Chapter Seven: Time Jump To Start Dragon Ball Z

Summery: what if you could become who ever you wanted? Well, unfortunately, the one guy that god choose to offer that very thing to has a few screws loose, come in and see what he does with his new life.

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Warnings: OC, Violence (It's DBZ, Duh), Language (Jacob says things that Goku normally wouldn't), It's either going to have Gender-bending or Mpreg (Male Pregnancy) (If it has Gender-Bending, then it won't technically have Yaoi, if it has Male Pregnancy, then duh, it's Yaoi), Bisexuality.

Pairings: Everyone:

NOTE 1: Yep, that's right, we're finally starting the Dragon Ball Z in this chapter. At about half way through this chapter, actually a little bit less then halfway, we finally start the story, which means that the actual story line, and my crazy pervertedness, starts now, :D




Ten years have passed since Jacob defeated both the Red Ribbon Army and Emperor Pilaf. For the first two and a half years after the incidents with the to evil organizations, he trained at Kami's Lookout, only taking time off each year to collect the Dragon Balls and make a wish.

The first time he had managed to get all the Dragon Balls together, he instantly tried to wish himself back into his old body and back to his old world, which Shenron promptly denied. Apparently the body transfer had been a one way trip and Shenron didn't actually have the ability to travel between dimensions, only the Supreme Kai had that ability, and he only ever gave Shenron, or any wish granting being, the ability to do it whenever someone was wished out of existence, other than that, no one ever traveled between the dimensions, at least not from the DBZ world.

Basically, there was no way for the young man to ever get back to his old world, ever.

Luckily, Shenron seemed to have some sort of a soft spot for the permanently trapped teenager, because, instead of yelling at him to hurry up and make his wish, he let him through his fit first, something he had never done for anyone in the anime.

After he was done throwing his fit, Jacob just used his wish to make sure that Gohan, Goten, and Trunks would all still be born when they were supposed to be, which Shenron instantly granted.

After that, and after he went back to Kami's lookout, he spent much of his time away from his training to think about what he really wanted to do with his life now that he was sure he was really stuck in a Saiyan body in the Dragon Ball Z universe. It took him a while, but after a lot of thinking and a huge amount of advice from Kami, he finally decided on what he wanted to do. Don't ask what he thought process was, because even if you did, he wouldn't have been able to tell you, because he wasn't really sure about it himself, but, it was what he wanted to do, so he was going to do it and no one would ever be able to stop him.

What he wanted to do was to resurrect the Saiyan race

But with a few minor social changes as well, after all, he didn't want them to go and try to destroy or take over the universe again, because that would be really, really stupid.

But how was he going to do that? He couldn't wish for the Saiyan race back to life, they had all been dead to long for Shenron to do that, and he couldn't exactly force others to become Saiyans with a wish either, because that would be like handing a five year old a loaded shot gun, and if Shenron could only bring someone back to life within a year of them being dead, then there was no way he would be able to simply create a life out of nothing, so then how was he going to resurrect the Saiyan race?

After a bit of thinking, he finally figured out exactly how to do it, but he was going to need at least seven wishes to do it.

So, when he was finally able to collect the dragon balls again, he made his first of the seven wishes. He wished for a huge database about every single little thing to do with the Vegeta solar system.

Sadly, for the rest of the wishes, he was going to have to wait until after the Fight with Piccolo to make them.

Another thing that happened in the two years leading up to the World Martial Arts Tournament, was that Dr. Briefs managed to create the very first gravitational generator, though it would still be at least another year or two before he managed to even get started on the Gravity Chamber at all. He also started referring to himself in his head as Goku as well over the two and a half years he trained at Kami's Lookout until, eventually, he stopped thinking of himself as 'Jacob' altogether.

Apart from that, nothing else really happened until he and the other Z fighters competed in the World Martial Arts Tournament, which ended with him defeating Piccolo, much to everyone's surprise. After the tournament was over, he and Chichi went off on their own to have a nice long talk, which turned out to be a much easier conversation then he had thought it would be.

