Bell POV

It's been a month since Jake and I went to boot camp, and since then life's thermostat has been set on hell. Sure, we got a weekend off, Jake and I at least were able to spend Valentine's Day together, but there was a freak storm that snowed Jacob, Charlie, and I in. Charlie being the chief of police had to go out once or twice for car accidents because a select few idiots couldn't stay off the road, but other then that he was there and he made sure his presence was known. He even went so far as to give us a special Valentine's Day sex talk. Just thinking about it now makes me shudder in embarrassment.

Jake wasn't able to get me anything for valentines day, (not that I wanted anything) because the previous week he was trapped on four legs. Before that point we were just friends. All I had was a pack of conversation hearts that I had picked up simply because I know he likes them.

I know Jacob could have just wolfed out and gone home but he had to keep up appearances which meant we were stuck together. Not that I was complaining about that. Jacob wasn't the only wolf stuck in the storm, Embry was stuck over at the Clearwater's on babysitting detail.

In the past month, the pack has been working their butts off, despite there being no vampire activity. To overcompensate for the lack of action, they started breaking up into teams and running drills. One team plays vampires while the other tracks and chases them until they catch the "vampire." Then they spar with them. Angela and I are now training with them, although we've only been able to spar with each other, we do however go on recon, tracking, and chasing missions, like we are today.

If I could keep my shield stable I would be able to do more, but at the moment I can only get it to work half of the time. One minute I am blocking an attack, and the next I am loosing my grip on it. Sometimes when I get frustrated I throw it -too- hard. Last week, I knocked Quil on his ass and he broke that tail that he's in love with, and forever chasing. He was pissed, and he couldn't sit down for two days. I began to laugh at the memory of Quil's face the first time he tried to sit down after phasing out. Priceless!

I can do other things with it now like control how permeable it is or even stick it inside of things but for the moment I mostly use it on inanimate objects until I can get it under control. I mean I internally exploded a small tree the other day, so I really think that aside from when I'm blocking, inanimate is the way to go. I can also open my mind to the rest of the pack now but only through Jake when he's phased. It helps a lot when we are doing these exercises before I figured it out I was basically riding blind.

Today we are standing in one of the many clearings that we use for training. We are doing a tracking exercise, Team Vamp against Team Wolf. Leah and Seth are the last to join us in the clearing. Seth actually went back to school today, so they were running a little late because he had to get his make up work. Jake was staring off into space his eyes glazed over in concentration as he unconsciously rubbed circles across the back of my hand.

"Hey get your head out your ass will ya? You're going to have my girl on your shoulders today." Paul grumbled to Jake. He wasn't happy that Angela wasn't riding him today. Sam declared that it would be best if Angela and I rotated on which wolf we ride on until we are comfortable with each, then we can choose which one we wanted to ride as our personal wolf. He said that it would help us be versatile and in a way he was right. Despite loving Jacob with all my heart, Jake isn't the wolf I favor riding. I prefer Leah to Jake only because Jake is so wide and dense that it's hard to get a hold on him sometimes, and with shorter hair it makes it even more difficult. Leah however has more fur, and she is leaner so I keep my balance better on her. I love Leah's wolf, now only if I could get Leah the person to like me.

"Don't get pissy with me Lahote, it's not like it's my fault. I'd rather have Bella riding me, but Sam is right they need to be able to work with the other wolves, as well as us being able to trust them." He said while rolling his eyes. I knew as soon as he said riding what was coming next sure enough a snicker was heard in the clearing.

"Don't you dare!" Paul, and Jacob snarled at the same time, but it was too late.

"That's what she said!" Came from Quil and Embry at the same time. The good thing about all of this training is that Jacob had gotten his best friends back. Quil, Embry, and Jake were back to their normal selves as if they'd never skipped a beat. Usually, Paul wasn't opposed to joining in on their dirty jokes, but today he was as out of sorts as Jake was. Neither of them were happy when we weren't with them, they didn't even like us training with them in the first place. They were always worried and stressed about us getting hurt. But the reality is that we are more likely to get injured sitting on the sidelines than if we were able to defend ourselves, and at the same time helping the pack as well.

