Chapter 2

I just want you to know that this story takes place about three years after Harry and the rest graduates from Hogwarts. Bellatrix didn't die during the war (obviously) Voldemort is dead though...

And also if this seems like a JJ/Prentiss fic it's not, sorry. I like that pairing but I don't want the focus to be on them in this story, so they're just really good friends:)

Aaron Hotchner ran his hand through his hair, sighing. They were currently using the chiefs office, with him seldom being there. He was going through the case files but so far couldn't find anything that would take them one step closer to solving it. His cell phone rang, distracting him from the disturbing pictures of the crime scene.

"Hotch" he answered with his usual business like tone, and took a sip of his coffee.

"Hello my name is Dr. Holm and I'm calling from River Hospital. I believe we have two of your agents here, Emily Prentiss and Jennifer Jareu. They were in a car accident and are under intensive care at the moment"

Aaron almost choked on his coffee, putting it down on the desk quickly.

"When was this?" Was his first question among many.

"We got the emergency call at 12.30 this afternoon"

"Okay I will be there shortly" He replied and hung up. He stood still for a moment, taking in the conversation before calling out the names of his colleagues.

"Reid! Morgan!" Both of them left their seats and quickly approached their boss.

"What's wrong?" Morgan noticed the worried expression on Aarons face.

"It's JJ and Prentiss, they've been in a car accident" Morgan and Reid looked at each other, their faces alarmed. Aaron began walking out of the office with the others closely behind. He went to talk to head of the department, Inspector Anderson.

"We need someone to take us to River Hospital, immediately. Two of our agents have been in an accident" Anderson tossed his half eaten muffin in the waste basket and whistled loudly.

"O'Connor! Would you drive these three to River, the hospital!" The police officer gave him a sour look. "Please?" Anderson added squinting his eyes in irritation. O'Connor sighed and stepped over to the group of agents, his hands buried deep in his pockets.

"Will they be alright?" Anderson directed his question to Aaron.

"I hope so" he responded and walked away and out of the building.

Emily fluttered her eyes open, before shutting them again to save them from the bright lamp hanging directly above her.

"Emily?" she heard a familiar voice and saw Reid standing next to her bed, a smile plastered on his face.

"Hi" she croaked and felt pain surge through her neck as she spoke. Suddenly the memories came flooding back to her and her eyes widened.

"Is Jennifer okay?" she asked her voice full of concern.

Reid cleared his throat his eyes flickering around the room. Emily felt her heart sink, she began to stammer something incoherent while trying to get out of the bed but Reid held her back shaking his head.

"Oh no no! She's not.." he let go of Emily and dug his hands deep in his pockets, looking nervous. "She's still unconscious but the doctors says she'll be fine... if she wakes up" He swallowed hard before continuing "The others are with her now" He bit his lip, waiting for Emilys reaction. He knew those two were good friends, but he didn't know exactly how close they were.

Emily didn't say anything, she simply let her head fall back slowly onto the pillow and closed her eyes. Her head had taken a lot of damage, she had a concussion and would have pains in her neck for a while. Her right leg was broken but other than that she was fine.

"It's my fault.." she broke the silence after a minute. Reid frowned, not sure if he was following.

"It's always the drivers fault. I wasn't paying attention" she kept talking, her lips barely moving.

"Emily, no it, of course it wasn't your fault" He sat down on the edge of the bed, next to her. Seeing her hand lay on the blanket, he hesitated for a moment then took it in his own. Not being used to such treatment, especially from Reid, she felt her body go tense. 'Oh come on he's just being friendly in his Reid'y way' She thought and relaxed a bit.

"So did you get him?" Emily finally asked the question she'd been saving up.

"Get who?" Reids look of confusion made her feel uneasy.

"The one who ran into me, into our car"

"Oh" Reid tucked a few strands of hair behind his ear. "Uh no, they escaped, or well actually, none of the witnesses remember anything about a car accident, they recognized your car when we described it to them but.." he frowned deeply, lost in his own confusion. 'So they went to the crime scene before coming here' Emily thought not really knowing what to feel about that. How long had she been out?

"It's all very peculiar. This case is.. strange" Reid continued. Just when he finished his loud thinking he felt his cell phone vibrate in his pocket. Dragging it out with small difficulty he answered.

"Reid we've got a big problem" Aarons voice was heard on the other line. "Angelicas gone"

"What do you mean gone?" Reid turned to look at Emily who was sending him questioning looks.

"She's not in the hospital. The doctors have no idea where or when she left"

"Okay, where are you now? Aren't you with JJ?" he asked perplexed by the whole situation.

"We had to leave, we're on our way to the crime scene at the mansion now, you can meet us there"

"Okay" He said and hung up and began to collect his things. Emily wavered her hands in the air, letting him know that she was still there.

"It's Angelica. She's missing" he spoke while putting on his jacket.

"What? She escaped?" Emily didn't think the girl was the kind to escape the police. But then she was no ordinary girl. Sighing, Emily wished there was some super magic that could heal her leg so she didn't have to be stuck at this goddamn hospital.

The moonlight fell on the boy laying on the bed, making his pale features even paler. From afar he looked as though he was sleeping peacefully, but if you watched closer you would see his expression of fear and anger, his lips shaking every so often, his eyes moving back and forth rapidly beneath his eyelids.

