ii. Sticks And Stones

may break their bones but words could never hurt them.

The first time she had said 'I love you' was the same time she had said 'goodbye.' She wanted to go around the world and write a few books, even.

"I'll go with you," He had pleaded, big brown eyes yearning. He still fell. He still spiraled down the endless rabbit hole just to grasp the wings that got torn from his back years ago. "Please."

"I love you, and I wish you could go with me." She was on the verge of tears, biting her lip just to stop her voice from shaking, "But…for now, goodbye."

And, he realized then and there that if he had been stoned to death right there and then, he wouldn't feel a thing. Sticks and stones, after all, did not pierce his naked soul and did not push him deeper into the abyssal labyrinth of his bleeding mind.

He loved her. He really did. So he let himself fall deeper.