The locations in this chapter are real world locations, barely anything is made up here. I'm actually 15 but I portray myself as a 20 year old.

Again, hot off the press! Both chapter 1 and 2 were written in a sequence and released at the same time.

Thomas and Maria are not real people.

I haven't actually done the hydrogen thing yet.

My grandpa really does have a sword.

I never actually worked at Costco.

Everything else is true (minus the zombie Apocalypse)

Personal Experience With the Witch

Before I begin, let me describe to you a bit more about where we are on the map, and how we obtained our base of operations, just so you can understand more.

My team and I decided to move into a Texaco gas station just off of highway 69 in a little hick-ass town known as Prescott Valley. Don't bother in trying to find it on a map, you never will. It was originally a locally owned station, but with many robberies coming from the drunk infested motel across the street and the economy, Texaco began it's first business within a good hundred miles of my living area.

Because of all the robberies, the doors and windows were heavily barred, and the cashier, heavily armed. He didn't have anything more powerful than a shotgun, but he definitely had the ammo. I'm not sure if he was armed by the company or if he brought it in himself, the fact still remained however, we had supplies.

The little station was also a mini market at one time, fully stocked with anything a survivor would ever need. Or, if you prefer, what the stereotypical human lives off of.

We originally planned on raiding the place and getting our asses to an evacuation center like any other smart person, but we had a tough time getting in and a horde was attracted to all of the racket we made. Long story short, the cashier saw that we weren't infected and let us in.

I had asked him if he wanted to come with us, but he just said that he had seen too many movies and knew the outcome of him coming with us. He then persuaded us to stay with him and take the town back. It actually sounded like it was a good idea considering the weapons that we had gathered over the years.

Giving into his idea, the group decided to take back the land we loved and start anew when we fucked up every infected face within the city limits. For the first month, things went smoothly. We had eradicated the entertainment district, the medical district, and most of the residential areas. The business strip was still being worked on, but was mostly taken back.

It apparently wasn't perfect though. One afternoon when we were running a bit low on ammunition, a military convey moved down the strip and was soon attacked by none other then the big bad and the ugly himself, Mr. Tank...

The vehicle was hit with a slab or two then tipped, leaving the driver pinned in his seat. Lucky for us we were in a gas station. A semi sat in our parking lot, so I decided to go ahead and run Mr. Tank over a little bit... He deserved it anyways...

Using the semi's tow cable, we brought the truck back up on all fours only to find a slab of concrete in the place of where the driver's head had been. Not thinking much of it, we threw his sorry ass out of the seat and brought the truck back to our little safe haven.

In the back we found many explosives, guns, sharp sticks, and weird bottles of green shit everywhere. But the one thing we loved to see more than the rest was strapped and stacked throughout every compartment, under every seat, used as flooring even, was ammo!

There were also many tools and petty equipment strewn about, things like wrenches, screwdrivers, gas tanks, and even welding equipment. Using scrap metal off the truck, we patched up the gas station a bit more by increasing the thickness of the bars all around the glass and the doors. Then we found the radio under the driver's seat...

Let's just say that we had the military pointing guns at us a few days later asking us questions. LONG story short, they believed our story of why their convoy didn't reach it's destination and agreed to send us ammo at the end of every month as long as we agreed to do their job.

Apparently, the military was bombing larger cities and eradicating the smaller ones so they could just rebuild from there. Without so much as a second of hesitation we agreed to their little deal, but it only gets better from here on out.

After filling them in on what we had accomplished so far with such little equipment, they gave us a small squad of our own along with a field medic, intending on rebuilding our town and moving as many survivors here as soon as possible.

Nearly a year passed, a year filled with blood and fun before we had finally cleared Prescott Valley of the infection. With permission of General CLASSIFIED I was granted access to begin study on live infected, whom were many miles away, as to better understand them.

I turned the loading dock into a slaughter house of a sort with many evil hooks and the like hanging around on the walls. Bio suits were left in the corner of the room so as to not infect ourselves with anything else that may have moved into the bodies after the outbreak.