When he started talking to her, trying to let her down without hurting her feelings, she informed him that the only reason she had wanted to marry him in the first place was because she wanted to have kids, which he couldn't help but feel a little stupid for. In the anime, Chichi had never really shown any sign of affection towards Goku other than a passing comment once every few years or so, and she had even tried to convince Bulma, though it had seemed like a joke at the time, to trade husbands with her. (A/N: Yeah, I know, that's kind of a weird explanation, but it's what I got from watching the anime, and it also solves a few problems I had with writing this fic.)

after the two of them had their talk, they ended up getting together, though they never actually got married as they were only together to have a family.

After that, he gathered the dragon balls again and was forced to wish for his database to be translated into English as everything was written in Saiyan, which he was pretty sure was supposed to be Shenron's really bad idea of a joke.

A year after that, for his next wish, and for the second wish in the line of wishes that he absolutely had to make, he wish for Vegeta, Raditz, Nappa, and Turles to all arrive on earth when they were originally supposed to, though he wasn't at all sure if that was such a good idea.

After that, he had one more wish before Gohan was born, which he used to make sure that both he and his son would be able to fully control their Oozaru transformation so that he could have a tail and not have to worry about killing anyone whenever the moon was full.

Then, a short while after Gohan was born and Chichi started turning into the psycho mom he knew her to be from the anime, he and Chichi broke up, while still managing to be friends while living happily together, and Dr. Briefs delivered the first ever Gravitation room in capsule form to his house, all without Bulma knowing anything about it. Unfortunately, training in it turned out to be a really bad idea because it promptly collapsed on him the moment he turned it up to five, which prompted Chichi to turn her crazy psychopath meter up a notch, nearly killing him again in the process.

He wasn't really sure what she had yelled at him as he was kind of in and out of it in the hospital at the time, but he did eventually remember hearing her say something about not using dangerous machines near the house.

After he was finally well enough to move around again, thanks to one of Korin's Senzu Beans, he promptly took some time off from both training and the mother of his child's craziness to look for the dragon balls, knowing that he only had until Gohan was five to make all the wishes he needed to make, because that was when Raditz was supposed to arrive.

Over the four and a half years before Raditz arrived, he managed to collect the Dragon Balls each and every year.

For the first wish, he wished for the database to be made into a capsule, owing to the fact that it was so huge that he was afraid that he would never be able to get it to Planet Vegeta once he wished it back into existence.

For the second wish, he wished for a formula that could turn any Saiyan man into female, though he knew that resurrecting the Saiyan race would definitely take a lot more then that.

For his third wish, he wished for a machine that would give planet Vegeta an atmosphere like the one it had before it was destroyed.

As for his last wish before Gohan's fifth birthday, he used it to wish, not for planet Vegeta to return, but for a Saiyan space ship equipped with one of Dr. Briefs' gravitation chambers, which the doctor finally managed to complete when Gohan was about two, which gave him time to slowly train his way up to at least fifty times gravity before Raditz was supposed to arrive. He probably could have gotten it up to one hundred times earth's gravity within a few months if he really wanted to, but he as he was secretly training his son behind Chichi's back, he felt it was probably best to take it slow so that the kid didn't get hurt.

The moment Dr. Briefs finished the gravitation chamber, or GC, Goku asked him to make something else for him, offering to let him examine a space ship he had in exchange. After showing him the Saiyan ship, and making him promise to never tell Bulma or anyone else that might let it get back to her or Chichi about it, Dr. Briefs finally agreed to build a very large cloning machine that could withstand ten times earth's gravity, clone animals that were much, much, much larger then the largest earth animal, and hook up to a special database he had so that he wouldn't have to use one of his wishes to get one.

After that, and when the doctor was finally done staring at him after he figured out why he would have an alien space ship and why he would have a database about alien lifeforms from another planet, a shock which seemed to almost kill the poor old man, Dr. Briefs headed off to his lab to retrieve his team of scientist so that they could examine the ship in detail. Surprisingly, it turned out a lot better then Goku had thought it would because Dr. Briefs and his team managed to make it so that the ship, which so large that it had twelve rooms in it, could turn into a really big capsule.

Another thing that happened before Raditz got to earth was that Chichi finally started dating, which was a surprise to both Goku and Gohan, and didn't go so well as almost every man she met ran off the moment they saw that she had a son with a tail.

By the time the Saiyan finally got the invitation for the reunion with all the Z fighters, as well as Bulma, Launch, Oolong, Master Roshi, Turtle, and Puar, he had finally gotten the Gravitation level up to fifty, and had even started to speed up the rate that he increased its level.