"Alright, get your shit together so we can do this." Sam growled. He hasn't been too happy himself. He's been itching for "quality time" with Emily, and not to mention he and his thoughts are on constant guard now too with Seth and Leah in the pack. Not that it helped much, according to Jake they all still got glimpses and it was like a sucker punch to Leah every time, which Sam felt bad about. I honestly think they need to fix that shit and clear the air. Sam needs to own up to what he and Emily did besides the 'Oh I know I broke your heart,' bull crap, but the two of them are stubborn as fucking bulls. Riding with Leah after one of his slips is no fun. She's extra everything on those days; extra agitated, aggressive, and irritable, she also tends to pick up on the speed as well.

"Who's team vamp today?" asked Seth in a tone that suggested he was ready to get started. Seth was always eager to train he loved being a wolf, his exuberance for it is only second to Quil. He can often be seen with a great smile on his face as he follows Jake around with annoying happiness, even sometimes when Sam comes around. To be honest the only thing that dampens that kids ever perpetual happiness is the Sam, Emily, and Leah dilemma.

"Paul, Jared, and I," answered Sam in his deep authoritative voice. "It's time for you newbies to start tracking on your own now. You know the drill stay here, we get a ten minute lead, blah blah blah, you know this sh... stuff by now."

"You can say 'shit' Sam. Harry curses like a sailor, it's nothing I haven't heard before. "

From what Jake tells me Seth gives Sam hell. Mainly because of what happened with him and his sister, but also partly because Sam treats Seth like a baby. Although he is the baby of the pack, Seth likes to contend that he's just as capable of the other wolves. The only reason he or Leah even responded to Sam, is because if they didn't they could end up hurt.

"Any more questions?" Sam asked with a deep sigh.

No one said anything, so he took that as a 'no'. "Let's go then," he said speaking to Paul and Jared. They took off to phase and take their lead, leaving Angela, Leah, Seth, Quil, Jake and myself in the clearing. Embry was on patrol for the day. Usually Sam has two wolves patrolling at once unless, like we are doing now, there is a training going on seeing as generally the whole pack is phased anyway.

As we wait for team vamp to get their ten minute lead, we converse about our upcoming trip to pass the time. Sam, the council, and school approved the request for Paul and Jake to go on the trip, much to Angela and my glee. The first thing they did after being approved was immediately applied for their passports along with the rest of the pack. You can never be too prepared.

"Dude, you think Paul on an airplane is such a good idea?" Seth asked, "I mean that's a pretty tight space for a wolf. Just think, he might get pissed that the bathroom is so small, and then everybody on that plane is fucked."

"Don't worry I got that part covered, besides his temper isn't that bad," Angela answered.

"Yeah it is Ange, you just don't see it. He's gotten a hell of a lot better, I'll give him that, but he still isn't a docile puppy either." Seth contended.

"I honestly don't think it will be that bad, and if it does go south I'm sure I can figure out a way to keep him calm." Angela said with confidence.

"In a way you both are right. Paul seems to be calmer around you Angela, but at the same time his temper is still notorious. He doesn't wolf out as much as he use to, but a plane ride could be testing. Not only are the quarters small but we also will have to contend with other people, TSA might be a big concern to, but I say we deal with it when we get there." I said.

"He's already been approved and it would be wrong of us to change course now, especially since he has been working so hard on controlling his temper, and phasing; with, and without Angela around." Jake said ending that conversation. Paul may have anger issues but all in all he's a good guy with good intentions on most days.

The ten minutes pass by fast, and before I know it it's time for the wolves to phase. I squeeze Jake's hand before standing on my tiptoes, and giving him a chaste kiss on the lips before he goes. He squeezes my hand in return, as well as returns the kiss.

"Be careful," he tells me, while staring at my soul through my eyes. It's the same thing he tells me every time I'm riding someone besides him.

"Always am," I say back, adopting Charlie's usual catchphrase when we exchange the same words before he goes to work.

As soon as they phase Angela starts working her magic, or whether a glamor to keep the two teams mind links separate. Jake gives me a nudge with his big wolf head before, a lean but powerful silver gray wolf approaches me, and snuffs at my shoulder in impatience.

