Chapter One – A Day In the Life Of Jacob Hagger

Summery: what if you could become who ever you wanted? Well, unfortunately, the one guy that god choose to offer that very thing to has a few screws loose, come in and see what he does with his new life.

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Series: YES, this is actually a Dragon Ball Z fanfic! I know I don't normally put a 'series' thing at the start of my fics, or a warnings thing for that matter, but I feel that they are both necessary since this fic seems like it's a Dragon Ball fic for the first 6-7 chapters. But at chapter 6 or 7 we will be jumping forward to the actual start of the Dragon Ball Z series (when Raditz arrives) and will be going from there.

Warnings: OC, Violence (It's DBZ, Duh), Language (Jacob says things that Goku normally wouldn't), Gender-Bending, Yaoi, , Bisexuality.

Pairings: Everyone

Rating: T for now, I might change it to M later though.

NOTE!) Don't all of my fanfics seem to have a very important note at the beginning of the first chapter? Anyway, In this, the main character (Jacob) will become Goku when Goku is a teenager, before he actually gets married to Chichi. The story will then skip forward several years because it would be very boring to talk about what he does in the time between when he becomes Goku and when Raddiz arrives. After Raddiz gets to earth, then everything will start moving at normal pace. (Oh, and please not that Jacob isn't usually angry or crabby, he just has a really bad day in this chapter, which can make anyone bitchy)




Like Always, Jacob Hagger's life somehow managed to go from from being bad to being even worse faster then anyone ever could have predicted it would. One minute he was standing, or rather sitting, in the subway, waiting for the stupid sub to finally pull in so that he could take his oversized gym bag and get on it, and then the next minute, some drugged up looking freakaziod from some junky wannabe frat house appeared out of nowhere, holding a gun and telling everyone to get their asses on the floor or else.

Ah, New York, ain't it a great city?

"Damn it." He growled angrily as the idiot junky from hell kicked him in the side for no reason other than for the bastards own amusement.

'Great, it's my birthday, which I hate, my mom kicked me out at four in the moring and is sending me to live with my dad, and now I'm getting jacked for my lunch money by some frat house ass banded. That's it, this day just fuckin blows.' he thought angrily, silently contemplating what would happen if he jumped up, grabbed the idiots gun, which was only a few feet away from him, and started shooting people just to get rid of some of his frustration. 'Nah, then I'd have to deal with some idiot in jail called 'Big Bubba'. I think I'll just wait it out instead.' (A/N: please note that he is actually BI (Like the warnings say) so it's just that he's a top, so being some guy's bitch just doesn't sit well with him)

Truth be told, he could probably fight the guy if he felt like it, but knowing his luck, all that would do is probably get him shot in the balls or something, and knowing that was just enough to keep him from doing anything stupid while the idiot junky went through his stuff in search for money and anything else that might be worth tanking. After about a minute of searching, the guy stood up, glared down at him, laughed at him for not having any cash on him, and kicked him in the side again for being so broke.

After another twenty minutes of going through everyone's stuff, the idiot junky finally came to the conclusion that he had already found everything of value and took off up the stairs that led up to the main street above. The moment the mugger was out of sight, everyone started standing up, groaning and moaning about how traumatic the whole experience had been.

'What did you expect? It's the freakin subway for crying out load.' the teen thought in annoyance as an incredibly stupid woman that was standing next to him started crying, saying that it was the third time she was robbed in the subway in just under a week. 'If it's the third time this week, then stop taking the sub, idiot.' he added mentally, wandering what kind of idiot get's jacked up two or more times in one week and continues to go to the same exact place over and over again.

It might be cold hearted, but he couldn't bring himself to feel bad for the woman at all. Only an idiot would get on the sub at four in the morning and not expect to get mugged, that's why he didn't bring anything with him when he brought his stuff. If he didn't have anything for them to take, then the muggers wouldn't be able to take anything from him. That's just how it works. If you have something on you when they mug you, they beat the crap out of you and take whatever it is that you have, otherwise they usually just kick you a few times and leave.

Which would you prefer, a few bruises and all your money stolen, or a few bruises and all your money still in the bank?


Just as everyone finished dusting themselves off, the sub, which was over an hour late as usual, finally showed up, earning several angry shouts from a few business men that were obviously new in town. Apparently they had decided to take the subway at four in the morning because they didn't feel like driving thirty to forty minutes, even though the streets are pretty much empty until around five or six.

