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The Curtain Falls

When Amaterasu, Issun, Oki, Waka, and Susano walked the rainbow path of the Ark of Yamato, they saw it was pitch black with the only light coming from the five pathways and the center which counted as the sixth path. A path Ammy and Waka know all too well…the path to the King of Darkness: Yami.

"I didn't think it would be this easy to get to Yami for the second time." Ammy said voicing her thoughts.

"What do you mean my sister in arms?" Susano asked.

"Ugh Susano you're still on the "Sister in Arms" thing ever since you found out the truth about Ammy?" Issun asked with a sigh.

"Yes, and you, Oki, and Waka are now my "Brothers in Arms"!" Susano said with a laugh.

"Really Susano?!" Issun asked annoyed.

"Actually I kind of like that idea since Susano is a true warrior as are you, Waka, and me Issun." Oki said.

As they spoke they unfortunately did not notice Amaterasu and Waka still walking until they reached the path to the final foe, but they had only stopped to turn around and look at the warriors and Poncle still talking.

"MY FRIENDS!" Waka shouted grabbing their attention.

"For the record Susano I said it's easier to get to Yami this time because we do not have to fight before going to the inner region of the ship." Amaterasu said as the three ran (bounced in Issun's case) to her and Waka.

"Are we all ready?" Waka asked.

"I'm ready to end this so I can be with Kai." Oki replied.

"I'm ready to fight to protect my wife and son." Susano said.

"Issun and I are both ready to face this fight." Amaterasu began.

"So we can finally be together at the end of the journey." Issun finished.

"I too am ready for a longer era of peace." Waka began. "Shall we go to our destined fight?" He asked them.

With that they all stepped on the platform and were sent to the inner area of the ship which was bright like when the final battle began four years ago.

"If Yami is the King of Darkness why is this section of the ship so bright?" Susano asked.

"Because I personally want the friends of Amaterasu to see what happens when she loses her powers, and becomes mortal." A mysterious voice said.

Despite how surprised they were from the unknown voice they were also cautious of the shadows rising to a tall raven haired man with swords at his waist. When he opened his eyes the scleras were black as the shadows themselves with crimson blood pupils.

"I take it you are Yami in human form." Susano stated.

"Correct you oaf of a mortal." Yami began. "How Orochi lost to simpletons like you and Nagi I'll never understand." He added.

"Okay normally I enjoy Susano being insulted, but why are you being so civil toward us?" Issun asked.

"Ah so you are the tiny pest Ninetails always talks about." Yami said with fake surprise.

"What does Ninetails say about our little bouncing friend?" Waka asked curious.

"Four years ago she went on about him being a charmer, and most recently…how he was unaffected by her beauty." Yami replied.

"There is more to a woman than physical beauty." Issun began. "Ninetails is beautiful on the outside, but on the inside she's more hideous than Orochi, Crimson Helm, Spider Queen, and Blight put together. Ammy, however, is beautiful inside and out whether or not she is in wolf form." Issun said making the sun goddess blush.

"It seems you had fallen for her even when she was a fleabag." Yami said with a smirk. "Unfortunately as soon as the eclipse Amaterasu will belong to me, and you Poncle will be Ninetails mate." He added.

As they spoke the eclipse was complete, and Amaterasu started glowing red.

"Uhhhh AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!" She screamed in pain as she felt completely weak.

"AMMY/AMATERASU!" Screamed Issun, Susano, and Oki.

After the glow and her pain subsided Yami caught her, however, Amaterasu didn't look like the goddess they were used to she looked like a normal, snow white-haired woman.

"Put her down!" Issun yelled to the King of Darkness.

"I will after she has my child." Yami replied with a devilish smirk before pointing a finger at Susano, Oki, and Waka, and electrocuting them with lightning.

"You missed me." Issun said.

"Not really unlike them I need you alive to be Ninetails mate."Yami said unconcerned.

It was then he was about to lean in to kiss Amaterasu when he was knocked away by a fist. Standing to see who dared he was surprised to see Issun… Human sized.

"How?" He asked shocked.

"Didn't Ninetails tell you that she witnessed Ammy and I getting the Lucky Mallet?" Issun asked as he held Amaterasu bridal-style.

