Brothers Bond

Chapter 2: Looking Back



"Summons Talking"

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After leaving The Hokage and the ANBU, Zhane Shunshin'd himself and Naruto to the Hospital and quickly entered it carrying Naruto in his arms.

"Excuse me madam, but I need help, this boy has been attacked and needs medical attention immediately", spoke Zhane to a nurse at lobby receptionist desk.

"Of course sir, let me have a look at him", spoke the nurse but the moment that she saw that the boy that Zhane was carrying was Naruto her face suddenly turned to anger and disgust.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT HELL SPAWN DOING HERE? HE DOESN'T DESERVE ANY THREATMENT AFTER ALL THE PEOPLE HE'S KILLED. THROW HIM OUT TO THE STREET AND LET HIM DIE IN THE GUTTER WHERE HE BELONGS! HE SHOULD B- ARGH!" shouted the nurse until she was suddenly grabbed by Zhane by the throat and lifted up and held in the air by Zhane free hand. As the nurse was lifted in the air she struggled to breath due to Zhane vice-like on her throat, and was petrified by pure terror as she looked into his cold murderous eyes, that told her that she was a hairsbreadth away from having her necked snapped.

"Now I'm only going to ask this once, so I suggestion that you listen well fool….because if you do not answer it then there will be one more body in the morgue….do you understand me", spoke Zhane with a cold and dangerous voice. To which the nurse just nodded, since she could not speak, with Zhane hand on her throat.

"Good…then, tell me where the nearest free room is so that I can treat this boy since it is clear that the hospital's medical staff are made up entirely of imbeciles", said Zhane to which the nurse point to the hallway at Zhane right.

"G-Go…d-do-down the…h-hallway….. T-t-to room t-twenty-two….. Which w-will b-be on your right h-hand side…that room is free", croaked the nurse after which Zhane than let her go, where she then landed on her rear. Zhane then started to walk down to the hallway until he suddenly stopped and spoke to the women without turning around to face her.

"If you do not wish to have any more injured people I suggest that you keep people out of that room. Also a word of advice, I suggest from now on you think carefully before you speak in front of someone, since if you do not…you are liable to get yourself killed….. Especially when you speak to me", spoke Zhane where he finished with a murderous tone and released a small burst of Killing Intent, and sent it directly at the nurse and knocked the foolish nurse out and caused her to start foaming from the mouth.

When Zhane entered the room he locked the room and then laid Naruto on the bed and started to examine Naruto body for what kind of injuries he had. As he examined Naruto he found that he had four broken ribs as well as a fractured leg and a broken arm as well as several bruises and large cuts on his body. Also as he examined them Zhane was shocked to see Naruto's body was littered in old scars…he had several diagonal scars going across his chest and back. His arms looked like they had been burnt by something and on his back were several large scars as if he had been tortured.

When Zhane had seen all this words could not began to say the shear amount or rage and fury that he was feeling right now. Although on the outside Zhane seemed to be calm and emotionless, but on the inside and raging storm of fury and anger was raging inside of him.


After a minute or so Zhane calmed himself down and continue to look over Naruto as he did he could not help but remember that first and last time he saw him.


Currently sitting alone on a bench near the double doors of the birthing room in a hidden location outside Konoha village, Namikaze Minato was sitting there waiting for Biwako, the Sandaime's wife, to call him in to birthing room so that he could maintain the seal of the Kyubi and hold it back when Kushina was giving birth to his second son Naruto.

As he waited he saw someone walking towards him, the person he saw was his eldest son Zhane.

Although he was only ten Zhane was tall for his age and was about five foot five, he wore a black shirt and black Shinobi's pants and wore iron guard fingerless gloves, he also wore a standard Shinobi flack Jacket although instead of the standard green one that Konoha Shinobi's usually wore Zhane's one was black. He had long purple hair that reached down to his shoulder and it went down to his face, where he had it parted on the right side and with one long piece falling over his left eye. Zhane also carried his black bladed sword that had a flame shaped hilt (which he hand made himself) on his left hand side.

Zhane had only recently became a Jonin since he had only just retired from the ANBU division which he joined when he was only eight, making him both the youngest person to become an ANBU operative and a Jonin in Konoha's history.

When Zhane reached Minato he just walked past him without so much as a word to him and went to stand against the wall in front of Minato and folded his arms, lowered his head and closed his eyes as he waited with Minato.

Minato just signed in the past two years his and Zhane relationship had not been good which was putting it mildly, since Zhane hated Minato with a passion, not that Minato blamed him for hating him since he hated himself for what he did.

The reason for all this was because of what happened in a mission during The Third Great Shinobi World War Minato and his old teammate Akechi Gracia (Zhane mother (1)). Their mission was to sneak behind Iwa lines when Konoha forces drew out Iwa Main forces in a pitch battle, and then sneak into Iwa main supply base and destroy it. With the supply base destroy Iwa would have no choice but to fall further back to Tsuchi no Kuni (Earth Country) and out of Kusa no Kuni (Grass Country). The mission was a success and they where able to destroy the supply base but it had been more heavily guarded than was believed during which Gracia had been badly wounded it the fight.

Minato had been able hide both her and himself in a small cave in a large forest from the pursuing Iwa Shinobi's and set up a few traps to both protect them and warn them if anyone was near the Cave. Minato then treated Gracia to the best of his abilities so that she should could at lest survive long enough to get back to base when she could get proper medical treatment.