A portable contamination lab was setup in the middle of the loading dock along with decontamination vents as exits. Many saws and sharp things were placed inside the area along with an autopsy table and a hose hooked up to the buildings current water supply. For washing away all of the gore I was going to produce in this already vile place... If you hadn't already figured that out for yourselves.

The only thing I wasn't given, surprisingly enough, was a bone saw. They told me I was going to have to obtain my own by raiding the local hospital. So, I went to get my bone-saw.

I found a still working bone-saw up on the second to last floor before reaching the roof, along with a few boxes of fresh blades in a supply closet a few doors down. Before closing the door to the closet, I handed off the equipment to my team and closed the door.

As I was turning to leave however, that old chill ran my spine. I spun around and raised a few pistols up in front of me to find a pair of glowing yellow eyes glaring daggers at me. I fired several times at it and it took of around the corner.

Breaking into a run, I followed it up the stairs and onto the roof, where I found it hunched over on the heli-pad. I hadn't noticed at first but, it's throat was covered in large tumors and the like and... Why in the world was it in a straight jacket?

Moments later, it rose up to full size and screeched long and hard, forcing me to cover my ears. The screaming didn't stop for such an unbelievably long time, I thought that I was going to die of a head-ache right then and there.

So I shot it... And shot a few minutes after I knew it was dead with an M16... then I took my partner's chainsaw... The fact of the matter is, it would never be considered living ever again.

We took the supplies back to our haven and slept for a good night, the whole time thinking about what I dubbed as The "Screamer". The next morning we were scheduled for a food pick up, so we got up early and set off.

I should really say we only stepped out the front door though, because that damned screechy thing had filled our year-long work all the way back up. Infected were everywhere, and they looked at us with hate in their eyes as we walked our loud, joking asses out the front door.

Again, long story short, after a few months, and with a few hundred additions to our team thanks to the army, we cleared the town. I made sure that any screaming infected were put down before even a muffle could escape their lips.

Once clear however, I decided to go visit a few child hood and teen hangout areas that I had wasted my time with friends in. The first that came to my mind, me being a guy, was the good old Costco food court. After walking back to my zombie-less neighborhood, I took my, surprisingly still running, pickup-up truck just to the edge of Prescott.


The old Toyota was no doubt in bad shape, but it still ran like it just came off the assembly line. The truck was a '93 Toyota Pick-up, gaining a few modifications along the way though, so it wasn't a true Toyota anymore. Sadly, the bed had been totaled nearly nine years ago, and was now multicolored thanks to the new one being red, while the cab was black.

The truck was my father's at one time, but as a 'sweet sixteen' present, he handed me the keys saying "You have supported this family enough, go have some fun." It brought tears to my eyes to think about my family now, I just hoped that they were still alive...

Pushing aside old memories, I pressed the clutch in further and moved the stick into 3'rd gear, bringing my speed up to 56mph as I moved onto the highway. I looked to right of the speedometer to see that my gas tank was still maxed out, even after driving so many times before the infection. That was another thing I liked about this truck, it didn't run on gasoline.

Back when I was fourteen, my dad and I modded his oxygen sensor, fuel line, and spark plugs so that he could use water as a fuel source. It was 2 part hydrogen, so why not remove the oxygen part? More tears moved to cloud my vision as I was passing the entertainment district.

Pushing the memories even farther into my mind, I moved into 4'Th gear and brought my speed to 74mph. I pulled a small folder closer to me from the seat next to mine until it was up against my leg. Using my leg as a wedge, I brought the case up onto my lap and flipped it open.

CD's galore entered my sight, all of them scribbled upon with marker. I pulled out one CD and slowly pushed it into the player. The CD moved inwards with the sound of little motors moving about inside, moments later the sweet sound of an acoustic filled my ears.

I tapped my hand against the wheel, not afraid to to hit the horn, it didn't work anyways, I just wanted an extra sound for my new tune. The song progressed further as I moved through the hills separating Prescott from it's child, Prescott Valley. The song finally wove it's way through the hardened shell around my soul and began to bring my spirits up from what most would consider rock bottom. And for the first time in the last two years, I sang, without a care in the world.

