Chapter 5: Hell's Bells

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It's raining outside. That's not unusual in Seattle. It rains for days, sometimes weeks at a time with brief minute breaks between one cycle to another.

What is unusual is the oddities of storms coming into the Seattle metropolitan over the next few hours. Two different storm systems are headed their way to join with the one already in the city. One is filled with violent lighting and winds coming from the southeast, another with a freezing temperature and fog coming from the northern coast. Within two day's time, the city will be the epicenter of a major storm system the likes this city has never seen before.

This is a omen of sorts and those in the know can't figure out what it means. Several hunters are already packing to make a move on the city, among those the Fitzgerald's from Missouri and the Harvelle's from Nebraska. Both families have been in contact with Bobby Singer who has been in recent contact with Jessica Winchester.

Everyone is hoping for the best but with signs like these, there's no question that something big is about to happen. This is a clash which the world hasn't seen in over two thousand years.

Elsewhere, another type of clash of sorts is happening. Two worlds that are so far apart that it should be inconceivable that they should meet and yet they are intimately intertwined through the existence of a man born from military science.

This one promises to change the lives of everyone and not just the ones directly involved.

"This can't be right," Alec said it again. For the sixtieth time or so, he'd lost count after the first half a dozen times since Max had taken control of the situation. She had Dalton take the Winchesters to rest since it looked like the old man was about to kneel over. Not to mention, he was making Alec uncomfortable with all the staring and whatnot.

"The files appear to be genuine," Joshua brushed his hair back from his face, glancing up at Max who was hovering over his shoulder staring down at the same files that Joshua had been perusing. He sat in a chair at the table where the files the Winchesters had brought laid spread out.

"Well still," he grumbled.

"Dean Winchester wasn't the only human to be taken, there were six other humans that were taken as well." Joshua flipped through the rest of the folder. A series of photos were taped to the last page and he flipped through them. Four of them were of people that he didn't recognize in the slightest, possibly their clones had never made it to maturity? But the final three. Dean and-

"Fuck," Zack closed his eyes and oh yeah, Alec could commiserate.

"William Anderson," Max read the tag under the picture and then looked back at Zack.

"Any information in there about him?" Zack asked quietly. Max shook her head.

"The file appears to be information gathered on Dean Winchester, probably for his family. It looks like the pictures were just added as a side bar, maybe leads to investigate?"

Alec reached forward and snagged the picture of Biggs, no, Kyle Hanson, from Josh's file to get a better look at it. The man was much older with a three-day beard growth and a permanent scowl on his face, not like the always cheerful cocky soldier he knew in Manticore or the friend he knew outside. He let out a frustrated growl and dropped the photo on the table.

Joshua left the folder open to that page and pushed away from the table, prowling the room restlessly. Alec wondered why he was the one filled with restless energy when Alec (and Zack) had been the ones told they'd been cloned from real live people instead of just matter.

"Do you think they're still alive?" Mole asked around his cigar. Chewing on the end, shotgun resting against his shoulder.

"The folder seems to indicate that they are," Max waved at the table and then perched on it. Feet dangling as she leaned back.

"Father would not have agreed to this," Joshua said emphatically, hand gestures punctuating the words. And Alec realized why Joshua was so restless, agitated.

"He might not have had any choice," Zack leaned against the table beside Max. Glancing back at the picture that was not of him again.

"Taking people from their families, Father would not be part of this."

"And Zack's right, he might not have had any choice," Max stared at Alec. He squirmed and wondered if she was trying to see that other guy, Dean, in him.

"And he might have been long gone by the time they made the decision to start snatching people off the street, we know he left the Breeding cult, we know he left Manticore. What's to say that after he left whoever Lydecker took his orders from didn't decide to stop using dead people and start looking for people that were already soldiers. Warriors," Alec said softly.

Max stared at him, their eyes locked together until Mole cleared his throat. "What are we gonna do with the normals?"

"Leave them for now; we'll want to talk to them again." Alec said to Mole. He really didn't want to deal with them right now, didn't want to them to see him as this Dean guy. He had finally broken it through to Zack that he wasn't Ben, he didn't need someone(s) seeing him as someone else.

"They're gonna want to try and rescue their boy." Max smiled grimly. "And if we can help them without getting ourselves killed, we'll probably end up helping them."