A girl. A beautiful girl with long brown hair. They danced together happily. She was just a little girl. They were cousins, his mother had said. She lied. They all lied. They took her, in the middle of the night they took her and turned her into something else. He died, his heart stopped beating and he died. He hated them.

Draco opened his eyes, his vision blurred from tears. He wiped them away and sat up, his clothes all wrinkly. He had worn them for three days now, not bothering to change. He glanced around the small room and saw his bag by the door. He got up to retrieve it, his steps heavy and slow. Taking out a framed picture he studied it carefully. She was dead now. He had loved her more than anything and now she was gone. He had nothing to live for. The room was quiet expect for the sobs erupting from the boy sitting by the door, his once beautiful features now wrecked by pain.

The press conferences were currently held by Hotchner now that JJ was in coma.

They had broadcasted the pictures of the three bodies all over the country and were certain that someone had to recognize them. They had also reported Angelica missing, but knowing she never went outside the house during her servitude nobody out there would know her.

"Let's just hope someone recognizes her" Morgan spoke while digging into his pack of icecream.

Meanwhile, Harry Potter was making dinner a long distance away, while wathing the news on the tv, the reporter speaking about a triple homicide in Suffolk. Harry had insisted on living like muggles, to Ginnys protests. Even though he seldomly watched the various programs on the tv he felt that it was something he had always wanted since he was little when living with the Dursleys.

He was just about to take out the fish from the oven when something caught his eyes. There was no mistake, that long blonde mane even thought it was covering his face Harry recognised him. He ran over to the telly, turning up the volume. His eyes never left the screen during the whole time, watching in fascination at the pictures of the three bodies, two of them which he recognized as Narcissa and Bellatrix.

The reporter was talking about a "mysterious mansion" where they had been found and that the police were practically clueless and had no idea whatsoever as how to go further in the investigation. They were pleading for anyone that had any idea who they were, to step forward. Harry felt his heart beat increase when he thought back to when they had been captured and held prisoners in the cellar. He thought of Draco, and suddenly felt confused. Where was he during all of this? He felt his cell vibrate in his pocket and took it out his hands shaking slightly. The display showed 'Hermione' with small letters.

"Hey 'Mione" he flicked it open and answered, walking away from the tv.

"Did you watch the news?" An excited Hermione was heard on the other line.

"Yeah it's amazing, someone managed to off all of them" Harry spoke, a smile playing on his lips. He could hear Hermione smile on the other end as she answered.

"Someone certainly did the world a favor...I was really surprised though. I thought those three were the only death eaters left"

"What do you mean?" Harry asked confused.

"Well considering the way they were murdered it suggests another person was there. Or do you think they all killed each other? Lucius strangling his wife and Bellatrix taking her revenge on him? But then who killed her?"

"I see your point" Harry admitted and scratched his neck. "And two of them were killed by magic, he doesn't have to be a death eater though" he added.

"No I suppose you're right.. I have to go now.. Ron is almost home from work" she spoke in an almost sad tone. Harry decided he would deal with that later and said goodbye to his friend. Shutting the lid he shoved it back into his pocket. The police station wasn't far from here. He could walk there.

Putting on his jacket and shoes he left the house, leaving a note for Ginny so she wouldn't get worried.

The building wasn't very large with only two floors and no elevator. As soon as he entered he felt people looking at him curiosly, probably wondering what a young boy did at the police station in the middle of the day on a tuesday.

"How can I help you?" The receptionist eyed him up and down, her eyes sleepy.

"Uh, my name is Harry Potter" he began. She began typing on her keyboard. He felt nervous as he continued. "I have some important information about the homicide in Suffolk" The receptionist looked at him for a moment as though he was crazy.

"You better call this number then, not much we can do here about that" She pulled out her drawer and handed him a small business card that said "Inspector Seymore Anderson" on it with wide black letters and a phone number and email underneath it.

"Thanks" he replied, a bit disappointed. He went outside and stared at the card in his hands. If he dialed that number he would have to tell them about the wizarding world. And that was against the rule, telling muggles about their existence. He could just write an anonymous letter he figured and tucked it in his jacket pocket.

But as he kept walking he felt a need to tell them everything he knew. He wanted to be a part of the investigation. 'I want to know where Draco is' Harry had a feeling that he was somehow involved in the murders, even if it was his own family. He didn't think it was Draco who killed them, but perhaps he didn't stop them from being killed either...

Pulling his hood over his head he began to run. When he reached his house he went inside and ran up the stairs. Summoning a bag he began to pack, his clothes, the invisibility cloak, his toothbrush and other necessities.

Using his wand he rewrote the note to Ginny and left in a hurry towards a clearing outside his house. Putting on the invisibility cloak he repeated the word "Suffolk police station" in his mind and apparated. When he opened his eyes he was surprised to see a large building in front of him where it said "POLICE STATION" with big letters. 'Didn't think it would work' He almost chuckled to himself in relief. Glancing around to make sure the street was empty he took off the cloak and stuffed it in his bag. Scurrying over to the front door he felt more nervous than ever.

He knew Ginny would be mad about him doing this, but he couldn't bother himself with that now, lifes could be at stake here. Because Harry was certain that whoever killed Narcissa and Lucius would come after Draco as well, and he wouldn't let that happen no matter how much he disliked him.


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