"We weren't in love oh no far from it
We weren't searching for some pie in the sky summit
We were just young and restless and bored
Living by the sword
And we'd steal away every chance we could
To the backroom, the alley, the trusty woods
I used her she used me
But neither one cared
We were getting our share

Workin' on our night moves
Trying to lose the awkward teenage blues
Workin' on our night moves
In the summertime"

By the time the chorus had ended, I was pulling into the parking lot of my destination, with a smile on my face. I shut the radio off and let the engine die away as the key left it's seat. With a sigh, I removed the seat-belt that I hadn't even realized I put on, pulled the parking brake into place, and exited my vehicle.

The door clicked into place with a little push and I was soon inside the food court, looking around at the dust covered tables like someone who had just been told they were a millionaire. Sweet memories came flooding back to me, friends, laughing... LOTS of laughing.

Even with a grin on my face I felt sad, my life was stolen away from me, just like that, and all because of some drunk bastard. I walked further into the court until I was finally in front of the entrance to kitchen. With little effort, the door swung open and I moved through to the other side, memories of Thomas, the cook, came back to me.

He was an energetic young man with a sad case of leukemia. Even with his sickness, he was always on time, and happy about it! I laughed at the memories of all the jokes he used to play on Maria... And Maria! Oh how many memories came back at her name.

The management was never truly happy with anything she did. Bet then again, she was never happy with how they couldn't take a joke, A.K.A. Ice cream and expensive suits. I wasn't at all surprised the day she was fired, in truth it was more a relief, I was running out of shirts that didn't have ice cream stains.

I now stood in front of one of the two cash registers, pretending to take the orders of customers, laughing every once in awhile, pretending to have a conversation with a one. As I have learned over the length of this apocalypse, you have to enjoy the little things.

A light crying made it's way into my ears as I finished one conversation with a "customer", the word "Witch" instantly popped up into my head. I checked my belt and back for weapons, being far too used to carrying them to notice them otherwise.

My grandfather's prized samurai sword was on my back, it wasn't gonna do shit against this bitch... A couple 9MM's on my hips along with maybe... 8 extra mags... If she has a large amount of obstacles and I have a quick escape, maybe.

I felt around a moment longer and stumbled upon a bile bomb... Using that now would just prove that I'm a dumb ass... Hell, I AM a dumb ass, I don't need a bile bomb anymore!

The crying continued longer still, it's pitiful sound bringing emotions of my own up from their depths. I'm just gonna see where she is, and if there are a LOT of obstacles, AND if I can escape, then I'll kill her. If not, then fuck it, I can come back later.

I hopped over the counter and mover around the corner to the right, checking every door along the way as I moved down the walkway to the restrooms. The crying grew louder as I neared the entrance to the restrooms, confirming any suspicions that I may have had.

I swear, if she is in there, I am SO getting out of here.

Sure enough, I looked into the women's bathroom, and there she was, looking at floor and crying away. I backed out of the doorway as slowly as possible, using all knowledge that I still had from martial arts lessons on how to move soundlessly. I was almost home free, just a few more steps and the danger would have been avoidable, but fate doesn't work that way.

My foot slowly pushed against one of the trashcans in between the two restrooms, moving it ever closer to falling and practically ending my life. The large can bounced against the floor behind me, causing a gasp to escape from the room I was so ready to leave. I didn't even stare into her face for a nanosecond, I was just.. Gone!

I was halfway out of the walkway, and back into the food court when a screech sounded from behind me. I didn't dare look back at my chaser, I just sped up, too afraid to do anything else.

Is this really how things are going to end for me? I just wanted to have some comfort, some child hood innocence... Well, I've had a good run, and I've given a place for humanity to start over in. I even got to drive my truck again, that's good enough for any man right there...

I felt five sharp strips of pain erupt from my backside, along with the weight of the sword being loosed. It didn't slow me down in the slightest though, I just kept running. Sure, I accepted my fate, but it would be nice if I could just go for one more drive.

