The Alien Job

A transformers/leverage crossover. It will be moved to the crossover section after the third chapter is uploaded.

Takes place after the second transformers film, and during season two of leverage.

Disclaimer: Sadly, I own neither Transformers nor Leverage. The only thing I own in this fic is the plot. I also don't own some direct quotes from Leverage which also feature in this fic. I didn't highlight them or anything because anyone who has watched the series will know which parts are quotes!

Massive thanks to Starseeded who beta'd, and did a fantastic job!

Chapter 1

The sky was gloomy and it was raining slightly as Sam left the mall, leaving Miles behind him in one of the gaming stores with other friends and headed to the parking lot. It didn't really concern him, knowing that Bee was waiting to drive him home, that Mikaela would be home in a few days after visiting family up north. His parents were away for the week, taking a trip Florida in an attempt to make up for the the epic screw up that happened back in September, so everything was ok, despite the weather.

Approaching the golden yellow Camaro, he let the rain fall on him, enjoying the way it felt on his skin. The door popped open just before he arrived, and he sat in the driver's seat, one of the few places he felt completely safe. It felt like home.

"Hey Bee, 'sup?" Sam ran his hand over the dashboard as he spoke and heard the car purr.

"I'm afraid I have bad news, Sam. Decipticons have been seen in the area, so Optimus has asked me to bring you to the base until we sort things out. I'm sorry, Sam, I know you were looking forward to being home without your parental units." The voice spoke from the radio.

"S'cool Bee. All I had planned was spending some time with you, playing some computer games and maybe doing some studying. I can do that at the base." He reassured his guardian.

"They are expecting us there, so we'll need to go to your parents' house to get what you need to last a few days. Hopefully it won't take longer than that."

Bee pulled out of the parking lot, scanners looking out for any signs of Decepticon threat. The pair continued chatting about trivial things, making the short journey pass even more quickly.

Arriving the the Witwicky home, Bee noted that the elder Witwicky's had already left for their Easter holiday, thankfully taking Mojo with them. It wasn't that he disliked the creature, but Ironhide held a firm grudge against the Chihuahua, so taking him to the base would not be a good idea.

He was surprised when Sam left the house only one minute thirty secondes after going in. He popped open his door and Sam climbed in, tossing his bag into the back seat. The teen grinned at the dashboard. "After what happened with the Fallen, I've kept a bag packed incase I need to go anywhere in a hurry. Saves us time, huh, Bee?"

The Autobot beeped in agreement and they headed towards the local military base, where they would board a cargo plane that would take them to Diego Garcia and the rest of the Autobot's. The base was located on the East coast, which would take them far too long to get there if he drove.

Flying was not something Bee enjoyed, but he put up with it, knowing that his position as Sam's guardian meant that he had to make far fewer flights than the others did. He shivered in delight as Sam absently stroked the seats as the teen thought.

Reaching the base, the duo was ushered onto a military cargo plane, alongside various crates that were also en route to Diego Garcia. Bee was tied to the floor of the plane, to prevent him moving around and causing an uneven weight distribution on the plane. It was loose enough, that if it were an emergency, he could break free, one of the few things that comforted him about the flight.

It was a long, boring journey. Sam dozed off halfway through; leaning against Bee's front bumper, while the 'bot himself spent his time browsing the internet, eventually settling on a movie.

By the time they arrived on the base, it was late. It wasn't difficult to persuade Sam to go on to bed, the teen still being drowsy from his nap on the plane. The teen left for the room that was reserved for his time on base with his bag in one hand, and the other smothering a yawn, causing Bee to smile to himself.

Bee headed off to the main hanger, where the Autobot's spent their time, happy at the prospect of getting to talk to some of them face-to-face.


Diego Garcia's military base was quiet. The only people around where those who had the nightshift, and even then they were patrolling the edges of the base, away from the hangers.

The Autobot's were in their hanger, soundly recharging and oblivious of the approaching threat, trusting that the nightshift would alert them to any danger.

Silently, the door to the hanger opened, revealing NEST Director Galloway, accompanied by soldiers and men dressed completely in black, carrying guns and other equipment.

The men split into groups, six of the men wearing black and two soldiers carrying what appeared to be a cannon of some sort. The soldiers waited until the others activated their equipment, spraying liquid nitrogen over the 'bots, before shooting their guns, sending massive nets that pinned the sleeping Autobot's to the ground.

As soon as the liquid nitrogen hit the air, it rapid cooled, and by the time it touched, the Autobot's it turned to ice, freezing their joints and cooling their internal systems.

From his position away from the Autobot's, Galloway yelled instructions to the men.

At the other end of the hanger, there were shouts of shock as Optimus Prime began waking, his processors struggling against the extreme cold, but was subdued as men left the side of the smaller Arcee components, and joined the others, spraying enough nitrogen his way to stop him moving.