While he was sure he wasn't nearly strong enough to even come close to beating Frieza, he also knew that the original Goku hadn't even been able handle ten times earth's gravity when he met his brother, so he was pretty confident that he could take his sibling down without a problem, and yes, he did consider him to be his sibling, though that was probably because of all the years of telling himself that he was now genetically related to the porcupine haired Saiyan.

(A/N: OMG, this is it, we're starting the main story now! Wow, how long was everything leading up to this? Please forgive the long length of the all the Pre-story stuff!)

"Wow, I can't believe all of you guys are finally going to see each other again after all these years." Chichi said in amazement as he tossed a huge log that was bigger then their house off to the side, which one that he planed on cutting up sometime later that day, if everything went the way he wanted it to.

"Yeah, I know, it feels like I haven't seen Krillin in forever. I can't wait to see everyone again." He said happily, having actually met the guy for the first time at the world martial arts tournament when he fought against Piccolo. 'And I'll finally get to meet Raditz' he mentally added.

"Well, just be sure to take good care of Gohan while you're their. I don't want to see a single scratch on him when you bring him back." Chichi warned him darkly, making him pale almost instantly.

No one, and I do mean no one in any dimension has the ability to scare the crap out of people more then Chichi when it comes to protecting her son.

"Don't worry, I'll take good care of him." He said in a pacifying tone as he walked over to her and took Gohan out of her arms. "Besides, do you really think that the others would let anything happen to him? These guys are kind of like my family after all, so you know you don't have to worry about them."

"Well, I guess you're right, but, at least take his hat with you, just in case his head gets cold." She said in a mothering tone, pulling a small, bright red hat with the four star Dragon Ball attached to the top of it out of her pocket and putting it onto the child's face, who just so happened to be sleeping at the moment.

Once Chichi was happy with her son's condition, Goku jumped into the air and flew off, leaving the flying nimbus to do whatever it was that it did when Gohan didn't didn't need it. He, Goku, had tried several times over the years to ride the crazy cloud, only to find that he was way to perverted for the fluffy little thing to even consider letting him on. Oddly enough though, even with all his 'special' magazines hidden around the house, his son still somehow managed to remain untainted by his perviness, though that might have just been because of his age.

So, the Saiyan man was forced to fly all the way to Roshi's Island, using his Ki sensing abilities to figure out just where the island actually was as he had never actually been there.

After only about a minute and a half of flying, his son finally woke up, and promptly hit him in the jaw when he stretched out his arms to wake up all the way.

"Daddy?" The little boy asked curiously, wandering what was going on and why he wasn't either in the gravity room or in his bed at home.

"Did you forget what day it is?" Goku said laughingly as he continued zooming through the air.

"Huh?" Gohan replied sleepily, blinking at his father a few times before the realization finally downed on him. "Oh! Today's they day I get to meet all of your friends!" he said excitedly, more then just a little happy at the idea of meeting his father's friends.

"Yep, and look! We're here!"

Looking over at what his father was pointing at, Gohan saw a small island off in the distance, which they were quickly getting closer and closer to.

"Yeah!" the little half-Saiyan said as his father finally landed on the small island, instantly jumping out of his arms and moving to stand next to his leg.

"Hello!" the elder Son male called out, hoping to get the others attention.

While he hadn't actually seen them since the world martial arts tournament, he had gotten some letters from each of them and had written a few of his own back to them over the years, so he did actually feel kind of close to them, though not as close as he would have if he would have spent a some more of time with them in person.

About half a second after he could out to anyone in the small pink house with 'Kami house' written on it, which was the only house on the tiny island, the front door opened up to reveal a woman with short blue hair, a short bald man with no nose, and an incredibly old looking bald man with a white beard and mustache on his face, all of whom the Saiyan man recognized instantly.

"Goku!" The woman, Bulma, shouted happily, only to stop in surprise a second later when she saw the small boy standing next to his leg. "Hey, who's the kid?" She added curiously, asking the question that was going through everyone's mind.

"You trying to earn some extra cash babysitting or something?" Krillin added, sounding just as confused about why he had a child with him as Bulma did.

'You know, even after all these years living here, I still remember ever single thing about just about every single episode.' Goku thought reminiscently, rolling his eyes at the fact that they were saying the exact same things as what they did in the anime.

