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Welcome to Yokai High

Naruto was standing outside the gates of Konoha, the shoulder strap of a large bag across his chest and a smaller one in his left hand. Standing beside him was Tsunade, Shizune and Jiraiya. It was still early enough to be late for some of the celebrants stumbling home, or someone else's home. Naruto didn't really care about that, he was used to irregular days and not sleeping enough. Especially the last few weeks.

"Ne, Ero-sennin, where's the transport?" He asked, keeping his voice low.

The spymaster didn't move while answering, his eyes focused on the road stretching away from Konoha." Just be patient. It will be here."

Naruto grunted in response, his face betraying little of his thoughts. To tell the truth, he was much too tired to think or feel very much, the turmoil of the latest events having wrung even him dry, and if it wasn't for the fact that he kept being disturbed, he'd probably been sleeping for the last two days or so.

A little while later, as the first rays of the sun broke through to signal the start of a new day, a noise was heard from down the road. Then a weird contraption was coming up the road towards them. Naruto was unsure of what to think. It was big, yellow, and had what he assumed were wheels, just not in a material he could recognize. The rest of the thing that Jiraiya referred to as a "bus" seemed to consist of metal and windows, its interior hollow as far as he could see.

"When you think you've seen it all." Tsunade muttered, obviously as surprised as Naruto was at the strange piece of machinery.

"I guess this is it." Shizune said, before stepping up to Naruto and giving him a hug." Take care now, and make some friends. You deserve better than you have been getting here."

"Thanks Shizune-chan."

"I'll be expecting you to work hard over there, gaki. Akatsuki will be tough enough to crack without you getting soft. And stay safe. If you manage to die I'll find you, revive you and kill you myself. Understood?"

"Yeah, love you too oba-chan." Was Naruto's reply, as he hugged the current Hokage.

"Well use the toads to send messages and such, although it won't happen often. Try to get some good photos for my resear-"Jiraiya was interrupted by Tsunade's fist crashing down on the top of his head." Err, be good."

"Damn it pervert, can you please not get killed by oba-chan while I'm gone?" Naruto hugged his latest sensei, and then took a few steps backwards. A few more words were exchanged as their eyes found each other, feelings that couldn't bear saying shown in the mirror of their souls. Then the yellow monstrosity had arrived, and the door opened accompanied by a hiss of hydraulics.

"Well, I guess I'll hear from you soon then. Oh, and Jiraiya has drilled a hole in the fence at the onsen, might wanna do something about that. Bye." Naruto quickly turned around and stepped through the door, nodded at the weird man dressed in a strange uniform and went to find a seat. As he settled down and the bus started to move, the door having closed almost immediately, he could see Tsunade and Shizune waving at him, while Jiraiya lay knocked out on the ground. He managed a smile and waved back, wondering if he'd ever see them again.

As the bus began moving in earnest he sat back, looked out the window and thought about the last few, insane weeks.

"Well dobe, I think I'm going to show you just how large the difference between us really is." With that, Sasuke stared him in the eye, and suddenly he was standing outside the Kyuubi's cage. He felt disorientated, never having been forced to this place before. Then Sasuke was standing next to him.

"He, what's this? A seal huh? You've been keeping things from us, haven't you dead-last?" Sasuke stepped closer to the bars, Naruto unable to move or even talk. He couldn't warn Sasuke away from the gates, or the claws that should be shooting forth any second now. Yet nothing happened.

Now Sasuke was within arm's reach of the seal, yet the Kyuubi did nothing."I wonder what would happen if I opened this, maybe you would be a bit more of a challenge, hum?"The Uchiha looked at him over his shoulder and smirked."You really shouldn't be keeping things from your team mates you know, although I always did wonder at how quickly you gained power, this thing explains it. This seal must give you even greater power than my own, yet most of it is held back, am I right? Of course I am. I am the genius of us two after all." Thankfully Naruto couldn't say exactly what he was thinking at that comment, as it might have shocked the young prodigy to hear language that foul.

Sasuke stared at him for a few moments, that annoying smirk never leaving his face."Well, I'm tired of you following me everywhere. Let's see if you become worthy of fighting me with all your power released." And then, much like removing a band aid, he pulled the seal from the gate.

And then all hell, literally, broke loose.

Naruto jumped a bit, dragging his mind off the unpleasant memories. The bus seemed to be surrounded by a strange energy, blacks and purples swirling around it. He stared at the strange phenomenon, unsure as to just what he thought about it. On instinct, he pushed carefully with his newfound senses, hitting a strong shield just outside the bus. There was a field of sorts surrounding the metal contraption, most likely keeping the vortex of power from ripping it and its passengers apart.

