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AN: So here is part 2 of my story Just Another Day for John & Lexi. It takes place during Season 5. Please read and review even if you don't like it.

Part 2

Chap. 1:

Two hours after Lexi had fallen back to sleep, she is jolted awake by the sound of a huge explosion. Mentally bringing up the lights in the room, she reaches for her radio and opening up the channel to try and contact the Control room to see what has just happened, she hears Teyla's voice over the channel, "Colonel Sheppard, are you all right? John?!"

Worry twisting her stomach into knots as she can hear the fear and concern in Teyla's voice, she throws the blankets off of herself and slips into her sneakers. Hurrying over to the dresser, she pulls out a hoody and as she throws it on, she hears the conversation that Marie and Teyla are having. As soon as she hears Marie say, "I'll go get my people." she reactivates her radio, "Teyla come in please."

"Lexi, I can't really talk right now. As soon as I have found him I will let you know."

Sitting down on the edge of her bed, ringing her hands, "okay. I'll wait for your call."

"Good. Teyla out."

The radio link closed, Lexi takes a deep breath to calm her nerves and when that doesn't work, she heads for her desk and opens up her email account, to try and distract herself.


Closing the radio link, Teyla, waits for Marie to come back and once she does, they head for the Gate room. Reaching it, she leads the group up the stairs to the Control room.

As she reaches it, "John?" she says and she waits a second. Not hearing a response she heads over to the consoles and looks around, "they were right here when I left them."

Following Teyla, "if the explosion was hot enough, there might not be anything left for us to find."

They look around some more, using their flashlights to help see in the darkness enveloping the room.

A few seconds later just as Teyla is about to come to grips with the fact that Marie might be right she hears a faint groan. Turning around, "did you hear that?"

Marie nods at her and shining her flashlight in the direction the groan came from they head toward it and as they get closer, they hear another groan.

Teyla picks up her pace, leading the med team and Marie through the open doorway. Running forward she sees John on the ground, covering Zelenka, broken glass surrounding them and embedded in John's back.

"John!" she gasps out, as the sight of finding them alive, overwhelms her. But pushing her emotions to the side, she and Marie rush over to him, taking him by the arms, helping him stand up.


John had known that they were going to have to take cover, as the explosion was going to be huge, even if it would be some what contained by the force shield. With seconds to spare, he bodily hauled Zelenka away from the consol, heading for the door leading out onto the balcony. Just before the Gate blew up, he pushed Zelenka out the door and flung himself over the scientist, covering him with his arms.

As the debris fell around them, John could feel glass and a large chunk of wall, spraying his back and hitting him on the back of the head, knocking him loopy.

Coming to a short time later, he hears someone calling his name and he slowly forces his eyes open, taking stock of his situation. Moving around a little sends his immediate area spinning and his gut churning, eliciting a groan. Realizing that moving around is not the best idea right now, he attempts to speak, which he also realizes is not a great idea and instead he lets out another groan.

The next thing that registers is, "John." and in an instant he feels Teyla's hands on him.

Letting out another groan as he feels her and Marie help him to his feet, "we didn't take cover."

Hearing him say this, Teyla looks at him, concern written across her face, "are you alright?" she asks.

Looking at her, "huh?"

Frowning, "are you all right?" she asks, again, this time a little louder.

Letting out another groan, as now that he's standing his equilibrium is a little shaky, "oh, my ears. I think I got some glass in my back."

Realizing that he is definitely suffering from at least a minor concussion, "Marie?"

Taking him from Teyla, "yeah." and guiding him unsteadily over the rubble, she is forced to support most of his weight. Reaching the waiting gurney, "all right Colonel, lie down on your stomach and we'll get you down to the infirmary."

"What...did you say?"

Frowning and shaking her head, she raises her voice, "I said, lie down on your stomach and we'll wheel you down to the infirmary."

Doing as he is told, he gingerly lowers himself down onto the gurney, letting out a sigh of relief as his head hits the mattress. Once he is lying down, the med team starts wheeling him to the infirmary. Feeling his stomach threatening to rebel from the movement even more than it was, he closes his eyes and concentrates on his breathing.

