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Tragic Meeting

The Merry was pulling into a well know sailor town, called Tortuga. The Straw hat crew saw how busy it was and it wasn't even noon yet!

Nami saw plenty of gamblers, so she could get some extra cash. The rest of the crew also left the ship to do what they had to do. All but Franky, who stayed behind to watch and repair the ship.

Luffy announced that he would look about the town for a while.

So off h went and saw many strange and beautiful things. It soon grew dark and Luffy wondered how the day flew by so fast? He then decided to head back to the Merry. On his way there, he could hear fights break out, all about him.

One such fight was between a large man and two girls. One was a kid maybe 5 to 6 years old and the other was around his own age. The older girl had just been punched in the gut and has her shirt ripped off in the same motion.

The little girl yell at the man. "You leave My big sister alone! You pig!" The man turned to the girl and pointed his pistol at her. Luffy had enough of this and began running towards the fight.

The older girl cried, "Leave her alone!" "What if I don't?" Sneered the son of a bitch. "I'll kill you..." The girl replied in a dark tone. The man just laughed and pulled the trigger. "MIA!" She screamed. Luffy tried to stop the bullet by stretching his arm out, but the gun had been too close.

The bullet hit the little girl, and she fell to the ground, unmoving. Her long hair hiding the bullet wound. "Oops!" Chuckled the pig. "My finger slipped! Ha ha ha ha!" He laughed. Luffy went to check the little girl, in hopes she was still alive...but it was a prayer that went unanswered. Luffy lifted the little girl up and moved her out of the road.

The older girl stood up, uncaring that her boossum was out for all to see. She suddenly went after the bastard. He shot her twice, but she kept at him. He only had enough time to bring out a knife before she tackled him to the ground. She was stabbed in the side, the knife hadn't hit anything important so she continued to hit him. She screamed. "She was only a child! You bastard! I'm going to kill you!" She kept hitting him till he stopped moving.

When she stopped moving herself, her body began to feel heavy and she fell back. A pair of strong arms caught and held her. She wheezed. "Did I...get him?" First there was silence, and when she opened her eyes, she couldn't focus them, so all she saw was colors and blurred shapes. Luffy finally spoke. "Yeah...you got him." He replied in a cracked voice.

The gill felt still felt the knife in her side. She Tried to move her hand, but it wouldn't work. "C-can you take the-? Luffy replied. "Sure. This'll hurt." Suddenly the pain came to her brain and made her give a whimper before she passed out.

Luffy too off his shirt and put it around the past put girl. He then carried both the lil girl and the older one back to the Merry Go.

"Where's that idiot, Luffy?! He should have been here hours ago!" Nami complained. It was brook who spotted Luffy first. "I-I see him!" He called back to the crew.

Luffy came walking up with his head down, hiding his tears. Nami stopped up to Luffy, yelling. "You Idiot! Where-!" She stopped when she noticed him carrying two people. "Chopper! Go get you bag Quickly! There two-." Luffy shook his head. "One. Just one." He corrected quietly.

Nami looked at both girls he carried. She then saw that his hat, his treasure, was hiding the little girl's face. Nami stepped back and covered her mouth with both hands as tears fell down her face. "Oh, no..."

Chopper poked his head out from a cabin and said, "Bring her inside, quickly!" Luffy silently walked into the cabin. Chopper told him to lay them down and Luffy did as he was told and laid them down, oh so gently.

Chopper quickly began checking over the older girl. She was pale and had crimson hair. She was about the same height as Nami. After about five minutes Chopper took out bandages and medicine as he relaid her stats. "She has two gun shot wounds and was stabbed once. None of the wounds had hit anything fatal, but she's losing a lot of blood. I have to stitch her up quickly." So the reindeer went to work.

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