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Serving Grenth in Wintersday

Summary: it is the time of year once again. The followers of Grenth and Dwayna fight against each other to see which will rule winter, who will win this year? Join Aknaksha Draca as she serves her God, against the people that she helped before. Her lover Alk Jabbar is not with her this time as he off to serve his Goddess Dwayna.

Chapter One

A Very Grentchie Wintersday

Aknaksha Draca, daughter of Serkan (1) of the Draca Clan walked through Lion's Arch gate. Children of every age ran pass the villagers giggling as others around her give each other gifts saying "Happy Wintersday!" and "For Dwayna!"

As she walked pass, the crowd step away from her. They knew of what she was.

Suddenly a group of children blindly ran in front of her, as a youngest one bumped into her. The child looked up and the girl child gasps. "A necromancer." The other children behind the girl stare at Aknaksha in fear.

Aknaksha didn't mind as the children stare at her in both awe and horror as the adults in the crowd grabbed them by the arms hiding them from view. She walked pass the crowd not bothering to look at them. They are nothing to her at the moment.

They have ever right to fear her. She was a necromancer; the reaper, the bringer of death and follower of Grenth the God of Death and ruler of the Mists. Everything about her screams death to anyone who dares to look upon her; her eyes, her beauty, her armor, her weapons, her everything. In this time of year, the followers of Grenth are hated, scorn and looked upon disdainfully. It didn't matter just few years before she helped these people from evil, didn't matter that many of these faces are people that looked up to her. They knew in the end of what she was.

It is Wintersday after all. The battle between her God, Grenth and the Goddess Dwayna fight each other to claim rule over Wintersday. If Grenth wins, winter will last longer, more colder then ever before! However, if Dwayna wins, spring will come once again….

There shall be no presents, no happiness, and no nothing!

Aknaksha smiled at the thought of her God winning this year. Last year, the followers of Dwayna won. Spring came, the sunlight razed upon her skin. It is healed, but the scars will forever remain. Oh how she hated the sun, which harms her when the sun touches her naked skin.

Her long time lover, Alk Jabbar (2) helped her during those cruel months after it happened. If it wasn't for him, she would forever be trapped in a small cave in the dark waiting for the sun to be gone, unable to heal herself. Too weak to even steal rodents' life force to help her heal. If it wasn't for him, she would've shown weakness to her Clan and worse her God and his Lady.**

The brothers and sisters of the clan would never let it down if they ever knew. For that she is thankful for.

She turned the corner again ignoring those who stare at her fright. She stopped as a man ran passed her with a green present wrapped in red ribbons. Trailing behind him was two wicked looking Grentches. Aknaksha laughed at the sight of it.

She watched as the two Grentches caught up to the man, destroying the present in the man's arms. Behind him, was a boy child looking at the pile of ash that once been his present, tears slowly dripped by his eyes.

Aknaksha smiled. It felt good to see children cry at this time of year.

She turned back in her mission. Her father sent her here, to wait she didn't know for sure. All she was told to look for a necromancer by the name of Vehemus.

Aknaksha met him before only briefly.

At last she found him.

Up ahead was Vehemus (3) of the Serpent Clan. The older necromancer had short black hair, white eyes, with red and white dictores on his black armor. Vehemus is a blood necromancer, for he sacrifices his own blood of his magick, where she is a death necromancer.

"Well, well, well for isn't Aknaksha of the Draca Clan." Vehemus said, as Aknaksha approached.

"Hello, Vehemus of the Serpent Clan." She replied back. "What news from Grenth?"

Vehemus smiled wickedly at a young necromancer before him. He glanced up as at the locals of Lion's Arch stood nearby.

"Those who walk in the cold path of darkness know this time of Wintersday belongs to Grenth! Dwayna and her pathetic throng of weaklings make a mockery of this icy, solemn and somber season!" Vehemus roared, making everyone around them cringe in fright. "For what is winter if not the shadow of death, cast long upon the world?" he asked.

"Nothing. Winter is nothing." Answered Aknaksha, shaking her head at the sight of the necromancer. He been in the above world far to long.

Vehemus grinned. "Right you are." He said. "Grenth have a mission for you. Are you willing to take it?"

Aknaksha's purple eyes flashed with happiness. "Of course. I'm for Grenth."

"Now you must help me create on a Grenth's unholy winter servants… a Grentch, a person whose heart has been shrunk three sizes. Grentches know only death, fear and hatred, and their only goal is to create as much mischief and misery as possible."

