I stand in the hallway before her room with my suitcase, trying to hold back the tears that start to run down my face, and think back ... everything here reminds me of her. I can't stand to live in this house any longer.

After that one night - the prom night - everything changed...

Life just seemed so easy and everything was perfect.

Except the one thing that now I can never make up in this life.

All I can do now is wondering... why...

... why did we fight about something so stupid even we knew that we both didn't care about him?
... why did we even have to be outside?
... why did no one knew about her condition and stoped her from getting in the car?
... why did I just stand there and was unable to move?
... why did you have the stupid idea that it would be better if you give you're life for mine? ... why did so many people stand there but yet nobody was able to help us?
... And why did I never had the strength to tell you that i loved... - no... - ... that I LOVE YOU!