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Deep in the volcano located on Crescent Island, the home of the last firebending Avatar, Avatar Roku, something started to stir from its millennia long sleep.

A single crimson eye twitched.

I…have…awakened. One is here…with potential…

"Tell me, Fire Lord Ozai sir, would you like to observe one of our ritual's?" one of the sages of the temple asked.

The Fire Lord arched an eyebrow. "And why, pray tell, would I wish to waste my valuable time observing some obscure ritual when this trip itself has proved unproductive enough."

Eyes going wide in fear that he might have annoyed the volatile firebending lord, he started to stutter out apologies.

Ozai sneered. Fire-Sage of Roku's temple or not, they were simple sycophants just like the rest. "Oh well," he muttered. "So long as they fulfill their purpose, I care not."

"What was that, my lord?" asked the newly labeled toady.

"I said, why not, it's not like I've found anything to lead me to the Avatar like you all assured me had to be here."

"V-ver-y w-well my lord, this w-way p-please," the fool stuttered as he scurried off.

Ozai laughed. It was good to rule.

It comes… the time for me to roam free once more…it comes…calling to me…

The Fire Lord stood off to the side of the raised altar the Fire-Sages had erected, his daughter Azula standing beside him. He glanced at her. Ever since Zuko had started to listen to Iroh, he had become soft, acting more and more pacifistic, just like his thrice be damned brother.

He sighed. Ever since his son had started to listen to his brother, he had decided that Azula would need to be taken under guidance. So, though his schedule was a busy one, he made time to train Azula as a proper warrior, one who would show the world why the Fire Nation ruled.

A sasge made his way over to where they were standing. "My lord, we are about to begin. Would you like me to explain the purpose of this ritual?" he asked with a hopeful air. Ozai grimaced. Oh well, he had come this far, why not understand why.

"Very well, explain."

The sage bowed. "Thank you my lord." He gestured to the surrounding area. "Back in the time of Avatar Roku, it is said that one morning on his daily walk that he discovered a presence he had never felt before, and its source was coming from the volcano. However, when he came back the next day, nothing was there, not even a hint of the majestic presence the writings hint at. A year later, after he had long given up, he felt it once again, but likewise could still not reach it. So, with the idea of contacting this spiritual presence, he made himself known to the volcano."

At this Azula spoke up. "Made himself known?" The sage glanced at her, then at the Fire Lord, who nodded.

"Indeed your highness, he used his own bending skills of fire and air and shot a huge torrent of fire at the magma within the volcano, hoping to attract the spirits notice. However, when he did, it is written that a great presence bore down on his mind, and it felt as though it was stripping him down to his very soul, before a voice echoed out "Not worthy." Thus, we try every year to contact the great spirit ourselves, hoping to know what makes one worthy. For it is thought that if one can contact what if obviously a powerful fire spirit and be found worthy, that that person will become as a god among firebenders.

"Really," drawled Ozai. "And what will you do with this power should you get it? Hhmm?"

"W-why use it f-for the b-betterment of the Fire Nation of course!" he exclaimed

Sighing Ozai rolled his eyes. "Pansy…" he thought. "Continue with your ceremony, sage."

Azula sighed, blowing a strand of hair out of her eyes as she pouted. "Why did father have to bring me along on this stupid trip? I would have been better off staying home and getting extra training from sensei."

"Something wrong Azula?"

Startled, she looked up to see her father's frowning face. Guiltily, she tried not to look her father in the eyes, knowing he would be displeased at her train of thought. "No father, just wondering when they'll get this over with. It just seems like a waste of time. After all, if Avatar Roku couldn't get this great spirit to respond to him, what makes them think they're worthy?"

She held her breath for a moment as this played through her father's mind. Finally, he snorted in amusement, giving her a nod to say her idea had merit. She sighed internally in relief, happy she had dodged that arrow. If her father thought she wasn't taking her place as princess seriously, she might be tossed aside, and Zuko taken from their uncle to be shaped by their father. She did not want to be tossed aside.

"In that case, why don't you be the one to finish it? I'm sure that one of our blood will at least prove more worthy than these."

He started towards the nearest fire sage, apparently intent on having her complete the ceremony. If she protested, she would likely be punished for embarrassing her father in public, and if she just acquiesced and failed, she'd likely still be in trouble.

"Azula, come."

Filled with trepidation, she followed her father.

As a sage guided her through the throng of sages before the platform, he was steadily whispering instructions to her.

"Now Princess, all you have to do is shoot out the most powerful flame you can muster after speaking these words: "Great spirit, I ask that you take notice, of both my skill and power, and bring yourself forth to my presence!"

Azula stopped midstride and stared at the sage, mouth agape. "You want me to demand a spirit, and not just any spirit, but a GREAT Spirit, present itself to me!?"

He smiled a smile that reminded her of a hungry predator about to pounce on its prey.

She gritted her teeth. She knew what that meant. He WANTED her to fail, to be able to feel smug in the thought that even if she was the Fire Lords daughter, she was no better than them.