I roll my eyes at Leah before swinging my leg over, and grabbing on tightly to her fur as quickly as possible, and its a good thing that I did to. No sooner was than I on her back, Leah took off leaving me to have to scramble to get an even tighter hold.

"Damn it Leah, are you trying to give Jake a heart attack?" I said with a laugh. I was used to Leah's theatrics when it came to us imprints riding her. She was like a wild horse sometimes even bucking like one, and I loved it. Leah is the only wolf who doesn't hold back on me. Everyone else treats me like I'm made of glass despite the fact that if I really needed to I could knock them all on their asses.

Leah lets out a barking laugh that was shortly followed by a growl. I could only assume she was getting yelled at through the pack mind by Jake, who was no doubt pulling the imprint safety card. I mentally roll my eyes as I hunker down closer to Leah as she leans into a turn. She was running at a decent speed, but I know it's not at her full speed.

I enjoy the feel of the frigid wind on my face. I was starting to become accustomed to the cold air here in Forks, and today was at least over freezing but just barely. There were still patches of unmelted snow and ice here in the forest where the rays of the sun can't hit whenever the sun decides to make an appearance here. I was stuffed in many thin layers as opposed to a bunch of bulky clothing that restricted movement. with my layers and the warmth that radiated from Leah's fur and body I wasn't too cold.

I decide to enter pack mind out of curiosity and came in on Leah yelling at Jake.

Calm the fuck down your little swan is fine... The rest of her retort was cut off, because Quil found a scent, it was Jared's. Leah started heading towards Quil picking up her speed again making me have to push my body even closer to Leah to keep a hold.

The chase was on, and it was exhilarating. I know I looked as un-graceful as ever, my body was sliding to the side every now and then, looked, and sometimes felt like I was going to fall off with every twist, and turn, but by now I know how to stay on. Leah was always like this in training. She had to be: the best, the fastest, the most aggressive, and no one had better stand in her way. And I was right there with her. It seems not only am I a dare devil, I'm also quite competitive as well.

Which is why both Paul, and Jake protested every time Angela or I had to ride her. Leah didn't seem to think about anything but her prey when she was on a hunt. Despite always being a rough ride Angela, nor I had ever fallen off, but it was only a matter of time.

I could see Jake speeding up, knowing that Angela has a strong grip on him. He barked at her letting her know to hunker down as he attempted to catch up with Leah, who was going at 3/4th her speed.

The rule is we hunt as a pack we're stronger that way. So that means no wolf goes after a vamp alone it's always in pairs or more, even still Jake should have been with Seth helping him find the next track, but instead he left him alone. In doing so we watched in pack mind as Seth got cornered by Sam. Seth didn't let that stop him though. Seth attacked Sam with all he had. It was a dance of fur teeth and claws.

Jake, what the fuck are you doing? You were supposed to stay with Seth! Leah screeched yet she never stopped her chase. I could catch glimpses of Jared's fur and we were very close to catching him.

Turn back Jake, go help Seth. Leah and I have this. I said. I know that Sam would never intentionally hurt Seth, but Seth was giving his all and even still Sam had him on the ropes.

Go now I'm fine. I said as Leah made a sharp turn causing Jake to lose sight of us, and giving us a full view of Jared's furry ass, Quil was on our tail as our partner. The trees ahead of us were starting to thin becoming smaller in girth and height.

Were coming up on some cliffs watch your footing guys. There's no clearing here before the edge and it's not a smooth fall down. Plus the waters are rocky. Quil warned us sure enough Leah had to make a swift jump over to our right as her right paw flirted too close to the edge. We are closing in on Jared now.

"Speed up," I said out loud. "I need you to get us a little closer." She let out a burst of speed that put us right on his left flank when he neared the edge of the cliff. I threw out my shield just as Jared tries to jump off. He banged into it, and it knocked him on his ass for a brief second, and by brief I mean very brief. Leah, and I reached him two seconds after he hit my shield. Leah coiled and poised her muscles to charge at him, as he's shaking the sense back into his head. Leah leaps at him and then horror struck me.

