Chapter Three - Slaves of Death

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The BAU had not found anything new at the mansion to everyones disappointment. There was no trace of the girl at all, not a single hint that she had even existed. Making their way back to the office Hotch found himself more and more agitated to solve the case. He sighed when stepping into the office and sat himself down, his head resting on the chair. He allowed his eyes to rest for a moment when a loud bang awoke him from his near slumber. It had sounded like an explosion. Setting off to where the sound had erupted he pulled out his gun.

Harry swallowed nervously and walked over to the glass doors in the middle of the building and jerked it open. Stepping inside he found himself in a big lounge, a leather sofa to his left with several chairs, an old man occupying one of them. The receptionist was an overweight middleaged man and Harry adjusted his glasses before ambling over to him.

"What can I help you with lad?" The man spoke and looked up from his computer, eyeing him up and down curiously. Harry chose his words carefully before speaking, avoiding any type of misunderstanding.

"My name is Harry Potter. I'm here to see Inspector Anderson" short and concise he kept it. The man whose name was Robert according to his name plate, switched from a curious look to a suspicious one.

"You have an appointment?" He began to scribble down something on a piece of paper and Harry felt his palms going sweaty, he wiped them off on his jeans trying to keep a calm composure.

"No. It's very important, if I could just,-"

"Sorry but he's busy at the moment, fill out this paper and give us your address and phone number and we'll call you back as soon as possible" Robert interrupted him and went back to his computer.

"You don't understand! I have to see him now!" Harry curled his fists into balls, his impatience growing. "It's about those murders, you know in that mansion" Harry leaned forward and lowered his voice at the last sentence. Robert watched him for a moment, he seemed to be deciding whether have him thrown out or let the annoying brat visit him.

"Fine, he's at level three, I'll call him an let 'im know you're coming" Harry nodded and said thanks. Hurrying over to the elevator his thoughts whirling in his head as to whether this was such a good idea after all, he pressed the button and waited for the lift. It was empty and Harry stepped in, his palms once again sweaty. He studied himself in the mirror, his green eyes looking back at him. His hair was messy as usual but instead of trying to flatten it, Harry had accepted the fact that he couldn't tame it, and had added som gel in it instead, giving him a rather youthful but sexy look. His looks wouldn't going to help him in this situation though. The lift stopped and he stepped outside, finding an empty hallway. He found no clue as to where the inspector might be so he simply went to the right, hoping his instincts would guide him. At the end of the corridor was a vending machine, a tall young man stood in front of it, trying to pry his soda can out. He seemed too busy to notice Harry so he kept on going until he reached the last door, which said "Anderson" on it with black letters in cursive.

'Here it goes' Harry knocked on the door three times and waited for the answer.

"Come in" A deep but tired voice allowed him to enter and as he did so he felt alarm clocks ringing in the back of his head. Inspector Anderson was a rather big man, he wasn't fat, he was simply larger than most men, his limbs long and thin. His mustach was neatly combed Harry noticed and his hair (he was going bald) was a mouse brown color. Harry got the feeling that he couldn't trust this man. He stepped forward and began to introduce himself.

"I know I know, please sit down" Anderson gestured towards one of the wooden chairs that didn't look half as comfortable as the one he was seated in himself. Harry sat down, his hands folded in his lap.

"So.. Mr. Potter. Robert told me you hade some information about the homicides here. You can see this as an informal interrogation. No tapes. Now tell me, what do you know?" His small eyes looked into Harrys who suddenly felt very self conscious and cleared his throat. He unfolded his hands and laid them on each side of his thighs.

"I know who they were" He paused, waiting for a reaction. Anderson nodded as though he hadn't expected any less. He urged Harry to go on by nodding at him.

"Did you find Draco?" Harry asked the question he had wanted to ask from the beginning but saw the puzzled expression on the inspector and felt disappointment.

"Draco? Who's Draco?" Harry flinched, not prepared for that question. Surely they must've seen all the pictures and photographs of him in the mansion.

"Their son" he answered, now feeling unsure whether he should stay or not. Anderson looked at him for a moment before he got up from his chair and bolted out of the room. Confused Harry debated whether he should follow him but decided not to. After a minute he came back, his hand occupied by a piece of paper.