For several hours they had waited to when the area was clear of enough Iwa Shinobi's to make a break back to Konoha lines since they knew that if they tried to break through with the forest full of Iwa Ninja's they would never make it out alive especially with Gracia in her wounded condition .

After a while he had gone out to scout around the area and see if the Iwa Shinobi's had gone by and if they could make a break back to Konoha's lines. But as he was scouting around he saw something he never thought he would see, he saw the Yondaime Tsuchikage travelling with just two Jonin guards and heading towards the battle between Konoha and Iwa forces.

At the time he did not want to miss an opportunity like that and so he perused after the Tsuchikage since he knew at the time if he killed the Tsuchikage, Iwa would have no choice but to surrender, hence ending the war and with such a light guard he believed he could do it and so he pursued after them. For twenty minutes he chased after the Tsuchikage and his Guards, but unfortunately at some point he had lost them, after which he then headed back to Gracia.

But when he got back he found the bodies of two Iwa Shinobi's and Gracia dead body, which had been mutilated with signs of being raped before hand. It was when he saw this he realised that when he went after the Tsuchikage and his guards some Iwa Shinobi's had attacked her, and although she clearly fought back, the remaining Iwa Shinobi or Shinobi's had overwhelmed her and preceded to rape and mutilate her and then kill her before leaving.

After he got back to Konoha he explained what had happened to Jiraiya, Sarutobi and the Konoha Elders.

That was properly the worst day in Minato's life since it was the first and only time that Jiraiya had ever looked disappointed and ashamed of Minato, since he had left his wounded teammate alone and unprotected. It got even worse when Zhane burst the room since he had accidently overheard what had happened when he was coming to report to the Sarutobi about his last mission.

So when Zhane heard what had happened to his mother, and how Minato was responsible for his mother's death, and wasn't going to be punished for abandoning his wounded teammate after a mission, (which was a high crime in Konoha) so that he could to chase after the Tsuchikage. Who was never even confirmed sighted at the battle by any other Konoha Shinobi's, it caused Zhane to burst into the room and try and attack him only to be held back by Jiraiya.

It got even worse when Zhane learned that what had happened to his mother would never be released to the public (2), since he (Minato) had been named as the Sandaime successor and become the next Hokage.

When Zhane heard this he lost complete control of himself and broke out of Jiraiya hold and attacked him (Minato). During which the fight between them speared into the street, during the fight Zhane also awakened his bloodline the Bāsākāmoui (Berserker Fury (3)), which had thought to have been lost, since his mother never awakened it and he had show no signs of having it either.

When Minato had finally beaten Zhane, he had tried to reconcile with Zhane but when he tried to hug him, Zhane slapped him away. After which Zhane then renounced him as his father and said he wanted nothing to do with again, since as far as Zhane was concerned he was the man who abandoned his mother to be raped and murdered.

When Zhane said that it had broken Minato's heart, Zhane hadn't even let him come to Gracia funeral and pay his last respects. Zhane also cut all contact with Kushina as well even though she was his godmother. The reason why was because a few months after Gracia death she married Minato, which Zhane found it to be a betrayal by Kushina to his mother for marrying the man who abandoned her best friend.

It was after Gracia death did Zhane become distant from most people and became cold and uncaring to everyone except for a select few. During the War his fame rose to new heights, Zhane became almost as infamous with Iwa and Konoha's other enemies as Minato was. Where by the end of the War, Zhane was known not only as Chiniiroryu (Bloody Red Dragon) from when he was in ANBU. But also earned the new nickname Konoha no Hitokiri Battousai (Konoha's Sword Drawing Manslayer) due to the shear numbers of Iwa Shinobi's he killed as revenge for his mother Gracia.

When the War ended and Minato was about to become Hokage Zhane immediately retired from the ANBU right before he would have become the youngest ANBU captain ever at age ten. Most did not know why he did it since the fight between Minato and Zhane was kept quiet, although the few that knew about falling out between Minato and Zhane knew that Zhane did not want to serve directly under Minato.

Before that, both Minato and Kushina had tired many times to try and make peace with Zhane but each time he just shunned them away, Zhane had even became disgusted the people of Konoha at how they would praise Minato all the time, since he found it a insult to his mother memory as they praised the man responsible for his her death.

It was not until when Minato and Kushina sent word to Zhane that she was pregnant with Naruto did things show signs of some improvement since Zhane was actually willing to speak to them even for a few minutes. Zhane would even come by time from time to see how Kushina was doing and if she needed anything when Minato was away on missions.

But even despite this improvement the tension between them was still thick and Zhane would only speak to Minato when he had to.

For the next few minutes there was nothing but silence between the two of them, soon enough though Biwako called Minato in as they were ready to begin the birthing, Zhane was allowed to enter as well due to being family and having clearence as well.

For the next hour or so Zhane as standing next to kushina hold her hand as a sign of support as she gave birth to Naruto, as Kushina was screaming, Minato grew concerened and panicked a little over the pain his wife was suffering, at this Biwako commented how he was the Yondaime Hokage and shouldn't panic along with stating that this was why women have babies and men don't as they can't handle pain.