Aknaksha nodded. She knows it sounds easy, but isn't. She knew Grentches are made, not born; for each Grentch is a human being turned into one after they foolishly drank a potion.

"Take this vial and place within it the four ingredients I need to concoct my special potion." As the elder necromancer said this, he handed her a dark vial. It wasn't heavy, but Aknaksha knew that soon it will be burden to carry all over Tyria. "The first ingredient you must gather, termites, shouldn't be a difficult to find. Ask around for them. There must be some out there somewhere."

Aknaksha nodded. Termites? Not so interesting ingredient. She herself would've used lice or maggots instead. But it is his potion, not hers. "What are the other ingredients?" she asked.

Vehemus smiled. "The second ingredient is gunk; the next is garlic and lastly… unwashed socks!" Vehemus suddenly started to laugh as if someone just spoke an unspoken joke.

Aknaksha waited for him to finish.

"Good luck, young one. Beware of the Freezies."

Aknaksha and her three companions that she befriended over the years: Livia, a fellow necromancer of the Shining Blade; Dunkoro a healing monk of the Order of the Sunspears and lastly Melonni, a dervish of the Order of the Sunspears traveled through North Kryta Province.

Aknaksha could feel the uneasiness from both Dunkoro and Melonni as the four companions walk in caution through North Kryta Province looking for Fisherman Finnius who is said to have some termites.

She knew that Dunkoro and Melonni felt that they are betraying the Goddess Dwayna, which wasn't her problem. They agreed to come; she didn't threaten them or anything of that sort.

"So… how is Alk doing?" Melonni asked her after a long kept silence.

Aknaksha sighed. "He's okay." She answered.

"That's good." Melonni said uneasily. She gripped her scythe close to her chest, looking around herself as if expecting some invisible being to attack.

Aknaksha glanced at Livia who kept her silence walking beside her. "Livia, you didn't tell me the reason why you not serving Grenth on your own."

"Someone needs to keep an eye on you, Draca with your fire maniac not around to keep you safe." Livia said with a grin knowing that this would angry her.

Aknaksha knew that Livia is hiding the real fact of why she is companying her.

The group pressed on.

They arrived at the beach and up ahead of them were a tall figure in the water.

"Stay near, it could be trouble." Dunkoro warned.

"No, I don't sense any danger." Aknaksha said. "It is him."

And sure enough it was the Fisherman.

" 'Ello there!" Fisherman Finnius call out when he say the group approaching him.

"Are you Finnius?" Livia asked him. Finnius looked at her startled.

"That's me." He said uneasy. "And who would y'all be?"

Dunkoro then stepped forward. "I am called Dunkoro of the Sunspears and this is Melonni of Kourna. Livia of the shining Blade and this—"

"I am called Aknaksha Draca." Aknaksha said.

Finnius smiled. "I heard of y'all." He said pointing at each of them and lastly Aknaksha. "Said that you are honorable warrior. Of the entire necromancers that I ever come across, you're a politest."

Aknaksha didn't know if this was commitment or not and didn't comment.

"We have heard that you have some termites in your possession. Is that true?" she asked, trying to be nice.

Finnius nodded gravely. "For more years than I can count, I've spent my days here on this dock, casting and reeling, casting and reeling. Some days the gods are kind to me, and I bring in plenty of fish, other days they ignore me, and I go home empty handed. Those are hard days, but that's the life of a fisherman. Over all these years and through three disastrous marriages, only one constant has remained..." Aknaksha looked at the elder. Three marriages? Who would ever want to marry him?

Finnius didn't notice the look that the young necromancer was giving him. Instead he walked up to the dock and patted it, smiling at it. "This wooden dock. She's been a good friend, a good listener. But these blasted termites have begun gnawing away on her beams, and I fear that soon she'll collapse into the ocean below... If it's termites you're looking for, I'll give you all you need; my poor dock is overflowing with them."

Finnius handed it to her. "You have a good day." He said.

The group nodded. Aknaksha opened the dark vial that Vehemus had given her at Lion's Arch. She slowly pored the white juicy termites in it. As the termites entered the vial, the vial hissed as an unnatural white smoke came out from it.

The monk and the dervish stepped away from the two necromancers.

Aknaksha looked up at Livia. Livia shook her head. They would never understand the other professions, for they are strange.