"It's supposed to shrink you to where you can fit through the eye of a needle!" Yami yelled.

"Yeah for anything bigger than a dust bunny, but I found out that for Poncles… It can grow us to the size of a human our age" He explained. "Now if you try to touch my fiancé I can kick your butt and reach it." He added.

"You really think you can best me when Amaterasu barely had a chance four years ago?" Yami asked thinking he was invincible.

However, what he did not expect was to be frozen, struck by lightning, burned, hit with a whirlwind, blown up by three cherry bombs at once, and struck by an invisible blade.

"What just happened?" He asked as he stood his clothing chard and his body burned and bruised.

"Amaterasu isn't the only one to master the 13 Celestial Brush techniques." Issun told him while tracing two lines in the air, and the next thing Yami knew he had a sword through his black heart being held by Issun.

"I was a cocky pest four years ago, but you are an arrogant fool." Issun began while taking out his paintbrush. "So as you fade it's time for you to see the light." He said while drawing a circle and bringing out the sun.

"NOOOOOOO!" Yami screamed as his shadows faded along with his body.

With Yami's final scream Amaterasu, Waka, Oki, and Susano began to wake, and with the return of the sun Ammy's powers came back.

"I-Issun what happened?" The sun goddess asked her fiancé.

"I took down Yami after using the Lucky Mallet to grow." He replied with a smirk.

"Wow Issun!" Susano said shocked.

"What brought out this side of you?" Oki asked.

"His love for Amaterasu." Waka answered. "After all what man would attack someone very powerful unless he knew he could win and had a reason to." He added.

"We should begin heading back to Kamui and Kamiki." Susano said with Oki agreeing.

"You're right Susano, we have much to prepare for." Issun said smiling at Amaterasu who smiled back.

[1 month later and 2 weeks after Oki and Kai's wedding]

It was a beautiful day in Kamiki Village, however, everyone in the village, and many from across Nippon and Kamui were gathered at the base of Konohana, the tree of Sakuya, for the wedding of the sun goddess Amaterasu and the Celestial Envoy Issun. At the moment the Poncle groom was standing in his father's wedding kimono that was passed down from Ishaku with Waka, Oki, and Susano as his best men, while Kai stood across as the maid of honor with Queen Himiko and Princess Fuse as the brides maids, and Mister Orange the elder of Kamiki was standing ready to officiate the ceremony. Soon everyone's attention was drawn to Ishaku, Issun's grandfather, walking toward them with Amaterasu.

"You know I never thought I'd see the day Amaterasu wed, let alone being the honored man to give her away at her wedding." Ishaku told her as they walked.

"Well you know what they say about destiny being a funny thing Ishaku." Ammy replied before they stopped in front of Mr. Orange.

"Dearly beloved we are gathered here to join the great goddess Amaterasu and the Celestial Envoy Issun in marriage. If there is any here that do not wish that these two be wed speak now, or forever hold your peace." Mr. Orange spoke and waited for someone to speak before continuing. "The groom actually has a few words for us and his bride." Mr. Orange announced.

"Amaterasu when we first met you were a wolf who had awoken from a hundred year slumber upon death, and I was an arrogant, womanizing, buffoon, but as we traveled together and faced demons like Orochi and Ninetails I actually fell for you." Issun began. "You probably have no idea how heartbroken I was that I couldn't join you in that battle four years ago and how honored and happy I was that you agreed to marry me. For that I vow to be your husband for eternity." Issun said making the women aww, the men smile, and Amaterasu shed tears.

"I believe I do not need to ask if Issun will take Amaterasu as his wife since he already gave his answer in the vow." Mr. Orange said before turning to Ammy. "Amaterasu do you take Issun to be your husband?" He asked.

"Till my dying breath." Amaterasu answered.

"Then by the power vested in me as the village elder you may kiss the bride." Mr. Orange barely said before Issun was tackled by his wife, and locked into a deep and loving kiss.

"From now on I'll be by your side Ammy." Issun said when they broke the kiss for air.

And with that the one of the happiest days of Amaterasu's life was made perfect… The only thing that made her happier was this day nine months later when she bore a small child dubbed Chibiterasu.

The end

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