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Serving Grenth in Wintersday

Summary: it is the time of year once gain. The followers of Grenth and Dwayna fight against each other to see who will rule winter: Grenth his rule with an iron fist making winter last longer? Or will it be Dwayna, who loving ways bring spring come earlier? Join Aknaksha Draca as she serves her God against the people that she helped save from evil. Who will win?

Chapter Two

In Grenth's Defense

Aknaksha Draca walked down the paths of Lion's Arch, still thinking of agonizing ways to torture Vehemus if she ever seen the pathetic necromancer ever again. Vehemus will hear from the Order soon enough of his dishonor towards her.

She walked towards the statue of Grenth, which became a habit to her to always go to the statue to pay honor to her God Grenth to give offerings and hope for a blessing in return each time she visits Lion's Arch. The statue itself was very tall with image of the God of Death in his dark cloak, his arms cross at his chest, his eyes glowing with white glowing light, mists of fog flouting around him as if dancing. Ice sickles covered him almost to head to toe. Beneath his feet were foolish mortals begging him to release them back to life to end their suffering.

What made her stop was what stood beside the significant sculpture of her God. It was a Rift Warden, one of many servants of Grenth. It was tall, twice as tall as an average mortal man, with is ghostly dark figure flouting off the ground with its dark clocked hood. It had two large claw like hands and its face was hidden as the only hint that it had a face was the purplish glow.

Aknaksha knew why the Rift Warden stood beside the sculpture, giving any who dares to go the Underworld, her home world, to do missions for Grenth. It was Wintersday after all, the only few times that Grenth ever allows mortals to go the Underworld freely.

She waited for her turn, as a warrior was in front of her agreed to the terms that the Rift Warden had given him as the man stepped through the portal into the Underworld. As the man disappeared into the Otherworld, the doorway closed shut.

The Rift Warden turned looking at the young necromancer, as the creature smiled wickedly.

"Grenth's legions have been busy this…perhaps more so then any in the past. They've nicked countless presents meant for the good children of the world and stashed them deep within the Underworld. As we speck, Dwayna's followers have mustered to recover them. Grenth requests your dedication; guard the presents to your dying breath. Do you accept the Lord of the Underworld's challenge?"

Aknaksha smiled. "No child will be smiling this Wintersday. Grenth can count on me!"

The cloaked Warden laughed. "You will be transported directly to the Underworld. If you are in a party you will be separated for the duration of this task…."

"I am alone." she said.

"Good. Once there, you must recover the presents stolen by Grenth's servants. Are you ready to face the horrors of the Underworld alone?"

"Yes, I am ready." Aknaksha said without hesitation.

A portal opened beside her. Without looking back, the necromancer stepped forward and disappeared.

She stepped forward through the portal as it disappeared behind her as she slowing approached the pile of presents beside the statue of Grenth. Everything around where was eerie and cold like.

"I'm at the Chaos Planes." Aknaksha said to herself, realizing for the first time since she got there of where she was. The Chaos Planes where a barren hunted planes that is located at the southeastern comer of The Underworld; the domain of the Reapers of the Chaos. It was also the popular place to farm for Ectos which is very rare and valuable.

She suddenly felt…naked. She felt less powerful and her knowledge of her magick was not there within her mind…instead there was skills that she never encountered before….was this a test send by Grenth himself? If it wasn't for her discipline mind, she would've done in insane. All her magick is gone…

Her skills where pathetic: Snowball, Yellow Snow, Snow Down the Shirt, Hidden Rock, Ice Fort, Holiday Blues and Mmmm Snowcone.

They are all weak, they were nothing like her Death skills that she uses in a daily basis. However her father's words haunted her as she reminded of what he told her long ago when she was nothing but a child. "It doesn't matter how weak skills that you learned are, Aknaksha. It is how you use them that makes me weak or strong. Use them well my daughter."

Hearing her father's words, it somehow brought her comfort. It is not the time to dwell on things that she can not change and it the time to defeat Dwayna's followers that dare to take away what is rightfully Grenth's.

One by one many of the Snowmen came onto her as they were only level 15, not as powerful as she. With Hidden Rock and Yellow Snow up and spamming Snowball, all 24 of the snowmen was dead.

