Looking Back...

Vader's thoughts as he is crawling up the slope/on fire, to being put into the suit. Angst. Poem-fic. R&R People.

Pain. Crawling up the ashy slope.

Betrayal, or not? So confused, so confused.

Burning, burning, burning.

Flames lick my torso, sealing my fate of heat and pain,

Burning, burning, burning

Is she alive, or is she dead? Is the baby fine or does it end?

Clothing catch alight, screaming in pain and shock, anger at he, who has done it to me.

Burning, burning, burning.

Why didn't he end it, what do I do? Cruel death, horrible.

Traitor, Master, Father, leaving me here, had he hoped I would slide?

Had he hoped I would die quickly?

Burning, burning, burning

Being lifted being moved, the stink of burned clothes and flesh ripe in the air.

A dark prescence walking behind, mind flitting, undetermined, on the brink,

skin is on fire, screaming, or is it moaning?

Burning, burning, burning.

Cold metal touching me, being bonded, being melded.

Pain, pain, oh the pain.

Burning, burning, burning.

Determination, I will live. To see my child, to see my light.

Or have they faded into nether? Will see them never?

So much pain, so much confusion. Weight on my legs and arms.

Burning, burning, burning.

Pain in mind, pain in body, make it stop.

Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, in the pain, i wish it ends!

As my mind spins, i just hope, hope against hope.

Burning, burning, burning.

Lungs heavy with the ash, weight settles in on dart,

head pushed upwards by unforgiving steel, my fate sealed, in this shell.

Why did she do this, why did he?

Burning, burning, burning.

I rise upwards, eyes focusing, heavy sounds in the air, Sidious's cruel mouth in a sneer.

"Where is Padme?"

It hurts oh it hurts, a part is missing here, where is she, where is she?!

Torment, torment, torment.

"In your anger, you have killed her."

Those fateful words, the bond is set, steel wraps around my heart, dark as my thoughts, dark as this feeling.

Loss, loss, loss


Metal snapping, metal crunching, the heat is back, the pain has faded, anger fuses, anger burns.

Drowning in despair, in the darkness of the whole.

Burning, oh the burning, burning, burning.


Told ya! A-N-G-S-T-Y!

R&R, should I do Obi-wans thoughts?

Or Padme's as she loses hope?

Dang, this isn't as bad as some of the other stuff... I guess...

Darth: Well, I guess being LIT ON FIRE and being LEFT FOR DEAD by your MASTER who was like your BROTHER does that to you... (glares at Obi-Wan)

Obi-Wan: Hey! You were the one who took the jump, killed almost all of the Jedi, and turned to the darkside!

Darth: But you didn't HAVE to vut off my REMAINING limbs!

Obi-Wan: Oh? Well, I WARNE-


Darth: O_o

Obi-Wan: 0_0

Yoda: Only one she is, who can make you two shut up, bliss, this is.

Me: You too troll.

Yoda: Troll I am not.

Me: Still in denial...


The disclaimer, is of course, that I do NOT OWN STAR WARS... regrettably... Lucas does... (mutters) Lucky dog.