"Yo kid, you better not mess with that thing." The eerie man who seemed to operate the bus called back to him, before looking back over his shoulder and grinning evilly at him."Something bad might happen if you do."

Naruto quickly withdrew his senses to where they belonged. Then the bus was hurtling down blackness, although the light far up front suggested that they were heading down a tunnel. He absently felt a brief burst of satisfaction, as the light kept growing, eventually illuminating the walls of the tunnel they were indeed travelling through.

And then they were through, and Naruto's eyes had to adapt to the change of brightness. This wasn't much of a difference. The sun seemed to be rather bleak and the sky was overcast. It actually looked like a storm could break at any minute. The bus slowed down, stopping next to a weird looking sign, the kanji for yokai written on it. He grabbed his bags and walked up to the front.

"End of the line sonny, I'd warn you that this place is scaaarry, but I guess you don't need it. Good luck and try not to die. Now off you go." With that, the door opened with a hiss, and he got off after a nod to the driver.

He looked around. In the distance he could see some buildings, which he presumed was the school. They looked run down, and weren't build in a style he recognized. The school was built up near a tall cliff, which fell away into what he believed to be an ocean. To his dismay, he noticed that most of the terrain was made up of sterile rock, and the few trees he could see were small and possibly dead, no leaves on any of those he could see. For some reason there were also some skulls strewn around. They didn't look human, but most didn't resemble any animal skulls he'd seen either. He could handle that.

The ocean was a different matter. He'd never seen water the color of recently spilled blood. He stared at it for a while. When it didn't seem to behave differently from normal water, he took a step forward, only to have lightning dance across the sky, a peal of thunder ripping apart the silence just afterwards.

Okay, now he was getting just a bit freaked out. Then he felt a presence behind him. Whipping out a kunai he turned around, only to come face to face with a man wearing white robes. He wasn't certain, because he hadn't really examined the driver that closely, but this man sort of looked the same. Especially the eyes.

"Ah, you must be Naruto-kun. Please, there is no need for weapons. I am the headmaster of this school. Welcome." The man's voice was just as eerie as the rest of him, and also reminded him of the bus driver.

"You're good, I didn't feel you approaching." Naruto replied, before returning the kunai to its hiding place.

"Ah, the result of a wasted youth and a hostile world. I'm glad that you're already dressed in the school uniform, but I think that headband has to go. You're supposed to hide what species you are here. As you have some powers, and a bonded daemon to boot, I think you'd be safe from any school police inquiries, but the rules are, after all, the rules." The man smiled, a bit too wide for comfort, and then gestured towards the buildings."Shall we go? I'll show you to your room so you can leave your luggage, and then I'll escort you to your first lesson. After that, you will be mostly on your own. Surviving your education is part of the curriculum, so I suggest you find some allies fast."

At Naruto's nod, they set off. The headmaster told him how this school for monsters worked, some of the rules that applied and a bit about how the world of monsters functioned in general. While they walked, Naruto routinely scanned his surroundings. There was a little bit of green here and there, but mostly the plant life seemed dead. As they drew nearer to the school, he noticed that there were also stones of various designs thrust into the ground like out of place teeth, not one of them standing up straight. "What are those?"

"Those are headstones, placed to mark the site of a grave. We mostly keep them around for their aesthetical value." The reply made Naruto swallow. He'd expected the place to be different, but the idea that monsters would be, well, monstrous, hadn't really sunk in just yet.

'Great, a school full of Gaaras and Zabuzas. If I ever get my hands on Jiraiya, I'll make him regret this.'

After that, neither said anything until they entered the dorm building. "I understand that you have only recently been bonded to your daemon, and that the process was accidental. Therefore, I will have a specialist give you some tutoring this week in the evening in addition to the training you will recieve in your special lessons time. You will also be provided with some literature on the subject. Ah, here is your room." He took out a key, unlocked the door, and then handed it over to Naruto. "Just put the bags inside for now."

