An Awakened Destiny

(set after bloodlines in season 1)

"Hello, sister" My brother Darken Rahl called out to me.

"I haven't seen you since the Seeker was found. What do you want this time?"

"When did you become so bitter, Avery?"

"I don't know since I haven't been out of this place since I can remember. And you know I get an agiel thrusted at me every two minutes."

"It's a precaution"

"Just like the experiment with Giller. I really enjoyed having that done" the sarcasm dripped from my words.

"You are a liability"

I got up from the chair I was sitting in and slapped him across the face. I knew I would pay for it later.

"So much for family" I muttered.

He left the room.

My name is Avery Solstice Rahl and I am 22 years old. My father was Panis Rahl. He wanted to make sure the prophecy came true. So he disguised himself and fathered a child with the Mother Confessor of the time. When Darken Rahl found out, he ordered his army to capture me. I've been at the People's Palace since I can remember. I've never been treated like a Rahl. It's always Avery what's going to happen? Or Avery are they lying to me? They call me the thrice blessed Confessor. I can hear people's thoughts, get glimpses of the future and confess people. Confession takes more of a toll on me. Most Confessors's become faint when they confess a person, I actually pass out. I can also take away a confession if necessary. And sometimes I become violently ill for no reason. And for my gift is why he wants me. There's only been one like me before and she lived over 4000 years ago. All I know is her power consumed her and they had to burn her on a stake to keep here from coming back. That's why he keeps me here. He doesn't want to lose the one thing he has that the Seeker doesn't, me.

I got out of the bed in my room and put on a red dress. It had a corset top with long sleeves in stitched over the left breast was the Rahl insignia. I left my bedroom and walked into my brother's.

"Leave us" he said to the general who was in the room when I walked in.

"You wanted to see me"

"Where are the three boxes of Orden?"

"Two are with Jennsen, the pristinely ungifted, but because of her gift I cannot see where she is taking them. It's very blurry and a get little glimpses its hard to tell where she is. The third is with the wizard and he is with the girl, therefore I can't see him clearly either."

"Is anything going to happen"

"Nothing of importance. I heard about what happened with Giller. So, Kahlan went into the Con Dar, blood rage. Good to know I wasn't the only one. You shouldn't have wasted your time on him. I knew he was going to fail."

He pulled out an agiel and thrusted it at my hip. I feel to my knees. I've been getting use to the pain but it still hurts sometimes.

"Since I can trust no one else, my dear sister, you are going to check on some one for me." He said.

"What do you want with me now?"

"You are going to a Fort near the town of Grayson. To check on the captain, there. Some people say he is being too leant. And I want to make sure he uses the Whispers where he is told to. You leave tomorrow morning."

I turned and left the room. I packed a satchel with my white confessor's dress and a plain brown dress. I would travel in the red one I was wearing. I went to bed; the journey in the morning would be a long one about a day's ride.

I walked into the stables, seeing ten Dragon Core D'Haran soldiers waiting to escort me. That's two more than Rahl gets.

"Well, this is going to be fun"

"Bind her hands" The general said.

A soldier came up and wrapped the rope around my hands.

"I thought I could trust you, Nathaniel"

"Precautions from Master Rahl" he shrugged.

We were off.

Later in the day, when we were closer to the Fort I heard the general say" Be ready for anything. The Seeker is in this area."

Richard's POV

Kahlan and I were walking on a path. I heard something in the distance. Horses, maybe?

"Kahlan" I nudged towards the forest.

"What is it?"

"Someone's coming"

Kahlan and I walked into the forest and behind some bushes. Ten Dragon Core Soldiers rode up surrounding a girl with dark curly hair in red. Her hands were bound. I was about to get up. Kahlan stopped me.

"We can't take on ten of the Dragon Core. Richard"

"The girl's hands are bound. She must mean something to Rahl. Why else would he have so many of the Dragon Core protecting her?"

"It's too dangerous, who knows what she can do"

All of a sudden, these men came and started to attack the soldiers.

"Protect the girl" one screamed.

Kahlan and I ran out to help. I watched the girl as I fought. She pulled a knife out of her boot and cut her bindings. A D'Haran soldier ran up to her. She grabbed his neck, and then passed out.

"Kahlan, She's a confessor!" I screamed.

Kahlan ran over and killed the guy about to kill the soldier the girl confessed. She turned around and confessed a soldier from another quad of D'Haran soldiers that came to help. A few minutes later after the fighting ended, I walked over to Kahlan. She was crotched beside the girl.

"Do you really think she's a Confessor?" Kahlan asked.

"I saw her confess a man"

"But they said there were no others"

"Maybe, they didn't know about her"

A D'Haran soldier walked up to us. Kahlan stood up.

"What's your name?" Kahlan asked him.

"Nathaniel Redfern" He replied.

"Who is she?"

"Avery Rahl. She is Master Rahl's younger sister."

"And you've known her for how long?"

"Four years. She fell in love with one of my men when we were stationed at the People's Palace. His name was William Carter. I don't know where he is stationed today."

"What was your purpose?"

"To escort Avery safely to the fort outside of Grayson. Her purpose there, I do not know."

"Very well, you may leave us"

The soldier walked away.

"Do you think he was telling the truth?" I asked Kahlan.

"He was confessed. Why I have I never seen or heard about her?"

"Maybe Giller's experiments worked….. Do you really think she's Rahl's sister."

"That is what I don't understand. The Rahl line has never had a female in it by birth, only by marriage."

"So the real question is who is she really?"