Smiling at them and hoping that he was going to get the same reaction that the original Goku did when he answered them in the anime, Goku opened his mouth and gave them his answer.

"Actually, this is Gohan, he's my son." He said with a huge grin, causing all of their jaws to hit the ground.

Yep, the same reaction as in the anime.

"Gohan, say hi." He said in a sing son voice to the child at his feet, making the child blush a deep red color before diving behind his legs to hide.

"Hello." the child said quietly, sticking his head out from behind his father's leg to look at all the weird people his father knew.

"Oh Goku, he's adorable!" Bulma said in an overly enthusiastic voice, nearly scaring the crap out of the child in the process.

"Gohan, huh?" Roshi asked curiously, surprised by Gohan's name. "Ah, I see. You need him after your grandfather, did ya?"

"Yep, sure did." Goku said, smiling as his son started playing with Turtle, who just so happened to be an actual sea turtle. (A/N: I know that most of the people reading this already know who everyone is, but I'm still going to point out some of them every now and then)

"Ah, well, that's wonderful. He's a fine looking boy, I'm sure your grandpa would've every proud." the old turtle hermit said, smiling at the little boy as he continued to play with turtle, who for some reason wasn't saying a word.

While Roshi was busy talking, Bulma made her way over to the small child, bent down, and smiled at him, receiving a shy smile from him in return.

"Hey, Gohan, how old are you?" She asked him kindly, trying to start up a conversation with him.

Surprised by her question, and needing his fingers to remember just how old he actually was, Gohan held out his right hand and started counting, though Goku wasn't really sure how it was even possible to figure out your age by using your fingers.

"Um, I'm five and a half." He said, holding up his fingers for her to see, making her smile at his cuteness.

"Five, huh..." Bulma said happily, smiling down at the kid and thinking that he looked almost like a clone of his father from when he was younger. "Hey, are you going to grow up to be a strong fighter like your dad?" She asked after a minute, making Goku smile and Gohan look around a few times to make sure that his mother wasn't hiding somewhere.

If she ever found out that Bulma had asked her cute little innocent baby if he was going to be a fighter some day, she would skin her alive, then ground him, and kill his father.

Yeah, sometimes she could be a little over protective.

"Well, he's been secretly training with me lately, but don't tell Chichi, she'd kill me if she ever found out." the Saiyan male said, sweating slightly as the image of just what she would do to him if she ever found out ran through his head.

"Huh?" Bulma, Turtle, Roshi, and Krillin all asked in unison in surprise, shocked at the very idea of Goku trying to hide anything from anyone.

It was a well known fact that the tan muscle man hated lying in any way shape or form, at least he did ten years ago. The fact that he was willing to hide anything from someone was a bit of a surprise, but it had been ten years since the last time any of them had actually seen him, and ten years is kind of a long time and did have a habit of change some people a little.

"Son Goku, keeping a secret from his wife?" Bulma said in a teasing voice as a smile made its way across her face, which promptly disappeared a second later when she finally realized something. "Wait a second, how come I wasn't invited to the wed?!" She suddenly said in a slightly hurt, bust mostly angry, sounding voice, thinking that he had gotten married to Chichi before Gohan was born without telling her.

"Yeah, come to think of it, I thought you and Chichi said you weren't going to get married, so what gives?" Krillin asked in a confused tone, realizing the same thing that Bulma had.

"Hey, what's the big idea of getting married and not inviting your old martial arts master?" Roshi barked as well, sounding just as hurt and angry as Bulma did, but without any of Krillin's confusion.

"Hey, hey, hey! Calm down!" He said in a slightly fearful tone as Bulma took a angry step towards him with a glare one her face that just screamed 'now I finally have someone to aim all my anger at Yamcha at'. "I didn't forget to invite anyone, Chichi and I aren't even a couple anymore!" he said, instantly making the psychotic blue haired woman stop glaring at him while causing a confused expression appear instantaneously on Krillin's, Bulma's, Roshi's, and Turtle's face while Gohan started to play with a big crab he had just found.

He might have only been five, but he was a lot smarter then most children his age, so he was able to understand that his parents, while still somehow managing to be friends, weren't together anymore, though he couldn't really remember them ever being together at all.

"Huh?!" The four of them all shouted, which surprised Gohan slightly because he was almost sure that the turtle had made 'a people sound' as he called it.

