Bleached Vampire

Chapter 2: The Decision

Ichigo stared out the window as he watched the town go by. It had been five days since Ichigo and the others had met with Ruby, they had a long talk with her that day and it left Ichigo in a tough spot. On the one hand he had a duty to protect his home town. Although Soul Society said that they would allow him to add to his duties to include Yokai Academy if he accepted. And the town was in good hands with the Vizards. So for the next few days he thought about everything. It wasn't an easy decision to come to. But seeing Ruby hurt and seeing her determination to fight for her school, struck a chord with him.

So after a few days he gathered with the others to talk about it. There were some arguments for both sides but they all felt for Ruby's trouble. She wasn't a friend but she was a good person in trouble and any of them couldn't say no to it. Ichigo had reluctantly agreed to help out; Chad went with him for no other reason than that where Ichigo went he would go too to fight at his back. Orihime had liked Ruby and the thought of a school of monsters got her excited at all the new and strange things they would see. Plus she wanted to help Ichigo and make sure he was okay, he had gone through a lot to rescue her and she felt she needed to repay him.

Plus Orihime's feeling for Ichigo had not changed, he was still the man that held her heart and she didn't like to think of him in danger and not knowing what was going to happen to him.

Uryu had made an excuse that he was going because Yokai Academy had asked and not Soul Society, so he was working for the school. Thereby not involved in Shinigami business, that was his reasoning and Ichigo of course called him on the logic of that was no better than when he joined up to fight in Hueco Mundo. He just said that just because they were going to the same place didn't mean they were working together. This of course caused a fight to break out between them as usual.

So they told Urahara about their decision, he seemed pleased and he already had the paperwork and the new school uniforms already waiting for them. Ichigo had a feeling that the man had planned all this out in advance. He had no proof but Ichigo knew the man to know that he loved to play his games like this. Honestly, the man needed a new hobby.

So Ichigo and company told their families what was going to happen. Thankfully Orihime's agreed to let her keep her apartment since she would be coming back on holidays. Chad's family were glad that he was being accepted into some private school. Uryu's father, well the man knew something was up but given the choice of letting his son go off to some school or staying here and resenting him even more, he would let his son go. Ichigo's family was all over the place, Yuzu didn't want him to leave, Karin just shrugged it off and his father was proud that his 'punk son' was finally going to get a good education.

So with packing up what they would need they were all currently on a bus with the creepiest bus driver any of them had ever met going to Yokai Academy.

Ichigo was hoping he made a good choice well he could always be transferred back at least. It was then one of his bags started to jump around. He sighed in annoyance as he unzipped it and Kon jumped out.

"Damn you Ichigo!" Kon, the mod soul in his stuffed lion body yelled, while pointing a paw at him. "I could have suffocated in there!"

"You don't have lungs Kon," Ichigo told him. How in the world could a stuff animal suffocate anyway?

"That's not the point! You put me in your damn gym bag, when was the last time you washed that thing anyway!" Kon yelled at him getting Ichigo more annoyed.

"Why in the world did you take that thing with you?" Uryu asked.

"Because Rukia told me to," Ichigo looked behind him at the short Shinigami.

"You might need Kon," Rukia defended herself as she was looking through a magazine. "What if you needed to leave your body behind? I'm sick and tired of picking it up after you leave it behind all the time. You're supposed to use your soul badge when your body is in your room, somewhere safe or when Kon isn't around. Or do you want people to panic when they see two versions of you? Remember that all yokai can see us in spirit form."

Rukia showed him a pez dispenser with a rabbit head on it. "I brought my soul candy with me so I can ditch my gigai if I have to but do you really want to leave your body just lying around somewhere?"

"It's going to be a bit hard for us to slip away," Chad said as he thought on the manner. "You two can have your bodies walking around while you're somewhere else, but for the rest of us it won't be so easy. Plus if they can see hollows it makes it more difficult."

"Yes," Uryu stated pushing up his glasses and holding them there. "Situations will happen when we can't all be there to fight the hollows. Not only that but some of us might have to face them either alone or without everyone. We'll need a way to keep in contact too."

"Ah, that's where I got these from," Rukia smiled as she looked into one of her bags. She pulled out several cell phones. "These are modified phones, the same kind that are used when agents are sent into the human world. They've been slightly modified to work in the yokai world as well." She started to hand one out to everyone. "This way we can talk to each other and they come with the standard scanner. We can also pick up each other's phone signal if its turn on. So don't lose them and don't forget to keep them charged. We don't have any spares."