The dead swamps of the Black Curtain was a once holy burial ground, Aknaksha remembered her father telling her when she was young child, of which the valley of the Black Curtain was next to the Temple of Ages. The Temple of Ages was once of the few entrances to the Underworld her birthplace. The Black Curtain has been recently been plagued by a dark, hidden evil which had poisoned most of the swamp waters and the valley is plagued with the Undead.

The valley reminds her of the Underworld places that only the powerful and the most daring would go, the areas where she never wondered too even when she lived in the Underworld most of her life before she was old enough to learn from teachers at Ascalon City before the Searing, the Monastery and lastly at Kamadan, Jewel of Istan.

The group walked passed the Temple of Ages, the ruins of the long almost forgotten legacy that was once there.

"Eek, who would ever want to live here?" Dunkoro said, wrapping mud from his robes. Ever since they arrived at the Black Curtain he been muttering almost unstop about how he hated it here.

"Ah, do you miss home, Dunkie?" Livia asked him smirking at him.

Dunkoro glared at the necromancer. "Don't call me that, Livia."

Livia snickered at him.

"Enough." Aknaksha said. "And be silent. This place is filled with the undead." even though she was necromancer, the undead gives her the creeps a wee bit. The undead need a master to control them, without one they are unpredictable and very ruthless no caring if they kill their own kind or people around them.

"I agree with Aknaksha." Melonni said. "This is place is filled with poison."

Dunkoro growled. "Bet you Livia bathes here."

Livia hearing this slapped him across the back of his head.

"Enough I said!" Aknaksha snapped at them. She twirled her skeleton staff at them with green vapors spilled from it silencing the two; her eyes staring at the monk and blood necromancer with such deadly fierce that both knew that if she wanted to she would kill them where they stood and use their corpses to make one of her pets . "Now that you two are not acting like children, we can go out now." her voice was so cold and threatening none of them augured.

"Where again did the natives here say that this gunk farmer is?" Melonni asked after a still eerie silence came between them after a long silence walk. The monk and the older necromancer glanced at her, shaking their heads at the foolish Dervish wondering if she had a death wish.

"They said follow the path across the two bridges and the Urm, Urra, whatever his name is, would be at left side of the path." Dunkoro answered her, not wanting to get Aknaksha angry.

"His name is Urme." Aknaksha snapped . "There's the bridges."

The group walked passed them as they did so, on their left of them was a figure staying alone.

"And there is Farmer Urme."

The group walked up to him. Urme was a dark skinned, black haired tall man, with black tattoos covering his face and arms. He wore tan colored robes with a blue clothed belt.

"I is welcoming you to my swamp, and I is very happy to is seeing you! I is Urme, maker of all that is gunk! I is not getting very many visitors in my swamp, but when I is getting them I is always making sure to be making them feel welcome."

The group looked at each other. Is this guy for real?

"Some people is saying that Urme is smelling bad, but I can tell since you is still standing here you is thinking they is just being rude, so is not believing people who is saying that no more. Urme is very at home in his swamp, maybe you is thinking of living here as Urme is? I is sure I can be finding room for you if you is to be staying here."

"No thank, kind sir." Dunkoro said, clearly not wanting to be in the swamp more then he needed to be.

Urme stare at the monk, clearly not liking the way Dunkoro spoke to him.

"What he means, kind sir is that we only come here to have some gunk. The people here say you are the best farmer in the lands that has good quality of it." Aknaksha said, stepping ahead of the group.

Urme turned towards the necromancer, smiling at the praise that he was given.

"You is looking for gunk? Then you is coming to the right Urme! I be the greatest gunk farmer in all of these swamps, I is. You is very lucky, Urme is just making a very large batch of gunk he is not be needing all of! I is giving you gunk for free because you is nice person, but you is not telling anyone I give it free. Urme not want everyone to expect free gunk, then Urme would be out of job!"

"Way to go, Death-willed-er." Livia whispered in Aknaksha's ear.

Aknaksha smiled. Free gunk? She likes.

Urme handed Aknaksha a whole hand full of gunk into her hands. The dark, mushy smelly gunk was warm by the touch. Looking at it, rubbing it slightly in her hands, Aknaksha find herself liking it very much.

She side glanced at the others that Urme wanted to hand to them, but all of them declined, seeing that only she needs it.

Aknaksha knelled down on the ground. Using one hand to reach towards to the dark vial as the other holding the large pile of gunk, she opened it and carefully sat it in it.

Just like the termites, as the gunk entered the vial, it hissed as not white smoke, but dark tan colored smoke came from it.

Two down, two go. Aknaksha told herself.