After dumping his stuff in a room as cozy as his old apartment, just smaller, they left the rundown looking building and headed towards the school. He was a bit surprised at the condition of his dorm. On the outside it looked barely worthy of habitation, but the inside had actually been quite nice. The headmaster decided to interrupt his thoughts at this point."Here, take this bracelet. I want you to wear it at all times. It will limit the power of your daemon, and in extension, the possibility of detecting it and you. Try it on."Naruto did as requested."Yes, very good, I cannot detect anything. I think you will have to wear it around your neck however, it is too big to have hanging from your arm. I'll write out a permission slip so you won't need to wear a tie. Now, the important part of that thing is the Rosario hanging at the end. If you remove it from the chain, the effect is reduced, and the further away it is, the less the effect will be. However, as you are able to use your own abilities, I hope that it will not be necessary."

"What about manifestation?"

"That won't be a problem, although your daemon won't have much in the way of strength or abilities, unless you remove the Rosario. The daemon is after all bonded directly to you."

By now they had reached the school, and Naruto decided that questions could wait until later. He did as he had been trained, memorizing the layout of the main building, noting possible escape routes and the like. Tsunade had made it abundantly clear that, although she expected him home in one piece, these three years of weirdness were to be considered a mission. Which possibly included written reports, something he detested and rated as slightly less enjoyable than scrubbing lavatories.

Soon they had reached their destination, and the headmaster turned to him just outside the door. "Now then, this will be your classroom for the rest of the year. Remember that I will be willing to answer your questions, but also that I am a busy man. I expect you to only come to me in an emergency. I think that will be all for now, go in and good luck." Then the strange man turned around and walked away.

Naruto looked at the door, took a breath and knocked. When a voice from inside answered, he pulled the door to the side and entered.

"Ah, welcome! Everybody, this is a transfer student who will be with us for the rest of the year. Please introduce yourself." The teacher speaking was a ditzy looking woman, probably around thirty years old and with a hairdo that made her look like a cat. The tail moving back and forth only enhanced the image.

"Yes sensei." He answered, walking into the classroom and turning towards the class."I am Uzumaki Naruto. It is a pleasure to meet you all." A few seconds passed, as he felt scrutinizing looks pass over him, judging and measuring. He turned to his teacher."Will that be all?" He got the sense that everyone was suddenly staring even harder, as if he was something they couldn't really classify. The he realized that he was sounding a bit like Gaara on a bad day, and decided to try and change his attitude a bit. Firing off his usual carefree grin, he tacked on an additional sentence. "Sorry, I think I'm more nervous than I thought."

"That's quite alright Naruto-kun. You can take the seat at the back. Tsukune, please take Naruto-kun for a walk around the school after this lesson and make him familiar with the buildings." Then she picked up a plastic folder and handed it to him. "Here, these papers detail your special lessons and access to the literature you'll need in the library."

Deciding that smiling was better than not smiling, he gave her his best grin. "Thanks sensei." Then he walked to the back of the room and sat down at an empty desk, feeling gazes on him the whole way. Sitting down he felt his Rosario slip out from his sleeve, and heard a muted gasp. Quickly turning his head to the left, he saw a girl so pretty it was almost ridiculous. She had pink hair, making him involuntarily think of a person he had hoped would one day be his, and was staring at him, eyes wide.

'Damn, is it legal to be that pretty?' He thought, before quickly turned his gaze towards the folder in his hands. The teacher was going on about "the human world" or some such, and he almost reflexively tuned out the droning. According to the papers, he was supposed to meet his as yet unnamed teacher after school at the entrance to the main building. Further instruction would follow, but he already had a schedule set up for him. He'd be working between one and four hours every school day on the reason for him coming here. He was also expected to join a club, whatever that was, and participate enough to avoid suspicion.

There was also a "burn-after-reading" mission description, detailing him to be prepared to aid the headmaster in keeping the peace in general as well as possibly be given specific tasks. It seemed that he wouldn't be getting much spare time. Thankfully Jiraiya had told him about one of the special properties of his kage bunshin, so he should be able to keep his studying up to par.

Then the school bell rang, and the boy, Tsukune, walked over to him. Surprisingly, the pink haired girl came with him. The boy didn't look like much, and something seemed a bit different compared to the others, although he couldn't say why. For starters he seemed quite nervous. Naruto idly wondered just what he really was, when the boy started to introduce himself. "Hello, I am Aono Tsukune." He said with a small bow, and the girl picked up. "And I am Akashiya Moka. A pleasure to meet you." She bowed slightly as well.

"Uzumaki Naruto, just call me Naruto." He said, standing up and giving them a nod. "Will you be joining us on the tour, Moka-chan?" He added, grinning like he usually did.

"Um, no, I'll have to go to the next class. I'll see you later. You too, Tsukune."

"Of course, Moka-san. Shall we head out then, Naruto-san?"