On the other side of the base, Jolt was patrolling the base, only to be overcome by men armed with net guns and hoses of liquid nitrogen, rapidly cooling his systems to a temperature low enough to interfere with his processors and forcing him into stasis. His calls for help over his internal comm. went unanswered.


The sounds of shouting and gunfire echoed around the base. Sam, from his position in the guest wing, jolted upright at the sound and threw on the same clothes he wore the day before racing out of his room, heading towards the hanger, where the noises were coming from. On his left, he could see men and women he recognised as NEST soldiers doing the same, looking bleary eyed and confused, but holding their guns firmly.

The doors to the hanger were wide open, making it clear what was happening. Even as they arrived, there was another bang, revealing that the gunfire they heard was the sound of a net gun.

Sam stood there, unable to comprehend what was going on before it dawned on him.

"No, no, no! Get away from them!" the teen shouted, getting progressively louder with each word. He ran up to Galloway, who stood just in the doorway with a few soldiers who didn't have the NEST insignia on their uniforms, watching everything with a smug look on his face that Sam wanted to wipe off.

"Galloway, what's going on? Why are they doing this? You've got to stop!" Sam blurted out as he reached the man.

"Young man, I am doing what should have been done the moment we knew of their presence. Getting rid of them" The Director spoke with conviction.

"They've done nothing wrong – they've helped us save the world!"

"The world only needed saving because of them in the first place! They and their kind have done nothing but bring danger to us!" Galloway snarled. "Get this kid out of here!"

The soldier closest to Sam moved forward to grab him, but Sam ducked under his arms and ran into the hanger.

"What are you doing? They've done nothing wrong – get away from them!" He yelled, attempting to wrestle the spraying nozzle away from one of the men. Members of NEST were attempting to do the same, but the sheer multitude of Galloways men were beginning to overcome them.

The man he was fighting kicked him in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him, before one of the others tackled him. Sam's head hit the ground with a meaty thunk. The last thing he saw as his vision darkened was Will, armed with knife, trying to free the 'bots


Part of Will's mind tried to work out where these men had come from, because they had not been here before he went to bed, but he ignored his thoughts as he tried to cut one of the nets from Ironhide, only to be grabbed from behind and dragged away from his guardian.

"Get off'a me! Get the fuck off me!" He shouted, struggling in their grasp. Will felt one of his arms being twisted painfully behind his back, forcing him to his knees unless he wanted a dislocated shoulder. He kicked out at the people behind him, felt his boot connect with someone's leg and heard them swear loudly.

Heartened by the loosened grip, he renewed his struggles, only to feel something heavy slam into his head as he struggled against his captors grasp, and then there was nothing.


White. All he could see was white, and it was hurting his head. Will groaned and lifted his arm up to shield his eyes.

"Evening, sleeping beauty,"

Epps. That was Epps. Will turned his head and saw his best friend sat in a chair next to his bed. "Epps? What happened? Where am I?"

"You don't remember last night? I think the doctor was lying when he said you'd be ok. We're at Tranquillity Hospital. That asshole Galloway took over the base last night. Put the 'Bots on ice. We all woke up and went to see what the noise was about and saw 'em ambushing Jolt and Ratchet on their patrol. The team tried to stop 'em but there was too many. When they knocked you and Sam out, we went quietly. Dunno why they flew us here, but we were forced on the cargo plane and dumped here."

It came back to him slowly, helped by the throbbing from the back of his head. "Sam?"

Epps gestured to the other side of Will, "They put you two in the same room so I could keep an eye on you."

He glanced over and saw the kid still out cold, and judging by the goose egg on the side of his head, it might be for a while longer too. "Why…why did Galloway take the Autobots? I mean, I know he's got something against them, but they've done nothing wrong."

Epps shrugged and took a sip of coffee from the plastic cup he picked up from the bedside table. "One of the guy's heard Gallo-ass talking about shipping 'em back into space when they can figure out how to get 'em all out there – too heavy for normal space craft. From what I got told, he went and exploded at one of his men who asked about experimentation. Pretty much still thinks that if we get rid of them, then the 'Cons will leave too. Moron."

Will snorted before asking, "Higher up's approved this?"

"Guess so. I mean, we knew he had some pull with the President, 'coz he was will to hand Sam over back in September, so why not this?"

"We're screwed. Without the 'Bots we're gonna get slaughtered by the 'Con's." The Major groaned.

"That ain't the best thing. We all got honourably discharged from the army. Guess they didn't want supporters in the military."

He forced himself to sit up, ignoring the dizziness, and rubbed his face with his hands. "We've gotta do something. We can't let them do this after all the 'Bots have done for us."

"I wanna help, man, but I don't see anythin' we can do," Epps shrugged helplessly.