This comment of course brought a ghost of a smile to Zhane lips, but the smile quickly ended when Kushina started screaming again and nearly broke his hand by squeezing it too tightly, soon enough though Biwako cried out that she could see the head and that Kushina was nearly there. At the same time Minato was struggling to hold the Kyubi in it's seal, after one final push the sound of a crying baby that had just been born was heard in the room, and Biwako was ordering the ANBU assistant Taji to get hot water.

Soon after Biwako was holding a crying baby Naruto with wisker birthmarks on his face no doubt some kind of result of being the child of the Jirchuriki of the Kyubi, "Congratulations it's a healthy baby boy" say said.

At this sight but Minato and Kushina cried tears of joy, even Zhane smiled at the sight of he new baby brother. This was something that made both Minato and Kushina smile, since this was the first time that either of them had seen Zhane smile since before his mother's death.

"Isn't he beautiful Minato-kun?" asked Kushina to which Minato only nodded and smiled down on his newly born son and then kissed Kushina on the head.

After which Minato then had a serious look on his face, "Okay Kushina I know you exhusted from the birth, but we've gotta get the Kyubi completly sealed", where he then quickly went over to the seal on Kushina belly.

"Huuuuuh...Haaaaah...Right!...But first, Zhane would you please hold Naruto for me" said Kushina as she prepared herself for the sealing.

"Of course" said Zhane as he let go Kushina and went to Biwako and took Naruto from her.

As Zhane gently held on to Naruto as he started to settle down and stop crying, Zhane could not help like the idea of being a older brother and looking out for Naruto, as he thought of this, Zhane smiled down at his new born brother.

But a moment later, Zhane shinobi sense's kicked in as he sensed something, where as he turned around slightly he saw Biwako and Taji fall dead and with a Black hooded stranger wearing a orange mask with Black wavy lines on it and a single eyehole on the right side on it.

At the same time that Zhane had turned around slightly, the Black hooded stranger threw a kunai at him aiing for teh backl of his neck, Zhane had tried to move, but the Kunai came at him too fast for him to fully avoid, where it slashed the side of his neck casing blood to gush out of it and Zhane to fall to the ground.

As he fell, the Black hooded stranger quickly took Naruto from him and held him in front of Minato and Kushina in a threating manner.

"Youndaime Hokage...Minato...Back away from the jinchūriki, or your son dies at the ripe old age of one minute".

When Minato saw the hooden stranger, he could not help but wonder who he was and how he broke through the protected barrier around the hidout.

It was as he was thinking of this that Kushina suddenly started to scream out in pain as the seal was weaking and the Kyubi was trying to get out.

"Back away from the Jirchuriki...or don't you care if your son dies?" asked the hooded stranger, as he threatened to killing the know crying baby Naruto with a kunai in his hand.

"Now hold it, j-just calm down!" spoke Minato frighten like, as he feared for his just born son life.

"You should take your own advice, Minato. I perfectly calm", spoke the hooded stranger, as threw Naruto into the air and was about to stab the falling baby Naruto with the Kunai.

But just as he was about to stab Naruto, there was a sudden yellow flash and Naruto disappeared and reappeared with Naruto in his arms on the wall.

"You certainly live up to the Yellow Flash moniker, Hokage-san" spoke the stranger when he saw Minato on the wall with the wailing Naruto

At the same time, Zhane, who was still alive dispite his wound, reappeared behind the hooded stranger with his Black Katana in hand and slashed at the hooded stranger only to much of his shock and everyone else's in the room, the Blade just passed right through him.

At thisthe Stranger the disappeared and reappeared at the other end of the room, and looked at Zhane who was still bleeding baldly from the wound in the side of his neck and was panting heavily.

"So you're still alive! It's impressive that you're able to dodge the letal blow of my Kunai to the extent that you did in the time you had, and even more so, that you can move as fast as you can while still bleeding like that. But then again I shouldn't be that surprised, you Akechi's have a rather nasty habit of never going down easily and always have to make things difficult" remarked the hooded stranger.

"Who are you?" asked Zhane angrily, as he held his sword up and at the same time fighting off the dizziness and keeping himself steady, as the loss of blood was making it hard for him to stay focus on his oppenant.

The hooded stranger did not answer Zhane question, but did ask them both something else.

"Tell me what will you both do now?"

Not getting what the hooded stranger meant at first Zhane quickly looked at the corner of his eye at Minato and Naruto, it was then that Minato noticed the explosive notes that were now stuck to the bottom of cloth that Naruto was rapped in. Seeing them as well Zhane quickly pushed himself forward and ran to Naruto and Minato, to try and save Naruto.

At the same time Minato quickly swiped Naruto out of his cloth, just as the notes were about to explode and when Zhane arrived next to Minato and Naruto and took a hold of Naruto, at the moment that Minato used his Hirenkyaku no Jutsu (God Step Technique) to transported Zhane, Naruto and himself to his home. Zhane quickly took the cloth off Naruto and threw it away, where he and the Yondaime with Naruto, quickly jumped out of the house just as the notes exploded and blew the house up.

Both Zhane and Minato landed ruffly on the ground near one another, while Minato still clung to the wailing Naruto.

Quickly the Yondaime looked down at his wailing son to see if he was hurt, "Thank god...your not hurt..." said Minato, before quickly turning to his elder son next to him, "Zhane are yo-..."

"I'm fine"grunted Zhane as he pulled out a piece of wood that was stabbed in his arm from the explosion, "How's Naruto?" he asked with concern as he turned to Minato and Naruto, who was still crying.