I thought we had him. Leah was going at full speed ready to charge like a bull, and like a matador he dodge us last second. My stomach sank, Leah's momentum was too great to stop, and even if she did I was going to fly over, and if she turned at the pace she was going we'd still go over only it would sideways. I panic, lose focus, my heart pounds, and no matter what I did my shield went on the fritz as it always does if I panic. Leah uses the last bit of edge to jump away from the sheer face of the cliff but, I know as soon as we go over the edge that she didn't jump far enough out. I know that we are going to hit the rocks at the bottom in the water, if not a random shelf that jutted out along the face of the cliffs rather than just the frigid water below.

I don't know how I'm doing it. In the last second of my life, I am able to see everything that is going on around me. The body of the wolf that my legs were wrapped around, is shifting back to the body of a strong powerful woman, who will survive this fall unlike myself. I look up hoping maybe to catch a branch or a ledge something to save myself and Leah. I know if I catch her I'll likely rip my arm out or not grip her at all, but I'll be damned if I'm not going to try.

I see nothing, only the tan arm of Quil hanging over the ledge we fell off of, and his face of shock and horror as we fall. I know that this is it.

I brace myself for a bone crushing hit that never comes. I feel my wrist being wrapped in a hard yet supple hand before it came to an abrupt stop. I hear a sharp gasp and a sickening crunch as I'm sure Leah has broken something. I feel a sharp pain go through my shoulder. It feels like knives have pried my bone from it's socket. It hangs limply with my body still attached as I am slung over Leah's head. My body hits sharp rocks, and the breath is knocked out of my lungs on contact with the immovable earth and rock. I don't have time to catch my breath because I need to get to Leah. Gasping for air I scramble over to the ledge that saved us and grab hold of Leah's hand as she drags herself up over the edge. Once she's safe we both drop to the ground in exhaustion, and pain.

"I think my shoulder is broken." I gasp still trying to catch my breath.

"It's not broken, it's dislocated," Leah groaned, "Sit up and face towards the ocean I'm going to fix it, and I'll need you to pop mine back in for me when I'm done."

"What! No we'll just go see Sue she'll fix us up, she..." Leah cuts me off.

"We can't wait for my mom to fix us up Swan if you haven't noticed we're kinda trapped here. We can't climb back up so I'm going to have to jump us off and swim us out but I can't do that with a busted shoulder, now turn the fuck around and let's get this over with before my arm heals this way."

Without so much as a grumble I turn around with a pout on my face that quickly turns into a scream as Leah pops my shoulder back into its socket. The pain is so bad I almost black out. I see spots before my eyes as the pain of hot dull knives intensify.

"BELLA!"I hear shouts from above that sound like Jacob.

"DOWN HERE JAKE!"I manage yell back.

"I'm coming down to get you"

"NO! We're okay don't come down, that will just make it three people stuck down here."

"Shit Jake is going to fucking kill me, not only did I drop you off a cliff, but I also let you get hurt..." Leah began to panic.

"It's okay. I'll take care of him, but first lets get your shoulder fixed." Without warning I used my good arm and the strength of my shield to pop her arm back it to place. All was heard from her was a deep grunt. I'm such a freaking wimp, here we are both with the same injury, and I'm the only who cried out like a baby, and all she gave was a grunt.

"Bella, I'm on my way."

"Jake, no, like I said we got it just meet us at the beach?"

"The Beach? How the fuck are you going to get on the... Oh no Bella, y'all are not jumping!"

"We have to, there's no way for you guys to get us up the cliff, the rock is too unstable. We were lucky enough to land here, we are both fine, we just need to catch our breaths.

"Thirty minutes Bella. That's all you two are getting, thirty fucking minutes while I find a way to get to you. You're not out by then I'm coming down be damned hell, or high water you got me?"

"Yeah I got you, and that's all we need." I say, glad that I brought us some time form the terrible force of Jacob Black. I cut my eye over at Leah, she's still clutching her right arm just as I am clutching my left.

"Are you okay? You'll be able to get us down before he finds a way down won't you? "

"Yeah what's wrong you afraid of the big bad wolf."

"Yeah, but not for me for you. He's freaking livid."