Tsukune and Naruto spent the next hour or so going through the various school buildings. By the time they were done with the tour, it was time for lunch. Tsukune invited him to join him and Moka outside. Naruto said he'd come by once he'd scrounged up something to eat, and set off for the dorms. As soon as he felt it reasonably safe, he set off at speed, not wanting to miss the chance at making some friends right off the bat.

He was in and out of his room in a few minutes, unsealing a ration pack, not being sure just how he'd heat up his instant ramen, and also bringing a field flask of water. Heading back, he was almost at the school when he thought he heard a voice calling for help. Slowing down to what he thought of as "civilian speed", he walked around a corner and saw a girl kneeling near a thrash burner. She had the uniform skirt, but instead of a jacket, she was wearing a yellow sweater. Still a bit cautious, he walked up to her. "Oi, you okay?"

She looked up, and he suddenly felt his brain shut down. She was pretty, comparable to Moka, and was standing on her hands and knees, one arm just under an impressive bust. He wasn't quite sure what to make of her hair, which was a light blue, but it went well with the heavy blush she currently had adorning her face. Her eyes were also unusual, a deep shade of purple. A mental slap to the back of his head got him thinking again, and he reached out a hand, grinning. "I'm Uzumaki Naruto, want a hand?"

She looked taken aback, and for a second he thought she looked disappointed. Then she was all grateful cute girl, and he decided that he must have imagined things. "Oh, thank you." She said, breathing hard as she took his hand. "I'm sorry…to trouble you…but if you could…help me to the infirmary, I would be grateful."

"Sure thing, lean on me, and if you need it I'll carry you."

"Thank you, that's very kind." Her breathing had gotten better, and Naruto noticed that a rather prominent part of the girl had somehow gotten intimate with his left arm. "I'm afraid it's my chest that's causing all the trouble, sometimes I really feel like it could just burst, it's so tight." Saying that, she somehow managed to sandwich his arm between her breasts, giving Naruto all sorts of pleasant problems. Like trying not to drool.

"Aha, I see." He replied, looking away and trying not to blush. "That must be hard on you, getting dizzy all the time." Then he wondered just where that comment had come from.

"As long as there are nice boys like you to help me, I'll be alright. Sorry, but could you look into my eyes?"

"Sure." He replied, and did just that.

"My name is Kurono Kurumu, do you think you could be my friend?"

Naruto suddenly felt dizzy, and then the feeling passed, making him wonder just what was going on with him. "Um, sure, no prob Kurumu-chan." He paused and scratched his head in embarrassment. "After all, who would say no to being friends with such a cute girl?" Again with the weird comments. 'I think me and Kyuubi no troublemaker need to have a little talk.' He thought to himself.

When he looked at his new friend she seemed to be staring at him, confusion evident on her face. And then she blushed again and looked at the ground. "Do you really think I'm cute Naruto-kun?"

"Oh, definitely." He smiled, seeing that she didn't seem to think badly of him complementing him. "There aren't many girls back home that can compete with you."

She seemed to mull this over as they walked towards the main building. When they drew near, he spotted Tsukune and Moka sitting at a bench near the entrance. "Yo, Tsukune, Moka-chan!" He yelled waving his free arm. When they waved in response, Kurumu got tense.

"Do you know them?"

"Yup, They're in my class, I was just heading back to eat lunch with them when I found you."

"Oh, I see." She stepped away from him. "Thank you for the help Naruto, but I'll be fine from here."

"Huh? Are you sure Kurumu-chan?"

"Yes. Go and eat lunch, I don't want to be the cause of you missing a meal. I'll see you around." With that, she headed off at speed for the entrance to the main building, leaving a confused Naruto behind.

'Was it something I said?'

The rest of the day passed quickly. He had P.E. in the afternoon, before finishing for the day. He made another friend during that lesson, Shirayuki Mizore. Or maybe a new rival was a better description, as they ended up on different teams for a game of dodgeball. In the end, it was him against Mizore, but although she certainly tried her best, he managed to nab her in the leg, throwing for the first time with both hands. The fact that he threw three balls seemed to stun his classmates.

As his classmates cheered from the sidelines, something new and enjoyable in itself, he still made certain to thank his opponent, complimenting her on being able to stay out of his sight for so long, yet still take out most of his own team. She smiled, a light blush on her cheeks. Then she stared at him for a fair bit longer than he was entirely comfortable with, before taking his proffered hand and introducing herself. He told her his name and expressed a hope that they might be friends. She seemed surprised at the idea, staring once again, before nodding and saying that it would be interesting to play him.