"Colonel, come on, I need you to open your eyes for me."

Moaning and swatting the hand that has been tapping him on his cheek away, he forces his eyes open, to see Marie's face swimming into view, oh, great. Another concussion and as he refocuses on her, he realizes that she is talking to him.

"Colonel, can you to take your shirt and vest off for me, so that I can clean the glass out of your back."

Nodding his head, but stopping mid nod, as it sends white lights dancing across his vision, he slowly places his hands underneath himself and tries to push himself up off the gurney. Falling back down as his arms give out, "ah, can I get a little help?" he grits out, as the sudden movement causes pain to lance through his back.

Grimacing, "of course." Marie says, as she helps him into a sitting position. Once he is sitting up, she hands him two Tylenol and a glass of water, "take these."

Accepting the pills and water, downing them quickly, "thanks." he says, as he hands her the cup back.

That done, he stiffly begins to undress himself and as he pulls off his vest, BDU over shirt and t-shirt, he has to bite the inside of his cheek, to stop himself from screaming out in agony, as the shards of glass that are embedded in his back, dig in deeper.


As Teyla helped a medic guide Zelenka out of the Control room, she remembered that she had promised to let Lexi know as soon as she had found John. Reaching up to tap her radio, "Teyla to Lexi."

"Go ahead Teyla. Did you find him?"

Letting go of Zelenka and allowing the medic to help him onto the waiting gurney, she frowns as she looks behind her at what is left of the Control and Gate rooms, "yes. He and Dr. Zelenka are alive."

"Good. That's great news. How's everything else?"

Turning to follow the med team towards the infirmary, "the Gate has been destroyed. I am going down to the infirmary to speak with John. I am sure he won't want to stay there. Maybe you should come and see if you can talk some sense into him?"

"Teyla, I highly doubt that he will listen to me. But I'm on my way."

Walking into the infirmary and spotting John sitting on a gurney, Marie standing behind him, she walks over to him, "I'm there now. See you soon. Teyla out."

Grunting in pain as he feels Marie pulling out a piece of glass, he looks up to see Teyla coming to a stop in front of him, "I need you to get Banks and her team to set up an auxiliary control room below the damaged areas."

Watching him, "they've already begun. How are you?"

Grimacing and grunting as he feels another piece of glass being removed, "well, I'm alive, you know? That's good for now."

Shaking her head, "I still do not understand what happened."

"The Gate blew up."

Smiling, "that much I surmised. But why?" she says, sarcasm dripping from every word.

Shaking his head and grimacing again, "I don't know. Where the hell's McKay when you need him, huh?"

Matching his grimace, "I'm sure Dr. Zelenka will figure out where they were taken."

"John Sheppard you couldn't just read a book or something?!"

John, Marie and Teyla all look at the main door leading into the infirmary to see a very angry and tired looking Lexi striding towards them.

Teyla looks at John and nodding her head at the silent request he sends her, "Marie, why don't we go and get some more bandages to cover those cuts. I don't believe you have enough."

Catching on quickly, Marie nods and placing the tweezers down in the disinfectant bowl on the tray that is next to her, she smiles at Lexi and follows Teyla.

Watching them leave, she waits until she is certain they are out of ear shot and turning to face John again, she opens her mouth to say something, but he beats her to it, "Lexi, I was only doing my job."

Scowling and walking around to look at his back, "that's your answer for everything." and taking in a deep breath at the sight of all the cuts, she shudders and coming back around to his front, looking at him, "let me guess. You're not going to take it easy."

Shifting carefully on the gurney, "nope. I've got to help Zelenka figure out how to get Rodney and Dr. Jackson back."

Scowl turning into a frown, "at least let Marie give you something stronger than Tylenol."

Pinching the bridge of his nose with his fingers, "Lexi, I've got to stay lucid. I can't be high on pain meds and run a rescue mission."

