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As the light shined in through the window, Naruto slowly opened his eyes as pain coursed through his body. 'Damn...I didn't think it would hurt this much after using those seals.' As he looked around the room, he could tell that it was a hospital. He slowly pushed himself up and glanced around the room until his eyes settled on the sleeping form of his mother in a chair beside is hospital bed and even had brought him new clothes and put them on the table by his bed. A small smile graced his lips. 'So this is what it feels like to have someone that cares about you, to have a parent.' Naruto looked under his blanket and saw that he was in his boxers and a black t-shirt. He got out of the bed and put his blanket over Kushina to keep her warm. "Thank you, kaa-san. Thank you for watching over me." He got dressed in a pair of black shinobi pants and his black sandals that his mother must have brought from home. He wrote a small note by his hospital bed and then slipped out the window and walked down the wall.

Naruto walked down the streets of Konoha noticing the unusual looks he was getting from the different villagers and ninja, some with looks of disgust but others had looks of confusion like he was some mysterious puzzle that couldn't be solved. Naruto shook his head, the person that these people had known was gone for good because this was his new chance and he wasn't going to blow it. He eventually ignored all of the looks as his mind turned to a problem that his body was having due to the limited amount of chakra and total lack of youki in his system as well as the unsatisfactory work on his muscles and other aspects of his body. 'Hmm, I have hardly enough chakra to do any jutsu but I do have plenty of control for the jutsu that I can do. Maybe if I was to work around with the Kyuuin seal...that just might work.'

Naruto headed into the shinobi sector of Konoha and stopped as he reached his destination and walked into the store. "Welcome to Higarashi Supplies...oh, its you Honorable Son." Naruto could hear the subtle sarcasm in the voice of the girl he had once called a friend.

'Damn, does everyone hate me so much? Back when I held the Kyuubi I at least knew why I was hated for most of the time or at least had a hint. It hurts even more knowing that Tenten, someone who was a close friend before, is the one that is using that fake voice.' Tenten had become a close friend before everything had gone to hell and had been like an older sister to him and had even given him help in his training from time to time. "Hello Higarashi-san. I was hoping I could get a pair of black fingerless gloves, a first and second level sealing kit, ten soldier pills, and two small blank sealing scrolls."

She gave him a skeptical gaze as she grabbed the items that Naruto asked for and rang up the total price. "That will be 16,000 yen for everything." Naruto paid the money and left the store, Tenten watching him leave with a look of utter confusion on her face.

Naruto reached the Namikaze compound not long after getting his supplies and walked up to his room, ignoring the looks his father gave him as he rushed into the compound. He set his new pair of fingerless gloves on his table with the palm down and opened the ink wells from the two sealing kits and placed them next to the gloves. Opening up the two sealing kits, he laid out the items from each of them and listed them off on a piece of scrap paper on the desk.

Sealing items:

2 wells of chakra conductive ink

1 large ink well (empty)

3 etching tools (1 needle-tipped, 1 penetrating needle-tipped, 1 knife-tipped)

8 calligraphy brushes of varying size and thickness

20 sealing tags (blank)

10 sealing cards (blank)

1 Book of Novice Level Seals

1 Scroll of Tips to Improve a Seal's Power and Effectiveness

Naruto grabbed a senbon from off the desk and used the Katon: Kashou no jutsu on his index and middle fingers on his right hand and heated the senbon from one tip to the middle until it gained a red glow to show that it was to the temperature that would destroy any bacteria and sterilize it. He poured the ink from the two filled wells into the large empty well. Picking up two of the soldier pills that he had bought earlier and crushed them, letting the powder pour into the well and used the sterilized senbon to let his own blood pour into the well with the powder and ink. Naruto sat down in the chair by his desk and put his hands into the hitsuji (ram) seal to call on his chakra and then a tendril flowed into the well and saturated the ink with his own chakra and causing the ink, powder, and blood to completely mix into one substance.

Naruto decided to leave the ink alone for now to allow it to settle so that it could be used properly. He grabbed two more soldier pills and uses the needle-tipped etching tool to carve a Yuugou (fusion) seal onto each of them. He then takes two crystal orbs that he had found in his room and used the same needle-tipped etching tool to carve the Yuugou seal into the them to fuse the soldier pill with the crystal to turn it into a rechargeable chakra battery, or at least it would be after it was linked to a Kyuuin seal that would be put on the gloves later.

He grabbed the second needle-tipped etching tool and channeled chakra into it to carve a seal matrix inside the crystal with the Kyuuin, Henkan, Kakeru, and Jomei (absorption, conversion, multiply, and expulsion) seals as well as a Heisetsu (link) seal embedded in the matrix so that it would connect to a second matrix that would be on the palms of the gloves once the ink had settled enough to be used. Naruto focused Iryou (medical) chakra into his wound and watched as it healed with an almost unnoticeable small scar as he walked away from his desk.

