Chapter 1

General A/N: I would like to apologize for the lack of work that I have show on my stories in recent months. I have begun to see that I need improvement on my story writing but I can't thing of what to add to them. I know that I need help when it comes to fight scenes and when dialogue is between more than two characters. As such I am looking for a reliable beta that will give me their take on the chapters and their ideas in order to help make the chapters better. The story starts with Naruto at age 18.

Story A/N: This story was inspired by a Harry Potter fanfic that I read a few weeks ago where Harry went back in time and was able to be with his family growing up. As you all can see from the other stories that I have put up, I love doing crossovers but this will be a cross between Naruto's world and another dimension that had one difference that changed everything drastically.

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A bleeding, aged Naruto looked around at the desolation that had come to the world. The entire world had become a volcanic wasteland due to Madara's actions and his unleashing of the Juubi and sealing it into himself. All of the Hidden Villages had united to fight the immortal menace but they had all fallen and all the Jinchuuriki had lost their Bijuu in the last three years since Akatsuki had started their attacks to gain the Jinchuuriki.

Naruto had changed physically in the six years since he left Konoha with Jiraiya. He now had wilder hair and his form muscular from fighting Akatsuki these past three years. Naruto thought back to the day the Kira Bii had died in front of him. He had been taught by Kira after the Kage summit and been able to convert excess youkai from the Kyuubi into his own youkai and chakra which is the only reason he was able to live after the Kyuubi was extracted from him. He had found out that it wasn't just the process of removal that killed Jinchuuriki but that a Jinchuuriki's body couldn't handle the loss of youkai since the body of a Jinchuuriki had always the youkai that the sudden complete loss caused the body to totally shutdown and cause death.

Naruto knew that he was dieing but he couldn't accept that he wasn't able to avenge all of those that had died because of Madara. As the world around him darkened, he used the last of his chakra and youkai to activate the part of his seal that had siphoned the youkai from the Kyuubi to steal the youkai and chakra from Madara. The ancient Uchiha looked in horror, his mutated and bulky body from the fusion with the Juubi writhing in pain. "NO! You can't do this to me! I AM A GOD!" Madara screamed. Madara's chakra and the Juubi's youkai raced from the sources and into the former seal for the Kyuubi.

"Hehehe, looks like I have the last laugh, eh Madara-teme?" he said as while coughing and his body in pain. With the sealing of the chakra and youkai, both Madara and the Juubi turned to dust. Naruto looked on with a small smile as he closed his eyes for the last time.




"And now starts your true journey..." A regal and mysterious voice called out from the void.

Naruto started to move around but a voice yelled in his ear. "Naruto Shippuu Namikaze! Get your lazy ass up! Your father wants you to be ready for your mission in 30 minutes!" Naruto got up with a start. "Who?! What?! Where?!" Naruto looked around to see an older woman in her early 30's or late 20's with red hair and green eyes. "Naruto, don't yell at your mother like that! Now get dressed, Minato-kun is waiting for you in the Hokage tower." The woman left the room and Naruto blinked in confusion.

" is all of this happening? I know that I died but...I'm alive. I need to figure out what is happening, that woman said she was my mother and that my father was in the Hokage tower. Somehow...I'm either dreaming or something very weird is going on." He pushes himself out of bed and looks in the mirror. He sees that he was less body mass and almost no muscles and that his whisker marks were missing. "This can't be... I look nothing like I did at most an hour ago. I'm younger, have less muscle mass. This...this isn't my body." he says and quickly removes his shirt and channels his chakra through his body and notices that the seal that had been on his stomach was no longer there. "This just can't be. I felt myself dying and leave my body. The only answer is something that shouldn't be possible but that is what one would say about a demon being able to be sealed into a baby and that's just what happened to me. The only answer is...I'm no longer in my own world but I'm still in my body or at least my younger body. I don't have the Kyuubi in me in this world. I wonder what else is different. Well, I might as well get dressed and see what 'dad' wants." Naruto says to himself and dressed in a black pair of shinobi pants with plenty of pockets, a mesh undershirt, and sleeveless red shirt. He put on his black sandals and jumped out the window...only to fall and barely catch himself on the wall.