"Wait, are you tell me that you and Chichi d- UMF!" Roshi started, only to get a pale elbow in the face from Bulma before he could finish his sentence. "Hey! What's the big idea?!" he shouted angrily, demanding to know why she had hit him.

"Quiet!" She shouted back, glancing down at Gohan and then back up to him, reminding him that there was a five year old child with them.

"Huh-?" He asked stupidly, looking down at the child for almost a minute before he finally got it. "Oh! Oh, yeah! Hehehe, sorry, hehehe."

Rolling her eye and silently planning the old perverts very painful death, Bulma turned her attention back to Goku, only to find that Krillin and turtle were already busy asking him about the less perverted details.

"So you mean you and Chichi never actually got married, but you two still had a kid? And now you guys aren't even together anymore, does that mean you to don't get along anymore?" Krillin asked, wandering if he and Chichi fought more then Bulma and Yamcha did.

"No, we get along great, we're even still living together, though that's only going to be temporary, I might be moving soon." the Saiyan explained, making Krillin blink at him.

"Really, huh, well, I guess that means you can still ride the flying nimbus then, huh?" Roshi asked, silently wandering if Goku would ever have a naughty bone in his body.

Lucky for him, it seemed to be his lucky day, because Gohan chose that exact moment to pipe up and embarrass his father.

"No, dad can't ride the flying nimbus anymore, mommy says it's because of all the funny magazines of all the naked people he has hidden around the house." The little brat, I mean child, said, making his father want to kill him and his father's friends all hit the ground, including Turtle who's eyes had grown so large that they were even bigger then Gohan's whole body.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha." Goku said nervously, picking his son up and setting him down onto the back to Turtle's shell before pushing the giant sea turtle off to the side of Roshi's house. "Go on now, I think it's time for you and Turtle to go play now."

The entire time the son man was shoving his son and turtle off a little ways in round the house, Bulma, Roshi, and Krillin couldn't help but stair after him, amazed at just how much he had changed over the past ten years. The last time they had seen him, he had been so pure of heart that he could still ride the flying nimbus, but now... Now he was apparently just as much of a perv as all guys were.

As Goku headed back to the group, with his son and turtle following him even though he had told them to stay near the side of the house and play, the other two men couldn't but stair at him in surprise while Bulma simply rolled her eyes at him.

'Men.' she thought in exasperation, rolling her eyes and wandering why every single man she had ever met had turned out to be a perv after a few years, even if they weren't pervs when she first met them.

Pausing in mid eye-roll when saw something in the corner of her eye, Bulma's jaw fell open and her eyes became so wide that they were threatening to take up her whole face. Out of the corner of her eye, she had spotted a fuzzy brown thing swaying this way and that way behind Gohan's back, something that she recognized instantly from the boy's father's childhood.

"His tail!" She gasped in horror, instantly Goku's, Roshi's, and Krillin's attention as she started searching the sky to make sure that there wasn't a full moon out, which was kind of pointless as it was only ten in the morning. "Oh man! Um, Goku? Has anything, you know, strange ever happened Gohan at night?"

"Huh?" Goku asked, only to realize what she was asking a few second to late, giving Roshi time to pipe up.

"She means, has Gohan ever looked at the moon at night? When it's full?!" he whispered frantically in his ear, hoping that the small child wouldn't be able to hear him.

"Oh, you mean has he ever transformed before?" the Saiyan male asked them, surprising them all slightly as they were all still under the impression that he didn't know about the transformation. "No, I got the Dragon Balls together and made a wish so that we would be able to control that form a long time ago. Now no one ever has to worry about either of us changing and going bananas ever again. Plus, now I can transform and fight in that form whenever I want."

"Oh, well, I guess that's something at least." Krillin said, happy that no one would ever have to worry about Goku going ape on them ever again, not unless he wanted to that is.

"Yeah, but doesn't that mean that you know what happened? To your grandfather, I mean." Bulma asked, causing the other two to look at him expectantly.

"Yeah, I remember, well, sort of." He said, now trying to think up a lie to tell them.

In his rush to reassure them that him and his son having a tail was safe now, he had completely forgotten that it implied that he knew what happened to the original Goku's grandfather, which he didn't really have an explanation for at all. Luckily, he was relatively good at coming up with a lie off the top of his head under pressure.