Naruto walked over to the part of his room that he had noticed weapons scattered around after he came home from fighting Neji. He saw that all of the weapons were mixed in drawers and boxes with no sealing scrolls in view. He looked at the kunai that were in the boxes and saw that they looked good but were only good for decoration and found that more than half of the weapons were not suited to actually be used. Sorting through all of the weapons one-by-one proved to be a time consuming task that, by the end of the hour wait he was giving the ink to settle, he had only finished sorting nearly half of them. Gathering the ones that could actually be used, Naruto grabbed a brush with a medium sized tip and applied containment seals for senbon, kunai, and shuriken to one of his blank scrolls that he had gotten earlier while he applied a single containment seal on the same scroll for the weapons that he would be selling at a later date.

Naruto slipped the scroll into one of the back pockets of his pants. He looked around the room until something caught his eye, something was sticking out from behind a bookcase near his door. The bookcase was nearly bare with a few books that were covers for collections of perverted pictures (Think of the hardcovers of books only they are used to cover over the soft covers of manga-like porn books) so it was easy to move. Once the bookcase was moved, he saw that it was a boken.

After removing what looked like years of dust, he was in awe by how beautiful it looked as it was handcrafted from a light brown wood that seemed to react to his chakra. He studied it closer and noticed the whirlpool mark on the pommel and noticed it as the Uzumaki clan symbol, his mother had made this for him. A single tear ran down his cheek in appreciation for the love that his mother obviously had for him even though, from what he could gather about his "former self", he hadn't been the greatest son over the years. This was one thing that he was going to change, he wasn't going to take his parents for granted like his other self had. Tonight, he was going to explain things to his mother. Naruto knew that he could trust her but his father...he didn't know what to think of him.

- A Second Chance at Living -

[A few hours later]

Naruto walked down the stairs after finishing the seals and taking a nap to find that his mother was crying in the living room while his father slept on the couch without a care in the world. Naruto may not have known what had happened but he walk over to the chair that Kushina was sitting in and wrapped his arms around her in a hug. "Kaa-san, are you okay?"

Kushina turned around to see Naruto and smiled despite her red, puffy eyes that suggested she had been crying for a while. "Its nothing, Naru-chan. Everything is just fine."

The tone of false happiness was easily picked up by Naruto having done the same himself back before he started to grow up when Jiraiya became his teacher. "Kushina Uzumaki, you are going to go to my room and we will talk about this, young lady."

The combination of the false stern voice and the barely contained laughter on Naruto's part were too much for Kushina to not laugh at. "Whatever you say, dad." The smile that Naruto saw on his mother's lips was totally worth it though. The two went upstairs into his room and they both sat down on his bed. Kushina was the first one to speak after a brief silence. "Its your father. For a while now we haven't had the best marriage. After your birth he was happy for a few years but after you turned four, he began to care more about his position in the village than our family. When I came home late after coming back from the hospital...he smacked me. He said that it was bad for the wife of the Hokage and head of the Namikaze clan to be seen out in the village alone and not by his side." Kushina tells him this with a sad look on her face. She had loved Minato so much and now he cared so little for her.

After hearing what had happened, Naruto felt a familiar rage fill his body, one similar to that of the Kyuubi. A pain surged through Naruto's body and a red essence flowed from Kushina's navel area and into Naruto. Slowly, the six whisker marks that Naruto possessed in his previous life and his muscles soon became firm, while he wasn't "ripped" his body was now a bit lean and firm. Kushina was confused and fearful for what was happening to her son. After the pain stopped in Naruto's body, he stood up from the bed and stretched while flexing his muscles to become familiar with the feeling again. "Now that is so much better. Who knew that I just needed a little dose of youki to fix the problems my body was having." A familiar feral grin graced Naruto's lips.

"Naru-chan, whats going on?" A bit of fear on her face and in her voice, not of her son but for her son. She worried what the Kyuubi's youki would do to him and how it might harm him.

Naruto decided that he needed to explain it all. The Kyuubi attack, the sealing of the Kyuubi into him, his life alone, his life as a ninja, his absorbing of the Kyuubi, and his death. He explained everything to her the best that he could. Kushina had believed what Naruto had said that other day about being different but she didn't expect it to be to this extent. Suddenly, everything made more sense such as the change in attitude, his respect, his drive to be a better shinobi, his honor and morals. She pulled Naruto into a hug and cried onto his shoulder at the life that he had once lived. "I'll make sure that things are different for you this time, Naru-chan, I promise."

For the next several weeks, Naruto and Kushina trained together in several areas such as kenjutsu, chakra control exercises, taijutsu, and a few ninjutsu. During these weeks, the two bonded more as mother and son while Minato could care less. During the bonding, Kushina and Naruto exchanged secrets such as Kushina's status as the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki. Under Kushina's guidance, Naruto began to learn kenjutsu using the boken she had hand-carved for him and a form of taijutsu known as Jyuushio (Gentle Tide), a style that she and Hikari Hyuuga had created.

- A Second Chance at Life -

The weeks had turned into two months and the moment that Naruto would be receiving his "property" was slowly approaching. Naruto no longer lived in the Namikaze clan compound as Minato had grown annoyed with him and now lived in a two story home with a basement that was in the Shinobi sector of Konoha. This added to the growing anxious feeling Naruto had been having, wondering how things would go after the first meeting. Any moment now, a Hyuuga representative would be bringing Hinata to his door and Naruto would have to begin to gain Hinata's trust.

