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Kylie: Hi Max!
Max: Hi, Kylie! How's the writing going?
Kylie: Good...
Max: Do you get all the credit? For creating it, and all?
Kylie: Max... Don't ask such silly questions...
Max: Tell me...
Kylie: NO...
Max: Did you say 'no' to me?
Kylie: OKAY! I don't own Maximum Ride! *bursts into tears* Happy?
Max: Yes...
Kylie: *runs to Fang* Max is mean.
Max: *sighs* Oh, Kylie...

Sword Training

Max's POV

"I'm sorry, but you don't pass. You just aren't old enough and experienced enough to be trained with swords," the instructor told us with a stern glare.

"Please, you don't understand," my mother said. I sighed, annoyed and shot a look at Fang. His dark hair and eyes gave nothing away, no emotion. He just nodded as if he read my mind.

"Max, I want to learn how to use swords," Angel spoke in my mind.

Speaking of mind reading.

I know, sweetie, I thought. I'll get us to be able to learn.

For those who've just joined, welcome! I'm Max and my mom and I are trying to learn how to use swords so we can cut more stuff up to help us with saving the world. Iggy and Gazzy can cut more stuff up and destroy them. I sighed and I begin to think if I shouldn't let the Flock know how to wield swords. And currently, the freaking instructor thinks we're too young and don't have enough experience to learn how to use swords. I'll soon change his mind.

"Listen," I hissed as I pushed past my mom, gently. "If you don't teach us, I'll be forced to use my skills, skills you do not want me to use." The instructor narrowed his eyes. A challenge. Mistake number 1.

"I don't think so, girl. You're not experienced enough," he spat at me. Mistake number 2.

"You better think so, mister. You don't know how experienced I am," I told him in a menacing tone. I crossed my arms and shot him the bird. He scowled and shot the bird back at me. Mistake number 3. You're out. Max wins. I sprang at him with fists forward. I had the element of surprise and caught him off guard. I pounded him in the stomach once and he went flying to the wall. He fell on his hands and knees and coughed. I walked towards him, stopping before him and leaned down.

"You sure we don't have enough experience? Because they're," I jabbed my thumb at the rest of the Flock, "just like me and can do the same things." I let this sink in. He got up, stumbled, and brushed himself off. He coughed again.

"That won't be necessary," he responded wisely. He beckoned to the Flock and I to follow him. He led us through the back door to the back room that was filled swords. "Choose the sword that is most comfortable to you," he told us. "Long swords, no short daggers," he reminded us.

Fang walked over to the wall and pulled a black sword sheath about three or four feet long and slid the sword out. It was obsidian black and was as dark as Fang. I picked out a sword that was as long as my arm that was light weight. While the rest of the Flock picked out their swords, the sword instructor beckoned to us to go into another room. He called it the sparring room. He told us all to keep out sheaths on so we didn't hurt each other.

As the afternoon progressed, the sword instructor taught us how to use our swords and how to beat opponents who are bigger then you and win. We sparred with each other until we had a mini tournament with each other. We would each spar against each other and who ever would loose would be eliminated and the winner would move up and battle the winner of another battle. Angel and Gazzy sparred first; in the end Angel was victorious. Gazzy went to go sit in the corner to pout because he got beat by his sister. Then Nudge and I sparred with me as the winner: Iggy against Fang, Fang being the winner, but Iggy gave Fang some bruised to remember. Finally Fang and I sparred, unfortunately, I lost with Fang sitting on top of me because he had his bruises from Iggy and those were slowing him down.

All in all, when we came out of the sparring room to be picked up by Mom, she was startled to see all of our bruises but happy to see we were beaming.

"Spar you later," Fang whispered in my ear as we walked out of the sword training building.

"You're on," I grinned. "No cheating, next time."

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