the tequilla shot and downed it quickly and skillfully followed by the vodka, before moving immediately onto the scotch which she tossed back and drank whole. "You might want to slow down a bit there chere, this is New Orleans, there aint no race." She ignored him, gulping down the Tequilla Sunrise, and then skulling the rum and coke. She shuddered as she finished it, swaying faintly in her chair as the alcohol hit her system, before craddling the beer to her like a life line and taking a deep appreciative sip.

"Chere..." she turned to look at him, and to his shock her eyes were a muddy brown colour. "Look bub, why dont you just move out of her...my space and go back to the gutter you came from?" She lifted her hand threatingly, brandishing her fist like a knife before settling back into her drink.

Gambit blinked "I'm hurt Chere, Remy was just curious as to your wellbeing. Thats a lot of alcohol you just consumed." She looked back at him, and he was shocked to see her eyes were now a friendly blue colour.

"Wow, you're like, a hunk!" She eyed him appreciatively before waving her hand to catch the attention of the bartender. " Could I, like, have a margarita?" The bartender shrugged again and shuffled off to make it. The blue eyed girl turned back to face him. "Can you, like, believe she always forgets me, its like so unfair! Kurt, Jean, Scott and even the proffesser always get their drinks, but she always forgets me!". As Remy attempted to make sense of this outburst the bartender passed her the drink and she swallowed it with gusto. "You have, like, no idea how much I wanted one of these." She drank it quickly before turning to pick up the last bit of beer. Gambit watched with interest as her eyes turned brown again as she finished off the beer, before fading back into the beautiful emerald green colour. She lifted a hand to her temple and winced slightly, before clearing her throat and scowling. "Argh, stupid Kitty and her margarita's. They taste terrible." She shuddered and picked up the coke which she swished appreciatively around her mouth before swallowing.

Remy cleared his throat to remind this mysterious belle of his prescene. She stiffened and turned to scowl at him. "Got somethin' to say Swamp Rat?"

Gambit chuckled, "Givin' pet names already and Remy still doesnt have a clue what to call you, besides his cherie."

"I am not ya cherie. I am not ya anything."

Gambit grinned. "Not yet cherie but with time..."

She gave a sigh of frustration and turned away from him, back to her coke which she downed quickly before jumping up. Gambit stood, half expecting to steady her. After all the alchol she had consumed, even he would have felt tipsy. To his shock she was quite steady, and smirked at the suprise on his face.

"A simple trade. A beer for immunity from the effects of alchol." As Gambit struggled to make sense of this, she twirled away from him, through the crowd and out of the door. Cursing Gambit pushed his way after her, shoving his way out of the club, onto the street, only to find her gone. The street was deserted. He stood disbelievingly, dissapointment filling him. He had lost her, he didn't even have a name to track her by.

He sighed, looking up at the sky before stiffining with resolve. Remy LeBeau loved a challange and the mysterious belle femelle was definitely a worthy prize. For the first time in many years, Remy had a quest worthy of his title of Master Thief.

Gambit gazed at the stars for a few more minutes, and for a second he thought he saw a rogue figure floating against the moon. Then a cloud wisped past, and it was gone.

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