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Damon's mine!


You all can have Stefan! On the bright side, we'll still be related.

"You lied!" Damon yelled.

I easily blocked his punches. I sighed.

"You told me she was in there!"

I rolled my eyes. As he punched towards me, I grabbed his wrist.

I pushed him against the wall and held him still with my body pressing into his. Though Damon had his fangs fully out, I was calm.

"I told you I knew how to get her out. I never said she was in there."

His eyes flashed. His teeth retracted.

"I've seen Kathrine a few times over the years. The little slut is as slutty as I've ever seen her."

He said nothing. He breathed. In a flash, he was smiling.

"You want me for your self don't you?" he gave one of those heart breaking smiles he was so good at.

I rolled my eyes. "Of course I want you all to myself. A little late don't you think?"

I let go of Damon and walked away.

Damon's hands were on my waist and he pulled me back towards him. I purred and rubbed against him.

In a flash I pushed him against the wall and kissed him hard.

He pushed me back and I ran.

I gave a laugh and ran through the house. He caught me easily and brought us to the floor. I laughed.

As he began to try to kiss me I pushed him off and stood over him.

His expression was surprised by my sudden mod change.

"I will not be used. I will have you, but only when you want me back." he looked at me blankly. "And what I want Damon Salvatore. I. Get."

He said nothing. His chest moving as he breathed.

"Now stand."

And like the good little sexy vampire he was, he stood.

I smiled and tucked my hand in his arm.

"I do believe we have some business to take car of."

He looked down at me. "We do, do we?"

I rolled my eyes. "But of course darling."

"Don't call me-"

He didn't have time to finish the thought. I pulled him and began to run at full speed.

I will have Damon wrapped around my little finger. If it was the last thing I do.

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