Not really wanting to listen to all the idiots bitching about everything that had just happened to them or about the sub being late, Jacob simply rolled his eyes at them and made his way onto the subway, wandering why his mother was forcing him to move to his father's place at four in the morning in the first place. Usually she actually had enough sense to hold off on making him do anything crazy until it was actually safe for him to do it, but today... For some reason, at around two in the morning, she had gotten up, flipped out, and started forcing him to pack up all his things, which was odd in and of itself because she always freaks out whenever he tries to do anything on his own, so sending him off somewhere to live where she couldn't keep him in her protective clutches was just...


She also only gave him enough time to pack some clothes and a few miner things like a manga or two, but apart from that, the rest of it was still back in his room where he had been forced to leave it, which was another weird thing. All his life she had always been on his case about not being prepared for anything, so for her to rush him and force him to leave almost everything he had where it was... It just didn't make any sense.

Finding a place to sit on the sub, one that didn't have to many odd colored stains on or around it, Jacob just shrugged off his mother's weird attitude and decided that it was probably just her going through really early menopause or something. While women are usually in their fifties or sixties when they go through it, for some stranger reason, early menopause and the women in his family just seemed to go hand in hand. Two of his aunts were only in their mid to late thirties when they ran out of eggs, so it wouldn't really be all that surprising if that was the case.

"Great, if that is it, then she's probably going to call dad and start yelling at him for 'stealing her son away from her' or something." He grunted tiredly, remembering how both of his aunts acted before they started taking the hormones.

Both of their husbands still hadn't recovered, but the doctor said that his uncle Tom's surgery had been a success, so he should actually be alright...

Anyway, the point is: there is a thousand and one explanations for why his mother suddenly turned bonkers on him, so why worry about it anyway?

Deciding that it was best not to think about his mother's craziness, Jacob turned his attention to the Subway-board across from where he sat, wandering how long it was going to take him to get to his father's place, which was a lot farther away then the sub itself could actually take him. Glaring at the map on the board, he growled in annoyance when he saw that it would take the sub about five and a half hours to actually get him to the stop that he would need to get off at, which meant that he was going to have to just sit there and staring off into space for five and a half more hours because falling asleep on the sub usually gets you killed.

Unfortunately, it actually took the sub a lot longer then the five and a half hours that the board said it would. In the end, it took the sub not one, not two, but three more hours to get to Jacob's stop, leaving him feeling more then just a little ticked and tired. It also meant that his walk over to the next subway station on his list of traveling utilities was done during the mid-day rush, meaning that he had to shove his way through several hundred thousand people to get to the subway. Then, when he finally got there, he found that he was going to have to wait yet another two hours for the next sub to make its way into the station.

In the end, it was around seven PM when he finally made it to his father's place, which he did while cursing a mile a minute. When he finally walked in through the front door, shoving past his dad as he opened the door for him, his father just nodded to him and stayed out of his way, having already gotten a call from his mom to let him know he was coming and knowing that it was probably a less then happy trip.

"It's been a long day, I've been mugged three times, I smell like shit, and a dog pissed on my stomach while I was staking a nap." He growled, stopping at the foot of the stairs that led up to the second and third floor to turn to look his father in the eyes. "I'm going to bed, if anyone so much as breaths on my door, I'll shoot them, I swear to whatever deity exists, I'll fuckin shoot them."

With that said and his father rolling is eyes at his statement, knowing that it had to be a really bad trip if he was actually threatening violence (seeing as the teen usually just grunted and rolled his eyes at people that annoyed him), Jacob made his way up to his bedroom, stopping by the bathroom to take a shower in an attempt to wash the dog urine off of his chest. When he finished his shower and had brushed his teeth (using a spare and unopened toothbrush in his father's cabinet since his was still back at his mom's house), he walked out of the bathroom without dressing or even wrapping a towel around his waist, made his way over to his bedroom, walked in, locked the door, and dove onto his bed, sighing heavily into his pillow as he drifted off to sleep.

The next day, early in the morning, though not nearly as early as when his mother booted him out of the house the day before, Jacob's dad woke him up, saying that he had fifteen minutes to get dressed and come down for breakfast or he was going to come in after him.

"Oh, come on!" Jacob groaned in misery, wishing to whatever deity was out there that his parents would stop waking him up so early. "Seriously, two days in a row? That's just cruel!"

