Title- It's in the Blood

Summary- Something was definitely wrong when Sam and Jess found John in their living room and heard the garbled phone message. Now years later, he sees a young man who wears his Dean's face but isn't and is pulled into a world completely different yet strangely familiar.

Fandom-Supernatural/Dark Angel

Pairings- Alec/Max, Dean/Cas, Sam/Jess

Prompt- Freak Nation and Pilot

Rating- R

Author's Notes- Completely AU, a delicious mash up of SPN and DA to create a wonderful new universe where unicorns steal kidney's and ferrets sing musicals! Oh wait...someone already owns that one... Okay official line-All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 1: You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us

It's funny how four small words can completely change his life.

"Your brother is missing."

But then again, he grew up saying other four small words.

"My mom is dead."

He hated saying those words whenever he had to go to a new school, meet new friends, teachers...bullies, it all came together to form a disgruntled young boy who wanted nothing more in the entire world to be normal. A boy who became a rebellious teen who fought tooth and nail against the scruffy well built man who brushed off his worn jacket after taking his youngest son down to the floor.

Never mind that he had come in the dead of night with no warnings, though Sam knew he never would have called, never had in the two years since he stormed out of the house with his Dad's final words "If you leave, never come back." and Dean's angry, sad and completely helpless look on his face weighting heavily on his shoulders as he climbed the bus that would take him to California and out of hunting forever.

Funny how forever just got a hell of a lot shorter.

"Sam?" It took a lot of willpower to not groan out loud when he heard Jess' voice come from the bedroom. His Dad's eyes zeroed in on the young blonde woman, a slight frown on his face that quickly faded away to something akin to recognition that she shared a resemblance to the old pictures of his mom he saw when he was younger. To the only picture he had of her and his Dad sitting on the mantel.

"Dad, this is my girlfriend Jessica." He said in resignation, bringing both his world together for the first time.

"Wait, John your Dad?" Surprise came over Jess' face that quickly bloomed into a smile as she walked into the room and offered her hand. John took a moment before he took the offered hand and gave it a good solid shake, testing her grip and the strength in her shake before nodding in approval. It worried Sam just a bit as he watched them together.

"Nice to meet you." John said before clearing his throat and stepped back towards Sam. "I need to borrow your boyfriend for a bit, so if you excuse us." Sam bristled at his Dad's no nonsense tone as he dismissed Jess, from her own living room and brushed by him to stand besides Jess.

"No." he said, putting his arm around his girlfriend's waist. "No, if you have anything to say, you can say it in front of Jess." He held her tight against him, a united front against whatever his Dad was going to throw against him. John threw him an annoyed look before he sighed, "Your brother hasn't been home in a few days."

Sam, annoyed at his Dad for his attempt to dismiss Jess in their home, shot back. "So he's chasing some Miller time or tail, he'll stumble back sooner or later."

John's back stiffened and even Jess squeezed Sam around to waist in disapproval before he spoke, his voice colder, sterner. "Dean went on a hunting trip and he hasn't been home in a while."

Sam felt his stomach drop and Jess looked up at him, worriedly as she felt him tense up. She spoke first, "What was he hunting?"

When Sam first met Jess, he kept his family life and what he did growing up to himself. He gave her the bare essentials, his mother died when he was a baby; he had a father who he was estranged from and an older brother who was, when he was growing up, his whole world.

She accepted this because pushing for answers only made him quieter and sort of haunted. She hated seeing him like that so she dropped it...for a while.

Over time as they became more serious, he opened up and revealed to her the other life he had hoped to leave behind. The one filled with motels and fast food, five schools within twelve weeks, of being left alone for days, weeks at a time with only Dean keeping him company, sometimes not even that. Of the weapon training, the survivalist skills, stealing, lying and killing the demons-ghosts and every other creepy crawly that they had come across.

Of his Dad's obsession to find the thing that killed their mom and of Dean running himself ragged to gain their Dad's approval but never getting it just right. Of his place in the family business and seeing nothing but a bleak and dark future. He told her all of this in a rush, like a dam exploded and released all the water it held back. He expected for the truth to destroy the life he created and lose the girl he was in love with but to his surprise, it only made them stronger.

He watched Jess ask John the important questions.

"How long ago did he leave?"

"Three weeks ago. He was investigating a series of missing, presumed dead me in Jericho California on a two lane blacktop."

"You let Dean hunt by himself?"

"He's an adult now Sammy. He does his thing and I do mine."

"Well now this, you-do-your-thing-and-I-do-mine could have gotten him in trouble or worst."

"Be nice." Jess nudged him with her elbow. "Did anything else come up?"

"Only a phone call but the message was garbled. I ran it through the Goldwave and got-something I didn't like."

"There was static wasn't there." John nodded. "What did it say?"

"Never go home." John turned around, his hand at the back of his neck, rubbing the base before he turned around, his mouth open.

"I'll pack a bag. For the both of us." Jess said before he could speak the unsaid plead for help. Sam looked down at her, his own mouth open in protest but she shot him this look and he promptly shut it with an audible snap as she pulled away from him and headed for their bedroom.

He heard a chuckle come from his Dad and shot him his own glare which quickly faded away to a smile as warmth filled his chest. Yeah, he was proud of his girl, just like his Dad approved of her. Over the years, as they go through the pain, guilt and constant searching, he would come to realize that without her, the whole world would have gone to hell and he would have been lost.


A young man was strapped to a metal table, completely naked and heavily drugged as a team of doctors milled around him with instruments designed to probe, extract and inject while above them, a group of men decorated with military honors and titles would watch as the long sought project for perfect soldiers finally got the green light.

He would be one of many, as in other rooms on other tables; men and women just like him were being subjected to the same procedures that many would consider inhumane and monstrous as science took a huge leap forward in evolution. Many would die but a few would live to be used again and again and again...

And again...