"He's ok", replied Minato with relief as he was gald that both his sons were ok, after which he cringed slightly in pains as a piece of wood was stuck in his leg, which was no doubt because of the explosion.

When Zhane pulled the piece of wood out of his leg, Minato then spoke to him, "He's after Kushina, He forced me to use my Hirenkyaku no Jutsu to seperate us from him, as he knew you would go next to me when you saw Naruto was endanger, and I would transport us both away from him and Kushina"

"Yes I know" replied Zhane seriously.

"We Gotta hurry then", said Minato as he transported Zhane, Naruto and himself to the Hokage's underground shealter.

Once there Minato quickly handed Zhane, Naruto, who was still crying, "Zhane you watched and care for Naruto here, as you both be safe here I going to get Kushina".

Zhane justed nodded, even though he wanted to go with Minato and get the hodded stranger, he knew that in the state he was in he would be no help to Minato and just be a hindrance to the Yondaime, when fighting against the hooded stranger.

As soon as Minato left Zhane quickly calmed the crying Naruto down and then placed him in the small bed in the shealter to sleep, after which Zhane then went to the nearby press and got some cloths and things and started to treat his wounds with the limit healing Jutsu's he knew, after which he then took a blood pill so to replace the blood that he had lost.

As soon as he was finish tending to himself, Minato reappeared with Kushina in his arms.

"Kushina! she ok" asked Zhane as he went over to her and Minato.

At this a dark look came over Minato, one that Zhane had not see other than on the battlefield against Iwa, "No!...I was too late to stop him he was able to extract the Kyubi from Kushina"

At this Zhane quickly turned to Kushina who's skin was pale white, sweating and panting heavily, upon seeing and hearing this Zhane quickly knew what that ment, Kushina was going to die, there was no question, it was a miracle that she was even still alive after the Kyubi was extracted from her.

Minato then quickly laid Kushina next to the sleeping Naruto, where she quickly took a hold of her sleeping baby, knowing knowing that she did not have long left and wanted to be with and hold onto her son for as long as possible.

A pained look came accross both Minato's and Zhane faces, where then then both tighted there fists in anger, knowing who was responible for this happy day turning into a night of, pain, suffering and sorrow.

"Zhane!...I want you to stay here with Kushina and Naruto an-" spoke Minato but was interrupted by Zhane turning him with a cold anger look at him.

"The hell I 'am I not staying here while you go fighting the Kyubi and that man, I'm going out there and when I find him I will kill him myself", spoke Zhane as even dispite his anger towards Kushina. He still cared what happened to her and after what the hooded stanger had done to her and tried to do to Naruto, he wasn't going to rest until he held that man still beating heart in his hand and rammed it down his throat.

"Zhane I don't have time to argue you, so for once listen to me an-..." siad the Yondaime, but before he could finsih the weaken Kushina spoke up.

"M-Min-Minato...l-let Zhane g-go...I will b-be need him more out there than I n-need him here".

At this the Hokage's eyes soften and relented, "Fine then...Zhane I need you to go out to the village and warn them and then lead the a force to try and hold the Kyubi back until Konoha can fully mobilize it forces".

At this Zhane nodded and then Shunshin'd (Body-flicker) away.

Once Zhane was gone Kushina spoke again, "Minato...Thank you... good luck"

Minato then turned around and put on his long trench coat, "I be back before you know it", he said before he dissappeared in a yellow flash

-Three Hours Later-

Three hours after the Kyuubi was sighted a fierce battle was raging between the forces of Konoha and the Kyuubi. The battle had started when the Vanguard of eighty Shinobi's lead by Zhane engaged Kyuubi; they were able to delay the Kyuubi for about an hour before it reached Konoha main defence line which stood right in front of Konoha.

Konoha forces fought hard against the Kyuubi and held it back but after two hours of fierce fighting the Konoha defence line was on the verge of collapsing.

As the ANBU commander tried to reorganise the defence line he suddenly heard a voice calling out to him.

"Wolf!... What is going on?"

When the ANBU Commander Wolf turned around he saw a badly wounded Zhane coming towards him. His clothes were tattered and were covered in dried blood and was clutching his side, which was badly bandage up and bleeding fresh blood. He had several cuts on his face and his uniform was badly torn up where it showed more cuts, there was also several chakra burns on his skin along with bruises as well.

"Zhane your alive! ...Where are the rest of your men? …When we lost contact with you and the others we thought the Kyuubi had killed you all", spoke the ANBU Commander.

"All the others are dead, I'm the only one left….. So what's the situation?" spoke Zhane has he held his side since he was clearly in a lot of pain.

"The main line is about to collapse we can't keep the Kyuubi back from Konoha any longer".

"Where the Yondaime shouldn't he be here", replied Zhane.

"The Hokage has yet to appear at all….I sent word requesting him to the front line, but he sent word back saying that we are to hold the line for as long as possible and that he was preparing for a Jutsu to stop the Kyuubi".

At this Zhane frowned since he was unsure of what kind of Jutsu would stop the Kyubi, but if it was time he needed then it was time they would give him.

"Wolf! How long would you need to reform the main defence line?"

"About fifteen minutes…but why?"

"Because I going to give you those fifteen minutes", replied Zhane.