"Come on!" His father called through the door, having heard his son's complaints and trying to pacify the young man by offering him an explanation... Sort of. "I said get up, so get up. We have a lot of things we need to talk about today, so get moving."

Well, that's not really a great explanation, but at least it's something, right?

"Fine, fine! I'm up!" Jacob called through the door, wishing that his father would have just leave him alone and let him sleep in.

Knowing that his father wouldn't let him go back to sleep any time soon, Jacob got out of bed and headed for the door, pausing only for a second to look at the seven year old alarm clock next to his bed, which he instantly regretted because it told him that it was only six in the morning. Instead of making the old wallpaper in the room curl from a string of curses that even a sailor wouldn't say, Jacob simply rolled his eyes, unlocked his bedroom door, and headed out into the hall and over to the bathroom, pausing for the second time in less then a minute when he came face to naked face with a woman he had seen lots of times in photo's his father had shown him, but had never met before.

It was Amy, his father's girlfriend.

"Hi." the fifteen year old said with a large grin, causing the thirty-plus year old woman to turn red, spin around, and go running down the hall towards the stairs, shouting at his father about naked teenagers. "Well, that was fun." He added with a grin as he walked across the hall and made his way into the bathroom where his bag of clothes were.

By the time he finished getting dressed and had stuffed himself away into his underwear and pants, his father, who was having trouble trying to keep himself from laughing for some strange reason, somehow managed to calm his girlfriend down.

"Good morning all." Jacob said a little too happily as he walked into the kitchen, instantly noticing that his father was having trouble trying not to laugh, which Amy didn't seem all that happy about.

"Hmf!" Amy growled, continuing to glare at her boyfriend and completely refusing to even acknowledge Jacob's existence.

Yep, she was pissed. When she had told her so called loving boyfriend about how his son had walked right into her without a thing on he had instantly burst out laughing. After a full four minutes of laughing his ass off at what had happened to her, he had then told her that she shouldn't worry to much about it and that his son hadn't really meant anything by it. He also explained to her that his son hadn't known that she had stayed the night and usually just walks from his room to the bathroom and back again without so much as a towel on since he didn't usually have to worry about anyone seeing him. He had then proceeded to explain to her why Jacob was even there, which was a complete lie.

In the end, his explanations just annoyed her even more because he didn't seem to really care about the fact that she was still incredibly embarrassed from seeing his son naked.

"So, what's so important that you decided that I had to get up really early for the second day in a row on a weekend?" Jacob asked, completely ignoring Amy's bad mood in favor of finding out why he his mother had forced him to move and why they both kept waking him up before twelve on a weekend.

Yeah, he still fully believed that it was just his mother being crazy, but there's always a chance that it wasn't.

"Well, we'll talk about that later." His father said, sending his son a glance and then glancing sideways at Amy, who was completely ignoring the both of them, which instantly told Jacob that whatever he wanted to tell him wasn't something he wanted her to know.

When he had explained to her earlier why Jacob was there, he had simply told her that it was just something really important, kind of like a family tradition and that he would only be there for a few days. As far as he knew, Jacob still thought he was going to be living with him for now on, but that wasn't actually what the teen was going to be doing, and it wasn't really a family tradition that the young teen was going to be dealing with either, but at least he wasn't going to hate it, at least his father hoped he wouldn't. It isn't like either of them really has a choice in it. Someone from really far away needed his help, and wasn't asking them for it, they were telling them to help.

"Anyway, we'll talk about it while we're fishing." his father continued, causing his son to blink stupidly at him for a few minutes while wandering 'can't I sleep first?', which his father seemed to know he was thinking and decided to completely ignore. "I've already packed everything we'll need, so we'll get going after breakfast is over."

Knowing better then to argue with his father, who was a bit of a crazy martial artist and had a tendency to do some crazy move with his leg that always knocked him on his ass, Jacob just sat there and picked at his food, wandering why his parents suddenly had the urge to keep him from sleeping in. They usually let him sleep in as long as he liked on the weekend, but for some strange reason, both of them, on two separate days, had decided to wake him up at an ungodly hour in the morning. Unfortunately, all teens know exactly how the laws of nature work: When one parent turns weird, the other usually follows soon after. That's just the way it is.

