The last story is messed. Bad grammar, bad plot, and bad words choices. Sorry for make you miserable and read my fanfic. I'll try harder this time. But it'll get way more "emotional"


Bill looks fiery mad. He grasps Adrianne shoulder and pulls it away from his side. He walks across the room and stands in front of Tom's sight.

"I can't believe you did this?" He yells

"What? I came to see how my sperms turn into a perfect human?" Tom answers with a flat tone.

"It's unprofessional behaviour. Do you have any idea how many concerts we've cancelled for this messes?" Bill yells again.

"Bill! face it! We're not that young anymore. Our fans are aging with us. They've tried to find another band which sings more about healing the world, morale, and global warming shits. Even it's more boring and lame than what our songs.

"So what? Being dad makes you sophisticated? Wise? And you suggest us to do pro Bono concerts? You're unbelievable Tom. We're still having those who will wait us in snowing storm, shouting and chanting to get our autographs in their panties. Is that what you always thankful being superstar?"

"Lets not having this conversation" Tom ignores how totally upset Bill is right now.

"Now you just escape and run away like a coward, wont you? Tell me how pathetic our lives are!" Bill screams.

"Bill you need to calm down..." Adriane holds her hands around his arms.

"And you! You can't say you have nothing to do with this. You're the most hypocritical human being I've ever see! You're very convincing, till you forget which smiles you're faking. Acting innocent while you're not really giving a damn about anything... And leaving my brother hanging on the line, when you know exactly that he'll always think about you, not because he cares but feels guilty..." Bill says it out lout like he loses his mind for that second.

"Maybe you're right Bill, maybe I'm the nastiest creature you'll ever see. I'm ashamed live in this messed world and being one of mess in it. And I'm glad to see that this world is rotten like hell in the every corner of the city, of the human souls. And yes I did some terrible things to make Tom lives in the nightmares, I kept telling my self he deserves to get punish, and I found my way to do it."

Adriane tells that statement with no fears. It happens once in her live. Now she realizes her dark side through what Bill has said. Something that she always covers and denies about her self.

Tom's looking at her eyes with empty stare. Bill doesn't have any words to say. Then he falls on the couch and snatches Tom's cigarette. While they're hearing the babies crying, they're scared of the loud voice from the argument. Adriane runs to catch up her sons, her mother instinct works well. Bill follows her into the room and throw the cigar, He doesn't know why, but still he wants to see the infants.

"Look at them! They're so cute. Their hands..."Bill smiles, suddenly he doesn't remember where all those fire that burn him down.

"I'm sorry for what I've been said. It wasn't appropriate. I've just went through a lot lately, with Tom's circumstances. I just can't handle that. He always becomes more careless if it's about you. I don't know how..." He whispers

"It's fine, you were right about me. Thanks for make me realize that I'm not that nice like i used to think..." Adriane replies while she's trying to make Alex stop crying.

"No, you're the nicest woman..."

"Well, at least I heard you apologize, it's very rare... Want to hold one of your nephews?"

Adriane offers.

"No, Thanks..." Bill nods

"What a twins..." Adriane sighs.

This is short one, hope you like it.