This story is the beginning story to 151 Caroline Street a one shot Jupiter has written, You do not have to read the one shot to get this story. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter One: Surprise!

"Welcome back to the land of the living."

"You" Remy jumped up from the bed ejecting a couple of cards from his pants pocket. He backed up until he hit the wall, crouching in the corner like a wounded animal. He waited for her, the vile blue two faced women to make her move.

Mystique was not startled by Remy's reaction she sat opposite him legs crossed, exhibiting perfect posture. Like Remy LeBeau Mystique, also known as Raven, was a mutant. Who was gifted with the ability to shape shift into any creature she found fit. It was to Remy's joy that she kept her original face to talk to him; she had deep blue skin, pail yellow eyes and bright red hair. Surprisingly Remy never feared her because of her looks it was her evil emancipative nature that he couldn't stand.

"Relax thief I am not here to start a war."

Remy was glad to hear it he could feel the blood dripping down his toned body, he knew he was injured and wouldn't be at his physical peek for a fight, but like a true fighter he never gave his wounds any necessary attention in front of her.

"You better sit before you bust anymore stitches."

Slowly Remy slid back onto the bed with his glowing eyes locked to Mystiques yellow ones. "What's with the courtesy?"

"It doesn't concern you just be thankful to be alive…" she answered him bluntly it was clear she didn't want him there as much as he wanted to be there.

"Why what did you do?"

"Me." She pointed to herself. "Nothing but save your life…" she rolled her eyes.

"Where am I?"

"My training house." Every reply was sharp and straight to the point.


"I made a deal with your keeper and I'm simply holding up my end of the bargain…"

Standing was the only gesture she had made their whole conversation. Mystique brushed off the invisible lint off her shoulders and turned to exit the small room.

"Someone will be by shortly to give you something to help your healing process."

She reached for a door knob when a sweet southern voice called out "Mama, Mama where are you!" as the calls got closer Mystique morphed into a blonde woman; she had some wrinkles, green eyes and wore a barge skirt with a pink button up shirt. It was a very mother like figure and so very anti her.

"Training's at five Cajun…" With that the door slammed with her exit, leaving a nice ringing sound in Remy's ears.

Remy viewed the room attempting to figure it all out. Expecting tracking devices and hidden camera's he found none. It was clear that he wasn't being held prisoner. There was a small desk, a few selves and a standard size bed on which he sat. It was a decent room, defiantly one of the better places he's rested his head. His room had a view of opened fields and other country style looking houses, in the distance he could make out a street sign, Caroline St it wasn't a big clue but a clue non of the less to where he was. Remy was starting to find comfort in his surroundings when he the door busted open; a grayish blue blur rushed in. Before Remy's mind got a good grasp of what was happening he was sitting straight up in his bed with his armed tied. The blur managed to form a face and body of a young man with sliver hair and bright eyes.

"This will only hurt a minute" he stuck out Remy's stretched hand. "Bet you didn't even feel that names Quicksilver. You're Remy huh? Welcome to hell."

Remy wasn't catching Quicksilver's angle but was hoping to get some answers before he vanished again.

"What is this place?"

"It's a house but a training camp deep down" he rolled his eyes at Remy pointing at the school uniform he was wearing. Remy wasn't sure what he meant by that but wasn't willing to slow any weakness in front of stranger.

"And her…" Remy waved his hand up and down his body, mocking Mystique's transformation.

"Oh Mystique she's cool… I guess…" Quicksilver took a moment to think about what he just said. It was a shock to him as it was to Remy to hear that Mystique was 'cool' "…Just don't get her way" he finished after a moment of thought.

"Why'd she change?"

"Only people she fights with sees her in her true form."


"So pretend you didn't see that…" he plastered a fake smile on his face, it was real robotic and looked just as creepy.

Running over the information he had just greathearted, Remy was slowly catching on. He was in a safe house hidden in broad daylight he assumed, from the family orientated community he saw out his window and the school uniform the youth was wearing. It was a safe house but mutation was second topic conversation, it appeared if no one or not many people knew that Mystique was a mutant. It was clever, but all the while more dangerous. Still Remy had million more questions about the place. However right now he needed an ally in the 'boarding house' and the sliver hair speed demon was as close to one as was going to get.

"Well night…"

"Night?" Remy questioned then looked back out the window, light shined brightly, it couldn't have been more then two in the after noon.

"What I gave you is going make you pass out" Quicksilver explained while he posted two, two liter bottle of water next to Remy's bed. Remy didn't even notice that he was now fully laying down and his eyes were battering the sleep.

Somewhere between seeing the water bottles and the closing of the door Remy was out cold. After twelve hours of rest, his body was almost healed completely. Caught up in a dream where he was surrounding with knifes stabbing him constantly in the back Remy suddenly felt heated and his chest tight, he was struggling to breath like this air passage was blocked. Each breath was harsh and felt like he was swallowing sandpaper. He started to starch at his throat in his sleep when two words echoed in his mind "Welcome son" it was enough to resurrect him from his sleep in a sudden panic. Trapped in a cold sweat still unable to catch his breath he reached for the water bottles chugging both bottles in less time it would take him to tie his shoes.

After taking a couple of deep breaths Remy collected his thoughts. The water bottles weren't enough he was still sucking on sand paper in his mind. It was time to map the house and find the kitchen...