Jessica never got used to the sight of blood. For a while, at the beginning, she'd tried to clean the t-shirts and jeans that had gotten blood on them. Sam had told her not to a few times before he'd stopped. Maybe he knew that the fact that blood didn't come out was something that she needed to learn for herself. And it didn't, she could scrub and scrub until her fingers bled themselves but the stains remained resiliently locked into the material.

Finally she'd given up and did what Sam and John have always done. She tossed her bloody t-shirts into the fires, the jeans too if they needed to be destroyed. She would buy the cheap fifteen dollar jeans four at a time and the t-shirts in packs of four whenever they passed a Wal-Mart or a K-Mart or a Target. She packed her surviving fifty dollars jeans into a duffel bag and forgot about them.

She found them again in the bottom of her bag when she was dumping it out on the bed. The little room they'd been shown to had a dresser and even if they were only allowed to stay a few days before they got kicked out, she liked the thought of having to take clothes from drawers instead of digging through her bag for them.

She held the jeans in her hands, turning them over before she allowed them to uncurl in front of her. The legs were stiff, the creases were dark and Sam laughed from the doorway drawing her attention.

"I used to love seeing you in those jeans," he smiled softly, leaning against the doorway.

"I probably couldn't even get them over my hips," she said morosely. She'd loved them too, she felt sexy and confident in them. And she liked the way Sam looked at her when she wore them. Like she was his universe. She stared down at them and felt tears pricking her eyes, for no reason that she could discern other than they were so close to Dean and suddenly the years that they'd spent searching for him were weighing on her.

"You are still beautiful to me," he touched her face softly and she looked up in surprise, dropping her arms. She hadn't even heard him move from the doorway. "You will always be."

She smiled at him, let him cup her cheek and kiss her softly on the lips. Let him lie to her because she certainly wasn't the eighteen year old girl that she'd been when they'd met and she hadn't fit into those jeans in years. It's a wonder she still had them at all but then she remembered the urgent packing and grabbing the first duffel bag she saw in their closet at home after John's call.

"How's Dad?"

"He's resting, this has all been…" Sam shook his head. Turned away with his hands resting on his hips.

"Sam?" She bit her lip, tossed the jeans on the bed and walked over to him. Wrapping her arms around his waist and resting her cheek against his back. Smiling when Sam raised his hands to intertwine their fingers together.

"He just looks so much like Dean, and the attitude…" Sam laughed harshly. "That's all Dean. All cocky confidence and self-assurance. I don't think that I ever saw Dean face a situation that he couldn't charm the hell out of."

"We'll find him," Jess promised. Sam bowed his head, looking out the dingy streaked window of their room, lost in thought. "Dad is already thinking of this kid like he's a grandson or something, because he's made from Dean's DNA."

"You have a problem with that?"

"No," Sam shook his head. "I just think that Dean might have a problem with it, with Dad just accepting this kid like he's one of us. And-I don't think the kid will appreciate being compared to Dean, being compared to anyone much less being told what to do. He's a transgentic. His life is hard enough as it is being labeled as a freak, some monster created by the government and being hunted and persecuted by everyone."

"That's so unlike you Sam." Jess commented. "Labeling people like that."

"I'm not, really I'm not." Sam replied, looking over his shoulder at Jess, catching her eyes. "I don't see anything wrong with them. I can't say anything against them, not with what I know I carry inside me. Not with what I can do if I-"Jess tightened her arms around him. "Jess, I've done things. You've seen me-"

"And I brought you back. Every time, I brought you back" Jess didn't like where this conversation is taking them. "And we'll find Dean and bring him home too."

"And what about the kid below?" Sam asked. "He won't leave his friends. Dad won't leave him behind. He's someone important here. We can't drag him into our lives, into the danger and mess that is what we do. He's not a hunter."

"But he is a Winchester. Maybe not through name but blood." Jess stood on her tip toes and pressed a kiss to Sam's cheek. "We owe him an explanation at the very least."

"He'll think we're crazy." Sam pointed out. "Demons and ghosts? Monsters from fairytales and trickers of legend? That will end well."

"Like secret government experiments to create super soldiers from animal DNA is any less likely?"

"You got me there."

Jess laughed and let go of Sam. "You worry too much ."

"And you don't worry enough ." Sam shot back with a smile, watching as she walked to the dresser to put their clothes away.

"Then it's a good thing we even each other out."