"Don't lose them and keep them powered, got it," Ichigo said looking his over.

"Oh can we personalize them?" Orihime asked looking for the ringtone option. "And can we use these to call home? I promised Tatsuki-chan that I'd keep her up to date."

"Sure I don't see why not," Rukia told her.

"Well this will help with my own family," Ichigo muttered putting the phone away and looked down at the uniform. He sighed, the green jacket really was tough getting used to. They didn't have these in their own school and he swore, the skirts that Rukia and Orihime were wearing looked shorter too. Not that he looked, well he noticed but it wasn't anything perverted at least. Although when Kon first saw them, he said something about 'Skirts of Hidden Delights', whatever that meant. He was tempted to leave the guy alone with Yuzu the entire time.

"I'm just glad that there are dorms there," Ichigo sighed. "I won't have anyone living in my closet this time around."

"There are dorms?" Kon asked Ichigo, this being the first he heard of it.

Ichigo nodded, "Apparently male and female dorms."

Kon suddenly was filled with images of Rukia and Orihime in skimpy sleepwear with many faceless but beautiful women. It turned with them in pillow fights and even more and more perverted imagery. If he could gain access to that area he could be able to see all kinds of forbidden goodies. He quickly jumped up and latched himself to Rukia's chest.

"Nee-san! Let me stay with you, that Ichigo would never take good care of me."

Rukia's eye twitched as the plucked the stuffed animal off her chest and threw him violently to the ground. Honestly, did he never learn as Rukia proceeded to grind her foot into him for touching her chest like that. It was one thing she was happy for the dorms, it would mean she wouldn't have to be watchful of the small perverted mod soul. Plus it wouldn't be all bad, it would be kind like her academy days back when she was learning to be a shinigami.

-Yokai Academy-

It was another average day for Tsukune Aono, at least normal ever since he came to this school last year. Looking at him, you would think that there was nothing special about him. He was average in looks and height with brown hair and eyes. And it was true in a way, he was the only human in a school of monsters where being human was a crime. Of course now he wasn't entirely 'human' anymore. With taking in so much of vampire blood from Moka he nearly turned into a ghoul. A feral being that is as powerful as a vampire, thankfully his friends had managed to help him come to his senses when that happened.

He looked at the golden chain locked onto his wrist. The seal was placed on him to keep all the yokai power he had trapped within him under control. Although he still considered himself human, he had to be careful or if the seal broke, he might lose his humanity for good. A ghoul was totally uncontrollable and was to be killed on sight because of this reason. But with his friends then he knew he wouldn't have to worry. Well not have to worry about that at least, there was one problem though. He was friends with at least five girls and they all wanted to date him. Honestly, all his life he couldn't get one girl to notice him and now five.

First was Moka Akashiya, the beautiful and extremely cute vampire. It was kind of comical how they met, with her running him down with her bike, but it was like love at first sight for him. Her long pink hair and green emerald eyes, her great figure too. Everything was perfect with her, and then he met Inner Moka, the silver haired version that where Moka was cut, Inner Moka was sexy. Although she was also scary as hell when he first met that Moka, but she had become better as they got to know each other. Of course he really liked both of them and he knew that Outer Moka liked him, the other Moka...he wasn't sure about but he felt something for the silver haired vampire.

Then there was Kurumu Kurono, the blue haired and very well endowed succubus. She kept saying that he was her 'destined one' and although he did really like her. He wasn't sure if he was to be honest, he didn't want to hurt her or any of their feelings. Although it was a bit much how she kept pressing his face into her breasts, although they sure felt nice, he quickly tried to avoid going there mentally. He could already feel the blood starting to form in his nose at the memories.

Then there was the young witch Yukari Sendo, it was funny how at first they didn't get along. In fact she was more into Moka, but things had happened and somehow he had her after both of them. Which was kind of creepy for Tsukune, as she was only twelve, the reason she was in the same grade was because she was a genius and had skipped ahead. He did like her but not in the way she was hoping for.

He started to think of the Mizore Shirayuki the yuki-onna; she had been so very lonely when he first met her. No friends and she was always by herself. She had certainly come a long way she was more outgoing now, even if she and Kurumu got into the most fights among each other on who spent time with him.

Finally his thoughts turned to Ruby, he hadn't seen the older witch in awhile. Usually she showed up now and then but none of them had seen much of her. Maybe she was working but he couldn't help but feel that maybe something was going on. There had been those rumors of ghosts or monsters on the edge of the school. As part of the Newspaper Club, he and the others were starting to investigate the rumors, but so far nothing really had turned up. Some students claimed that some strange creatures attacked them once, wearing bizarre masks but the reports varied so much it was hard to tell what was true and what wasn't.