Naruto wasn't sure if she was speaking dialect or not, but something in the way she said the last part made him wonder if she had a hidden meaning. A part of him thought that it was about time he started to catch on to the signals that some females sent his way. He didn't comment, heading for the changing room to shower and get ready for the extra-curricular activity.

He arrived at the school entrance with a few minutes to spare. As far as he could tell, there were only students there, changing shoes before heading back to their dorms or to club activities. He did get the feeling that he was being watched, so he made a show of switching shoes, walking outside and turning a corner. He immediately created a shadow clone, ordering it to head to the dorm and start studying. They apparently had to learn another language here, and they also had his old nemesis, the only evil greater than Orochimaru with a new batch of young boys in his dungeon. Math.

Unfortunately, there was a large crowd of students heading out after his bunshin, so after waiting a few more minutes, he snuck back inside, doing his best not to draw notice to himself. This time the feeling of prying eyes wasn't there, so he waited for his new sensei to show up.

"Are all Konoha shinobi this lax?" Naruto barely got the kunai up in time, blocking the sword heading for his shoulder. Then he did a quick suiton jutsu, spitting a thin stream of water on the floor, which ricocheted up at his opponent. As soon as he felt the pressure relax, he moved and put his opponent to the fore.

Before him stood a man dressed in a white suit, a katana over his shoulder and water dripping from his face. He wiped himself slowly with his left hand, a dark red napkin absorbing most of the moisture. "Not bad, but I'll be expecting more from you soon."

"Real cute, do you have a name or am I gonna have to beat it out of you? And where are you from anyway."

"Name's Aoyama Toshi, I'm a demon exterminator, basically human with a few extra abilities. I'm also going to try to help you get your daemon under control."

"It is very much under control, it's just that neither of us really know what being "bonded" as you call it means."

Toshi smiled. "Well then, that should make things easier. See we almost never have to fight demons bonded to a human, more often they've melded to an object, like my sword here. And seeing as how you have one of the higher ups, a live daemon of the tailed families no less, I expect that there will be a lot for both of us to learn."

"Wait, you're not bonded?"

Toshi jerked his head slightly, and then looked at Naruto again. "We better move this conversation elsewhere. There is a chamber in the basement that's been prepared for us. Let's go."

Naruto followed the man, noticing as they rounded the corner that someone had just reached the locker area. Apparently the man had some skills besides waving a sword around and dressing snappy. He just hoped that they would be able to make some headway with the bond.

Naruto stumbled into his room just after eight in the evening. His clone had apparently finished the day's homework, so he dispelled it as soon as he'd gotten his back on the floor. The memories flooded his mind for a short while. Then he got up, rolled out the futon stashed in his room and started to unpack. After an hour he'd gotten everything in place, scrolls hidden behind a genjutsu seal and some sensitive things hidden away in a panel in the wall. He'd also sent a clone to make some instant ramen. Now he had nothing to do it seemed. He knew that he still had to set up a training area somewhere near the dorms, but he'd gotten specific instructions.

If oba-chan came to visit, he'd better not be too tired, or else.

So instead he laid down on top of the futon again, covering his eyes with an arm. It had been a long day, with many new and unexpected things happening. He soon touched upon his first lesson with Toshi-sensei, and that sent his mind hurtling back to that incident at the Valley at the End.

When Sasuke destroyed a seal that had cost hundreds of lives to create, nothing happened for almost a minute. Then, as Sasuke looked at him, face scrounged up in annoyance, something huge lunged at him. Huge, bladder-emptying eyes seemed to shout with triumph, as the Kyuubi crashed through the gates that had held it for so long. Sasuke never stood a chance, his looking in the wrong direction being what the cunning fox had waited for. There was no blood or such, Sasuke simply disappeared.

Then Naruto was back outside, and his mind was free to move his body. Apparently, that also went for the huge orange-red shape that was manifesting a few feet to his right. Naruto looked up, and up and further up still. Shukaku had been big, but this thing dwarfed it. As the Kyuubi once more took shape in the mortal world, a tidal wave of killing intent and excess chakra rolled from its body.

Sasuke, who had been laying in a twitching heap, shakily stood up. "What the hell is that thing?! Why were you given such power?" The Kyuubi roared again, and swung a mighty paw at the genius shinobi, who was utterly unable to dodge the swipe. He made a crater in the rocky wall nearly a feet deep.