At least leader had came. It was named Freezie, she remembered what Vehemus was had told her just moments before "beware of the Freezies", was this what the weak necromancer spoke of?

It was huge, much bigger then the weaker of its kind and it was covered with ice instead of snow like most that she seen.

It suddenly attacked her without warning. The Freezie's power was much powerful then she had thought.

She spammed Snowball and Snow Down the Shirt as much as she could, keeping Hidden Rock and Yellow Snow up over and over again, moving only to avoid the snowballs coming towards her when Ice Fort was disabled when she couldn't use it. As her health was at 50%, she countered up Ice Fort disabling the Freezie to hit her. This had angered the creature, which pleased her.

Each time she used Snow Down the Shirt, it interrupted the Freezie's skills, which pissed it off even more. As it got more angry at her the more reckless it became. Each time Ice Fort was faded, she was forced to move side to side, only using Mmmm Snowcone at least once. She will only use that skill for emergency.

With one last hit of Snowball with Hidden Rock, Freezie was defeated.

She had done it!

Just then the Avatar of Grenth came onto her. The Avatar much looked a like Rift Warden, however they had different titles by serving the God of Death. Instead, the Avatar looked more eerie and larger of that of its cousins.

"You have done well in your service of Grenth. Your situation in the afterlife is no doubt assured, however the Mists will have to wait…for now. Do you wish to return to the realms of the living? Or do you wish to do the bonus challenge?"

Aknaksha looked up at the Avatar, she took a deep breath. "I want to play the Bonus Challenge." she said with a firm voice.

The Avatar of Grenth laughed as it snapped his fingers. The bonus had began!

There was a roar behind her as she turned and looked up and up ahead was her first victim that dared to challenge her into a fight.

She quickly used Hidden Rock and Yellow Snow as the Snowman charged at her. With a wave of her staff she used the skill Snowball hitting her target over and over again until it fell dead.

Quickly as the first Snowman came, the second approached. Again she used Hidden Rock and Yellow Snow up and she killed the Snowman just as the first.

In all after some time later the first wave was in count of three Snowmen, one Mischievous, Roguish and a Bustling; all was quickly defended.

She knew that the first few waves were the easiest as the last were the hardest. The second was coming, she can hear the roars of Dwayna's followers coming to destroy her.

She smiled. If this is Dwayna's finest warriors, how the mighty has fallen.

Just as she predicted the second wave had began. The first of the second wave was called a Grumpy, it looked hideous with a body of snow shaped like those creatures made from candy corn that are Mad King's Guards. The Grumpy's own head was image of a snowman.

It roared at her and quickly as it came it was dead within her feet. Of course, unlike the others in the first wave, it had struck her with its own skills, draining her of life only just a few seconds. It felt different somehow, unlike how others that she defended using similar or the same skills that she had learned and used.

Another two Grumpys came at the same time, one at her left and the other at her right. Within range she used Ice Fort, Hidden Rock and Yellow Snow. With the skill of Ice Fort the pathetic creatures couldn't hit her but she could to them. She attack the left one first and then the right. But of course 10 seconds were really short, as the skill Ice Fort fated she was hit a few times before the Disease had killed the Grumpy as it shattered into a million of pieces as it fell dead.

Aknaksha knew that she only had a few seconds to rest, but she can not loose her focus or she will fail. She knew that after this wave, she will have to be extra careful, as her short health was shrink since coming here she will have to use the skill Mmmm Snowcone even if it would disable her from her other useless skills. For that she will be forced to run like a coward, dodging the Snowmen's snowballs that will throw towards her.

At the fourth Dwayna's follower came it was called a Chilled one followed by one called Pious. They were easy defected however the last one called Playful wasn't, because each of his snowball's the he throw at her had a Hidden Rock in them. With a quick of her staff, the Playful snowman was dead.

Again she was alone. Around her was few dropped treasures, few Candy Cane Shards and Globs of Frozen Ectoplasm, that she did not dare to pick up not yet just in case she was caught off guard of the third wave that was coming.

Just as she thought this, the fourth wave had struck her. They were coming a lot quicker now, with more powerful snowmen. A Industrious came to at her left, defending it as another Playful came.