She wasn't sure what drew her to Alec's room after the meeting. She could hear the buzz making its ways around the city even though it was supposed to be on the down low. She wanted to go and nip it in the bud but after thinking it over, decided it wasn't really worth it. It was going to come out sooner or later that one of their own had found its point zero.

Alec wasn't just cooked up in some petridish and pushed out of a surrogate.

He had actual blood ties to someone out there.

A family.

Max swallowed the bitterness at the back of her throat.

Ben had a family.

In Manticore, he used to talk about having a family that he was a part of. That he had dreams where they fought against 'nomlies and that if they knew about him, that they would come for him. And he would take all of them with him. They would be heroes out in the world and not just soldiers.

Zack had to put his foot down, rather harshly she thought at the time, but realized now that he was only trying to keep Ben safe from Lydecker. If Lydecker ever found out that one of his soldiers was talking about having a family outside of Manticore, then he would have made an example out of that soldier. He would have done it in front of the whole unit too, to keep them in line.

After the reprimand from Zack, Ben never talked about it again. He distanced himself from the unit in a way that though he still remained a vital part of the unit, he didn't share himself as much. Something had changed. It was never the same between them.

She wondered if Ben ever tried to look for his so-called family after he escaped but quickly moved on. She had too many other things to think about right now. Like how did the Winchesters fit into this whole Manticore scheme.

She had stayed behind and talked with Joshua for a while. Trying to assure him that she didn't believe that 'Father' would have anything to do with kidnapping people even while she thought it quite possible that he had been involved.

At least on some level he had to have been involved. The technology and the idea had to have come from somewhere after all and most of the military that she'd been exposed to wouldn't have had the brains to come up with it by themselves. They merely had the guns, muscles and funding to push pass the lines that hindered them and their plans of military superiority.

She walked though the open door of Alec's apartment and headed towards the back of the apartment where his bedroom is. It was one of the nicer ones, not quite like the one he had outside in Seattle but close enough. At least his had all its windows intact and running water though they were still working on the heater. It was close to HQ and had four possible escape routes in case of an attack.

"Josh okay?" Alec was sitting on his bed, flipping through the file again and it was telling that she'd been so distracted by Joshua that she hadn't even noticed that he'd walked off with it.

"He's fine." Max stood there, arms crossed over her chest and waited for Alec to look up at her. To acknowledge her presence in some way.

She'd just started tapping her foot and her lips were turning down into a scowl when he finally looked up at her.

"You need an invite or something Maxie?" he smirked at her and she rolled her eyes at him, walking over to the bed. She sat on the edge and snatched the folder from his hands.

"Hey, I was looking at that." he scowled at her, rammed an elbow into her side and that was a clear indication that he was raring for a fight. Which she didn't give him because she'd just noticed that the folder had been opened to the pictures of Dean Winchester and she looked over at him in confusion.

He shrugged, looked slightly embarrassed then grabbed the folder back.

"He's like my father or something right? I thought maybe we could use the 'family resemblance' to see if the local cops would give us something to work with."

Max gave him her best 'you are the dumbest idiot that I have ever come in contact with and I hope that you're not contagious because that doesn't bode well for the rest of us' and snorted. "Alec you're a known X5, you walk outside the gate and you'll have the military gunning for your ass before you draw a breath. Not to mention what White and his pals would do if they got their hands on you."

"Well White would probably just kill me, but Max, the military? I could so take them and I'm wounded that you doubt my abilities to do so."

She rolled her eyes at the pout and the wounded expression. 99.9% of the time they were just Alec's way of attempting to coax her to let him do something that was totally dangerous and would most likely endanger him, her and the welfare of their people.

"Just don't get caught."

She could understand what he was getting to. After all, she had spent years looking for her family. Might as well give him a chance to look for his.

Atop of the Space Needle, two men stand side by side, watching the storm approach from the southwest as the current storm unleashed its torrent on them already, it didn't bother them.

After all, what was a little rain after what they've been through.

"He doesn't seem very pleased." the dark-haired man with blue eyes reported matter-of-factly.

"Of course not. I've sent his big brother packing." the other man with light brown hair and green eyes looked over at his companion. "You don't care."

"I share a more profound bond with you than my older brother." There was a pause as a series of lighting strikes lit up the clouds in the distance. "Still, I am rather confused on what you plan on doing now that you're free Dean."

"What I've always done Cas." Dean said with a smile. "I have work to do and you're helping."

There was a flutter of wings and both men are gone.

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