"This came with the mail yesterday" He showed it to Harry who saw it was a photograph and as he looked at it he froze, his heart dropping to his stomach. The picture showed Draco Malfoy, laying on the floor, his legs drawn up to his chest. His eyes were covered with bandage. Two dark red splotches was visible near his temples and Harry feared the worst as he took in the image in front of him. His body suddenly moved, he was struggling to get out of his binds. Harry looked at the Inspector, his heart beat increasing. Anderson had noticed it too and was now staring at him in disbelief.

"What is this?" he asked, his voice shaking, Harry didn't know whether it was from fear or anger. Before he had a chance to speak though, a loud blast was heard and Harry felt his body being lifted off the floor and flunged into the wall with brutal force. He heard something crack in his shoulder and saw the bone sticking out. Groaning in pain he tried to sit up and glanced around the office. Anderson was laying in a heap a few metres away from him, his back against the wall. He was bleeding from his forehead but Harry couldn't tell if he was dead or not. The office was a complete mass of destruction, a gigantic hole was gaping at Harry where the wall had been, he could see straight into the building on the other side. The edges of the wall were blackened and smoke erupted from it as though someone had sent a fireblast through it. The desk had cracked in two and pieces of glass were scattered everywhere. Harry heard running footsteps coming towards the door and tried to find his wand. Just as he grabbed it the door was opened and a man stepped in, his gun pointing in the direction of the body laying seemingly lifeless against the wall. Harry breathed in quickly and turned on the spot just before the man looked over at the corner where he had been crouched under the debris. Confused, Aaron Hotchner stepped over to the inspector and felt his pulse. Dead. He sighed and looked again at the spot where Harry had been. He could've sworn he saw someone there when he had bolted inside.

"What happened?" Reid asked standing behind him, he took one look around the room and was equally confused.

"I don't know" Hotch replied and fished up his cellphone from his pocket, flicking it open he called the ambulance for the second time that week. "The culprit can't be far from here" he stepped over the debris on the floor and stood close to where the wall had been, looking out.

"Whoever did this aimed to kill" he spoke, the room now filling up with more people murmuring to one another. Noticing a piece of paper on the floor next to Anderson Hotch stepped over to him and picked it up. The edges had been burned but Hotch could clearly make out a teenage boy, his eyes covered in bandage, blood dripping from his temples and onto the floor. Hotch froze for a moment when he realised the boy in the picture had moved. Stashing the photo in his inner pocket he went back to his team and tried to gather the group of curious people to step out and make room for the medics. A man came rushing towards them, his belly bouncing up and down as he jogged. He took in a shallow breath and saw the room in its state and let out a gasp.

"What happened to the boy? Is he dead?" He cried out, feeling guilty for letting him visit the inspector. Emily looked at him, frowning.

"What boy?" she asked.

"I don't remember his name, Potter something" he spluttered out and rubbed his eyes with his large knuckles, causing the skin to go a deep scarlet. "He had a scar shaped as a lightning bolt on his forehead, rather peculiar if you ask me" He kept speaking.

Reid looked to Hotch who looked at Emily who kept staring at the police officer in front of them. Morgan suddenly came running towards them, clearly annoyed at himself for having missed the whole thing.

"Ey what happened?" his voice sounded through the halls as he came to a halt before them. He had picked the wrong time to visit the bathroom he realised as he encountered the destroyed office and the dead inspector wordlessly, his eyebrows raised.

"I don't know what the hell is going on here, but I'm sure it has something to do with this boy" Hotch spoke and took out the photo from his pocket, showing it to the rest of the team.

"Is that him?" Hotch asked the police officer who shook his head slowly, transfixed by the mysterious picture.

"No the bloke who came in here had pitch black hair, eyes as green as.. something really green" He spoke and started shaking "It's my fault he's dead" he cried out.