"Zhane! You can't be serious, your wounded enough as it is, besides there no way you can hold Kyuubi by yourself, you need a summons like the Toads or some other large summons to do that", spoke the ANBU Commander.

Zhane just ignored him and then began to prepare to use one of his signature Jutsu's that he had created. The Jutsu was called Hirenkyaku no Jutsu which Zhane created to rival his Father's Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Technique).

The Hirenkyaku no Jutsu allowed Zhane to travel great distances within seconds with a single step. The technique worked where he would gather chakra under his feet and release it when there was a certain amount under his feet and would then let it all go in a single burst. After which he would ride them the small shock blast to his desired locations much like the gliding on air in a single step at astonishing speed. The technique could nearly rival Zhane Father's Hiraishin no Jutsu in speed and deadliness. Although the only flaws with it were that it put a great deal of stress on Zhane body and took very good control of Chakra to do the technique correctly.

After Zhane had gathered enough Chakra he disappeared in a gust of wind and a small shock blast, right in front of the ANBU Commander.

Knowing that he could not stop Zhane the ANBU Commander decided to use whatever little time Zhane could give them and started to give out orders to his men and reform the defence line.

As this was happening Zhane suddenly appeared right on the snout of the Kyuubi and before the Kyuubi could fully realise that Zhane was on its nose, Zhane slashed at the Kyuubi eyes temporarily blinding the demon and halting its advance on Konoha.

When Zhane slashed its eyes the Kyuubi howled and roared in pain and started to trash around, but soon enough the Kyuubi's healing powers quickly healed its eyes. But when the Kyuubi eyes where healed, Zhane used his Hirenkyaku no Jutsu to disappear again and reappear on the Kyuubi's back. He then channelled his Chakra into his sword which activated its special ability to generate Black Lightning around it allowing it to cut or pierce almost anything. After which he then stabbed his sword into the Kyuubi's back, although the Lightning charged sword stab did little to truly hurt the Kyuubi it still caused it monetary pain (much like a wasp stinging a person), and kept the Kyuubi distracted.

After stabbing the Kyuubi Zhane used his Hirenkyaku no Jutsu to appear on another part of the Kyuubi's body and hit it with another attack.

For the next twenty minutes this continued, where Zhane would slash and attack all around Kyuubi's body with different Jutsu's and attacks and would use his Hirenkyaku no Jutsu to appear on different parts of its body after each attack. The reason for this method of attacking the Kyuubi was not meant to stop, wound or defeat the Kyuubi but to distract it and give the defence forces time to reorganise. It also succeeded in annoying the Kyuubi as well, since although the attacks did little than sting him it greatly irritated it at the fact that these "stings" were happening all over his body. Not to mention the fact that he could not swat Zhane away and kill him, since he was too small and fast to hit (like a wasp flying around a person and stinging him/her).

But unfortunately after twenty minutes of doing this the effects of doing Hirenkyaku no Jutsu for so long in his wounded state started to take effect on Zhane, where it was becoming more and more difficult to constantly use and maintain it. Eventually the Kyuubi got a luckly swing with one of its tails and hit Zhane hard and sent him through Konoha's main wall and through a house which collapsed on him.

But thankfully Zhane efforts were not in vain, since he had bought the Konoha defence forces vital time to reorganise their positions and were able to hold the Kyuubi back for another twenty minutes.

After which the Yondaime arrived on top of Gamabunta and used the Shiki Fūjin (Dead Demon Consuming Seal) and sealed the Kyuubi into the Naruto.

After the battle Zhane was found by several Shinobi's and had somehow survived being hit by the Kyuubi and having a house fall on top of him along with the other injuries he suffered.

But even though he had survived he was in a coma for about three months.

-Three Months Later -

When Zhane awoken he was greeted by Sarutobi and Jiraiya (who had returned after hearing of the attack).

"Good afternoon Zhane, I'm glad to see that your have awaken", spoke Sarutobi in a Grandfatherly manner.

"W-Where am I", groaned Zhane as he felt stiff and very sore.

"Your in the hospital, you been in a coma for three months brat", answered Jiraiya who was glad to see Zhane alive and awake.

"Three months?", said Zhane as he sat up but suddenly fell back down on the bed due to the pain his body was in, "What happened to the Kyuubi?" croaked Zhane.

"The Kyubi was defeated by Minato not long after you were hit by the Kyubi and sent through the main wall", said Sarutobi.

"How?" asked Zhane.

"Your Fath-," spoke Sarutobi but quickly stopped when Zhane gave him a "look" when he called Minato his father and quickly rephrased what he was about to say.

"Minato, used the Shiki Fūjin that he created to rip out the Kyuubi's soul and seal it away", answered Sarutobi after which he continued. "Unfortunately due to the Jutsu, Minato had to give up his life and have the Shinigami (Death God), devour his soul to use the Jutsu to defeat the Kyuubi".

"Yes I'm aware of the Jutsu and what price the user has to pay to use it", replied Zhane emotionlessly, since on the few and short conversation he had with the Yondaime, he mention the Jutsu to Zhane and what it did.

Zhane knew that the Jutsu invoked the powers of the Shinigami. In which the Shinigami would use the user as a kind of Avatar, where once the user grabs onto the opponent, the Shinigami would then pull out the opponent soul and seal it into the user. After the sealing was completed the Shinigami would then consume the soul of both the user and the opponent, sentencing them both to an eternity of battle with one another in its stomach.