Just as she killed the Chilled one, Rotund came out of now where. Her health was so low, just as Ice Fort fated, she was forced to run around avoiding the snowballs that came flying at her.

This angered the Rotund snowman, as she wield Hidden Rock and Yellow Snow and striking the snowman square at its chest. It was now low of health that still loosing it as the Disease that the young necromancer had hit him with. At last with one last snowball, the Rotund was dead.

'Just two more' the dark wielder reminded herself, as she dared to rest on one knee, her bone staff tightly grasp in her hands looking around herself for the fifth wave to come.

To soon in her taste the fifth wave has came.

Another Industrious came into her sight with mighty roar, as two Playfuls followed quickly behind.

She was close of failing, if not for quick dodge and Mmmm Snowcone. Unfortunely just as she did this skill, a Cordial and Chilled snowmen came. With her skills disabled she was now defendless.

The minion mistress dodged as much as the snowballs came towards her, only a few hit her. Just as her skills was now able to touch, the Ice Fort came alive shielding her from the snowmen. Quickly using Hidden Rock, Yellow Snow, Snowball and Snow Down the Shirt she killed the two snowmen just as the Ice Fort faded just in time.

As their brethren was dead, a Chilled and a Rotund snowmen came and attacked her as if to kill her in revenge.

Just as she did before, they were killed.

'Just one more' Aknaksha thought to herself.

She looked up as two no three came to her at once. Was she going to make it?

Doing what she been doing for the pass hour, she wielded her staff over her head hitting each of them across their chests.

All lay at her feet, there now remains is what's left.

At once the Avatar of Grenth appeared, she can tell that the Avatar is amused, as if he saw the whole thing.

"Word of your service has already spread throughout the Underworld. Perhaps Grenth will emerge victorious with you on his side."

Without the Avatar snapped his fingers again giving me; 1,000 XP and five Candy Cane Shards. Quickly the necromancer picked up at the drops the snowmen had dropped before the time was up and she disappeared back to the Land of the Living.

(End of Chapter)

(Next Chapter is called: Straight to the Heart)

Words: 3,022

Ectos: aka Globs of Ectoplasm which are rare crafting materials. They are rarity and high demand that many traders in Guild Wars would valued it more then 100 platinum for one (the maximum amount of gold that can transferred in a single transaction). At this time of January 2010 at the Guru Auction (a popular Guild Wars website) Globs of Ectoplasm the average is twice as much for selling it to a common Guild Wars trader. Ectoplasm is also rare that is rare for person to give away.

Candy Cane Shards and Globs of Frozen Ectoplasm is the common drop during Wintersday. At times the drops are other items such as Eggnog, Snowman Summoner, Fruitcake, Candy Canes (not the shards ones) and if you are lucky Tonics.

Snow Fighting Skills:

Snowball: Spell. You throw a slow-moving snowball at target foe and gain 1 strike of adrenaline. That foe takes 50 damage if it hits.

Yellow Snow: Preparation. Lost one condition. Your next snowball causes Disease for 10 seconds. (This skill is given by Grenth).

Snow Down the Shirt: Hex Spell. For 20 seconds, whenever target touched foe takes any damage while suffering from this hex, that foe is interrupted.

Hidden Rock: Glyph. Your next snowball knocks down target foe and causes Daze for 10 seconds.

Ice Fort: Enchantment Spell. For 10 seconds, you cannot be knocked down, you are immune to conditions and all incoming damages is reduced to 0. Ice Fort ends if you move.

Holiday Blues: Spell. Sacrifice 50% maximum Health. All nearby foes take 50 damage, and you bring the Holiday blues to this location. For 30 seconds, foes within the area suffer -15 Health degeneration.

Mmmm Snowcone: Shout. You are healed for 300 Health and all your attacks are disabled for 10 seconds.

Author's Notes: I know the Bonus Round might not be right. I will admit I always failed it as I always died at around the end, as the fourth and fife wave is the furthest I ever gotten (in a good day). Hopefully this chapter was good enough for all of you. J

The reason I focus on the Bonus Round, is the fact the quest is easy if you keep up Hidden Rock and Yellow Snow up at ALL times and spam Snowball and etc and you will win the first part of the quest. The Bonus is much harder.

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