Naruto, who had barely had time to do anything, suddenly realized the current tactical situation. So far the Kyuubi hadn't touched him, focusing its attention on Sasuke. He quickly moved to shield his teammate, facing down the mightiest of tailed beasts holding only a kunai. He realized, standing there, that he barely had enough chakra left to turn his hair red, much less form any offensive jutsu. He also noticed that his body was drained, his legs suddenly shaking and his sight growing dim.

'Oh man, someone should be here to witness the bravest and most stupid act in all of shinobi history.'

The Kyuubi lowered its gaze, staring its former host in the eyes. "Move aside Uzumaki, I only want the Uchiha." Its voice was dripping with malice and the promise of a death so painful it would almost be coming back from the other side as pleasure.

Afterwards, he'd never understand just how he found the energy to keep standing, let alone attempt to deny the gigantic daemon its prey. "Up yours, you flea-ridden ball of pus. He's my friend and I ain't moving for nothing."

"Why? He's a traitor, he'd kill you as soon as look at you."

"So, take him then, you just have to go through me."

The Kyuubi let loose another roar, splitting the sky. Strangely enough, it seemed that this time its voice was filled with frustration rather than rage. And something else. "I can't, that idiotic little shithead messed with the seal somehow, if I kill you then I will die too."

"Then get back inside me!" He said, more out of spite than any other reason. Strangely, the Kyuubi just looked at him. Then its body started shaking, fighting against a power that Naruto couldn't even begin to comprehend. It suddenly reared up, tails flailing about in a frenzy, and slammed its paws down just centimeters from him.

Then it stilled and lowered its head. With a voice filled with self-loathing and frustration it said something that Naruto would never had expected.

"As you command, master. Please come to your mindscape soon, it seems we have much to discuss."

Then the daemon seemed to fade away, a string of orange from one of the tails latching on to him. He could feel the chakra slide into him, centering at the spot that the seal had covered.

His energy low and stamina exhausted, he slumped to the ground and closed his eyes.

He was back at the cage, the ruined remains hanging uselessly on bent hinges. His mind buzzing with questions, he started walking into the lair of the Kyuubi. It seemed to be empty at first, then he spotted a piece of darkness that seemed to have a different shade of black. "Where are you, you bastard fox? Come out!" He said it loudly, confused and tired beyond the point of caring about his safety.

The darkness moved a bit, and a smaller version of the Kyuubi walked up to him. It was maybe one size bigger than Akamaru. "Here I am, lord. Are you well?"

Naruto wondered if it was possible for his eyes to fall out. "What's happened? You're small, you're talking funny and you're not killing me!"

The daemon sighed. "Aye lord, I beg your pardon, this has not gone as I thought it would. To start with, you and I have been entered into a bonding. To explain it simply, it is very similar to Gaara's relation to Shukaku. There is however, as you may have deducted already, a difference. When I was sealed into you, the man who performed the sealing threatened me, saying that either I swore on my tails to serve you as if you were my lord, if we were ever to be bonded, or he would sever as many tails as he could from me as he was taken by the shinigami. I had forgotten this, and when the foolish Uchiha brat tore the seal, I could only think of the freedom I was soon to gain. Then, as soon as I left you and manifested myself, I found myself held by my geas, or vow. Thus I attacked the Uchiha immediately, hoping to gain some small revenge before the nature of my bondage was made known to you."

The fox sat down. "The reason for us to become bonded is the fact that someone other than yourself removed the seal inside your mind. I myself do not know the why of this, as some secrets are kept by those even more powerful than me. As I am now sworn to your service, I must do what I can to aid you, hence my smaller size. My manner of speaking has also changed, as it would not be seemly to address my liege as I did my container. I am also forced to beg your forgiveness for my way of speaking to you before. If you demand it, I will accept any punishment you deem fit."

Naruto had a funny feeling that the Kyuubi would change its mind soon and devourer him, but it didn't seem right for a being that could be compared to a natural disaster to be playing games with a mortal. "That sounds so bloody weird, I don't even know which part to start being confused about."

"I understand my lord. We will have time to discuss this matter further later. Although time moves slowly out in the real world while you are in here, it doesn't stop. I must ask you one thing before you go back out to rest. Although you may manifest me in the real world, you must be careful of doing so, as it will drain you of your resources quickly. If you are not careful, you may well kill us both."

"Now, please return outside, your sensei will soon arrive to aid you. We will speak as soon as possible, I promise."

Then, the mindscape seemed to blur, and everything went dark.

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