"Now for garlic." Aknaksha announced to the group, as they traveled near Watchtower Coast.

"Garlic? First termites and gunk and now garlic? We have been traveling around the world in this cursed lands." Dunkoro asked. "What type of potion are you making?"

Livia and Aknaksha glanced at each other. Aknaksha didn't tell them of what this mission it was all about. Only telling them that she needs some supplies for a potion, of what they didn't ask her until now.

"Nothing that concern you, monk." Livia said. She turned to the leader. "So who is this Skorzena chick that we suppose to look for?"

"Necromancer Skorzena is the daughter of the sister clan of my tribe." Answered Aknaksha. "She is Death-willed-er, much like most of the tribes from the region of where I am from."

"Which type of death magick?" Melonni asked kindly.

"She is a Minion Mistress." answered Aknaksha.

"Much like you." Livia commented her rolling her eyes, for she prefers blood magick. It was true that Skorzena is much like Aknaksha for she too is a Minion Mistress herself, but like many necromancers they know all the types of necromancy. But her blood favors death magick, much like her clan.

"Which Clan is she from?" Melonni asked, hearing that necromancers are from clans not from villages.

"The Dragon Clan. Thousands of years ago, the Dragon Clan was many, so many that is hard to keep everyone feed and it was far to crowed to live together. So it was said the half of the families in the Clan broke from the Dragon Clan and formed their own clan that they named the Draca Clan. My ancestors named the Clan in honor of our mother clan. We will never forget our mother tribe." the younger necromancer fondly stated.

The group didn't talk to one other until they found themselves at a beach. A female necromancer, company by what looks like beasts stood near at the ready to attack some army. The group looks like they were just about leave.

As Aknaksha approached the necromancer, Skorzena stood there looking at her closely as if seeing something that none of the others could see.

"Skorzena of the Dragon Tribe," Aknaksha said to her, twirling her hands making a necromancer greeting.

Skorzena smiled. "Daughter of the Draca Clan." She answered back, too greeting her with a necromancer welcoming. "You know my name, but I do not know yours?"

"I am called Aknaksha daughter of Serkan." Aknaksha announced her name.

"And what bring you here, Daughter of Serkan?"

"It is said that you carry special garlic, may we trade?"

"You have nothing that I want." Skorzena said looking at her. "However you and your companions would help us kill a band of nobles that been terrorizing this area, then I would think of handing you the garlic."

"We help you."

"Good." As these words Aknaksha, Livia, Dunkoro and Melonni followed Skorzena's group as a up ahead of them were a small group of beings. At once the two groups raised their weapons and attacked each other.

Seeing a fallen corpse, Aknaksha called upon her magick to raise it from the dead. But then someone already beat it from her.

"Must be quick, Aknaksha!" Skorzena called out to her.

Aknaksha growled. That corpse was hers to became her pet.

As fast as the battle as started, it was finished. The nobles were all dead and no one from either side of their groups had fallen.

"I gather Vehemus has sent you on one of his little scavenger hunts?" Skorzena said to Aknaksha, as the two necromancers walked up to one another. "That man is incapable of doing anything that involves getting his hands dirty. What is it you need? Garlic? You're in luck; it just so happens that I have some garlic right here. Now, leave me to my work. Grenth will be most pleased to have more souls to welcome to the Underworld this day, and should you not move quickly enough, I may just decide to add you to the list..."

"We will interfere with you work." Aknaksha said bowing to her, stepping away from her. "We will be on our way."

"You do that." The group watched as Skorzena had left. "Well now we know she's a bitch." Dunkoro said watching the female walk away. "So rude."

Ignoring the monk, slowly Aknaksha got on her knees and sat the vial on the ground. Opening it, she dropped the garlic in it. Just like before, it hissed and shoot out silver smoke.

"Now for socks." She said.

"This is a pretty place." Melonni said looking around herself outside Bergen Hot Springs in Nebo Terrace.

The peace and quiet was cut short as a Villager yelled, "Hey! Someone has stolen my precious, yet unwashed, socks! Stop, thief!"

Aknaksha looked up and saw a half naked man running down the trail, holding a pair of socks in his hands.

"Duty calls." She muttered under her breath. The group followed her chasing after the naked man.

"Mercenaries! You'll never catch me! I am a leaf on the wind! I, Dreier Dane, the infamous clothing bandit of lore and song, cannot be captured! I know why the caged moa sings!" Dreier Dane singed as he ran down the hill, trailing close behind him was Aknaksha.