"Yeah yeah I let his little imprint get hurt, whatever, I didn't let you die so he should be happy."

I roll my eyes at Leah, this is her typical response. I swear she hates me, and I don't even know why, I have never done anything to her. But unless we're riding, she doesn't say as much a two words to me, and when she does it's snide, and snarky.

"What the hell did I ever do to make you hate me so much Leah?"

"Pfft," She snorted, "I don't know, maybe you just this annoying little pale face that's always in my way."

"Really, that's how you see me?"

"Yeah if it weren't for you I could have run faster and ….."

"That's some fucking bullshit Leah, and you know it. It's not about training, because when I ride with you, you go harder then ever and I encourage you to do so."

"Ugh fine," she sighed and then muttered under her breath. "I don't hate you. I envy you."

"What? Come again?"

"I said, I don't fucking hate you alright. I envy you. God I wish I could get off this damn rock already, but my fucking arm still hurts to bad to swim us out."

"Why would you envy me Leah? I'm nothing compared to you. Your strong, and beautiful, and confident."

"Yeah right don't let the bravado fool you. I'm weaker than you think. I envy you because you get everything you could ever want."

"Oh now that's a lie if I ever heard one."

"Oh yeah? Well you got Jake, and he imprinted on you to boot. You got the fairy tale despite being with your leech lover."

"Yeah so never seeing each other is the fairy tale huh? Jake being able to walk on four legs from time to time is a fairy tale? Oh no this is the fairy tale I'm a witch, and technically, by tribal law, if Jake hadn't imprinted on me I should be dead, yeah that's the fairy tale right there," I huffed I didn't mean to go off on Leah but it's just how it came out. "Leah, yeah sure I got Jake, and I wouldn't change that for anything ever but my life has been far from fucking easy even before the le... Edward left me. I mean come on my ex-boyfriend, and his family wanted to eat me, and his brother tried to."

"Yeah but that was your dumb ass choice."

"Not really," I said while rolling my eyes "I didn't go chasing after Edward Cullen. I just happen to give in when he wouldn't leave me alone, and in the middle of all that I got chased by a crazy trio of vampires, one who bit me, and one who's still looking for me now. Then the supposed love of my life dumps me in the middle of the fucking forest, because I sprung a leak of his kryptonite, and his brother tried to take a chomp out of me," I hung my head and pretended to pick at my nails not wanting to look at Leah as I admitted how weak I truly am. "He broke me that day, thank God Jake was able to put me back together."

"See that's what I'm talking about right there, Jake put you back together. I had to put myself back together, only to have it torn down again by this wolf bullshit."

"Yeah, well be happy you put yourself back together, it means you're not dependent on someone else for your happiness." I sigh again before looking at Leah.

"Jake put me back together because I wasn't strong enough to do it on my own, in my book, I think you're stronger than me any day even without the wolf. You face Sam everyday and you're still here and standing. If I had to face Edward everyday like you do, I wouldn't have made it. When he left, I fell apart I wanted to die I had no intentions of picking myself up. I even did dangerous stuff on purpose just to hear his voice and used people to hear it too. You see I'm not to be envied, I love Jake with all my heart, and I would never trade him for anything, nor would I ever leave him but to be honest Jake came about because I was too weak to do it myself. I would have died along time ago without him."

"Wow Swan, I didn't know it was that bad for you. That's kind of pathetic you know. From what I hear you guys were only together what less than a year. I mean it could have been that bad Sam and I we've been together for as long as I can remember and before that we had crushes on each other. Anyway I always thought you went looking for the vampire that despite knowing what it was you still went after him."

"Yeah well I fell hard and very fast in that short time a lot of things happened. By the time I was sure of what he was I already loved him, or I thought I did. By that time I had been stalked, courted, and saved by him multiple times. I'm not saying none of what went down wasn't my fault, because in the end it all comes down to choices, and I constantly made the wrong ones. I'm just saying it wasn't all as cut and dry as it seemed." I shrugged,

"But in the end I'm glad he left. Now I can see what I was giving up to be with him. I was rushing so hard to be apart of his family, that I almost missed out on the one I already have, and the one that I've gained since joining the pack. I would have given away my humanity, my chance to have children, and truly live life. Anyway what I'm trying to say is, I'm nothing to be envied we were both once in the same situation. We loved someone too hard, and then they dropped us hard, ripped our hearts out, and tore it into process."