'What the hell?! My body...I can't feel any of my strength. I feel so weak.' Naruto thought as he tried to stand back up as he got to the ground. He decide to put his lack of strength to the back of his mind as he waked to the Hokage tower.

It took 30 minutes for him to get there but he at least got there on time. He walked into the Hokage's office to see Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage, sitting at the desk. 'So he father. That would explain why mom called me Namikaze.' "You have a mission for me, dad?" Naruto asked him.

Minato looked around and gave Naruto a look of disgust that confused Naruto but the look changed almost immediately. "Yes Naruto but it is less of a mission and more of a test. You have been taking your life as a shinobi pathetically and hardly even passed the graduation tests back at the academy. You chakra level is equal to that of a new genin when most of your class are already chunin with jonin chakra levels. Your chakra control is decent but only because you have so little chakra to begin with. This test will prove whether you are worthy of continuing to be a shinobi or if you will become a civilian and be expelled from our clan as well as the former Hyuuga, Hinata, being sold to another by her former family." Minato said without an ounce of compassion.

Naruto was floored by what had just been said to him. It looked like this self that had lived here had been the exact opposite of him. He was a total slacker, had less chakra then Sakura had back in the academy, and somehow "owned" Hinata. What kind of monster was he in this world?

"You will be fighting a Hyuuga Jonin and should you win, you will finally be given Hinata. Your match will be in the Konoha arena in one week. You are dismissed." With that, Minato went back to his paperwork, completely disregarding his son.

Naruto left the tower and immediately left to the trainning ground 44, the Forest of Death. As soon as he was out of sight in the forest, he put his hands into the ram seal to focus and call out his chakra. He was surprised to see so little chakra come out, especially since not long ago he could call out more than any kage could dream of having. "Dammit! Since I hardly have any chakra then I guess it will come down to how well I can control my chakra. I think Iruka-sensei once said that chakra control was mental discipline of the person and how even if a person became decent because of the control exercises that it would depend on the will and the power behind the will. Since control is the mental aspect I should have kage level since my I am so used to the amount I used to have." And with that thought, Naruto threw himself into training harder than his current body could hope to handle.

Naruto sent himself through control exercise after control exercise, steadily increasing his already high level of control as well as increasing his muscle mass and chakra reserves. He was able to get the leaf exercise and tree walking down perfectly and combined the two to increase the effects. He spent the first and second day doing nothing but those two exercises and the combination of the two. He also sent his body into work like he used it when he was younger doing things like hunting for his food and running through the forest. He did not leave the Forest of Death the entire week and even then he did not know if he was strong enough.

At the end of the week, Kakashi Hatake was waiting on the field for both of the combatants. 'Why did sensei want me to be the referee for this match? I had so many hopes for Naruto but he just became a spoil brat that was nothing like a ninja should be. I guess everything will end today for him. Well it looks like the Hyuuga have arrived and...looks like Naruto will be fighting Neji, this won't end well.' Kakashi thought to himself.

Negi Hyuuga arrived down on the field looking for his opponent and was looking forward to putting the Namikaze brat in his place. "It seems like my opponent was too afraid to show up. Its not like it expected anything more from that worthless..." was all Neji got out before Naruto appeared on the field.

"Sorry I'm late, my training kinda exhausted me." Naruto said rubbing the back of his head. Kakashi took a look at Naruto and took in what he saw. 'This...this is more like the Naruto I was hoping for. Ripped clothes, bruises, sweat, all of that from training. Maybe there is hope for him after all.' "Are the two of you ready?" The two nodded. "Hajime!"

Neji charged at Naruto and sent Jyuuken strikes at him but Naruto dodged the first few but the rest hit him dead on. Naruto was pushed back by every strike but didn't show any reaction on his face. Neji delivered blow after blow to Naruto's chest and avoided Naruto's arms. Naruto jumped away from Neji and threw several shuriken but Neji easily dodged the projectiles. "I will defeat you Neji, that is a promise." he said to his opponent.