When Zhane realised this he remained silent, since he did not know how he should feel, since although he still hated the Yondaime for being responsible for his mother's death. The man did give his life to protect and save others something even Zhane could not help but respect and admire.

"What of Kushina? Is she ...?" asked Zhane neutrally.

At this both Jiraiya and Sarutobi faces saddened.

"Yes Zhane she is we found her body in the Hokage's shealter not long after the Kyubi was defeated", spoke Sarutobi sorrowfully.

At this Zhane lowered his head, not surprised as like all jinchūriki once the demon the house is extracted they would die from the result of the painful extraction, it was just a mircle the Kushina survived it for as long as she did.

"A-And Naruto?" asked Zhane as fear began to clutch at his chest. At which the two men look at each other but said nothing.

"What happened to my brother?" cried Zhane angrily as he stood up despite the pain, since he wanted answers.

"Zhane don't push yourself!" warned Jiraiya "You were already badly wounded before you took on the Kyubi by yourself, and you were at deaths doorstep after they found you underneath that house, it's a miracle that you're even alive".

"I don't care, tell me what happen to Naruto or I swear on my mother's grave I will tear this building down brick by brick until I find him!" cried Zhane angrily.

"Zhane…Naruto is dead", said Sarutobi without any emotion.

"What?" cried Zhane as he didn't believe what he was hearing.

"Naruto is dead" repleated Sarutobi, "We found Naruto with Kushina body, and he was alive and was put in a baby incubator by a nurse, when he was brought to the hopital. During which the incubator failed due to a power outage as Kyubi attack had damaged some of the power lines and the nurse and doctors where too busy with the wounded to notice what had happened. With the sudden temperature drop Naruto fragile organs were damage and he got sick…he died the following week", said Sarutobi as he lowered his gaze so not to look Zhane in the face.

When Zhane heard this he couldn't believe it…his brother was dead… the only family he had left in the world was dead. After hearing this Zhane began to hyperventilate and then started to have a panic attack.

Sarutobi and Jiraiya quickly went over to Zhane and after a few minutes they were able to calm Zhane down, where he then asked to see Naruto's body if it hadn't been buried yet. Sarutobi and Jiraiya then brought Zhane (who was on a wheelchair) to the morgue, where Sarutobi revealed the dead body of baby Naruto (4) to Zhane while Jiraya stayed outside the morgue.

After a minute or so of looking at the lifeless body of his dead baby brother Zhane looked away since he couldn't stand looking at him like that.

Zhane then pushed himself away and started to head back out the morgue, but before he could leave Sarutobi called out to him.

"Zhane!" To which Zhane stopped but did not turn around.

"I know this is not really the right time or place, but I thought you should know, based on the reports that I received from the ANBU Commander and those that fought at the battle against the Kyuubi. Both I along with the Council of Elder Shinobi's have decided that you will be given the Rank of Jonin Commander, as a token of gratitude, for your courage and valour in the battle against the Kyuubi. Since the defence line would have surely have fallen had you not delayed the Kyuubi. You are also be given the same travel rights and other privileges that both Tsunade and Jiraiya have, since I know you have many painful memories here. So I thought it might be best that you could leave for a while and grieve in your own way and sort yourself out".

"Thank you Sarutobi I will take your offer and once I have recovered and I will leave since I think it is best I leave the village for now. Also if you don't mind I would like to be alone right now", said Zhane with turning to Sarutobi.

"Of course"

After which Zhane left the morgue.

For the next three months Zhane stayed in the hospital so that he could recover and do his physiotherapy, due to the fact that he was recovering he could not go to Naruto funeral which Sarutobi told him took place a few days after he went to see his body(5).

During those three months Zhane had no visitors other than the Sandaime(6). After he had fully healed, Zhane gather his belongs at his family home and took some scroll that the Yondaime had in his home on sealing and then left.

-End Flashback-

When Zhane finished remembering the events that lead him to unknowingly leave Naruto alone in a village full of people that hated him, he could not help but feel the rising rage inside him grow more and more. As well as the growing urge telling him to go and find Sarutobi and Jiraiya and rip both of the apart limb by limb with his bare hands.

But he quickly calmed himself down and decided to focus on Naruto first and deal with Sarutobi and the others later.

After calming down Zhane suddenly felt two familiar presences enter the room.

"Sensei! What's wrong I sensed a surge of your Chakra as well as a small bit of your Killing Intent as we were travelling in the village, and thought you were under attack so we tracked you here", spoke Saya as she revealed her face which showed that she was a young and attractive girl with white haired that reached down to her lower back and tied the lower parts into a pony tail so that it went down further. Her hair also fell down to her face, where she had it parted on the left side and with one long piece falling over her right eye, she also had red eye and a sharp but well sculpted face (7).

"I' am fine Saya, I was just dealing with some trash that were attacking this boy", answered Zhane.

"But why were they attacking him?" asked Ketsu who revealed his face which showed that he was a handsome young man with a shaped sculpted face with long bright blue hair that he had tied into a ponytail and had bright blue eyes(8).

"Because he is a Jinchūriki", answered Zhane shocking both students.

"B-B-But if he is a Jinchūriki, then that would mean that he is the Jinchūriki for the Kyūbi no Yōko, since all the other Bijū's are have sealed into hosts among the other Shinobi Nations", spoke Ketsu.