The group chased him into a dead end. The naked man looked around seeing that he was now trapped. He turned and saw Aknaksha walking up to him.

Using his brave voice, Dane said, "Curses, you've left me no place to run! Perhaps it is time that I, Dreier Dane, infamous clothing bandit of lore and song, reconsider my choice of occupation!"

Aknaksha rolled her eyes, rising up her staff. 'This should be fun' she thought.

Fearing for his life, Dane starting yelling, "Do not blame me, blame society! I grovel before you, a lowly, mangy dog. My wife, she is sick; my thirteen children, limbless and afflicted with the dreaded whooping vapors. My cat, she has kittens, and... not buying it, are you?"

Aknaksha shook her head. "No not really."

"Look, can I talk to you thief to mercenary for a moment? All that I have will be yours if you leave me be. Of course, all I have are these unwashed socks, but free me, and they are yours! Gloriously filthy socks they are, blights on the stocking industry, but perhaps they might be of use to you. Socks are rare in these lands, and these are... okay, please, I'll shut up, just don't hurt me. Pain makes me break out in cuts, bruises and open wounds. I'm terribly allergic to it." Dane held the socks up to her. Slowly Aknaksha walked up to him, grabbing the socks.

Seeing that the necromancer was sparing his life, Dane ran pass the group and ran away without looking back.

"So were done then?" Dunkoro asked.

"Yes. I thank you all for helping me."

The group nodded and departed.

Alone Aknaksha dropped the pair of socks in the vial. Now her mission is almost complete. It is time to go back to Lion's Arch.

Back at Lion's Arch, Vehemus was jumping for joy as Aknaksha handed him the vial. "Praise be to Grenth! Surely his eyes are upon you. Two final steps remain. First, I must speak the sacred words that will bring the potion to the point of potency. "Stink! Stank! Stunk!"

Aknaksha rolled her eyes as the idiotic words. The vial in Vehemus' hands shoot out a black puff of smoke. It was done. The male necromancer looked up to her. "Now go wait outside Lion's Arch. I will trick one of the people of this city into drinking the potion, which will shrink the dupe's heart three times, transforming the useless citizen into a blessed Grentch! I will send this new Grentch to meet you outside the city. From there, you will travel due north with the Grentch to the Ascalon Settlement. There Dwayna has left a bounty of gifts for the culmination of Wintersday. You will find these gifts, and together with the Grentch, you will destroy them! Should you and your Grentch complete the task, return and tell me so that I can pass on this glorious victory to our merciless lord himself. May the unholy blessings of Grenth go with you!"

Aknaksha nodded. She so hoped the mission was done. Now she is needed to take the Grentch to an Ascalon village and destroy gifts? Ascalon was her home. Does she have the strength to do this mission?

She sighed as she headed out from Gate. Doing Grenth's biding had is ups and downs.

Aknaksha met Vehemus outside from Lion's Arch companied with a green looking imp wearing socks and a red hat.

"Ah there you are." Vehemus said grinning.

The Grentch giggled at itself. "It's time to wreak havoc, it's time to spread fear, it's time to make all of the gifts disappear. So take me to where I might find those filled with light, the Dwayna supporters who are merry and bright. Let us make mischief, oh such fun we shall find, ruining this holiday for the sweet and the kind!"

"Aw he is so cute." Aknaksha said looking at the creature before her. She had a soft spot for little creatures.

The Grentch ran in a circle. "They say 'tis the season of love and goodwill, I say 'tis a season of making you ill!"

Vehemus smiled at his creation. "The potion was a success, and a brand new Grentch awaits your command. Head north to the Ascalon Settlement! Destroy every gift, token and keepsake! Leave no present behind!"

Aknaksha sighed. She is beginning to dislike Vehemus telling her what to do. Very temping just to kill him and raise him from the dead. He is a lowly necromancer, he is far weaker then she. But then again where is the fun out it?

"I think I will name you…Malvolio (3)." Aknaksha said to the little tyke. The Grentch was kind of cute with his imp like body, muttering rhyming songs as it walked.

Malvolio the Grentch looked up at the necromancer and cocked his head.

"You are named after a great necromancer who is both was my friend and ally. Malvolio was also a Ritualist, a powerful one at that. Use the name that I have given you well." Aknaksha wondered if she could keep Malvolio, if her father's allows it. Her mother wouldn't be so thrilled, come to think about it, but after a short while, she would love to him in the house. Aknaksha smiled at that thought. "And maybe if Father allows it, Malvolio I can keep you!"