"Well, the truth is, I never really forgot. I actually kind of always knew, I was just in denial about it and never wanted to admit that I remembered everything. Before, whenever I was into an Oozaru, that's what the giant ape like form is called, but anyway, I was always unable to control it, it just did whatever it wanted, so it was easier for me to just pretend like I couldn't remember anything I did whenever I was like that." He explained quietly, mentally giving himself an award for such a good performance.

"Ah, I see." Roshi said as he, Krillin, and Bulma all looked over at Gohan, all of them thinking of how hard it must be to turn into a giant ape, go bananas and kill someone you care about, and then to be forced to remember all of it.

After a few minutes of just standing there, Bulma finally walked forward and sat knelt down next Gohan, wanting to find something to talk about to fill the silence that had settled between everyone.

"Hey, that's a real dragon ball on your hat, isn't it?" Bulma asked, smiling down at him and smiling even more when he nodded at her a second later.

"Yeah, I went and collected most of them about a week ago, I've been collecting them every year." Goku commented, once again not realizing that he was saying something that he was going to have to explain.

"Huh? You've been collecting them every year?" Roshi asked in surprise, wandering what the young man could have possibly wished for over the years.

"Hey, come on, don't keep us waiting, what did you wish for?" Krillin asked curiously, elbowing the Saiyan in the ribs over and over again in an attempt to get him to tell him what each and every single one of his wishes had been.

"Yeah, go on, tell us!" Bulma added excitedly, sounding just as curious as Krillin did.

Just as Goku opened his mouth to tell them that it was a surprise, which he was only going to tell them because he knew that he would have to tell them eventually, he, Krillin, Roshi, and Gohan all felt a huge Ki off in the distance, which was moving towards them at an alarming speed. The moment Goku felt the Ki, he knew who it was, having been waiting for it ever since he arrived at Kami house.

It was Raditz.

'Wow, it's huge' he thought in amazement, having not expected the power level to be so high.

While Raditz's power level was a lot higher then he had been expecting it to be, it still wasn't even close to what his was. He was definitely right when he had thought that training up to fifty times gravity would be more then enough for him to handle the his big brother, though it did make him feel more sure then ever that he wouldn't be able to handle either Frieza at all.

"Guys-?" Krillin asked, wandering if the rest of them felt what he was feeling as well.

"Yeah, I feel it to." Roshi said as Gohan ran over to hide behind his father's legs even though he was more then capable of fighting as well.

"Come on guys, there's nothing there you guys." Bulma said nervously, unable to spot anything out of the ordinary as she continued looking around at the horizon and the sky,.

"Look, there!" Krillin shouted as Goku just kept quiet, spotting a small black dot steadily growing larger and larger off in the distance.

"Yes, I see it now." Roshi said, staring up at the dot as well.

"You don't think it's piccolo, do you?" Krillin asked nervously, hoping that it wasn't the crazy green man coming to try and kill them all again.

A little over half a second later, a evilly cackling man with incredibly long, spiky hair landed softly on the pale sandy beach like edge of Roshi's island just a few feet away from them. The man, Aka Raditz, had a evil look smirk on his face and was glaring down at Goku and the others as the green screen of some sort of head set just started beeping away.

The 'headset' Raditz was wearing wasn't actually a headset at all. It only attached to one ear and had a small green screen that hung over it's wearer's left eye. There was another thing about it that was different from an actual headset. Instead of it just being used to send or receive messages, its primary function was as a scanner, giving its wearer the ability to scan or locate a power signature, as well as giving him or her the ability to see just how strong the people he came across were, and it wasn't actually called a headset or a scanner either. Most of the people that knew about them, at least from what Goku had seen from the anime back when he was still Jacob, everyone called them scouters instead, though that didn't change the fact that what they actually did was scan the enemy.

The entire time that the scouted was busy scanning him, Goku and his brother simply stared at each other.

Well, Goku stared while Raditz glared, but it's the same thing.

When the scouter finally finished scanning the younger Saiyan man, as well as the rest of the people on the island, Raditz spoke up, addressing his little brother in a slightly mirthful tone, not knowing that the scouter's readings weren't at all trust worthy as each of the Z fighters, as well as Gohan, could hide their Ki level.