When he finished his food and his father finished trying to cheer Amy up and had finished saying his goodbyes to her, goodbyes which took almost a full hour, the two Hagger men drove off, headed out of the city and over to bum-fucked-Egypt, or where ever his father was dragging him. Luckily, with the morning traffic and the distance between them and the lake, Jacob was able to get some more sleep in on the way there. Unfortunately, about half way to the lake, the road became incredibly bumpy, mostly because there wasn't actually a road to the lake at all.

In the end, Jacob only managed to get two and a half more hours of sleep before the road decided to wake him up. After that, he spent another hour and a half listening to his father telling him about the huge fish he caught the last time he went to the lake. By the time they finally reached the lake, Jacob was so annoyed with his father's none stop talking that he was half tempted to grab the gun that was hidden under the passenger side seat in case of a car jacking and just shoot himself in the head to put himself out of his misery.

Seriously, how many times does somebody have to listen to the story about 'the one that got away'? Aren't there laws against child abuse?

When they finally reached the lake, the two of them hopped out of the car, got their gear out of the back of the truck, and started setting it all up a short distance away from the lake, with Jacob trying desperately to get his father to shut up the entire time. Once they finished setting up all the camping stuff, as well as the safety stuff in case of bears, Jacob realized that his father had packed an extra camping pack, one which was at least three times the size of the others.

Seeing that his father wasn't moving to unpack it, he simply shrugged it off and decided that his father must have gone camping with some buddies a while back or something and had simply forgotten to unpack it when he got home.

Rolling his eyes at his father's forgetfulness, Jacob turned around and started helping the elder Hagger man unload the small metal fishing boat off of the back of the truck and out onto the large, crystal blue lake. Sadly, the moment the two of them got the little boat out onto the lake, Jacob's father proved the teen's earlier theory about the still packed camping pack wrong by taking it and setting it in the little boat.

"Um, dad?" He asked in a confused voice, raising an eyebrow at his father's odd actions and wandering why he was putting a camping pack on a fishing boat. "Why are you putting that in the boat?"

"Don't worry about it, I'll explain everything in a few minutes." His father told him without even turning to look him in the eye as he continued messing around with the boat.

'What the heck is going on?' Jacob wandered, getting more and more confused by the minute and wandering why his father wasn't telling him anything.

Usually his father told him just about anything in a very detailed and incredibly boring way, even if he didn't ask him to and really didn't want him to, but right now... It was almost as if his father just didn't want to talk about whatever it was that was going on.

'Maybe he's getting married to Amy or something.' Jacob thought speculatively, hoping that it was just that his father didn't know how to tell him that he was getting married or something, though he seriously doubted that was the case as that wouldn't exactly be normal either.

His father had been married several times over the past fifteen years, and each and every time he had gotten married, Jacob had simply hoped that it would be the last time and that his father would actually be happy with his new wife, but each and every time the mirage had ended in divorce. The women all either cheated on him, tried to manipulate him, tried to keep him from seeing his son, or he cheated on them, though the last one only happened once and doesn't really count as he was drugged by the guy: hence Jacob's fears of meeting some guy in prison named 'Big-Bubba'.

Anyway, the point is, his father gets married all the time, so him deciding to tie the not again wouldn't really make him act so... weird.

After another ten minutes of packing up the boat with a bunch of junk he had never seen his father put on a boat before, Jacob and his dad got onto the little metal fishing boat, shoved off, and making their way over to the center of the lake, praying the whole time that it wouldn't sink on them. When they were finally in the middle of the lake, Jacob finally realized something even weirder about the boat then his father putting a large camping pack on it. It was missing something, something that all fishing boats always have on them.

The fishing rods.

"Um? Dad-?" Jacob asked, starting to get a little worried as the red lights started going off in his head.

Since when the hell did his father ever forget the fishing rods?

"Calm down son, I haven't become homicidal or anything." his dad chuckled, though it only made him feel slightly better, that is, until his father started to explain everything, including why his mom had kicked him out all of a sudden. "I know I said we were going to be fishing, but the truth is I only brought you up here to talk, sort of." His father said, running a slightly shaky hand through his dark black hair while sighing heavily, trying to come up with the right way to explain everything to his son. "Remember when you were a kid and always used to ask me about how me and your mother met?"

"Yeah," the teenager replied slowly, wandering why his father wanted to talk about that. "but you never really told me about it, you always just said that I wouldn't believe you."

"That's because it's kind of an unbelievable story. " His father said, smiling slightly at the memory, only to shake his head a second later when he realized that he was starting to drift off the actual subject at hand. "Anyway, you see..."