The five claws hit me once again, this time sending me to the ground. I slid across the ground, stopping underneath the large fans just above the exit. So that really is it then? Alright, if it's my time, I'm ready.

I looked up as the Witch was raising her hand over her head for the kill, bits of my blood dripped from her fingers and fell onto my shirt. It almost seemed like everything was in slow motion, maybe it was? Maybe this was where I said my last words...

"Make this quick, witch!" I screamed right before she brought her hand down.

She gasped and stumbled a bit, trying to stop her claw. The blades of death stopped just above my jugular vein on the left side, forcing small beads of sweat to form upon me and run down to the ground.

Taking the small amount of time that she gave away when she stumbled, I kicked her in the chest and ran back towards my freedom. My hopes of escape were cut short though as a slab of concrete flew across the parking lot and landed by my feet.

I looked to where the slab had flown in from and actually considered suicide. A Tank was moving through the lot towards me, and fast! With only one real possibility of escape left, I ran back from where I came. The Witch was picking herself off the ground as I ran at her, I flew past her and jumped over the registers, moving into the maze of aisles.

A table flew over me from behind and destroyed a set of lights just off to my left, the Tank must have seen me move into the small maze, because he sounded like he was following me. I rounded a corner and moved into the frozen and canned goods section of the store. I ran over to one of the freezer doors and threw all of the contents out onto the floor.

I pushed the rack inwards and closed the freezer door behind me, hoping it didn't see me go in here. The pounding got louder and I saw the brute move past me, thankfully continuing on further. Just as I was about to let my breath out, the freezer door I had used opened and the Witch stepped inside.

I pulled out my pistols with shaky aim, firing a few rounds. She dodged the first two shots, but then did something I had never seen before, she deflected the last three with her claws. Just then, a shopping cart flew through one side of the freezer and out the side I came in from, taking the Witch with it.

Not wasting time, I holstered my weapons and left the way I came. The Tank came out a few seconds behind me, obviously furious about my disappearance. It picked up one of the racks from the floor and chucked it at me, it hit home, knocking me to the ground and leaving me winded.

The brute bounded up to me and raised it's fists high above it's head. Just before the fists of death were about to come down, the shopping cart that struck the Witch flew into the back of the Tank's head. The behemoth roared in anger and turned to see who had attacked it. To both of our surprise, the Witch from earlier was running towards him, claws outstretched and screaming.

She jumped onto the Tank's head, gripping it tightly with her legs. If I hadn't been so close to death, that would have set a few triggers off in my head, but being that this was a fight to the death, I crawled over to the freezer and pulled myself up to a standpoint.

I looked over at the battle in awe at the scene, the Witch had stabbed clean through the Tank's chest and was kicking it in the face over and over again as it lay there in pain. Regaining my composure, or what was left of it, I pulled out the bile bomb from earlier, now thankful for it, and pulled my arm back for the throw.

"Get out of the way!" I yelled. The Witch looked up and launched herself into a roll off of our opponent just before the smile vile broke against 'The Hulk's' skin. Just as I hoped, the sound of hundreds upon hundreds of feet met my ears.

The skylight above suddenly caved in and infected poured down on top of the Tank. I pulled a fire extinguisher from the wall I was leaning against and threw it best I could into the horde. I bent down and looked though the many legs until I found where it lay. Pulling out my pistols again, I opened fire in it's direction.

A satisfying hiss filled the air as one of the bullets made contact, I limped back into the freezer as quickly as my legs could carry, waiting for the explosion. The small container exploded a few seconds later and shrapnel flew in all directions, killing most of the horde right then and there. I shot the remainder of infected before stepping back into the aisle, along with the Tank that was now getting back up, and glaring at me.

The Witch suddenly came flying out of the blue and attacked the beast again. Her claws slashed through it's hand as he tried to block her fury and the hand flew up into the air. The Tank roared before raising it's good arm into the air for a good slam, but it recoiled as one of my bullets pierced through the palm.