"Hahahahaha, so we meet again at last." the porcupine haired Saiyan laughed darkly, glaring at his little brother. "You've grown up, but I recognize you Kakarrot." (A/N: I will be using the English manga name, not the Japanese, and not the English anime's.)

"Kakarrot?" Krillin repeated in a confused tone, turning momentarily to look at Bulma to see if she knew why the big haired guy was calling Goku by such a weird name.

She didn't.

Ignoring the fact that his friends were confused, Goku played dumb at first, having already decided a long time ago that it would probably be best to get Raditz as far away from everyone else before he started trying to talk some sense into him, though he was still pretty sure that he was still going to have to beat the crap out of him before he would listen to a thing he had to say.

"Kair-ro-tot? Huh?" Goku said in a falsely confused and slightly sarcastic sounding voice. "Nope, sorry, I think you have the wrong guy, my names Goku."

"Huh-?!" Raditz grunted, sounding slightly annoyed by his comment. "Don't toy with me, Kakarrot! What happened to you?!" He growled angrily, furious at the very idea of his idiotic little brother getting amnesia. "Tell me, did you ever suffer a serious injury to the head when you were young?" He added in a demanding tone, getting more and more furious by the second.

As the porcupine haired Saiyan continued to growl at them angrily, Krillin slowly started making his way forward, fully intent on trying to get the weird man to leave. Seeing his movements and not wanting the short, no-nosed, balled man to get hurt, Goku stuck his right arm out and stopped him, indicating that he should just leave this to him instead.

Unable to understand why Goku would wanted to handle this one his own, but knowing that the taller man probably knew what he was doing, Krillin back up until he was standing next to Bulma and Roshi, with turtle laying on the ground next to his right leg.

Seeing that Krillin was no longer trying to do anything stupid, Goku turned his attention to his son to let him know, with only a single glance, that he shouldn't fight Raditz no matter what happened. Once he was sure that Gohan understood what he was trying to tell him, he turned his eyes back to the taller Saiyan male in front of him and spoke.

"An injury to the head?" He asked slowly, though he knew exactly what the elder Saiyan was asking about. "Yeah, a few times actually, why?"

This answer seemed to anger the taller man almost more then his little brother not even recognizing him had. Apparently, he really didn't like the idea of his brother forgetting to do his job, or maybe it was just that he didn't like that his brother had forgotten him or everything about Saiyans, either way, at that moment, Raditz was one unhappy man.

"Gr-! You stupid fool, you've forgotten!" he growled angrily, pausing for only a minute to take a few calming breaths before continuing, not wanting to kill his brother before he got all the information that he wanted. "If only you had remembered! This planet would have been destroyed by down if it wasn't for your idiocy!"

Hearing the comment about 'this planet', Master Roshi finally came to a decition, finally figuring out that this weird man was most likely from the same planet that Goku was, and he was sure that Goku was from another planet. A long time ago when Gohan, Goku's grandfather, told him about the small boy he had found in a giant crater, he had also said that Goku had been sitting in a small, man made orb like spaceship. Knowing that, and finally seeing Raditz's tail, he was sure that the two of them were from the same planet, where ever that was.

"Goku," The old martial arts master said, trying to get Goku's attention so that he could tell him what he was sure the younger man had forgotten. "There's something I feel I need to tell you."

Glancing over his shoulder at the elderly man, Goku simply smiled at him and told him not to worry about.

"It's alright, I already know." He said simply before turning his attention back to his brother, surprising the elder martial artist slightly, mostly because he hadn't been expecting him to even know what he was going to say.

Seeing that his little brother had once again turned his full attention back to him, Raditz opened his mouth and started talking, venting his anger as he continued his rant.

Over the span of two or three minutes, he explained everything there was to know about Saiyans, including the part about working for an elite organization that wipes out of life on any planet they come across and then turns around and sells those planets to the highest bidders. His explanation, especially the part about him and Goku being brothers, surprised everyone, everyone that is except Goku himself. As he continued talking, Raditz slowly started getting angrier and angrier, furious at his brother for failing his mission.

"Kakarrot, you're a disgrace! You could have easily wiped out every living thing on this planet by yourself. If you hadn't forgotten your orders, it would have only taken you a year or two at the most!" he growled angrily, unable to believe that any Saiyan could fail at such a simple mission.