He was thinking so deeply that he wasn't watching where he was going and bumped into someone. He gave a small cry as he fell back onto his butt.

"Ouch," Tsukune said as he rubbed the sore spot.

"Oh sorry about that I didn't see you," said an unfamiliar voice to him.

Tsukune looked up to see a very unfamiliar and scowling face looking at him, he took a hop back on the ground in surprise. Normally when people looked at him like that here, he was about to get attacked by some yokai or something. He noticed the outstretched hand and saw the student was actually trying to help him up. Feeling a little foolish he took the hand at the boy helped him up. Now that he was on his feet, Tsukune couldn't help but notice the boy was a full foot taller than him.

"Oh thanks," Tsukune said and noticing a few others with the boy. A tall boy with glasses and a girl that looked like she could give Kurumu a run for her money with the girl's figure, "Oh are you three new? I haven't seen you three before."

"Yeah we just showed up today, name's Ichigo by the way." Ichigo told the boy. "We just dropped our stuff at the dorms and now we're trying to find our homeroom." Ichigo pulled out a piece of paper looking at the name. "A Shizuka Nekonome-sensei is the teacher apparently."

"Eh? That's my homeroom," Tsukune said surprised by it. "I can lead you the way if you want."

"Oh that's lucky for us," Orihime said as she was looking around. "This place is so much different than our old school. I'm Orihime Inoue by the way, nice to meet you."

"Uryu Ishida," The Quincy said simply as he didn't see the need to make small talk.

"I hope the others found their way," Orihime pouted as they started their walk though the school. "We had to split up because we all weren't in the same class."

"There are more of you?" Tsukune asked the long haired beauty.

She nodded her head, "Yes, Sado-kun and Kuchiki-san were sent to another class."

"Well it makes sense," Tsukune said rubbing the back of his head. "I don't think our homeroom can handle five new students. I think we're lucky to be able to fit you three in."

They made their way through the halls the school looked very Victorian in style. Old style western build was a lot different than the usual Japanese high school setting that the group was used to. The entire school looked new but felt very old at the same time. Everyone looked normal to the Karakura town, they were told that yokai could hide their true forms. Then of course if you looked close enough they noticed little slips here and there. One student saw a fly and his tongue actually went out and snagged it out of the air three feet away. Someone had scales showing until another student pointed it out and they managed to turn the scales into skin.

They found their way into the classroom as Tsukune lead the way. "Here we are, this is our homeroom."

"Tsukune~!" A female voice was heard as a very cute looking pink haired girl slammed into him. "I missed you this morning."

"Ah Moka-san," Tsukune couldn't help but blush as being so close to his crush. The girl just looked so cute all the time to him. He couldn't help was stare at her beauty. She leaned in closer to him as he stared into her large green eyes.

"Tsukune..." She whispered to him.

"Moka-san." He breathed out.

"You...smell so good!" Capuchu!

The three Karakura students stared in shock as the girl actually bit the boy's neck and by the looks of it she was drinking his blood of all things. The boy cried out but didn't push the girl away, then before anyone could say anything the two were interrupted. This was done by a blue haired girl that pushed Moka away and grabbed Tsukune's head and thrust him between her large breasts.

"What are you doing!?" Kurumu yelled at the vampire. "Are you going to drain him dry first thing in the morning?" She started to cuddled the boy into her bosom. "Don't worry Tsukune, Kurumu will take very good care of you."

Then what looked like an ice kunai suddenly hit the large breasted girl in the head. She paused as a small squirt of blood came out before letting Tsukune go and falling to the floor. Out of nowhere a girl with short light blue hair and pale skin seemed to grab Tsukune from behind. "Not so fast boob-woman, I'm not letting you get that close."

Kurumu, who seemed to recover nearly impossibly fast, shot up from the ground glaring at the snow woman. "Damn it you stalker, he's my Destined One!"

"No he's my lover and future father of our children," Mizore stated in her always calm voice. "Tell me Tsukune, how many would you want?"

"W-w-what!?" The boy looked pale at the thought. He really wished that Mizore wouldn't bring up kids, there was no way he was ready for that. By now Moka had recovered and held on to one of his arms pulling him towards herself. Kurumu, not wanting to be outdone took the other arm, while Mizore kept her place with her arms wrapped around him tightly. It was a very bizarre sight of seeing three girls fighting over the same boy like this.

" going on here?" Ichigo asked as his friends but they were just as stunned€ as he was.