"I have had enough of fighting another failure, its time to end this boring match. Hakke: Rokujuuyonsho! Strike, 2 strikes, 4 strikes, 8 strikes, 16 strikes, 32 strikes, 64 strikes of the palm!" Neji yelled with a victorious grin on his face. But Neji had missed Naruto's whisper before he started his attack. "Ninpo: Tate." Naruto had whispered and had used his arms to protect him from the attacks. Two blue ovals covered the length of the outside of his forearm and stopping the blows. Even though the attack had been blocked, Naruto was still pushed back hard from the force of the attack and into the wall. He fell to the ground seemingly unconscious."Its over, call the match because he won't be getting back up for a while and is unconscious." Neji said sneering.

In the audience Kushina looked on in sadness. No matter what her son had done or whatever rumor had been spread about him, she still loved him and couldn't stand seeing this. Minato, on the other hand, just looked at Naruto in shame. It was because Naruto was hurting the image of both the Namikaze clan and the village of Konoha as a whole since he was the son of the current Hokage.

Naruto was still conscious unlike what Neji believed and time seemed to slow down around him as the pain from hitting the wall hard went through his body, making nearly impossible to move his body. 'No, after all of these years of training and dedicating myself to being a shinobi. The beatings from the villagers, growing up alone on the streets, having to hunt and steal to survive...all of that for nothing. Before, I could just use the Kyuubi's youkai to heal myself and get right back up but here I can't do that and my body won't move at all. I will not, cannot, allow myself to fail like this. I will not give up. I will continue to fight. I WILL WIN!' Naruto though to himself. His chakra seemed to react to his will and started to move through his chakra coils throughout his body and shift the proper amount into medical chakra and heal him from the inside. Naruto immediately felt the change and that the pain had lessened. 'Could it be that my chakra was able to copy the way that Kyuubi's youkai used to heal me? Maybe since I have such good control, I can alter my chakra at my need. Heh, looks like I'm still in this fight.' Naruto increased the amount of medical chakra that was in him and his injuries started to heal instantly.

Naruto started to stand up. "Heh, don't get ahead of yourself, Neji-teme, I'm not out of this fight yet. I promised that I would beat you and I do not go back on my promises for that is part of my nindo, my ninja way!" Naruto yell at him as he went back into a fighting stance.

Kakashi looked on in mild shock and that shock increase when he a look in Naruto's eye that he had never seen in these sixteen years, there was a fierce fire in Naruto's eyes. 'The Will of Fire...this is the personification of what Sandaime-sama always said. This is the true Naruto. He may just win.' Kakashi thought with a grin.

Naruto put his hands into the ram seal and called his chakra. His body began to gain a light blue glow as his chakra passed back through his tenketsu and then came bursting out of him as the effects from the jyuuken strikes were nullified. Naruto put his hands into a cross seal. "Now, lets get back to the action. Kage bushin no jutsu!" Five more Naruto's fazed into existence on the field.

Everyone that knew Naruto was surprised that Naruto had just performed an B-rank Kinjutsu. Kushina had a bright smile on her face and Minato simply looked amused. Kakashi gave a grin because he was witnessing Naruto showing his conviction.

He put his right hand into the one-handed tiger seal and his left hand in the one-handed bird seal. 'Katon, Fuuton, Kai.' Two of Naruto's clones turned into pure chakra, one as red chakra and the other as a greyish chakra. "Katon Fuuton Konbi: Hi arashi!" Naruto shouted and a whirlwind of blue fire was sent at Neji who barely escaped. Two of his clones rushed Neji from the sides and the last clone helped push him near the wall. Neji was able to destroy the two on the sides but the last one got in the way of his view of the original Naruto. "Ninpo: Yari." A dark blue beam of chakra flew from his right hand, though his clone, and into Neji's right shoulder and piercing him to the wall.

The oval "shields" on Naruto's forearms disappeared and an orb of blue chakra started to spin in Naruto's right hand, getting larger and larger until it filled his palm.