Pausing to give himself time to try and think of the best way to explain everything to his son, Jacob's father just sat there for a minute, hoping that his son would give him a minute or two to collect his thoughts. It was a lot harder to think of a way to explain everything without sounding nuts then he would have thought it would be, and to make matters worse, he was sure his son wouldn't under stand any explanation he came up with and knew that there wasn't really all that much time left to explain any of it anyway.

'how the hell do I explain this to him anyway? He's gonna think I'm nuts!' he thought, wishing he had more time to figure out the best way to explain it.

"Well, there are many worlds out there, hundreds of thousands, if not millions." he started, only to get cut off by his smart-ass kid.

"What? Are you saying mom's from Mars and you're from Venus?" Jacob asked cheekily, making his dad want to smack him.

'Why the hell did he have to inherit my mother's sarcasm?' his father thought, wandering if his late mother had somehow managed to reincarnate herself into the little brat or something.

"No, I'm saying that there are other dimensions, smart ass." the elder Hagger man said sternly as his eyebrow started twitching away, something that it only did when he was both under a lot of pressure and incredibly uncomfortable and annoyed.

"Dimensions?" Jacob laughed, thinking that his father had just lost his mind. "Are you saying you're from another dimension or something? Come off it dad, that's not possible. Other dimensions don't exist."

Rolling his eyes at his son's comment, Jacob's dad simply continued talking, acting as though he had never interrupted him.

"Anyway, there are thousands and thousands, or, as I said before, maybe even millions of other dimensions. Sometimes the dimensions need to play out a certain way, and sometimes they're completely random in the way they flow, and each dimension has it's own set of rules. Sometimes the different dimension also have multiple alternate universes or even alternate time-lines to them, and in each one of these dimensions, alternate universes, and alternate time-lines there are billions of worlds." He said, wandering if his son was following him at all or if he was even listening to a word he was saying.

Surprisingly, he was.

"Ok, I get it, so it's like a three dimensional cube made out of even smaller cubes. You can go up or down for dimensions, left and right for the alternate universes, and forward and back for the different worlds." Jacob said, coming up with what had to be the world's oddest and most pointless analogy possible to show his dad that he was actually listening, even if he did think he was nuts. (A/N: in case you haven't noticed, I said that it was pointless and odd, that means you don't have to understand it, it's just the way I think of it sometimes.)

"Um, I don't really know why you can move through the smaller cubes freely in that analogy, but yeah, that's essentially it." His father stated, a little surprised that his son was actually listening to what he was saying. "Anyway, as I was saying, each of the dimensions have their own law's of natures, which means that sometimes things can happen in one that can't happen in any of the others, and the same goes for the other way around. There are, however, things that can effect other worlds even if the rules of those other worlds usually state that they are impossible, things like wishes for instance."

"Wishes? You mean like with a genie?" the teen asked, raising an eyebrow at his father, fully convinced that the man had lost his marbles.

"Well, I suppose that is one way to look at it, and I'm sure there is a world out there somewhere that has genies in it or something." His father said, causing him to groan in annoyance.

Apparently, his father was serious about the worlds and wishes things.

"Anyway, there is something about wishes that most people don't understand. Some wishes, though not most of them, have loopholes." His father continued, finally starting to get down to the part that he needed his son to understand, especially since it now applied to him as well.

"Loopholes?" Jacob asked, wandering how a wish could have a loophole.

"Yeah, for instance, say someone get's wished out of existence or something." His father replied, purposefully using the very wish that he needed to explain to the younger man. "If someone get's wished out of existence, there is a loophole. If the person is a good enough person and has done enough good deeds, the loophole will allow him and someone in another world to switch places, which both completes the wish because his soul won't exist in the that world anymore, and allows him and the person he switched with to continue to exist."

"So, let me get this straight," Jacob started, wanting to make sure he was understanding his father correctly. "If you're a good person and someone says 'I wish 'so-and-so' didn't exist anymore' or something like that, instead of you no longer existing, you simply trade places with someone in another world and you both get to go on and live each others lives?"

"Exactly." His father confirmed, nodding his head at him and happy that he understood what he was saying.

"And let me guess, that's exactly what happened to you? Someone wished you didn't exist anymore and you ended up here?" Jacob asked, snorting at the very idea of that ever happening. "There's no way! You've gotta be making this up."