Leah looked at me for a few moments as if she were deciding something in her head, and when she spoke again the look in her eyes had changed. They had an edge of sadness to them.

"Yeah I guess so. Unlike you though by him leaving your chance for children was gained, by you keeping him here, mine was taken away."

"What do you mean?"

"Oh like you didn't know. The Cullen's being here was the only reason we all phased including me, and since I started phasing my cycle has stopped. I'm barren I can't have children."

"Actually at the time I didn't know what the consequence of them being here had on the tribe I can't say that if I had things would be different. Me being here had nothing to do with their decision to stay here, or you all phasing. As a matter of fact if I had never come in the first place they would still be here if anything I ran them off. However I am sorry to hear about your inability to have children although I don't think that's what's happening to you."

"What the hell are you talking about? You kind of need a period to have children."

"Did you know that most dedicated, and physical female athletes don't have a cycle? That doesn't mean they can't get pregnant. Many do, and then you also have to look at the fact that your half wolf now but you're also new. Wolves don't start mating until they are two years old. I just think that with the whole imprinting thing supposedly being to make a bigger better generation of the next wolf that the only female wolf wouldn't be able to help out on that little master plan."

"Huh, I never thought about it like that. You know you're alright swan. I would say I'm sorry I gave you such a hard time you know with the training, and stuff, but it was actually kind of fun. I always try to buck you off to see yours and Jake's reaction. You know for someone who is such a klutz you have amazing grip."

"You were doing all of that stuff on purpose? I thought you were just not holding back on me. Hell I like it that way its gives me a better representation of a real battle. As far as my grip, being a klutz all my life has prepared me for such things as holding on to something so I don't fall." Leah snorted and rolled her eyes.

"Figures, well at least all those falls amounted to something."

"Yeah," I giggled, "A whole bunch of scares, hospital bills, and kung fu grip." Leah snorted again as a slight twitch upturned the corner of her mouth. she stood up and began stretching and popping her now healed bones.

"You ready to get off this rock before Jake comes back with rope, your dad, and a helicopter."

"Oh yeah," I laughed, "I so do not want to be on the 8 o'clock news tonight." I get up from my seated position but unlike Leah my body has not healed yet. Hopefully I can get Angela to hide if not heal my injuries before Jake takes a gander at them. I would do it myself but so far I can only do surface stuff like scrapes and bruises. I know Leah knows I'm still hurting but I still try to hide it from her anyway.

"How are we going to do this?" I asked, while looking over the edge of the ledge we were on.

"I'm going to get a running start, and grab you last minute, as I hurl myself over the edge, and pray my legs get enough leverage to miss the rocks." Leah said over exaggerating her words in a peppy voice, which was followed by an evil smile.

"What?" I'm cut off as I turn to see a naked Leah barreling at me full speed ahead. Her arm comes out, and wraps around my body as she indeed hurls us over the edge. I feel the harsh wind whipping past us as we hurtle through the air to the icy depths below.

I barely have time to hold my breath before we are swallowed by frigid water. It feels like waves of sharp shards of ice against my body. I struggle to, and fro, I feel something warm around my waist dragging me, and I remember that I'm not alone Leah is with me. The water is so turbulent, and dark I can't see which way is to the surface, but I allow her to lead the way. It feels like forever, but finally we breach the surface, and I gasp a lung full of burning air before we get pummeled by waves. I know we have to get out of the waves, and start for the shore. My attempts to help Leah get me nowhere, I'm not strong enough, I'm disoriented, and going the wrong way. I once again feel lean supple muscles against my body as I am being dragged to shore. The fact that she's naked slips my mind, and midway I finally gave in and let her do all the work.

Finally, we reached the shore, both of us leaning on each other. Angela was already there when we got there with clothes towels and blankets. Jake was at the treeline, he could be seen struggling against Seth, and Quil who were holding him back, and still he was getting closer, and closer to us an inch at a time.