"It would seem that Aono-san is very popular with the female students," Uryu managed to say. Although her personally was brought up to be a gentleman so this kind of things normally would irritate him. But seeing as the boy looked to be fighting them off more than taking advantage of them, he might let it go.

Seeing the three of them about to pull the poor boy apart Ichigo felt that he should step in before the boy died. "Oi, you're going to rip him to pieces if you keep that up!"

This caused the three girls to notice the new arrivals for the first time.

"Who are you guys?" Kurumu asking them first.

Ichigo felt his eye twitch a bit, "What, only now you notice us standing here?"

"They're new students," Tsukune said hoping to distract them long enough to slip out of their holds. He did like the girls but sometimes they could be dangerous to his health when they forgot he was still human. "I ran into them and showed them here."

"Oh, then welcome to the school," Moka said bowing a bit.

"Nice to meet you," Orihime smiled and returned it. "This place looks like a really fun school and we look forward to being students here."

"Ah I know, why don't we show you around after?" Moka asked the other girl. "There is a lot to see and you can get lost if you don't know your way around."

"That would be great thank you, I'm Orihime Inoue by the way."

"Moka Akashiya."

"Nice to meet you Akashiya-san!"

Moka was a little surprised by the formality of that, "You can just call me Moka please, there's not need to be all formal here."

"That's just the way Inoue is," Ichigo said to her. "She's always formal with everyone."

"Kurosaki-kun!" Orihime blushed at his blunt assessment of her. Although it was totally true in her case, it was just the way she was brought up. She was to be nice and respectful, at least that's how her brother had told her before he had died.

Kurumu stepped up and looked at Orihime very carefully. She already didn't like the fact that she had to share the top spot of hottest girl in school with Moka. Looking over the girl she could see she had another rival. The hips were nice and curvy, long legs but the thing that Kurumu looked at was Orhime's breasts. There was no way that anyone else had breasts like hers, not unless the girl was either stuffing them or was another succubus.

"C-can I help you?" Orihime said a little nervous.

"Those can't be real," Kurumu stated as she quickly reached out and groped the girl's chest. Orihime quickly turned a shade of red as did Ichigo and Uryu at this. "Damn it they are! Hey what kind of monster are you? I'll have you know I will not stand having another succubus here trying to take my place in the school."

"The hell!?" Ichigo yelled out. "That's why you did that?"

"Of course," Kurumu said although as if it made sense why she did it. "Only a few monsters have a chest like this," She showed off her own assets making both boys turn a bit red again. "So what are you?"

"I-I'm not a succubus," Orihime stated. She felt that it might be better not to say that she was, not that she was sure what one was anyway. The girl didn't seem to want one around so she would play along. Besides she was still trying to think up what kind of cover she could use if she had to say what type of monster she was supposed to be.

Kurumu leaned forward and narrowed her eyes, "You sure about that?"

"Of course."

"Kurumu leave her alone," Moka said pushing the girl aside and bowed to Orihime. "Sorry about that."

"Oh it's okay," Orihime smiled and laughed nervously. "I'm kind of used to it by now."

Moka blinked in confusion but both Ichigo and Uryu knew what the girl was referring to. A day didn't go by back home, when Chizuru didn't try and molest Orihime on sight. It was a good thing that Tatsuki wasn't here for that, or Kurumu would have known what the second strongest girl in Japan could do to someone that did that to Orihime.

After things settled down the teacher walked in and asked for everyone to take their seats. She had the three new students stand up and introduce themselves. Ichigo didn't mind although he did kind of mind what he heard with some of the students.

"Three new students already? Isn't it kind of late to take in transfers?"

"Oh man look at that girl, she's in Moka and Kurumu's level of beauty."

"I know, I don't know who has the bigger breasts either."

"What do you think of the boys?"

"The one with glasses kind of looks like a nerd to me, I mean what's with that scowl?"

"That one with the strange hair looks scary to me."

"Maybe he's a delinquent."

Ichigo really hated it when people made comments on his hair and his looks. It's not like he could help how he looked. And what was up with the delinquent comment? Sure he did get into fights but the other guys had it coming, and he never picked on anyone. Well it was just something he had learned to live with, didn't mean he had to like it but he held back his temper. Yelling at the class in the first day was not a good way to make an impression. But with the introductions over he and the others took their new seats.

After he sat down he looked over the class. He couldn't help but think just how normal everyone looked. He knew that they were all monsters of some type but they seemed like normal teenagers. Well mostly normal, he corrected himself. That scene with the three girls and Tsukune was anything but. He sighed as he thought about all the strange people he started to meet the day he met Rukia. She had changed his life in more ways than one but honestly there were days he wished for a little normalcy and less crazy.

