Brothers Bond

Chapter 1: Reunion



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It was a typical average day in Konoha the sky was clear and the sun was shinning and everyone in the village was busy and happy. Especially one particular person in the village, this person was Uzumaki Naruto.

The reason as to Naruto being so happy was because it was just yesterday that he had defeated his traitorous former sensei Mizuki. Who had tricked him into stealing the Forbidden Scroll for him, and had become an official Genin of Konoha and was now one step closer at achieving his dream of becoming Hokage.

Unfortunately not everyone in the village was happy that "Kyuubi Brat" had finally become a Genin. Some had even gone to The Hokage to try and convince The Hokage to remove him from the Shinobi Ranks, but The Hokage wouldn't budge and refused to remove Naruto as a Shinobi of Konoha since he had earned it.

"I can't believe that The Hokage is willing to let that monster become a Shinobi and be trained to get stronger", said one civilian who had been watching Naruto heading to Ichiraku Ramen Bar.

"I know, The Hokage has always been too soft especially when it came to that demon", said another.

"We should have had him killed the moment that The Yondaime had sealed the fox into him and ended it existence once and for all, since the fact that "its" even alive now is an insult to everyone that day that day including The Yondaime", said a third civilian.

"Then lets do it since I know a lot of guys would love to kill that wretched "thing" for good", said the first civilian.

"Yea I in, I even get my brother and a few friends of his, since he always told me he love a chance to gut that demon and send him the hell where he belongs", said the third civilian.

"Fine then we met back in two hours, after which we hunt that hell spawn down and send him off to hell", said the second after which the three men left.

Two Hours Later at the Konoha Main Gate

At the Konoha main Gate three hooded figures could be seen walking into the village one of the figures was fairly tall and was about six foot two and wore a long Black hooded coat with the hood covering his head and his lower mouth could only be seen. He also wore black fingerless gloves, and black Shinobi pants and wore black boot and short sleeve shirt, he also carried a long O-Katana with a flame shaped like hilt (1) and a red sheath holding the sword on his left hand side.

The Second person was about five foot three and wore a long White hooded coat with green edges and the hood covering his head and his lower mouth could only be seen. He also wore black Shinobi pants and brown boots and a green open robe top with brown arm bands. He also had a green sash around his shoulders, held together by a round clip. The sash held his long sword sheath in place on his back and is tied to it at either end. His sword was about 1.4 meters long with the exception of the guard, which is in the shape of a four-pointed bronze-coloured star.

The Third person was about five foot one and wore a long Gray hooded coat cover her head and her lower mouth could only be seen. Underneath the coat she wore a silver short kneed sleeveless Kunoichi outfit. With a purple corset and red ribbon around it she also wore white tabi and a pair of waraji, as well as a tight layer of fishnet that stretches from her neck down to her lower thighs underneath her outfit and wore fishnet armbands that went right up to her upper arms. She also had a long sword on her back, the handle hilt and the sheath were both pure white and the hilt was in a round circle shape.

"Its been a long time since I been here, the village hasn't really changes all that much", thought the person in black as memories of his past in the village started to come back, some good and a lot bad.

"Sensei are you ok?" asked the girl wearing the Gray coat since her Sensei had stopped at the entrance and was just look out at the village.

"I'm fine Saya just feeling a bit of nostalgia", replied the hooded man.

"I never took you as a nostalgic person sensei, since you always said that you don't like remembering the past much", replied the boy in the White coat.

"I may not like remembering the past much Ketsu, but I do get nostalgic now again when I'm in familiar places like everyone else. Besides only a fool tries to ignore his past since those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it", replied the person in Black.

The Man then went to the entrance booth and met to Chunins.

"Are you visiting or returning", asked the Chunin.

"Returning", replied the man in Black.

"And the children with you", asked the other Chunin.

"They are with me, they are my students, and they have citizenship for Fire Country", said the man in Black as he gave his student's papers to the Chunin to prove they were citizens of Fire Country.

"And you are a Shinobi here correct", asked the first Chunin which the man nodded

"May we have your Shinobi id card to prove your identity", asked the first Chunin again where the man simple handed it them once they gave back his student's citizenship papers.

