AN: This is the end of the story. Finally. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this and getting everybody's feedback. Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think. I don't know if I'm going to continue writing in this universe as I think I've finally just burned out of ideas. But who knows maybe I will at some point in the future. Enjoy.

Chap. 22:

John, doesn't know how long they sit on the floor, trying to comfort each other, but eventually the sound of the door chime going off, forces him to look up from where he had his face buried in Lexi's shoulder. Pulling back a little to look at her, and then at the door, "are you okay to see people?"

Wiping her eyes and looking up at him, "no."

Nodding, he lets her go and standing up, he holds in a groan as his muscles protest the position they've been sitting in, and slowly walks over to the door, wiping his own eyes and running his hands through his hair.

Reaching the doors, he takes a deep breath and swiping them open, he's taken by surprise when two arms wrap around him and it takes his brain a moment to realize that it's his brother who is hugging him. Once the realization sinks in though, he grips Dave just as tight, and is only slightly aware of Sam walking past them into their quarters and doing the same thing to Lexi and of Dave walking them backwards, so that the doors can close.

A couple of minutes later, he pulls away, staring at Dave in shock, "what're…how're you…"

Frowning, Dave juts his chin towards Sam, who is currently sitting on the edge of the bed with her arms around Lexi, "Colonel Carter contacted me a few hours ago and was able to get me clearance for all of this and you and I will be having words about everything at another time, but, she said you might need your older brother."

Wiping his eyes again, offering up a sheepish shrug at Dave's admonition, he looks over at Sam, who has now shifted her grip on Lexi, and is talking quietly with her. Looking back at Dave, he leans against the cabinet that is to the right of the doors, "she lost…the twins." and as the words leave his lips, he feels a shudder run through him as the realization completely hits him.

Stepping closer to John, gripping his shoulder again, "what can I do?"

Taking a deep breath and letting it out, "I don't know. She just told me and with everything that I'm gonna have to do now that we're back on…"

"Colonel, don't even say it." comes Sam's voice, interrupting him.

Eyes darting over to Sam and Lexi, "but Sam…"

Glaring at him, all the while still keeping an arm wrapped around Lexi's shoulders, "no John. You're on stand down for the next week. General Landry already signed off on it." and holding up a hand to silence him, "you and Lexi, need to deal with this."

Returning her glare, "I know that, but Sam, what about Todd, and making sure the IOA doesn't keep Atlantis here? We need to…"

"John, please."

Looking at Lexi, and deflating at the look of complete misery on her face, "okay. Okay." and looking at Dave, "do we still have the villa on lake Cuomo?"

Smiling, a little, "yeah." and looking at Sam, "is there any way I can make a phone call?"

Squeezing Lexi's shoulders and standing up, "yes." and looking from John to Lexi and back, coming over to where John and Dave are standing by the door, "you guys get packed and I'll help Dave set everything up."

Nodding and standing up to walk over to Lexi, John is surprised again for the second time in twenty minutes when Sam wraps him in a hug and kisses his cheek. Patting her back, awkwardly, "ah, thanks."

Pulling away from him, smiling at the look on his face, "you're welcome. Just take care of her and yourself. Don't worry about anything here. It'll still be waiting for you when you get back. I'll make sure of it."

Nodding at her, he returns her smile and walks them out. After they've left, he turns and faces Lexi, and letting out a sigh, as the doors shut leaving them in silence, "Lexi, I'm…"

Getting up and coming over to him, wrapping her arms around his neck, looking him in the eyes, "thank you."

Leaning down to kiss her, talking through the kiss, "you're…welcome."

With that they separate and start packing and within twelve hours, they arrive in Lake Cuomo. As they drop their bags on the chaise lounge in the master bedroom of the villa, John wraps Lexi up in his arms and starts to kiss her, guiding her over to the king size bed and before either of them know it, they've divested themselves of their clothing and are making love to each other in the moonlight that is streaming in through the large French doors that lead out onto the balcony overlooking the lake. Neither of them caring that their sounds of pleasure are intermixed with the sound of sobs for what they've lost.


A week later, John finds Lexi standing on the patio over looking the lake and as he walks up behind her and wraps his arms around her, "are you ready to go back?"

Turning in his arms, standing on her toes to kiss him, she smiles as she pulls away slightly, "yeah. Are you?"

Leaning down to kiss her again, and pulling back a few minutes later as he really does love kissing her, "yeah. Are we going to be okay?"

Taking his face in both hands, looking him in the eyes, "yeah. I've still got you and as long as you keep coming back to me, we're gonna be just fine."

He kisses her one more time and pulling back, "then I'll always try and come back." and with a smile he reaches up to his ear and hitting the radio in his ear, taking her right hand with his left, "Sheppard to the General Hammond, we're ready to beam."

As the lights engulf them, their eyes lock and they smile at each other as they know that they're heading back to where they belong and Atlantis will also soon be back where it belongs as well. Which means that everything in their crazy lives will be as right as it can be.