"Let me go," He yelled, twisting, and flinging his body towards us. I looked at him with wide eyes. I have never known Jake to act like this. He was furious and practically foaming at the mouth.

"Shit Bella. Jake is on the warpath, here let me make sure you are okay before..." Angela said flitting over to me.

"I'm fine Angela" I say trying to shake her off, and make my way to Jake, who is thrashing like a madman.

"No you're not. So you're telling me that when Jake gets here, and gives you his signature hug your not going to scream in pain?" She said her tone hurried as her hands flitted over my body until she indeed found my sore spots on my back, and my shoulder. I flinched despite trying not to.

"I've done worse than this to myself." I say gazing past Angela to where Jake is. He's practically foaming at the mouth now. "Why are they holding him back, he's not going to hurt me."

"It's not you they are worried about, it's Leah. She took you off a cliff, and he's just murderous about it."

"That's ridiculous, it's not like she did it on purpose, and besides it's mine, and Jared's fault too. He should be going after us too if he's going to go after Leah."

"He already went after Jared, and kicked his ass something awful. Besides, you and everybody else knows he's not going to come after you, but Leah? She's not going to stand a chance. She's the wolf you were riding."

"Yeah but... Oh fuck it," I push Angela aside, and stomp my way over to Jake. I'm so sick of being viewed as the little weak thing. As if I'm made of glass or a porcelain doll. I get to Jake, Quil, and Seth, and I look him dead in the eye. "Quil! Seth! Let him go."

"Are you crazy? Look at him, the moment we let him go he's going to go for Leah's throat."

"No he's not, because if he does he'll make me very upset. Jake is going to stop this insanity right now, aren't you Jake?" He nodded even though he was still shaking, and blurring slightly around the edges he had calmed down a little. I raise my right hand, and cup his cheek, rubbing my thumb in soothing circles along his cheekbone. He lets out a heavy sigh, and his shaking becomes a slight tremor, and I know he's gaining control again. His eyes begin to lighten, and I see him coming to clarity enough to use his words. The boys let him go, and back away, but not far enough where they couldn't get to him if he were to start quaking again.

"She took you over a cliff, you could have died, she was supposed to protect you!"

"And she did. I'm here aren't I? I'm not dead, or all broken up."

"But you could have been, and I heard you scream in pain. Don't lie to me, Bells, I felt it to you got hurt."

"Jake, I do worse to myself on a day to day bases. I'm not that hurt. She saved me. We were going to hit the rocks on the bottom, but she caught me, and made sure I was safe before worrying about herself, and her shoulder that was dislocated."

"But..." I cut him off I don't want to hear it.

"You are not going to even think about touching Leah, and you better not say anything to her either besides thank you. I'm so sick of the men in my life treating me like I'm going to break. well I'm not okay. So I fell off a cliff I'm fine, and it isn't even Leah's fault that we fell in the first place. If my shield had held up we wouldn't have been in that position in the first place. If you want someone to blame then its me."


"No Jake, I don't want to hear your butts, and asses. I'm not going to let you bully Leah or anyone else in the pack over me. By the way you're going to apologize to Jared too. Leah was doing her job. We were in a training exercise and she didn't hold back. If it were a real vamp you guys think you're going to be able to hold back during a chase? If it were real vamps we were after Angela, and I would be dead on our first go out, because you all pussyfoot around when it comes to us, and you can't do that."

Jake's shaking had finally come to a standstill, although I think it's because he was in shock. His mouth had popped open and his eyes were fixed on me. I had never talked to him like that before. I've never talked to anyone like that before, and you know what? It is liberating. I take a deep breath as I steel myself for my next proclamation.

"You better get use to me going full out. I'm choosing Leah as my partner. You're still my favorite wolf, but I think its better for me to ride her in the field. She's the right size, her hair is longer for me to hold on to, and she doesn't hold back or lose focus. Oh! And by the way she's coming with us to Italy."

"What?!" I heard from Jake and Leah who was still by Angela, which was a good distance away, but with her hearing abilities she was still able to hear what I said.

"I said she's coming with us to Italy. Come hell or high water, she will be on the trip with us. So you, and Sam better accept it, and make it happen!"

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