When the two Chunin looked at the man in Black picture id card and the name and saw his face when he lift his hood a little to revealed his face they went ghost white and quickly gave back id card.

"Forgive sir, w-w-we…. had n-n-no idea that….. y-y-you were returning to Konoha, and w-we d-d-d-did….. not r-r-recognise you at first…. since it been twelve years since you been last here", said the first Chunin nervously.

"That is not a problem", replied the man in Black calmly without any emotion.

"We shall inform The Hokage that you have arrived at once", spoke the Second Chunin.

"That will not needed, since I will go to him myself", replied the man calmly at which both Chunin nodded.

The Man then turned to his students, "You two go ahead and get some supplies and what else we need and I met you at The Hokage Tower in an hour", spoke the man with the same neutral like tone he had spoke to with the Chunins.

The two students both nodded and then Shunshin'd away, while the man then continued to walk down the street slowly, taking in the sights.

Forty Minutes Later

Currently Naruto was now running for his life right, since he was being chased by a large mob of fifty civilian men, four Chunin's and a Jonin.

He had just finished celebrating his Ninja status at Ichiraku Ramen Bar, where Teuchi and his daughter Ayame had treated him to a free meal. As he left the mob and Ninja's saw him and went after him, Naruto had tried to hide but the Jonin that lead the mob was a former Oinin and was able to find them.

Also Naruto knew that if he tried to fight either the Jonin or Chunin's would beat him up and kill him along with the mob, or the Council will try and have him executed on bogus charges and for simply defending himself.

It was as he was running down the street he took a quick turn right into an alley hoping to escape from the mob, but unfortunately when he did he found it too be a dead end. Before he could even try and turn back he found the entrance into the alley being blocked by the mob.

"No where to run now demon" sneered the Jonin.

"It time to finally finish what The Yondaime started and end you once and for all and avenge every one you killed", said on of the Chunin's.

"Please don't, I didn't do any of that, I'm not the Kyuubi", pleaded Naruto frighteningly as he had back to the corner of the Alley.

"Save you pleads for someone else monster it time to die", shouted a civilian man, after which the mob charged forward and start to beat, kick stab and hit Naruto.

This continued for several minutes until a voice suddenly shouted Fūton: Kami Oroshi (Wind Style: Godly Wind from the Mountain), in which a vortex of wind hit the mob and blew them away from Naruto and out of the Alley.

Quickly enough the mob gathered themselves together saw a tall man wearing Black hooded coat with the hood covering his head where the mob could only see his lower mouth. He also wore black fingerless gloves, and black Shinobi pants and wore black boot and short sleeve shirt, he also carried a long O-Katana with a flame shaped like hilt and a red sheath holding the sword on his left hand side.

"Who the hell are you" shouted one of the Chunin.

"Who am I is of no concern to you, but I do want to know as to why over fifty grown men are attacking an innocent young boy", responded the Black clad man without any emotion.


After which for a few minutes the man said nothing and continue to look at the mob until he suddenly muttered a single word.


"What did you just call us, you bastard" cried a Chunin.

"I do not like to repeat myself so I will not, especially to ignorant fools such as yourselves. Clearly you lack the mental capacity to be able to tell the difference between a young boy and a demon. I have fought several different demons and I know that no demon who ever allow itself to be attacked and beaten by weaklings like yourselves", replied the man.

"You bastard", cried another Chunin as he charge forward with his Kunai, as he did the man stood still and did not even move an inch.

Just as the Chunin was about stab him with his Kunai the man quickly sidestepped the attack, and then grabbed the Chunin wrist. He then used his other hand to push in the Chunin elbow inward and in one quick motion he snapped the Chunin arm in two.

The Chunin screamed in pain, after which the man the swung the Chunin around and slammed the Chunin into the wall on his right hand side, knocking the Chunin out and causing a large dent in the wall with several spider cracks around it.

"You'll pay for that", cried another Chunin as he and two others appeared in midair behind him and were about to stab him. But before they could he disappeared and appeared in midair in front of them doing a spinning kick, in which he then hit the Chunin furthest to left. Causing him to collide with the other two, where they all slammed into the wall and knocked out together.

After which the man gracefully landed back on the ground.