The Grentch smiled evilly. "Wishy-washy, no good." It repealed.

"You are so right." Answered Aknaksha. "What would Father say?" Malvolio didn't comment. Instead it stopped and smiled. Aknaksha too stopped. They were close. As they turned the corner of the mountain was the gate of the Ascalon Settlement. All was quiet, too quiet for her liking. As the two walked through, Aknaksha noticed none of the villagers was present. 'They had gone to the Celebration at Lion's Arch' she thought. Then she saw them. Three tall Brrrls (4) standing guard at the northern gate and five guarding the presents. 'This will be fun.' Aknaksha thought, as she ran up to the Northern gate. ""Stay Malvolio!" she called to him behind her.

"Nothing but this will give me great joy: to see Dwayna's children weep o'er broken toys." Malvolio cackled. The Brrrls roared as they saw the necromancer coming towards her. She twirled her staff as the three attacked her at once. Ah it felt so good attacking these mindless beings! At last the three were dead, as they were nothing but puddles. Three down, five to go. Malvolio the Grentch jumped up happily as if a child was happy to see its mother. "I can tell that we're close, to gift-givers we're near, the stench clogs my nose and it stuffs up my ears." It pointed up to the hill where the presents were.

"Let's do it Malvolio!" Aknaksha yelled. The Brrrls roared at her once again, as she dodge there attacks.

"Servants of Dwayna, come close and pay heed, I've presents for all of your Wintersday needs!" the creature laughed it's evilly laugh. "No joy, no light, no sweet merriment, its Wintersday joy that I'm here to prevent!"

At the side of eyes she saw the little Malvolio destroying the presents behind the Brrrls backs.

At last as the last present turned into ask, the Brrrls growled in anger, giving Aknaksha a change to do the final blow to destroy them.

At last the last Brrrl did in fact died. The presents were ash. Dwayna has lost this battle.

"I bring merciless blessings from Grenth below, you simpering, melting, weak men of snow!"

"So you have come back in one piece." Vehemus said seeing Aknaksha alive and well. "You have served Grenth most faithfully, Aknaksha Draca. Here is a token of his... appreciation. The work you have done today will surely help our merciless lord sway the balance of the battle to our side. I shall go let loose this Grentch upon the citizens that it might spread sadness and discontent. I'm looking forward to it."

Aknaksha eyed the "gifts" with is sickening look. What does she need Peppermint Shield and a Gingerbread Focus for? The only good thing to get is 5,000 XP.

She took them and nodded thankfully at Vehemus. Oh how she hated him.

(End of Chapter)

(Next Chapter is called: In Grenth's Defense)

Words: 6,304

(1) Serkan: a Turkish male name meaning "leader, chief" from the Turkish words ser meaning "head, top" and kan "blood".

(2) Alk Jabbar: this is the name of my husband's PvE main character.

(3) Malvolio: This name was a character in a Shakespeare's play called "Twelfth Night" in the year 1602. Shakespeare invented the name. It is a male Italian name meaning "ill will".

And note: if anyone asks, yes I did in fact name the Grentch that name each time I do the quest. Is isn't he so cute?

(4) Brrrls: are giant snowmen that work for Dwayna against Grenth's Grentches during Wintersday.

Author's Notes: It has been about two years since I thought about writing about the quests during Wintersday. Helping readers do the quests as everything in this chapter gave you clues of how to finish it. At this date of this year of 2010 I have been Guild Wars almost for 3 1/2 to 4 years.

Until now I decided to start writing it. All the chapters WILL be all the quests to help Grenth. In this order: Prophecies, Eye of the North, Factions and then Nightfall.

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**About about me stating that Grenth having a lover/wife/consort:

In most mythology, many Gods and Goddesses are married. So I figured Grenth must have a lover, wife or him being a consort to a female Goddess. Famous Death Gods/Goddesses are:

* Hades/Pluto (Greek/Roman God of the Underworld) and his wife Persephone, Goddess of spring growth (along with her mother Demeter), Queen of the Underworld.

* Freya/Freyja (Norse/Germanic Goddess of fertility, love, beauty and attraction. She is also associated with war, battle, death, wealth, magick and prophecies). Her husband is Odr.

* Anubis (Egyptian God of Embalming and the Dead). He used to have a wife named Qadesh, but they are now separated.

* Osiris (Egyptian God of the Underworld). His wife is his sister Isis.

There are A LOT more but those above are the most known.

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