Minato, Kushina, and Kakashi looked on in surprise by what Naruto was about to do. 'I never taught him that and I know Jiraiya-sensei didn't.' 'That's my boy, show everyone what your made of!' 'Minato-sensei was totally wrong about his son. It seems that we are watching the awakening of the real Naruto Namikaze. Show us just who you are.' the three of them thought respectively.

Naruto pushed his chakra into his legs to increase his speed. "Rasengan!" he yelled as the Rasengan was shoved into Neji's gut with so much force that it sent him farther into the wall. When Naruto pulled his palm back, the dark blue "spear" disappeared and Neji fell to the ground unconscious.

Kakashi went over to Neji to check if he was truly unconscious. "Naruto Namikaze is the winner." Kakashi announced and the audience shouted out in cheer. Kakashi walked over to Naruto and patted him on the shoulder. "You did good, Naruto. I'll be expecting more out of you from now on. Oh, congratulations on just making chunin rank. Since I know you hate green, you can get the color changed after you accept it. Maybe we can train together sometime." Kakashi said and walked away. 'It's good to have you back, otouto.' Kakashi shunshin'ed away from the arena.

With his win, Naruto headed back home and collapsed on the couch in the family living room and laid there as his body ached. 'Damn, even though I was able to increase my chakra to decent levels my body is still so weak and using chakra to increase its abilities hurts after I stop using chakra.' Naruto thought to himself.

No more than a few minutes later, Kushina came into the house and hugged Naruto. "Oh I knew that you could be so much better than you had been the past few years and you showed everyone that you aren't a slacker." she said and then moved away from him. "I'm still not happy with the fact that you bought Hinata, just what are you planning know what, I don't want to know." she said and moved back, the previous happiness gone and replaced by sadness.

Naruto sat up on the couch and patted the seat next to him and Kushina sat down as well. "I know this is going to sound weird and unbelievable but I have absolutely no idea what is going on. For me, its like life here just started yesterday when you woke me up. I have no memories of living here and no memories of anything I have done. Its like waking up from a sixteen year dream and being throw into a place where nothing is as I know it. I...I don't think I'm YOUR Naruto. I have always been known as Naruto Uzumaki, not Naruto Namikaze. I know all of the people but everything is different." Naruto said and looked down.

Kushina was shocked by what Naruto had said. She lifted Naruto's chin and looked into his eyes and then smiled. "You are my Naruto just...different. The boy who you were...nothing he did matters but what you do now does. No matter what anyone say, even if its your father, I will always see you as my precious little boy, as my Naru-chan." Kushina said with a smile on her face.

Naruto smiled back at her and tried to stand up. "Ouch, I'm still not used to this weak body. To think, I used to have chakra reserves that would make a kage drool and now I only have low jonin level and I can hardly move in this body without using chakra to enhance it." Naruto complained. He sent chakra through his whole body and started walking around the room, testing his muscles to get used to his body. "So whats with my "buying" Hinata? Last that I knew she was the heir of the Hyuuga clan and basically the princess of Konoha." Naruto asked his mother.

Kushina sighed. "Well, she wasn't very strong in Hiashi's eyes and since he had another daughter so he sold Hinata off and let his younger daughter, Hanabi, become the clan heir. She had so much potential but was too shy to become better. When you first see her, she will be expecting you to want her to do certain...acts. You have a very bad reputation that is completely the opposite from how YOU are. People think that you are an arrogant clan heir that cares little about women for more than well...pleasure and baby-making." Kushina said.

Naruto was furious. The him that was here was a monster, if that was what he would have become with parents and not having the Kyuubi then he was glad he grew up the way he did. "I guess I'm going to burst her bubble, ne? There is no way I would make anyone do...that...unless I was in a relationship with them and I knew that she was alright with it. I know it might be cruel but I can't wait to see her face when she realizes that I am nothing like everyone thinks I am." Naruto gave a sly grin.

Kushina laughed a bit. Her son was just like she was when she was younger, a prankster. She was happy that Naruto was different than he used to be and looked forward to what he would become. She left him and went to her room.

Naruto watched his mother leave and went up to his own room to sleep.