"As I said, Baka's"

"Huh! So you have some skills, I see, and from what I have can see you are quite skilled at Taijutsu, judging by the way you handle my friends there you are at Jonin level which is the same level as me", spoke the Jonin as he carefully observed the man in Black.

"It seems that Konoha Ninja's have become quit arrogant since I was last here", spoke the man neutrally which caused the Jonin to frown.

"And how am I arrogant… Since all I stated was that we were at the same level and that can't be called arrogant", replied the Jonin.

"The fact that you consider yourself to be on the same level as myself…..Is being arrogant itself", replied the man neutrally again which caused the Jonin to frown further.

"Huh! If anyone here is arrogant it is you and I think I have to humble you a bit, and teach you never to underestimate a Jonin of Konoha", spoke the Jonin as he took out his Kunai. He then got into a stance and got ready to attack the man in Black, who was remaining perfectly still as he was when the Chunin's attacked.

Just as when the Jonin was about to attack the man in Black, the man disappeared within a blink of an eye. Before the Jonin could even fully realise that the man was gone he suddenly felt an enormous pain coming form his stomach.

When he looked down he saw the man kneeling down and elbowing him in the stomach.

"Impossible! How could he move that fast!" thought the Jonin before he keeled over and passed out from the sheer pain of the man's hit.

"As I said, Arrogant" muttered the man.

When the fifty civilian members of the mob saw the Jonin's being defeated so easily and effortlessly by the Black hooded stranger they started to get scared. Many were already starting to think about running away, until one of the members suddenly spoke up.

"Come on, he just one man he can't beat us all", cried a member of the man as he charge forward with his knife, after which the rest of the mob charged forward as well.

As the lead civilian charge forward with his knife and was about to stab the Black clad man he in the stomach. The Black clad man caught the civilian wrist just before the knife could penetrate him, after which the man then twisted the civilian man arm with such force he broke the civilian man arm. The Black clad man then lifted the civilian man arm upward which then caused the civilian man arm to snap causing the man to scream out in pain and collapse on the ground. After which the Black clad stranger went and engaged the rest of the mob.

(Go to Youtube and type in Tony Jaa breaking bones Revenge of the Warrior - Tom Yum Goong or type in Warrior King Bone Breaking to see what fight scene was like)

After the fight had ended every single member of the mob was on the ground groining and howling in pain. Since every single one of them had broken a bone whether it was an arm or a leg or even both. The Black clad man had beaten them all effortlessly within just two minutes.

"Cursed filth", spat the Black clad man as he looked down at the groining men as they held their broken limbs with a disgusted look on his face. Since he despised people like them who attacked and beat innocent children who are unable to defend themselves. When he fought the men he had held back enormously, since he could have killed all of them within seconds but decided not to and to just teach them a severe lesson about attacking children.

This had been an enormous amount of self control from the man since when he was walking in the middle of the street, and saw the mob chasing the boy and the corner him in the alley and attack him. The Black man had been sorely tempted the butcher all of them, but believed to do so would be more trouble than it was worth.

The Black clad man then quickly disappeared and reappeared next to Naruto and turned him over to see how badly hurt he was. When he turned Naruto around (who was unconscious due to the beating and was in a huddle position) and saw his face, a shocked looked came across the man face.

"Naruto!...But how I thought he was dead Sarutobi even showed me his body, so why did he lie to me", though the man in confusion until he looked at Naruto whisker birth marks. After which he then opened up Naruto orange jacket, and lifted up his shirt and channelled some Chakra onto Naruto stomach. When he did Naruto's seal appeared over his stomach and confirmed the Black clad man worst fears, he then turned and looked up at The Hokage monument and Glared coldly and The Yondaime face

"Damn you! …Damn you to hell, It wasn't enough for you to ruin my life, but to ruin his life as well by turning him into a Jinchūriki, Damn you, Damn both you and Sarutobi to hell", thought the man in Black angrily.

And as if answering to the Black Clad man angry thought, Sarutobi Hiruzen aka The Sandaime Hokage, aka The Professor, aka Shinobi no Kami (God of Shinobi's) appeared. Along with thirty ANBU Black ops operatives, where twenty of them stood behind him and the remaining ten stood around the roof tops surrounding the Black Clad man and Naruto.

