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Justin called upstairs, "Kaylin! Trevore! Finish up getting ready…we're leaving soon!"

"I'm coming, daddy! Let me put my dress on!"

"Me come too!" An echo of voices came from above.

Justin suddenly felt someone next to him and turned to face Alex. "Hey…"

Alex smiled, "Are you ready, Mr. Russo?"

"Of course…I'm always ready." Justin smiled as he leaned down to give Alex a quick peck on the lips.


That was the one word that Justin and Alex could use to describe their life, especially their relationship. It had been three years since they switched realities and they were more than content. Although they had been through a lot together, Justin and Alex felt they were stronger. They both couldn't imagine what would've happened if they never fell in love….but a lot of it had to do with magic. They had to thank magic for bringing them together. In a way, magic could work either way- it was both good and bad. But whenever it was involved, there was always a reason behind it.

A loud set of footsteps increased as Kaylin and Trevore came rushing towards Justin. Kaylin reached first and asked, "Daddy, do you like my dress?"

"You look beautiful, sweetie." Justin smiled at his daughter.

Kaylin was now five years old and was maturing each day. As she grew up, her physical features were a perfect balance between Justin and Alex. Although she had Alex's face shape and mouth, she had Justin's nose and eyes. Her eyes glowed a soft green with a sparkle of grey. Although her features were equally shared among her parents, her personality was greatly influenced by Alex. Anyone who knew her would say she was a "Mini-Alex." But it was true. She was extremely mischievous and stubborn, but Kaylin was friendly and could make anyone fall in love with her. And just like Alex, she was a huge daddy's girl. She had gotten closer to Alex over the past three years, but sometimes she was still uneasy around her.

Justin looked down at his son and asked, "How you doing, buddy?"

"Me play cars with Gampa today?" Trevore asked excitedly.

"Of course! We're spending all day with Grandpa and Grandma."

"Okay! Where momma?"

"She's in the kitchen, getting things together." Justin said as Trevore dashed off to see Alex.

As the opposite of Kaylin, Trevore was a momma's boy. When he was younger, he would just cry and cry if Alex wasn't in his sight. It was quite hard on everyone since Alex never got a break and no one could calm him down. However, he was better now- but still loved Alex more than anyone. Although he was close to Alex, he looked like Justin. His facial features were the same, including his eyes. His personality hadn't developed much since he was only three years old, but he probably took after Justin more. He was very caring and definitely not stubborn, but he was mischievous at times. He also was a big follower- he would practically do anything Kaylin told him to do, which was sometimes troublesome for everyone. But overall, he was a darling boy- and quite handsome.

Kaylin yelled to Alex, "Mommy, I think the baby's awake. I heard crying."

Alex replied, "I know, she is definitely awake. I can hear her through the monitor. Justin, can you get her- I'm a little busy right now."

Justin replied, "Sure." He walked upstairs and headed for the nursery. He looked down in the first crib to see a tear stained face looking right back at him. "Aww…baby, don't cry. I'm here now." Justin picked up his little girl.

Emma Hailee Russo- the newest addition to the Russo family. She was only two months old and meant a lot to Justin and Alex. When she was born, Justin realized that she looked exactly like Hailee- Trevore's twin sister who died years ago. In honor of her, Justin and Alex made Emma's middle name Hailee. She, like Trevore, was premature- but only by one month. However, she was still small for her age and they had to be very careful with her. She was very good baby and didn't cause Alex or Justin any trouble. She slept well during the nights and was hardly ever cranky. Emma was actually looking more and more like Alex each day…what a surprise. But this time, you could hardly find Justin's features in her. Unlike Kaylin, Emma was an exact copy of Alex- even their eyes were a match. Emma had the same deep chocolate brown eyes that Alex had. Although she was extremely similar to Alex, both Justin and Alex assumed that her personality would match Justin's. She was already such an obedient baby- a lot like Justin. But who knows? Things change.

As Justin gently cradle her in his arms, he headed back downstairs and called out to everyone, "Let's get in the car, guys!"

A sudden shout came from Kaylin and Trevore, "Coming!"

Justin gently strapped Emma into her baby car-seat and made sure both Kaylin and Trevore were buckled into their own car seats as well. Then he went back inside to help Alex load all the food and baby bags into the car. No more than twenty minutes later, they arrived at their parent's house. Kaylin and Trevore jumped out of the car and raced towards the front door where Jerry and Teresa were waiting for them.

"Hi grandpa! Hi grandma!" Kaylin giggled.

"Why, hello there, sweetie." Teresa replied as she gave both her grandchildren hugs.

Trevore exclaimed, "Gampa- we play cars?"

"Of course, buddy- let me go help your dad bring in some things. But go right on in." Jerry replied.

They all greeted each other and went inside to see Harper, Zeke, and Max socializing in the living room. Max caught sight of them and exclaimed, "Hey! The Russo clan is here!"

Kaylin made a beeline to Max, whom she loved greatly, "Uncle Max!"

Max swooped down to pick her up and joked, "Are you getting bigger? Cuz each time I see you, you look like you've grown. How old are you know? Are you nine years old?"

"No, silly! I'm only five!" Kaylin giggled.

"Oh, phew…you scared me for a bit!" Max laughed.

Below him, Trevore was jumping up and down. Not wanting to be left out he asked, "What about me? What about me? How old am…me?!"

Max thought hard, "Hmm…..are you five?"

"No! Me three!" Trevore did his best to hold up three little fingers.

"Oh! Silly me! So are you ready to have fun today, Trevore?"


"Alright because we're going to the park later on and I have a surprise for you."

"Really, what is it?" Trevore asked with anticipation.

"Well you'll have to wait until after dinner."

Trevore sighed in defeat, "Fine…" He was soon distracted by Harper.