"Forgotten? I don't believe I ever said anything about forgetting what I was told to do." Goku corrected him, causing everyone's eyes to become as round as saucers. (A/N: OK, just do me a favor: Image Raditz with Rock Lee's eyes. Lol)

"WHAT?!" Raditz shouted angrily, somehow becoming even more infuriated at the realization that his little brother hadn't actually forgotten his orders at all, but had just chosen to completely ignore them. "What did you just say!?"

"I said I never forgot my orders, I just simply chose to ignore them." The Saiyan male said, making everyone present, minus Raditz, stare at him in surprise. "When I got to this planet, I had every intention of following my orders, but after meeting a kind old man who was both stronger then I was, and was willing to take care of me when I got hurt, I started to realize that I could be like him if I wanted to be. I didn't have to kill, I could just live my life my way instead, after all, living your life your own way without being someone else's tool or slave is what being a Saiyan is all about, isn't it?"

"GR-! Don't talk down to me! I know exactly what being a Saiyan is all about, but you've seemed to have forgotten it all completely!" Raditz shouted angrily, launching at his brother and knocking him to the ground, where he stayed as he was now unable to move. "Fine, if you love this planet and its people so much, then you can die here with the rest of these insignificant creatures!"

Not knowing that Goku was faking the whole 'not being able to move' thing, Krillin move forward, trying to get in front of Gohan, who the older Saiyan was now making his way over to. Seeing this and not wanting the smaller man to get himself hurt when he didn't have to be, Goku spoke up, making his voice sound as strained as possible.

"Kri-Krillin!" He could out, pretending to have to struggle to move even and inch as he rolled over onto his side. "Don't fight him, just trust me OK? Don't fight him."

"What?! Goku, are you crazy? He's going after your son!" Bulma shouted, wandering if her friend had lost his mind when he was hit.

Then again, he had always been a bit weird, and now that she knew that he wasn't actually human, even if he did look like he was, she knew that it was very possible that any kind of craziness from him was normal for his species.

"Yeah Goku, if we don't stop him, he might take Gohan!" Krillin yelled as well while Roshi, for some reason, simply stood there and stared at Goku, looking almost as if he knew that the man was planning something.

"I know, but just trust me. Please, I know what I'm talking about." the Saiyan male said, making his brother glare down at him as though he thought that he was just a weak insignificant fool.

"Gr, I hope you know what your doing Goku." Krillin growled in an annoyed tone as he backed away and gave Raditz room to get past him without having to blast him out of the way.

With a few comments about how weak his little brother was, Raditz picked up Gohan, who didn't seem at all afraid, turned around, and started flying away, leaving the rest of them standing there, staring after him.

Once Raditz was out of sight, Master Roshi turned his attention to his taller pupil, wanting to know what the tan Saiyan was planning.

"Ok, he's gone, you can stop pretending now." He said quietly, smiling as Goku stood up and dust himself off, much to Bulma and Krillin's surprise. "Now do you mind telling me why you let that man fly off with your son?"

"You were faking?!" Krillin asked, unable to understand why Goku would do something like that.

"You mean you really just sat there and let that crazy man fly off with your son?! How could you do a thing like that?!" Bulma demanded angrily, starting to really wander what Chichi could have possibly done to Goku over the years to make him so insane.

"Don't worry guys, Gohan can handle himself pretty well, he's been training really hard for the past few years. Besides, I don't plan to let Raditz have Gohan, I just wanted to get him by himself so that I can talk to him on my own." the tall martial artist explained, smiling reassuringly at them. "Don't worry, it might have been along time since I've seen him, but I know him, he won't hurt Gohan, and I'm pretty sure I can convince him to give up one destroying planets, he is my brother after all."

"Goku, I don't know if- Hey! Wait!" Krillin shouted after the Saiyan as he flew off without listening to him, somehow managing to move so fast that he couldn't even see him. "Dang it Goku!"

Just as Krillin was about to fly off after his friend, master Roshi called out to him, stopping him in his tracks as well as getting his attention.

"Stay here. Goku said he wants to talk to his brother alone, we should respect that." He said, making both turtle, Krillin, and Bulma glare at him for stopping him from going after him.

While none of them were very happy with Goku's decision to talk to his brother on his own, or even sure if it was a good idea or not, all of them knew that they couldn't interfere, though that didn't stop them from wanting to do so anyway.

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