Both Sarutobi and the ANBU Black ops members had been watching the entire fight from a distance. They saw how easily the Black Clad stranger had handled the Jonin and the Chunin's members of the mob as well as the civilian members of the mob. The ANBU had grown concerned when they saw him defeat the four Chunins and the Jonin like they were noting but fresh Genin. Sarutobi had also grown especially concerned when he saw how the stranger had handled the civilian members of the mob in such a brutal and vicious way, especially since the fighting style the man used seemed very familiar to him. When the man had dealt with the mob and went to Naruto Sarutobi decided to confront the man.

"Step away from Naruto and identify yourself", spoke Sarutobi with an air of authority that only a leader of men would have.

When Sarutobi spoke the man said nothing and remained still for several moments before he then picked Naruto up and stood up carrying Naruto in his left arm. After which the man the slowing turned around to face Sarutobi and the ANBU, although the man still hand his hood up so they could only see his mouth and the bottom part of his face.

"I told you to step away from Naruto, now place him on the ground immediately and identify yourself or we will be forced to attack you", spoke Sarutobi angrily. Since he was angered at how the stranger blatantly ignored his order and picked Naruto up and refused to speak.

For a few more minutes the man just stood there looking at Sarutobi and the ANBU, soon enough Sarutobi had enough and was about to speak again when the stranger suddenly spoke up in a calm but chilling cold voice.

"You lied to be Sarutobi".

"What?" asked the confused Hokage, since he did not understand what the stranger was talking about or how he knew his name.

The stranger just ignored his question and continued to speak in the same chillingly cold voice.

"You told me he was dead and yet here he is in this village alive and being attack by "your" Shinobi's and "your" villagers".

"What are you talking about? Who are you", asked annoyed and angry Sarutobi.

"Have you forgotten me already Sarutobi or have you simply become senile in your old age", replied the stranger which cause the ANBU to stiffen and get into a fighting stance, since the stranger had just insulted their leader.

"Who the devil are you? Answer me", spoke the Hokage forcefully since he was losing patients with the man.

The man did not answer or move for several minutes until he finally lifted his right hand up and removed his hood so to reveal his face.

The man was a young and attractive man who looked to be in his early twenties. He had long purple hair that reached down to his shoulder blades and it went down to his face, where he had it parted on the right side and with one long piece fallingf over his left eye. He had a narrowing face and had bright blue eyes (2).

When Sarutobi saw the man face he went pale white where a look of complete shock came across his face. Since he now knew who this person was even though the person voice had changed and he had grown more as well as looked older, he still recognized the young man. As Sarutobi looked at the young man in stun disbelief he could not help but mutter a single word.


When the more senior members of the ANBU group saw the young man face and heard Sarutobi they could but subconsciously take a step back in fear. When the rookie and younger ANBU members saw the shock and stun look across the face of their Hokage. As well as seeing the senior members of the ANBU group taking their step backs in fear of the person. They grew confused at who was this man that got The Hokage and the senior ANBU so worried.

"So you do remember me", replied Zhane after which he then started to walk slowly towards Sarutobi and the main ANBU group.

When he got to them Zhane walked right passed Sarutobi (who was still stunned at Zhane appearing) and stopped when he was on Sarutobi left hand side. He then spoke to him without turning to the old Hokage and spoke in the same chillingly calm and cold voice he had been speaking them with.

"I suggest you have the village council fully summoned in the next three hours, because both you and they have much to explain about lying to me and for what you have done to Naruto", spoke Zhane.

When Sarutobi turned slightly to look at Zhane he saw Zhane giving him a cold look at the corner of his eye. When Sarutobi lock eyes with Zhane he suddenly felt as if he had been stabbed by an invisible blade in the chest, and all the air in his lungs got caught in his throat as he looked into Zhane cold yet empty blue eyes, the shear intensity of them nearly gave the old Kage a heart attack. The Sandaime couldn't help but feel...disturbed and slightly imitated as he looked into Zhane eyes.

After a few moments Zhane turned away from Sarutobi and was about to continue to walk forward until a young ANBU s suddenly spoke up.