She would show him. She'd show them all, even father, how great she was.

She moved up to the platform, trying to control her breathing to prevent them from seeing how nervous she was. She stepped into the stance for her favorite firebending kata, and as the drums started their heavy beat, she moved. And moved. Flowing through the stances, she tried the reach out with that sense all firebenders have, the one that almost instinctual, that gives them a sense of fire. She figured that if it was living in a volcano, it was a fire spirit, and that she might be able to sense it.

But she felt nothing.

Frustration filled her. She MUST not fail! She would become a joke among these sages, and that her father would not appreciate. He might even decide he needed a new heir in Zuko!

Please great spirit, hear me! I beseech you, grant me an audience!

Deep in the belly of the volcano, a great slumbering form shifted. Someone was calling it. Someone with…Potential. A single crimson eye opened.

Azula continued her kata, dancing through it desperately, hoping against hope that something would answer the call of her bending. But no, she was coming to the end of the kata, the drumbeat slowing down, and the incense flowing forth from the braziers becoming thin. She stopped in the final stance, holding it. She could feel her father's eyes boring into her back.

Please, please, please, something answer!

"Please," she whispered.

And the volcano exploded in red.

He shrugged the liquid rock off his shoulders, giving the area a cursory glance before he focused on the one he had felt with so much Potential. He snorted, remembering the others who had come before…her, was it? Yes, it was a girl, a young girl at that. Good, a moldable child, better than some stuffy head in the clouds priest. At least this one had had the brains to be polite. He was a Great Spirit, the likes of which were so rarely even heard of that it was usually noted as unusual.

Well, let's take a look at her.

He walked over to the platform she was standing on, his nine tails waving lazily behind him. He seemed to shimmer as he got closer, till his form shifted to that of a tall man with spiky blonde hair wearing a red suit (an Armani red tuxedo, if you're curious). His blood red eyes seemed to peel away at you till they were staring at the depths of your soul, and he had an eerie grin present that sent shivers down the spine.

"Well well well, what do we have here," the spirit mused. He knelt down to look Azula in the eye. She stared back, fearful, but defiant. "You're an interesting little one, aren't you? So full of fire and the will to keep it burning. Tell me, do you wish for power?"

She gaped at him for a minute, before, at the raise of an eyebrow, she whispered out "Yes."

"What was that? Speak up, shout it to the world, and let them know your resolve!"

"Yes," she shouted, "I want it, I want the power! I want to be the strongest that ever lived, to show my strength to the world!"

The man threw his head back and laughed. He held his hand out to her. "Then take my hand, and by contract be bound. You will be mine, and I will give you access to all the worlds fire, all of its roaring, burning passion."

Azula looked him in the eyes, feeling overwhelmed at the ease with which he could raise her above the others, just as easy as though he were snapping his fingers. She reached her hand out to his, but hesitated, looking over her shoulder at her father. She frowned, puzzled by his, and the sages, lack of response to the events going on.

"Worry not, my dear, I simply froze the time of the area around us for a short period. You need not worry over what they might have seen, as all they have seen so far was me greet you, and then they will stand witness as we seal the deal. Now, do you accept?"

"Yes!" The world shuddered as she clasped his hand, the air around them shimmering and sparking. Azula gasped, feeling an indescribable heat flow through her body from her head to her toes. It felt like it was scorching the marrow from her bones and gently caressing her skin all at once. As her knees started to give way, she firmed them, determined to see this through on her feet.

She was panting as the sensations stopped, settling into a low buzz beneath her skin, making her feel momentarily giddy with power.

"There my little firefly, that wasn't so bad, was it?" the spirit asked, raising a brow and smiling his shark-like grin. He snapped his fingers. "Viola, been witnessed, and now they have no memory of anything other than my voice calling out that it is not yet time. Remember to keep this between us till later firefly, or you might be burned by the one you seek to become." He stated, walking back towards the volcano.

"Wait, how do I use this power?!" Azula called out.

The man stopped. "You don't have to worry about that, firefly; it will come to you naturally. But if I were you I'd be careful with the power I give; you might find others are not so enthusiastic of your newfound skills. And remember, when you're ready to walk the path of Fire, call me, and I will come, my dear little firefly." With the echo of his voice caressing her ears as sweet as honey, he walked right back into the volcano, disappearing from sight.


She jumped, cursing silently for having forgotten she was not alone. "Yes Father?"

"Come along, it's time we left." He smirked amusedly. "It would seem even the spirits realize the power inherent in my line, to answer us as they would the Avatar."

And as they walked back, she heard his voice whisper as though in her ear, "And my child, you will not call me spirit, nor great spirit. My name, is Naruto, my title Kyuubi, Spirit of Fire."

The greater spirit watched as the girl and her father trudged back to their ship, collecting their sizable entourage along the way. It smirked with amusement as he noticed the girl, 'Azula', the name skittered through his mind, keep glancing back at the volcano when she thought no one was looking. "She will make a fine Contractor," he thought to himself.

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