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David came around to the most excruciating pain he'd ever felt. He opened his eyes just slightly, to see the two antlers protruding through his body, impaling him. No wonder he felt such pain. The one had just barely missed piercing his heart.

He heard voices in the next room, and immediately shut his eyes. Michael must have believed he was dead, or he wouldn't have been left alone. What surprised him was that Star hadn't betrayed his continued existence. She'd drunk Max's blood, she was a member of the coven, even if she was a traitorous bitch. She would know he wasn't dead. He would have expected her to be waiting for him to come around, armed with Holy water and a stake.


Lucy, Michael's mother, and the woman Max had chosen. When had she shown up? She was supposed to be having dinner with Max. Had Max already turned her?

"One thing about Santa Carla I never could stomach. All the damn vampires."

The old man had to be Michael's grandfather. But David couldn't hear Max anywhere, which was strange. Max would be here by now. He would have felt the death of Marko, and Paul. He would have come the moment he felt Paul die. Where was Max?

David came to another startling revelation. He couldn't feel Star or Michael, though he could hear them in the next room. Their connection was broken, which could only hear one thing. Max would have to be dead. David tried to focus on finding Max, but couldn't feel anything. Max really was gone. All of them were gone. He was the only survivor.

He needed to get away, before someone decided to come back into this room. Gritting his teeth to keep from screaming, he managed to get to his feet. If he could get to the window without being seen, he could get out.

Careful to move as quietly as possible, he inched his way towards the window, and stopped at the wall dividing the rooms. He could hear them moving out of the room, checking the rest of the house. Good. This was his chance to get out. He stepped into the room and saw that the wall was gone. The old man must have driven into the wall without stopping. He stepped carefully over the debris, and froze when he heard his name.


He turned around to see Star behind him. He grabbed her wrists and pulled her to him, stopping when the tips of the antlers were pressing into her body.

"If I die, you die."

The look on her face was infinitely sad as she gently pulled free of his grip. She walked around behind him and took a grip on the antlers, pulling them out of his body.

"You should go. You have less than an hour until sunrise."

"If I find out you've told them I'm alive, I will come back and kill you."

The voices of the others were getting closer, they were coming back.

"Go David."

Star gave him a swift kiss, then pushed him out into the night. He could see that she hadn't exaggerated. He had less than an hour to get back to the cave and then find a safe place to go. This wouldn't ordinarily be a problem, but he'd been seriously injured. He ran a safe distance from the house, then tried to fly. It hurt like hell, but he was able to do it, albeit more slowly than normal.

As he approached the cave, he felt a faint stirring in his mind that almost knocked him out of the air.


He pushed himself harder and made it back to the cave. He didn't bother with the main cavern, but flew straight back to their crypt. Marko lay on the floor where he'd fallen after those boys staked him. None of them had moved him; as soon as the sun set, they'd taken off for the Emerson house. David knelt by his brother's body and mentally called him.



He was still alive. Somehow he was still alive.


"Don't try to talk Marko."

They couldn't stay in the cave. Even if Star didn't tell Michael that he was alive, those Frog brothers would be back at the cave once they realized his body was missing. They wouldn't believe that his body just disappeared.

David carefully lifted Marko into his arms and carried him back into the main room. He stopped only long enough to rip open the mattress Laddie had slept on and grab their stashed money, then grabbed Marko and flew off. Looking at the sky, he estimated that they had no more than twenty minutes before sunrise. He was already starting to feel the drain. They had to find somewhere, and fast.

He flew to the outskirts of town, to an abandoned bed and breakfast. The house had been quite popular with the wealthy that flocked to Santa Carla at the turn of the century, those who didn't want to stay at the hotel resort. It hadn't been in use since the earthquake. Frankly, David was surprised it still stood, but it would have to do. They had only about fifteen minutes.

He opened the house and went down into the cellar. It was cold and dry, which was perfect. He carefully set Marko on the ground, and quickly searched the house for lamps. He found two that were intact, but needed fuel. There was a gas station not a mile up the road, and if he remembered correctly, they sold kerosene. He found an empty gas can and flew as if his life depended on it.

"David? Where-"

"Hold on Marko. I'll be right back."

"It's almost sunrise."

"I'll make it."

He returned with only a few minutes to spare, holding a container of kerosene, and a babbling homeless man. He tossed the man down into the cellar and quickly filled the lamps. He took them down into the cellar with him, barely pulling the door closed as the sun started to break through the building.

"Hold on Marko."

He had to get the stake out of Marko's body, and then they both needed blood. He set the lamps in a corner where they wouldn't get knocked over, and took a grip on the stake.

"I have to pull it out Marko. It's going to hurt."

"Just get it out."

He pulled with all of his remaining strength and Marko screamed as it came out. David threw the stake away, and dragged the still babbling man over to Marko. Marko sank his fans into the man's neck, drinking greedily. David picked up the man's wrist and drank. The single human really wasn't enough for the both of them, but it would have to last until the sun set, and they could go out. They drained the body dry, and collapsed against the walls. Marko was finally able to speak.

"Paul and Dwayne?"

"Gone. Max too. Get some sleep Marko. Tonight we leave Santa Carla."

He wasn't sure where they would go, but he knew they had to get away. Santa Carla was no longer safe.