"Hey! Don't you dare talk to The Hokage like that", said the young ANBU as he had he had stretched out want went to grab Zhane shoulder to stop him.

"No don't!", warned Sarutobi but it was too late since just before the ANBU hand could touch Zhane shoulder, Zhane disappeared and reappeared within the blink of an eye holding the young ANBU in the middle of the air by his throat with is one remaining free hand.

As the young ANBU was being held in the air he struggled to breathe, since he could barely breathe with the vice like grip that Zhane had on his throat and was slowly being choked to death. Not to mention the intense cold glare that Zhane was giving him had frozen the young ANBU in terror.

"If you know what good for you "boy" you will never try touch me like that again", said Zhane coldly which the young ANBU could only nod slightly. After which Zhane dropped him and on his rear and walked forward towards the ANBU group that were in his way.

"I suggest that you all move out of my way if you all know what is good for you", said Zhane coldly.

Like Sarutobi the ANBU group couldn't help but feel disturbed and imitated of the intensity of Zhane's cold empty eyes. They could practically feel the imitating presence that Zhane was well know to have. It was made even worse when he started to leak out a small amount of Killing Intent. Even though it was small it was incredibly thick and potent where it took all the will power that the ANBU had no to wither under the Killing Intent.

Soon enough the ANBU quickly made a path for Zhane to walk through.

"A wise choice", replied Zhane emotionlessly as he walk through the group and down the street a bit and then Shunshin'd away with the unconscious and beaten Naruto still in his left arm.

"Cough…Who the hell…..cough…..was that…cough…..bastard….cough" asked the young ANBU who was still holding his throat in pain.

"That "bastard" as you called him is Akechi Zhane or as we would know him best in the ANBU division as Chiniiroryu (The Bloody Red Dragon)", spoke a ANBU Captain.

"T-T-That was him?!" asked the young ANBU as he went pale white with fear, since Chiniiroryu was a name well known to all ANBU. Due to the number of enemies he butchered during The Third Great Shinobi World War.

"Yes, but there is one other name that he is better know as and is more famous as", said another ANBU captain.

"Which is?" asked the young ANBU although dreading the answer.

"Konoha no Hitokiri Battōsai (Konoha's Sword-drawing Manslayer) (3)", spoke the ANBU.

When the young ANBU heard this he nearly shitted himself at realising how close he came to being killed. Since Hitokiri Battōsai was a named that was nearly as feared and revered as the Konoha's Yellow Flash in other Countries especially in Iwa. His power and fame was so great in Konoha that only the likes of Konoha no Shiroi Kiba (Konoha's White Fang) Hatake Sakumo, The Densetsu no Sannin (The Legendary Three Ninja), Shinobi no Kami (God of Shinobi's) Sarutobi Hiruzen and Konoha no Kiiroi Senkō (Konoha's Yellow Flash) Namikaze Minato as well as a few select others could surpass it in fame and reverence.

The other younger ANBU where no better off than the one who had challenge Zhane, since they had nearly attack Zhane, which they now knew would have resulted in their deaths or having every bone in their bodies broken in the very lest.

"Hokage-sama should we be worried that he may harm the boy considering that he's-" spoke a female ANBU but before she could finish she was interrupted by Sarutobi.

"No, Zhane would never harm Naruto in a million years".

"But how can you be sure?" asked another ANBU.

"Because Zhane would sooner cut off his own right arm than harm his own brother or to be more precise his half brother", spoke Sarutobi with a sigh, since he knew what was going to happen very soon.

"B-B-Brother?" said a one of the ANBU who were all stunned.

To which Sarutobi just nodded.

"T-Then would t-t-that mean t-that-"asked the same ANBU only to be interrupted by Sarutobi

"Yes! both Naruto and Zhane are the sons of The Yondaime Hokage Namikaze Minato", replied Sarutobi with another sigh, as the ANBU were completely stunned, since they now knew exactly what was going to happen in next few hours.

"And may the Heavens have mercy on us all, for Zhane certainly will not once he learns the truth", though Sarutobi as he felt older than he had ever felt in his entire life as he slowly walked back to The Hokage Tower to prepare for the Council meeting as well as the bloodbath that was sure to follow.

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