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StarCraft Ghost: Black

-Prologue: Falling into Darkness-

Lying on the surgery table Nova couldn't help but feel nervous, excited and, most of all, happy.

Finally, she thought, the day I've been looking forward to for two and a half years! The day on which my memories will finally be erased and I no longer have the hear the voices of the 424 people whom I either killed or whose deaths I witnessed.

She positioned herself to be more comfortable and while she waited for the procedure to begin her thoughts traveled to her family, who had been murdered three years ago, except for her sister Clara but Nova never found out what had happened to her after Tarsonis fell to the Zerg. Her thoughts traveled further to the people she met in the Gutter, who were all dead by now, either killed by the Zerg or the bombardment of the Protoss and also to Mal, who had spent six months trying to find Nova and who had been sent on a suicide mission by Emperor Mengsk before he had completely healed from his injuries. Lastly her thoughts went to her teammates and friends she made in the Academy: to Tosh, who had been her team leader and criticized her for her lack of teamwork, to Kath, who always said what was on her mind, to Lio, the hab-addicted techno-path, and to Collin, who had the unique ability of astral projection. Nova let out a sigh, she would miss them all...

No, not really. Because, after today, November Annabella Terra will be dead and in her place will be Ghost no. 12-862, code-name Nova, a loyal servant to the Dominion.

The medical staff slowly started filling in the room and Nova said to no one in particular and to everyone she knew at the same time the last words of her old self before darkness enveloped her and she would awaken to her new self.