I am a huge fan of V.D I watch it every Thursday and I LOVE DAMON! I know in the next episode, they open the tomb, but I just finished watching and I love it!

The town definitely changed in the past 145 years. All of the forest was gone. The little town I once called home was now bigger and fuller. More vampires to. But I assume the town isn't going town crazy anymore since the last kill.

I stood in the remaining of the forest. Style is the thing that changed everywhere in the world. The last thing I wore in this town was a heavy dress and itchy stalkings. The memory made me laugh. A deep throaty sound.

Today I wore what people called skinny jeans, an off the shoulder top, heels, and the thing I never took off. My bracelet that allowed me in the sun. Back in my day, woman wore bracelets and the men got rings. Those luck enough to get such a gift.

A movement caught my attention. The sound of crushed leafs reached my ears before I was pushed against a tree. I could have easily pushed him off, but decided not to. It was when I opened my eyes was I shocked at who stood in front of me.

Damon Salvatore.

I gave another throaty laugh and shook my head. Only to have it slammed against the tree.

"Who are you?" he asked calmly.

"I do believe I should be asking the questions Mr. Salvatore."

His eyes narrowed. "How do you know who I am."

I rolled my eyes. "I've known you ever since you met Kathrine."

He stilled. "You knew Kathrine?"

I looked at him with a serious face and answered him truthfully.


"I will ask you again. Who. Are. You." his dark eyes stayed narrowed.

"You may call me Arabelle. Belle if you wish." I smiled seductively.

"Well, Belle, how do you know me and Kathrine?"

"I knew Kathrine for many years Damon. And I met you and your brother wen she and Pearl moved here."

"And you followed them because?"

I rolled my eyes. "It was not her I was fallowing. It was you!"

I let my teeth sprang out and took control of the situation. I broke his hold and knocked him you before you could say Kathrine is a heartless bitch.

I picked up his body and ran with it. This was going to be funner than I could ever hope for!

If you liked it please let me know and I'll write more. I 3 Damon Salvatore :}