Ichigo took one look at their new teacher and he noticed the cat like 'ears' in her hair style now the he was really looking at her. He also caught a cat's tail coming from under her skirt. 'Great, what is it with me and catwomen teachers? At least this one seems like a nice person and she won't strip naked in front of me all the time.'

He bushed a bit, Yoruichi had been the first (and second time) he had seen a naked woman in real life. Although he knew she did it to mess with him, he always had to be on his guard around her. Although after a few minutes, even though Nekonome-sensei did seem nice, she also kind of came off as a bit of a ditz as he got to know her.

He looked around him for a moment, 'Why do I get the feeling we're in for an interesting time?'

-Yukari's Class-

The young genius Yukari was waiting for a new day to start in her homeroom. Although she wished she was in Moka and Tsukune's class, then she could see them all the time. She could work on making Moka and Tsukune finally admit their love for each other, and then work her way into their love nest between them. She was lost in her day dream about her and the two of them when she noticed the teacher had been talking.

"Now then class, we have two new transfer students joining us today." The teacher nodded towards the two as she read off their names. "We have Rukia Kuchiki and Yasutora Sado."

Yukari noticed a petit dark haired girl and an extremely large male next to her. It was kind of funny contrast between them.

"Now then you two can take seats near Yukari-chan," the teacher told the two new students. "Yukari-chan please put up your hand to them."

Yukari did so as the two moved towards her. The giant sat behind her while Rukia seated herself next to Yukari. "Hi, I'm Yukari Sendo, pleased to meet you." She really hoped the two new people were nice. Although she had stopped being bullied by the other classmates because of her age, she still didn't really have any friends in this class. Then again she already had good friends but it would make this homeroom a little less lonely at times.

"Hello, nice to meet you Yukari-chan," Rukia said as she acted like she did in Karakura high school. She didn't see any reason to really change as she was still undercover as a student once again. "Uh, if you don't mind me asking, you look a little young to be here or do you just look young?"

Speaking from experience about how a person didn't match up to their age, after all she was well over a hundred years old, so Rukia wasn't sure if some yokai aged differently. She only knew a little on the subject.

Yukari puffed herself up proudly, "No I'm twelve but since I'm a genius I skipped a few grades."

"Wow that's really impressive," Rukia wasn't totally faking with that. 'So, she must be like Captain Hitsugaya, a child prodigy of some kind. But she seems nice enough, wait a minute. Didn't Ruby tell us about some of her friends? I think one of them was named Yukari if I remember I wonder if this is the same girl? Was she the witch or something else, damn I can't remember which. Oh well it might not be that important.'

"Nice to meet you," Chad's deep voice was heard.

Yukari looked behind her at the man, he sure was kind of intimidating especially with that deep voice of his she found.

Rukia noticing this smiled at the girl. "Oh don't worry, Chad's a good guy. He's actually kind of a softy."

"Chad?" Yukari thought his name was something else.

"It's a nickname that I got," he explained. "Usually my friends call me that."

"Oh okay then, can I call you that then?" Yukari asked him and he seemed to nod. She grinned, "that means we're friends right? Good I have some other friends you can meet too. I know what it's like being new and don't know anyone."

"I think we'd enjoy that very much," Rukia smiled at the young witch. She liked the young girl already, besides getting to know the students would have benefits. In Karakura high school she had made friends there and it was easier to go around as a student. Plus it was nice to make new friends, and the young girl was very bright and full of energy. Plus Yukari seemed happy at the prospect of making new friends, it certainly couldn't be easy for someone so young to make friends when everyone was older.

Rukia thought back to her days in the academy, it had been hard for her too. First there was the fact she had been adopted into one of the four major clans. Everyone kept their distance from her at first and many didn't like her just because of that. She was also picked on because of her height as well. Rukia however had never let it get to her, she only used that as a driving force to keep pushing on. Well that and Renji being there had helped too. He certainly was a welcomed sight when they first met again after she had been adopted.

She thought about Renji and sighed, she hadn't seen him in awhile and she wondered what he was doing. She was also wondering how her brother was doing and everyone else she knew in Soul Society. Well it wouldn't be the first time that she left for a long time she just hoped the mission went smoothly. She looked out the window nearby the school was larger than she thought. Hopefully not many hollows would attack when they were in class. Thankfully she had experience in making up excuses to leave the classroom from Ichigo's old school.

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