"But I thought you said the Kyuubi was killed Sensei when the Yondaime sealed it within him with his Shiki Fūjin (Dead Demon Consuming Seal)", said Saya.

"That was what I believed as well, until I saw him with the whisker markings on his face and a Hakke no Fūin Shiki (Eight Trigrams Seal)", replied Zhane neutrally.

"Do you know who he is Sensei?" asked Saya.

"Yes…..His name is Naruto….. He is my younger brother".

When Saya and Ketsu heard this they could not believe their ears.

"B-B-Brother! ...But Sensei you said that your brother died during the Kyuubi attack", spoke Ketsu in shock.

"That was what I was told and I believed, clearly I was lied to and tricked".

"A-Are you certain… t-that he your brother Sensei?" asked Saya who was also still in shock.

"I' am"

"But why did they tell you that he was dead?" asked Ketsu

"I' am unsure as to why, but I do have a theory, but I will need to confirm it first", spoke Zhane after which he then turned to Ketsu. "Ketsu I need you to heal Naruto since he was injured from the attack".

"Right Sensei", said Ketsu after which he took out a bottle full of Water and drew the Water out of it and the water covered his hands.

After which Ketsu then channelled his chakra into the Water around his hands and put his Water covered hand on Naruto's revealed stomach and said,

"Chiyu Mizu Jutsu (Healing Water Technique)".

This was a technique that Ketsu had developed himself during his training with Zhane. Ketsu used his high Water affinity to cover his hands with Water and use it as a catalyst by sending healing Chakra into the Water. After which Ketsu would then have the Water spread around the person body and help accelerate a person naturally healing both internally and externally.

The technique work on similar lines of the Shōsen Jutsu (Mystical Palm Technique), but much faster and unlike that technique, Chiyu Mizu Jutsu could even heal old wounds and scars leaving no trace of the on the person body.

When Ketsu cried out the Jutsu the Water on his hands started to glow white and spread all over Naruto body and seeping into his wounds, after a while Zhane and Saya saw the wounds (both old and new) healing and disappearing. Fifteen minutes later Ketsu stopped healing and let out an exhausted sigh (since the techniques took a lot of Chakra, focus and concentration), before turning around.

"He should be fine now Sensei all he needs now is rest to recover his strength", spoke Ketsu

"Good work Ketsu", spoke Zhane after which he then went next to Naruto had point his to front fingers on Naruto's forehead.

"Sensei what are your doing?" asked Saya

"I going to use my Rinomoi no Jutsu (Mind-meld Technique) to merge Naruto's and my mind to together so that I can see his memories and find out exactly what kind of life Naruto has had here", replied Zhane.

Rinomoi no Jutsu was a technique Zhane had created back when he was in the ANBU division, when he was in it. Back then Zhane had spent some time in the ANBU Interrogation division; during his time there Zhane had studied under Yamanaka Inoichi the head of the ANBU Interrogation division. He had gone to ANBU Interrogation division so that he could learn how to interrogate enemy prisoners on the field correctly. During that time he witness Inoichi use the various different mind manipulating techniques that the Yamanaka Clan used. When studying under Inoichi, Zhane learned the basic principle of the Jutsu's by watching him, where he was then able to create his own mind manipulating technique based on their Jutsu's.

As the name suggests the Rinomoi no Jutsu allows Zhane to merge his mind with a person so that he and a person could share information and memories with one another. It also made a useful interrogation tool since the person with the strongest will could control what they shared. Hence if Zhane mind-meld with a person and his will was stronger then he could see all that person memories without showing any of his or learn everything that person knows. But the drawback to this Jutsu was if the other person had a stronger will than Zhane then they could make Zhane show all his memories and learns all that he knows.

"Are you sure that wise Sensei?" asked Ketsu.

"Yes, since it's the only way I will be able to know what he been through and what they been doing to him", replied Zhane where he then did a few one-handed hand signs and then spoke out,

"Rinomoi no Jutsu"

-Naruto Mind-

Zhane appeared in a large open hallway, at the end of the hallway he saw several doors marked "Memories", "Thought", "Subconscious" and Kyuubi Cage".

Seeing the doors Zhane went into the one he wanted the memories, after which when he entered he found himself in an empty room, but as soon as the door to the room closed the room began to change.

This was normal, since this was how he would see Naruto's memories.

-First Memory-

Naruto was laying in his crib, no more than a few days after the Kyuubi attack. He was wide awake and was viewing his surroundings…suddenly the door to the nursery opened…revealing a nurse that (whom Zhane recognised as a younger version of the same nurse he had met earlier) with a scalpel in her hand.

She walked over to Naruto's crib and sneered, "Demon…I am going to enjoy this so very much", spoke the nurse as she held the scalpel in her hand.

"Time to die…demon!" she brought the scalpel down…about to drive it into Naruto's heart when the doors were slammed open as a man with white hair and a white dog mask (whom Zhane recognised as Kakashi) and a man with spiked brown hair and a bear mask (whom Zhane recognised as Tenzo) grabbed her arms. But as the scalpel fell from her hand it hit Naruto and pierced into his side.

The nurse then began to yell, "NO! Let me go…the demon has to die, he has to die!" the woman was then struck in her left temple as she was dragged out of the room. Not even a minute later Rin (whom Zhane recognised as Kakashi's now deceased team-member) ran into the room…her eyes widened as she yelled out to Kakashi and Tenzo, "Kakashi, Tenzo…get me some coagulants now…we need to stop his bleeding fast!"