"Hi Trevore, how're you doing?" Harper asked kindly.

"Me good."

"Have you started pre-school yet?"

Trevore shook his head, "No…me go in Sember!"

"Oh I see…" Harper smiled at his cuteness.

The adults talked for a while and had dinner together. After dinner, Justin, Max, Zeke, and Jerry took Kaylin and Trevore to the park.

At the park, Trevore yelled excitedly, "Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!"

Max smiled, "Alright, alright…I got us marshmallow guns!"

"Really?" Trevore's eyes shined with wonder.

"Yeah! This is going to be totally awesome!" Max said as he quickly loaded a gun with marshmallows and handed one to Trevore and the other to Kaylin.

As Kaylin and Trevore ran off, Max offered everyone else, "You guys want a gun?"

Jerry replied, "Uhh…no, thanks though, Max."

As Max ran off, Justin asked, "Where does he find these things?"

Zeke chuckled, "I have no idea...but remember, it's Max."

"It sure is." Justin and Jerry replied in unison.

After playing at the playground for an hour, they all headed home. When they came in view of the house, Kaylin asked, "Trevore?"


"I bet I can beat you to Grandpa and Grandma's house!" Kaylin said eagerly.

"No! Me can!" Trevore took off, giving him a head start.

Kaylin exclaimed, "No fair! You went first!"

Everything from there on happened so quickly. Justin saw a flash of light and the next minute- Trevore was on the sidewalk sobbing. Everyone rushed over and Justin asked, "Buddy, what happened?"

Trevore managed to say in between tears, "Me…fall…me hurt!"

Justin took a look at Trevore- who's knee was bleeding quite badly and he was clutching his arm. He asked, "Dad and Zeke- can you get the first aid kit and some ice?"

They nodded and headed back inside, Max wondered, "How did this happen?"

Justin looked at Trevore's shoes- which laces were tied into this huge knot. Justin looked behind him and watching from the distance was Kaylin, who looked extremely guilty.

Jerry dashed through the front door and Zeke headed straight for the kitchen. Jerry caught his breath, "T..Teresa…where's the first aid kit?"

"Why? What did you do?" Teresa stood up immediately.

Jerry replied, "Trevore's hurt."

Now it was Alex's turn to stand up, "What? Where is he? What happened?"

Zeke replied as he headed back outside with some ice, "They're just right outside the house."

Alex rushed outside and found Max comforting Trevore who was sobbing. She knelt down next to her baby boy and asked, "Hey- what's going?"

Trevore screamed in pain, "Mommy! It hurts!"

Alex winced, "I'm sorry, sweetie." She held Trevore close as she asked "Max, what happened?"

"Kaylin and him were racing back to the hose and all of sudden he tripped- his laces are tied together." Max answered.

Before replying, Alex caught bits of Justin yelling at Kaylin.

Justin confronted Kaylin, "Why are your brother's shoes laces tied together, huh?"

"I don't know."

Justin remained stern, "I think you know what I'm talking about, Kaylin."

"Uhh…magic…." Kaylin looked extremely frightened and her voice was soft and inferior.

"Exactly. And what did I say about magic?"

"Not to use it…unless you told me to and if I did it properly." Kaylin whimpered.

"And you disobeyed me didn't you?"

"I'm sorry…." Kaylin looked at Justin with tears in her deep green eyes.

"I don't know if you're sorry, Kaylin- your brother is extremely hurt just because you didn't listen to me. You…" Justin was about yelling now.

Alex interrupted, "Justin, I think something's wrong…"

Justin turned his head straight towards Trevore and rushed to his side, "What?"

"His wrist…." Alex sounded scared.

Justin took a look at it and said, "I think we should get him to the hospital. He might've sprained it."

About half an hour later, they were all at the hospital and the doctors confirmed that Trevore had a broken wrist with a couple stitches here and there.

The doctor asked, "He's ready, if you'd like to see him."

"Yeah…" Before Justin went to go visit Trevore, he talked to Alex. "Alex?"


"Can you talk to Kaylin? I scolded her and I think she hates me now." Justin looked over to Kaylin who was sitting quietly on a chair.


"I can't do anything right."

"Justin! She doesn't hate you- she's just scared. You got to kick it down a notch on your yelling though. She's beyond sorry." Alex comforted him.

"I know, I know. I just don't want her to get hurt…or hut anyone because of magic." Justin sighed.

"It'll be alright, don't worry. Just head on in and see Trevore; I'll talk to Kaylin." Alex suggested.

A couple minutes later, Alex walked over to where Kaylin was and knelt down to her level. "Hi sweetie."

"I'm sorry, mommy. Really, I didn't mean it."

"I know you didn't, honey. But you got to be real careful with magic." Alex reasoned. "You know, when I was little, I was just like you. I loved fooling around with magic too. You can still have fun playing with magic, but still be careful."

"But Daddy…."

"Daddy loves you, Kaylin. He's just disappointed that you used magic that way. I know magic is still new to you, but Daddy is very sensitive about it. Just promise me you'll try not to do it again?"

"No…." Kaylin said, but continued, "Please don't leave me, Mommy."

Alex felt confused, "What are you talking about, Kaylin?"

"Please, don't leave me! I promise to be good."

Alex tried touching her arm, but Kaylin winced again, "I'm not going to leave you, sweetheart."

Kaylin just looked at her and jumped off from the chair and headed towards Max. Alex still felt worthless- Kaylin had some serious acceptance issues. Now days, she still had a hard time with what happened years ago. Whenever she does something wrong, she always thinks someone is going to leave her. She had been better, especially with Alex, but she still felt uncomfortable around her. Since she was closest to Justin, Alex knew that this whole "magic business" was hard on her. She just wished she could be her mother and be able to comfort her instead of her running away all the time.

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