It was now beginning to realize that death was near, so it went into a fierce attack mode. It pulled up the concrete beneath the Witch, tripping her, and threw the slab at me. It hit dead center and knocked me to the ground once again, thought this time, I was too weak to get up.

I watched as the Witch pick the slab off of my mangled body, and throw the slab back with the same, if not more, force than the Tank himself. It collided with the behemoth and broke into many pieces against his body. The Tank then fell to the ground with a thud and one last glare.

The Witch turned to face me once she was sure the brute was dead, a look of concern on her face. I tried to crawl away, but I was just too weak. Pulling out one pistol, I brought the barrel up to the side of my head.

"Don't shoot!"

I immediately dropped the gun with a clatter as it hit the floor. Did... Did she say that? But... That doesn't make sense!

"I'm not going to hurt you, I swear." She bent down next to me and did something I had only seen in a dream happen. She slapped each against the ground and they broke off of her hands, much to my relief.

"How did, why would, what's going on?!" I stumbled.

She smiled at my slightly insane rambling before standing and extending a hand towards me. I hesitated for a moment, but grabbed it and moved to my feet. Se helped me move back towards the front of the store, only stopping once to grab the sword she removed earlier.

Once back at my truck, she opened the back of the bed and laid me down on it. I lifted my head to follow her movements, she walked over to the cab and opened the door. "Jeez! Do you ever clean this thing?"

I didn't know how to respond... I mean, a Witch is talking like a human! And she's talking to me!

"Here we go!" I heard her exclaim. She moved back around to where I lay, her hands wrapped around a red bag with a medical sign on ... This is weird...

She opened the bag and dumped the contents out next to me. "Remove your shirt and pants." She spoke flatly. "What?" I asked, starting to think this was all a dream.

"Oh come on, it's not like you haven't done this for me before." This has got to be a dream... I carefully stripped down to my simple garb and tossed my tattered clothes onto the ground. She rolled my onto my stomach and began tending to the claw marks on my back.

"Why are you doing this, and is this a dream?" I asked.

"I'm fixing you up, no, this is not a dream."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes..." She growled. Once my back had been tended to, she examined my legs. I felt a needle poke through the edge of a gash and hissed. "Oh shut up, you big baby!"

I chuckled nervously."You say it like you know me."

"That's because I do, dumb ass."

"You do?" I asked, befuddled. She stopped moving the needle and looked at me, a sad expression on her face. "Do you... not remember me, Connor?" She sniffled.

Crap, she knows my name, this isn't going to end well. "I don't recognize you is all. What's your name?"

Tears started falling down her cheeks. I removed the needle from my thigh and tied the stitching off. Carefully, I moved to wrap my arm around her, as not to piss her off, I still didn't know if her claws grew back or not or how fast. "Hey." I cooed. "It's OK, what's your name?"

She sniffled a few times. "Ma – Maria..."

Oh my God... She obviously saw my face change, because she started crying. I pulled her into a tight hug and I too began to loose a sob. "I thought you were dead!

"Why didn't you come back for me?" She asked between sobs.

"I did, I couldn't find you anywhere." She wrapped her arms around me, I then pulled her onto my lap, trying to gain all of those years back in an instant. "Why did you leave me alone?"

"I didn't leave you alone, Thomas was there."

"Thomas bit me!" She exclaimed.

"I'm so sorry, if I had known any of this would have happened, I would have taken you with me." She stayed quiet after that, much to my liking, I didn't like it when she was sad. "I swear, I'll do whatever it takes to get you back to normal, even if I have to sell my soul to the devil himself."

She looked up into my eyes, locking me in place with that stare that could stop hearts. "Thank you, I've been dreaming of the day you would say that, I'm so glad it's finally here." With that said, we sat together for a little while longer before dressing and heading back to the safe zone, and back to rebuild our live.


Her last sentence to me that day helped bring many Witches out of their fitful rage and back to the ones they loved. All it took was for the that originally caused them pain to confess to their wrongs.

I hope that this journal of a sort has helped you understand the infection a bit more. I also hope that it will help you gain that loved Witch back some day... Thank you for reading...

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