The next day Naruto woke with a start to the sound of chaos. He quickly looked outside his window to see the that villagers were running in the streets with looks of horror and fear. He quickly got dressed in a pair of khaki pants, a black sleeveless shirt, and a red chunin vest. He tried to run of the house but found that there was a barrier around the house keeping him from leaving and keeping anything from coming in. He headed back into the house and grabbed a calligraphy brush and chakra infused ink. He put several symbols on a blank seal tag to allow him in and out as he needed.

He got to where he was hearing the sounds of battle and saw several black skeletons surrounding the recently dead bodies. A stream of blue energy was flowing from each body and into the black skeletons. The skeletons' bones started glowing and they all started to gain several "meaty" parts. They appeared to be human but were lacking skin and did not have eyeballs, only a red glow in each eye socket.

Naruto almost gagged at the sight but held it in and grabbed a few kunai and put a exploding tag on each of them. He ran up the nearest wall and onto the roofs. He threw the five kunai at the skeletons but even after the tags exploded the skeletons were still there. Naruto cursed. "Damn, they just absorbed the chakra from the seal. Wait, when they absorbed the chakra from those bodies, they changed and became stronger. If I was to use a similar seal like the one that absorbed Madara's chakra and the Juubi's youkai then I might be able to stop these...things." Naruto said to himself.

He took out ten blank fuuinjutsu tags and drew the Kyuuin seal on each of them. He had based it off the original absorption seal that Pein had used on the body that fought Jiraiya and advanced it so that it could even be used on a normal fuuinjutsu tag. He attached the ten new Kyuuin tags to another ten kunai and threw each straight into the "meat" of the skeletons. The seal activated and all of the chakra that each of the skeletons had stolen was absorbed into the tags. The skeletons started to fall apart and turn into dust.

"Good, now I know how to beat these things. They depend on chakra to survive and without it they turn to dust." Naruto said and started drawing as many Kyuuin tags as he could since he didn't know how many there were.

Naruto headed for the screams and shouts and found many of the ninja and his mother and father fighting the skeleton. He got over to his father and stabbed the skeleton he was fighting with one of the tagged kunai and the skeleton turned to dust. "I've found a way to destroy them but I need them to be cornered into one area so that I can get them all. Do you think that you can do that, dad?" Naruto said as he pulled the kunai back.

Minato looked at what his son had done that no one else had been able to do since skeletons...showed up in the village. He gave a proud smile and nodded. "Ninja of Konoha, lets get these abominations into a corner. We have a way to destroy them." The Ninjas gave a shout of acknowledgment at his words and corralled them into a corner.

Naruto started throwing his tagged kunai all around the skeletons in a circle. "Tajuu Kyuuin, Fuuin!" Naruto shouted and all of the tags resonated with each other and started to pull the chakra from the "meaty" skeletons. Naruto kept his hands in the ram seal as he continued the sealing. It took several minutes but all of the skeletons were turned to dust.

The ninja cheered in victory as all of the skeletons disappeared but Naruto fell unconscious because of using so much chakra to seal the large mass of skeletons.


And there is the first chapter for this new story. Naruto may have been very strong in his old world but now he is much weaker and has a lot less chakra. He has an amazing level of chakra control though.

Hakke: Rokujuuyonsho - Eight Divination Signs: Sixty-Four Palms

Ninpo: Tate (shield) - C to B rank - (sealless, requires mid chunin control) - Using chakra control, the user can create two small oval shields of chakra along the bottoms of his arms or a single large circular shield in front of him.

Ninpo: Yari (spear) - B rank - (sealless, requires low chunin chakra control) - Using chakra control, the user focuses chakra into a contained rod that can pierce flesh, rock, wood. The "spear" will stay sustained until the user releases it.

Kage bushin - Shadow clone

Fuuinjutsu: Kyuuin - Sealing technique: Absorption seal

Tajuu Kyuuin - Mass absorption seal

Katon, Fuuton konbi: Hi arashi - Fire release, wind release combo: Fire storm

Fuuin - seal

Shippuu - gale

Ninpo: Tate and Ninpo: Yari are two of my original jutsu.