Crossing her arms across her chest, "how bout we give you a shot of Tramadol? It'll numb the pain and won't leave you loopy."

"Are you sure?"

Smiling, "yeah. It's the same thing Jen gave you on the Daedalus, when you went to rescue Teyla."

Nodding, "okay. Shoot me up."

"Really?" she asks, shocked that he is agreeing to it.

Rubbing his temples, as his head is screaming, "Lexi, please don't go into this right now. Just give me the damn shot and let me go do my job. You can yell at me all you want later."

Frowning, "whoa. No need to get angry."

Matching the frown and letting his hands drop tiredly in his lap, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to."

Seeing his shoulders slumping, inwardly cursing his stubbornness, "it's okay. Sit tight and I'll be right back." and turning to head for one of the medicine cabinets, she stops short as Marie and Teyla are walking towards them, "Marie, can you get a shot of Tramadol for him and I'll finish cleaning him up."

Nodding and handing her the bandages and new shirts, "yes, of course."

Teyla watches her go and as she turns her head back to John, seeing that Lexi is now standing behind him, pulling on gloves, "what is Tramdol?"

Picking up the tweezers and resuming the process of pulling out the remaining shards of glass, "it's a pain medication that will dull the pain, but not stop him from doing what he needs to do."

Looking from her to John, "well that is good."

Smiling, "yeah." and letting out a grunt as Lexi pulls out a rather big piece of glass, "are you almost done?"

Shaking her head, "yeah. Only a couple more pieces and then I'll disinfect the cuts and bandage you up."

"Dr. Carter?"

Quickly glancing at Marie, "go ahead and give it to him." and refocusing on the last couple of pieces of glass, she feels him tense under her touch as Marie inserts the needle of the syringe.

Disposing of the syringe, Marie and Teyla excuse themselves, leaving Lexi to finish treating him. It takes her another ten minutes to finish disinfecting and applying butterfly strips to the cuts. After she applies the last bandage to his back, she helps him into the new shirts she had placed next to him earlier.

Buttoning up the last button, he looks at her standing in front of him and it hits him how beat she looks, "you look like crap."

Smirking, "like you look any better."

Scowling, "Lexi."

"Okay, okay. Anyways, I was sleeping. But someone decided to almost get blown to pieces, again."

Wrapping his legs around her, pulling her closer to him, resting his arms on her waist, "I'm sorry. But I'm fine now, so why don't you head back to bed?"

Running her fingers through the hair on the back of his head, "I don't know. I'm thinking I should stick to you like glue and keep an eye on you."

Pushing her away and standing up, he quickly sits back down as the room spins a little, "okay, let's try that again."

Grimacing at him and holding out her hands, "you want some help?"

Taking her hands, he slowly stands up, leaning into her as the room spins again.

Not missing how unsteady he still seems on his feet, "you good if I let go?"


Letting go and walking over to the tray where she left the tweezers and taking a look at the chart that Marie had started on a tablet, "John, you lost consciousness?!"

Shrugging at her, "I'm fine Lexi." and heading for the exit, "I'll see you later."

Standing in his path in a matter of seconds, pointing a finger at him, "stop right there, John."

Sidestepping her and continuing towards the exit, "Lexi don't. I'm fine, really and I've got to go."

Walking after him, "John, if you lost consciousness, it's a good bet that you have a concussion. Which means..."

Looking at her as they reach the transporter, "which means, I shouldn't be going off and mounting a rescue mission. But, that's exactly what I'm gonna do. So wish me good luck."

Flicking her eyes around the corridor to see if they're alone and not seeing anyone in the vicinity, she leans in and kisses him and as she pulls away, "fine. Good luck. But the minute you get back, you get your butt back here, so Dr. Cole can keep an eye on you. Promise?"

Smiling, he kisses her again and stepping into the transporter, hitting the screen, "I promise. Love you."

Watching the doors close, "love you too." and as the light flashes and the doors open again, "be safe." she says, stepping in and hitting the screen to take her to her quarters.