'Pirates of the Caribbean' belongs to Disney.

I wrote this in response to the prompt 'Pun', at The Black Pearl Sails. So blame them.


"Good heavens! What is that?" Fledgling crewmember William, who'd just stepped into the Captain's cabin to deliver a message, pointed to a small brown animal skittering about on the floor.

Sparrow, bent over something on the chart table, looked to the indicated creature without concern. "That's just Euclid, whelp. Pay him no mind; he's a longtime resident on the Pearl."

Will noticed the rodent was not lurking near the cabin walls, as would be expected; his scuttling followed a far more precise shape. "Why is it running in a neat circle?"

Jack grinned his most wicked grin. "Euclid's an educated beastie- he's calculatin' the circle's area."

"You mean...?" William paled, realizing where this was going. He turned to flee the cabin, but too late- the Captain's words had already reached his defenseless ears:

"That's right, Will. He's a pi-rat!"