Understanding his son's skepticism, the elder Hagger man couldn't help but feel a little bad for what was about to happen to his son, especially since he didn't believe it was even possible.

"I'm not, but unfortunately, there's kind of a catch that came with it." he said, hoping that his son wouldn't get to upset over what he was about to tell him.

Usually, the tanned teen was kind of hard to upset, but then again, it wasn't exactly like it was the most normal situation, and he probably wasn't going to like being the subject of a wish's loophole.

"A catch? Alright, I'll bite, what's the catch?" Jacob asked with a snort, pausing and looking up at the sky when he felt something wet fall onto his face, only to see that the sky was starting to turn black even though it was only noon. 'Wasn't it sunny just a second ago?'

"Well, that's where you come in." the older man said quietly, catching his son's attention instantly.

Jacob really didn't like the way he said that.

"You see, if you get saved by a loophole, then your family, the family you make in the new world, gets marked." he explained, now having to talk a little louder as the wind started to pick up.

At the same time that his father made his statement, Jacob finally realized that there was something just a little bit weird about the storm that was now forming over them.

It was actually forming OVER them.

Most storms roll across the sky, but this one, it was quite literally forming right over there heads, and it only spanned the distance of the lake, meaning that Jacob was able to see bright clear blue sky above all of the trees around them, but only saw black right above him and his father.

'OK, that is so not normal.' he thought, starting to rethink his stance on his father's sanity.

Maybe he wasn't so insane after all.

"What you mean, 'marked'?" he asked after a few minutes, finally realizing what his father had said, though with the wind blowing as hard as it was around them, he wasn't really sure his father could hear his shouted question.

"I mean," His father shouted back, having to struggle to make his voice heard over the roaring winds. "If someone else get's wished out of existence from that same world, then one of you're children, their children, or their children's children has to switch with them. That's the way it works." he shouted, hoping that his son understood what he was saying to him.

"WHAT?!" His son shouted in horror, now fully understanding why the storm was only surrounding them.

"I'm sorry son, I always hoped that it would be a long time before anyone got wished out of that world again, a long, long time." His farther said sadly as water in the lake started to swirl like a whirlpool, only instead of the center of it sinking to the bottom of the lake, it was rising high into the sky, bringing them closer and closer to the storm itself.

"WHAT?!" His son shouted again, fear fully evident in his eyes now that he saw what the water was doing.

"I'm sorry, I wish I could change it, I really do, but I can't. The best I can say is, look at the bright side, at least it's a world you already know a bit about." His father shouted back at him, slowly raising his eyes toward the center of the storm where some of the clouds were starting to move apart.

Wandering what the hell his father was looking at, Jacob turned his eyes up to the sky, only for them to become as wide as humanly possible when he saw what was in the eye of the storm. There, in the center of the storm with clouds swirling around it, was the large, titanic sized, lizard-beast like head of a glowing gold and green cartoon colored dragon with two big red eyes. It was a dragon he recognized almost instantly from the anime his father had practically forced him to watch almost his entire life.

It was Shenron, the wish granting guardian dragon of the seven magical Dragon Balls.

Oh shit.

"THAT'S WHY YOU ALWAYS MADE ME WATCH THAT CARTOON?!" he shouted in horror, now fully realizing that his father had been silently prepping him for this moment all of his life.

Luckily for his father, he never got the chance to 'thank him' for it thanks to Shenron, who opened his huge jaws and spoke first.

"COME MORTAL." the huge dragon said in that loud rumbling voice of his, scaring the living hell out of whatever wildlife was stupid enough to stick around when the storm started. "IT IS TIME TO LEAVE."

"WHAT?! NOW?! YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" Jacob yelled, more to his father then to the dragon.

Before his father got the chance to answer, Jacob was lifted up into the air by the massive wind along with the still packed camping equipment and was gone moments later.

Not at all worried about his son and knowing that he had a little while before his son's 'replacement' showed up, the moment the water of the lake and the sky were back to normal, Jacob's father reached into the breast pocket of his jacket and pulled out a small oval shaped capsule and clicked the little button on the top of it, causing it to turn into a large fishing rod.

"Now it's time for round two, catfish, and you ain't getting away this time." He said happily, casting his his line and smiling as the little machine on the end of the fishing rod told him exactly where all the fish were.

If only he knew what horror his son was going to cause, maybe he wouldn't have been so OK with him leaving.

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