A knock at the door pulled Naruto from his thoughts. Naruto went to the door and found Negi there with Hinata...why did she look like she did when she was 12? "Namikaze-sama, I present to you your property, Hinata Nanashi." Neji had a small smirk on his lips, most likely since Naruto hadn't beat the "fate" bullshit out of him this time around, at least not yet. "I will leave you to instruct your property. Farewell." Neji disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

As he watched Neji leave Naruto let out a sigh. 'Note to self: Beat the shit out of Neji next time you have a good chance and get all that bullshit about fate out of him as well as remove that stick from out of his ass.' Naruto looked at Hinata with confusion as he took in her appearance. She looked just like she did when they all graduated back in the Academy with her stature and short hair but how could this be happening. "Greetings Naruto-sama. I am Hinata Nanashi, your personal slave to do whatever is wished of me." Hinata's face was devoid of emotion and she spoke in an almost robotic fashion. That was when Naruto noticed the wrappings around her forehead.

'Those...Those bastards! They must have branded her with that juin jutsu of theirs that they put on Branch members of their clan. Who knows how long it has been since she had it put on her and who knows if it is the only seal on her.' Naruto slipped one of his fuuin gloves on and aims his palm at Hinata. "Sukyan (scan)." A pulse of chakra came from his palm and covered Hinata fully before returning to Naruto and disappearing. Naruto pulled out a scroll from a pocket and sent another pulse of chakra into the seal on the opened scroll. Slowly, several different seal arrays appeared on the scroll. 'They put that many seals on her? Its a miracle she is still alive.' "Hinata, could you tell me what seals have been placed on you to your knowledge?"

Hinata looked back at Naruto with the same emotionless look. "I am sorry, Naruto-sama, but I was ordered to not reveal such information to anyone by the Hyuuga elders."

"Ah, but you are now longer a Hyuuga so you no longer fall under their command. You said you were my slave so that means you follow what I saw above other orders, correct?" Naruto had a slight grin on his lips. The Hyuuga elders had pissed him off and it seemed that they weren't as intelligent as they thought they were. They were immediately but up into the top ten of his Shit List and would be dealt with at a later date.

A look of understanding appeared on Hinata's face. "That is correct, Naruto-sama. I have had the Hyuuga juin jutsu placed on me, a servitude seal, a betrothal seal, and a suicide seal. The juin jutsu prevents any children you honor me to bare incapable of having the Byakugan. The servitude seal makes your word law and keeps me in your service regardless of my feeling towards such. The betrothal seal stops the aging process from the point that it is applied, in my case it was placed when you purchased me three years ago. The suicide seal, despite its name, if for your use should I anger you greatly and can force my death." Hinata finishes explaining in the same tone that one would use to explain the weather.

As Hinata described the seals, Naruto's anger continued to rise before an idea came to him. "Well then, Hinata, I order you to speak and act freely around me and without consequence." The solution was obvious to anyone that understood the theories behind fuuinjutsu. Fuuinjutsu as powerful as a servitude seal could overpower and neutralize the effects of other seals and the seal itself was easy to use to one's advantage in this situation. 'Due to the servitude seal, any order I give will be done and should hopefully counteract several of the orders that the Hyuuga elders had given her.'

It wasn't immediate but the change was evident in her facial expression as it was no longer emotionless, though she tried to not show it. "Understood, Naruto-sama." Hinata no longer had the kind face that Naruto remembered but one of anger, of disgust.

Naruto flinched a little at the venom in that single sentence, he hadn't expected her to hate him this much but he had no idea what kind of interactions she had experienced with his former self. Naruto motioned to her to follow him and lead her into the living room and the two sat down on a couch. "Hinata, I may not know why you are so angry with me, though I may have ideas as to why, but I hope that we can talk now openly and try to resolve things."

A growl actually escaped from Hinata before she stifled it. "Just what are you playing at Naruto-sama?" The words were like daggers to Naruto's heart as they escaped her mouth, what had his previous self done that had caused this? Would thoughts about killing this other self that had existed in this world be considered suicide or homicide?

"I am not playing any game, Hinata. You will find out as we talk that I am not the same person that you or anyone believes me to be. Other than my mother, no one here knows the true me nor do they try to get to know me." It was beginning to really annoy him how badly he was viewed by the people of Konoha. Before he had simply been ignored or overcharged, now everyone looked at him in disgust for a different reason than containing the Kyuubi. He would prove it to the people that he was not the person that they thought he was. He knew it would take a lot of work but he was going to help those that were precious to him and help Hinata with what had happened to her. Though that sent a shiver down his spine. 'What will Kurenai-sensei try to do to me if she sees me...'


Well there is the end of the chapter after a while. Now, in this Naruto has the normal abilities of an Uzumaki along with the Tekiou (Adaption) kekkei genkai I created for some stories.