Chapter 2

Rating: T

(some minor violence and language.. and sexual harrasment sort of:P)

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Hermione felt her whole body shaking while trying to find a way out. Raising her wand she cried out the first spell that came into her mind.


Bellatrix's laughter echoed around the stone walls as she watched the girls poor attempt at using one of the unforgivable curses.

Hermione felt her cheeks redden. It was seldom she found herself in a situation that she couldn't handle, and seeing Bellatrix laugh at her about it made it all so much worse.

She got confused when Bellatrix stopped laughing and began to eye her up and down instead. 'Is she going to make fun of my appearance now?' Hermione thought.

But the older witch seemed to approve of what she saw as she snickered and closed the gap between them, whispering.

"Do you know what I like to do to girls like you?"

Hermione shuddered from the close contact and felt her insides burn with fear and hatred. Bellatrix was so close to her she tried to think of when anyone had been so close to her last.

Apparently Bellatrix was waiting for her to answer as she kept staring at her with one eyebrow raised.

Hermione could think of one or two things she could do to her and none of them were particularly pleasant.

"No" she answered, her lips quivering because she could smell the other womans perfume and it was.. exotic. Suddenly she felt a hand on her stomach, she could feel the cold from it through the fabric of her shirt. It was slowly crawling upwards getting near her chest.

"What are you doing?" Hermione tried to push Bellatrix away resulting in her shoving Hermione into the wall and pinning her wrists above her head.

"Teaching you a lesson" Bellatrix grinned widely and let her hand caress Hermiones cheek softly. Seeing confusion in the young girls eyes Bellatrix only felt more excited when she thought of the things she could do to her.

"Please stop" Hermione begged, not knowing the effect her words would have on Bella as she felt a surge of pleasure run through her. Hermione felt a pair of soft lips on hers and tried to worm out of the witch's grip but to no avail. Bellatrix let her tongue slip in and Hermione took the opportunity and bit down on it, hard.

Screaming in pain and rage Bellatrix stepped back and slapped her again, this time with full force making Hermione wince and lose her balance. Grabbing onto the wall behind her Hermione breathed in lungfulls of air, recovering from the hit.

"You little shit!" Bellatrix yelled after healing her tongue using her wand. She pointed it towards Hermione and fired a crucio at her.

Hermione felt her whole body start convulsing and it was more the shock than the pain that overwhelmed her and just as she opened her mouth to scream, it stopped. After a few seconds it started again. Hermione screamed trying to think about anything except the pain. After fifteen unbearable seconds of excrutiating pain, Bellatrix lifted the curse.

Hermiones vision was blurred, but she thought she could make out an outline of a person standing several feet from her, watching in silence.

"Elp.." Hermione whispered and wished the stranger would come to her aid.

She heard Bellatrix voice, talking to someone, talking to her. Or?

She felt a strong grip on her hand and a familiar sensation when they apparated from the alley.

Hermione woke with a start, her head aching like hell. Sitting up she took in her surroundings which reminded her of the hospital wing, only the bed was queen sized and velvet curtains decorated the huge windows around the room. The floor was also covered in an expensive looking carpet and when her vision was more cleared it didn't look like the hospital wing at all. Hermione blinked. Where on earth had Bellatrix apparated?

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