Chapter 2 Preparations for Battle and Hidden Confessions

Everyone began preparing for the battle, but unknown to the fighters two nights from now is the night of the full moon, the night of the Kamiki Festival, and the night Orochi makes his move since his new resurrection. After getting necessary items Amaterasu sat at the sacred Konohana tree, and thought about if she was strong enough to beat her old enemies once again.

"Something wrong Ma chérie" asked Waka as he Issun and Oki walked over to her.

"No I was just thinking about something" replied our favorite goddess.

"Ammy I know your lying" Issun jumped in.

"Yes Amaterasu we know you're worried about all the enemies coming back" Oki spoke, "but."

"You're not going in alone Ammy Waka, Oki, and I will be with you every step of the way" interrupted Issun.

The goddess laughed as the Onia warrior tried to squash her missionary, but Issun was too quick and strong for Oki alone.

"My my your little bouncing friend full of spunk as always can give a good pep talk Amaterasu" Waka said laughing.

"Yes Issun's one of a kind he's surpassed his own grandfather" the goddess spoke happily.

"Amaterasu, Waka, Issun, I think we should make sure we have no regrets before we take on our enemies once again" Oki spoke in a worried tone.

"Oki's right we should make sure we have no regrets" Waka agreed.

"Yeah that's a good way to relieve us of worries before and during our battles tomorrow we shall head out to battle out old enemies" Issun spoke in adding to the moment.

"Amaterasu I love you" Oki, Waka, and Issun said and looked at each other surprised and the sun goddess was also shocked that the three men she fought together with were in love with her.

"WHAT YOU BOTH LOVE AMMY TOO" Issun yelled shocked.

"YES WE CAN'T BELIEVE YOU LOVE HER TOO ISSUN" Oki and Waka yelled surprised that a celestial envoy could be in love with the goddess whose faith he was meant to inspire faith in others.

Thus ends chapter 2 of this Okami story who would've thought Issun, Waka, AND Oki would all be in love with Amaterasu. How will things go in chapter 3?