"No" Hotch nodded towards the office. "I'm pretty sure he's the one behind this"

Harry couldn't believe his eyes when he turned on the tv next morning and saw his own face, only it didn't look anything like him besides the charcoal black hair and the scar. He had begun wearing eye contacts so you could clearly see the emerald green eyes staring up at whoever was watching. He gaped and almost dropped the tray with breakfast he had made for Ginny. He hadn't told her anything about the homocides, but had simply explained that he needed to go to the bank when being hit by a car. She had taken him to and they had healed him straight away. Harry blinked not taking the eyes off the screen. He was a suspect now? 'This has got to be a bloody joke' he thought and placed the tray on the table next to the sofa. The news reporter called him "a seriously deranged man" and pleaded for everyone to "please be careful if encountering him". Feeling anger rising in him Harry chewed the inside of his lip, trying not to growl in rage.

"Harry? What are you doing?" Ginny called from the bedroom, wondering what was taking him so long.

"Nothing honey" He replied and sat down on the sofa with a soft thud, having forgotten about the breakfast. "Nothing at all.." he whispered and pulled his legs up to his chin, feeling extremely stupid for not having used obliviate on the receptionist when he had the chance.

Shortly after the broadcast Harry felt his cell phone vibrate, seeing 'Hermione' on the display he quickly got up and stepped out on the balcony and away from Ginny. He had waited for her phone call and inhaled deeply before pressing the button.

"Hello Hermione" He tried to sound calm in hope of transferring it to his friend but failed.

"Harry!" Hermione shouted "What on earth have you got yourself into?!" she yelled at him and he could almost see her face in front of him, her eyebrows knitted together, her cheeks pink with frustration.

"Let me explain" He started carefully but was interrupted by her.

"Wait!" She quickly said and hung up. After five seconds she rang back. Harry felt irritated by now and answered with a simple yes.

"Sorry Ron came into the room, I told him I was talking to my mother, he ran off pretty fast" Harry chuckled, the scene displaying clearly in his head.

"So what happened?" she continued. Harry noticed Ginny stepping in to the living room, a questioning look on her face when she saw the tray on the table.

"Uh, I've got to go, I'll stop by your place later" He spoke rapidly.

"But wait you can't be seen Harry!" Hermione cried.

"I've got the cloak remember?" He said and hung up, his mind forming a plausible lie to tell his wife.

Harry stood on the porch outside Hermiones flat, he had decided to take the train instead of apparating, feeling he needed some fresh air. He had changed into a different set of clothes and was wearing a baseball cap, in case someone would recognise him. Ringing on the doorbell, he was greeted by footsteps on the other side of the door. He stood straighter, not wanting to give the slightest impression that he wasn't feeling well. The door was opened and Hermione looked up at him with a smile, letting him in she closed the door behind him and gave him a warm hug.

"I've missed you Harry" she spoke softly into his ear as he hugged her back. After she let go she noticed his unusual attire and snickered, pointing towards the cap.

"What on earth are you wearing?" Her voice sounded extra girly when she said it and Harry felt his cheeks burn. Quickly removing the cap he walked into the kitchen, followed by Hermione who was offering him coffee. Thankful for the change of subject he accepted the offer and sat down in one of the chairs.

"Where's Ron?" He asked, knowing full well where he was.

"At work, with his father. As usual" She replied and poured coffee into a couple of oversized teamugs. Harry watched as the dark liquid made contact with the porcelain and the smoke that came from it reminded him of the explosion at the office, of the burned walls giving off the smell of burnt paper that seemed to reside in his nose. Hermione noticed the change in his expression, his mind drifting off into another place and time, she had seen that look many times on his face.

"Harry, what happened?" She finally asked and took a seat opposite of him, her voice filled with concern.

He told her about the inspector and the attack, explaining the way the wall had been blasted into pieces they both agreed it must've been done by magic. He also told her about the photo of Draco.

"Was there a ransom?" She asked, her eyes widening. Harry shook his head, the same thought had occured to him but Anderson had not mentioned anything about a ransom and there was nothing written on the photograph either.

"I think they're simply trying to say, we've got the boy and there's nothing you can do about it" Harry was convinced that was the sole message of the picture.

Hermione nodded, agreeing with his line of thought.

"So what do we do now?" She asked, already knowing the answer.

"We find Draco" Harry said without a hint of hesitation and gulped down the rest of his coffee.


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