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Alex wrapped her arms more tightly around him. Finding the bravery to look into his eyes, she leaned in closer...

A Few Months Before

17-year-old Alex Russo was bored. Her best friends were unavailable; she hated when that happened. Harper was busy working on a new outfit, Justin was at some kind of school thingy, (she didn't really pay attention to what, because it bored her) and even her kid brother Max was at a friend's house. To top it all off, nothing was on TV! I could do my homework... she thought. Then she burst out laughing. Luckily, no one else was around. But seriously, Alex doing homework? Ridiculous. Unless...I wonder if looking up some spells would count as "homework" she thought. Even if they're spells I'm not supposed to be learning...but who needs to know about it? I am REALLY bored. With a yawn and a quick stretch, she lugged herself off of the living room couch.

As she made her way down to the family's secret wizard lair, she thought about which "area of expertise" to concentrate on that day. The last time she had done this, she taught herself a few easy transfiguring spells. Who wouldn't want to know how to turn a pencil into a hotdog whenever they got hungry? How had she even survived without that spell before, anyway?! This time, though, she wanted something a little more on the fun side. How about an invisibility spell? she deliberated. I could totally sneak up on people and scare them when I pop out of thin air, or I could stay invisible and eavesdrop! This is so gonna be worth it. Selecting the largest spell book the Russo family owned, the one she got most of her "fun" spells from, she thumbed through until she found 'I' for invisibility. Now to practice.

"Honey, we're home!" Theresa Russo called out. Aaaahh! thought Alex. No one can know I actually do magic for FUN! Slamming the spell book shut and heaving it back onto its shelf, she quickly ran out of the lair and into the sub station's kitchen. "Oh, uh, h-hi, mom, I was uh, getting a soda..." She hoped her mother wouldn't get suspicious. "Uh, ok, honey, just don't drink too much, dinner's in half an hour" her mother replied. "Maxie! Maxie, come and help your mother with the groceries!" Theresa turned to get her son to help her. Alex's 14-year-old brother Max came through the door, dragging his feet and looking like he would much rather not help carry the groceries, and for that matter, not be called Maxie. "All right mom, I guess I'll help you. But where's dad? Why can't he do manly things like carrying stuff?" "Your father had a dentist's appointment. You know him; he's probably got so many cavities from that darn sweet tooth of his that they had to cancel all other appointments just to finish him up!" Theresa sighed. There was really nothing she could do about her husband's affinity for sugar. Boy oh boy had she tried.

Max looked confused. "Wait...just because one of dad's teeth is awesome, he gets a lot of cavities?! That's not fair! I thought I had a bunch of sweet teeth...oh wow I am never going to the dentist again!" "No, no, Maxie, that's not how it...never mind." Theresa shook her head. It was a true miracle that her boy had made it through middle school, and she prayed constantly he would make it to high school graduation. From her stool at the sub station counter, Alex rolled her eyes. And people thought she was dumb? Get real. She hopped down from the stool and headed back upstairs. Maybe Harper would be up for a phone call, if she would be willing to take time away from her clothing-making.

"Thank you Theresa, dinner was delicious" said Jerry Russo, Alex's dad. He patted his belly contentedly. "I'm surprised you can eat after all the work the dentist had to do on you" Theresa smirked. "Yeah, thanks for dinner mom, ok well gotta go bye!" "Not so fast Alex!" Jerry stopped her. "You know you have wizard training in 15 minutes! You can't go anywhere farther than within the confines of our apartment." "Darn it" Alex muttered under her breath. Can't even make a simple escape she thought. Well, at least things were better knowing Justin and Max had to suffer along with her. Where was Justin, anyway? Surely his school thingy would be over by now. It was a Saturday, for crying out loud! School thingies should be illegal on the weekends! Just then, the doorbell rang. How can he be so formal? she thought. We've only known each other for like, 12 years...since that time in kindergarten when-focus Alex! She started for the door, then stopped. Heheh...now would be the perfect time to put that new spell to use. Quietly, she waved her wand over herself and whispered the words "I want to give Justin a good scare, make me as invisible as air!" Once she couldn't see herself anymore, she tiptoed over to the door. So far, so good she thought. She opened the door as slowly as she could, and watched her best friend Justin Thomas step through, looking baffled. Sneaking behind him, she slammed the door hard. "WHAT THE-" Justin whipped around. Seeing nothing, he got a look of suspicion on his face. "Alex...I don't know how, but you are definitely involved in this" he called. Sneaking behind him again, she whispered as quietly as she could "Now that scaring Justin's done, make me normal so I can have fun!" Getting right behind Justin, she said "you're right. It was me." Justin shrieked like a little girl, then clutched at his chest, panting.

"ALEX! You know I'm naturally jumpy! You shouldn't do these things to me; some best friend you are." "Oh, don't get your boxers in a bunch" she retorted. "We all know I'm the pulse in your deadbeat life." "Ha, ha, hilarious. Can we just go into the lair now? I need to learn a revenge spell" Justin said, looking somewhere between embarrassed, angry, frightened, and annoyed. He was probably all four. "Ok, good luck with that" Alex grinned. She knew Justin wouldn't stay mad at her. After all, he had put up with her during wizard classes for years. Justin was a wizard too, an only child of busy wizard parents. His parents were so busy that they knew they would never have time to teach their son about magic. Luckily, they were good old friends with the Russos and lived nearby. Jerry had agreed to take on Justin as a student in addition to his own two children because Justin and Alex were the same age. Justin was almost family to them; he hung around a lot, sometimes worked in the sub station, and was like a big brother to Max. Alex would never admit it, but she wouldn't know what she'd do with herself if she didn't have Justin around.

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