When Zhane saw still he narrowed his eyes and swore when he saw that nurse again he would skin her alive….slowly.

-Second Memory-

Naruto was sitting in a closet…clutching a blanket to himself. He was no more than a year old…and he was living in the dampest part of the orphanage…the basement.

He had not been given any food in several days, and was incredibly hungry.

He coughed up a bit blood since he looked ill and was very pale and tried to find some warmth in the blanket that he had…which had moth holes in it, and it was so thin it might as well be paper.

Naruto curled up in the corner of the room as he began to try and sleep, but as he did, tears could be seen falling from his eyes and he began to cry himself to sleep asking out to no-one why he was treated like this and why was he alone.

When Zhane saw this, two single tears fall from his eyes and he began to curse himself to the lowest pits of hell for not being there to protect his brother when he needed him.

After regaining control of himself, Zhane then swore that after he had dealt with Sarutobi and the Council he would find the person in charge of the orphanage and he would then rip out the person's spine with his bare hands.

-Third Memory-

Naruto was walking around town looking for work so that he could earn a little bit extra money to buy more food, since he only got the bare minimum amount from social welfare which was nearly enough to go by since he was overcharged for almost everything in the village by the stores.

As he walked around he saw a sign on the window of a restaurant that said it looking for a wash boy to do dish's and in return would get a free meal. When Naruto saw this he slowly walked over into the restaurant and saw the head waiter setting up tables for customers.

"Excuse me?" asked Naruto timidly "I here for the wash boy job that you are offering here"

"Of course now do yo…" spoke the head Waiter as he turned around, he then saw that he was talking to Naruto "YOU!... GET OF HERE YOU DEMON SCUM"

"Please! I didn't do anything, I'm just looking for some work and some food", pleaded Naruto as he backed away in fear.

"I WOULDN'T GIVE YOU THE SCRAPS OF MY DOG, NOW GET OUT!" roared the Waiter as he grabbed Naruto and threw him out on to the street.

When Naruto picked himself up he saw one of the cooks throwing a bag full of scraps and spoiled food into the large bin next to the restaurant.

Once the Cook was gone Naruto snuck over to the bin and open the bag open and began to hungrily eat the scraps and spoil food, not caring that they would make him sick later on.

Zhane began to once again lose control of his emotions and as he did he began to visualise all the different things that he would do to the people that had gone out of their way to be cruel to his brother. He made a mental note to burn that restaurant down with that head waiter in it.

-Third Memory-

Naruto laid in his hospital bed, bound by restraints, completely naked. A doctor looked over him with a sick expression as he examined the wounds on Naruto's body, "It seems that the demon isn't healing him at the moment…oh well" he picked up a set of sewing needles, "This just means I can do more to him." he sat next to the blond and shoved the cold needles into his flesh.

"AAGGHHH!" Naruto shouted in pain as he tried to squirm, only for the doctor to backhand him.

"Shut your mouth demon…be glad I am healing your wounds you filthy monster!" he continued to forcibly shove the needles into his sensitive flesh, until one of the gaping wounds was sealed shut.

The doctor grinned as he pulled out some more thread, "One down…ten to go…"

As Zhane watch this he started clench his fist so tightly that his hands started to bleed "That Monster! He dares calls himself a doctor, when I find him there will not be enough of him left to be even identified".

-Fourth Memory-

Naruto was strapped to a table in the hospital…needles digging into his flesh, connected to tubes filled with chemicals he had no knowledge about. The door was slammed open by a a different doctor this time who had a crazed grin on his face, "I must say I never would have thought the demon could possibly be useful. But here you are…perfect for my studies and experimentation." he went to the tubes and squeezed one of the packs, "This little demon, is a nice little chemical I whipped up, it is an amazing steroid for chakra. However, I have yet to put it through any living trials, and I have no intention on using on another human being yet. So, I decided to use it on you" he squeezed the bag, forcing the chemical to flow through the tube.

As it entered Naruto's blood stream, the veins and chakra network began to stretch and convulse, causing him immense pain, "AAAGGGHHH"

Were it not for the many years on the battlefield, Zhane would have vomited from this site, but it still made him sick. As he watch this horror show he swore his hunt that doctor down and let him now what it felt like to be vivisected.

-Fifth Memory-

Naruto was running for his life. It was October 10th, his birthday, and he was only four years old. Behind him, was a mob of drunken civilians, and a few tipsy Shinobi.

He turned down an alley…only to run into a large man with a sake bottle in his mouth. He spilled the sake all over himself as he fell backwards.

He looked to see Naruto, and immediately made a grab for him, "Heey yoush deeemoon, gret brack…burp…hearr!"

Naruto was about to run out of the alley…when the mob cornered him and forced him back in the alley. The large man grabbed Naruto and slammed him against the wall.

A shinobi, who was partially buzzed, "Get the demon!" he shattered his Sake bottle and stabbed Naruto in the chest, while other members of the mob stabbed in the stomach, face, back, and anywhere else they could get a hit in.

By the end of it, Naruto had puncture wounds all over his body, his face was so cut up, the flesh might as well be held on by a thread, the rest of his body looked like it had been put through a meat grinder.

The last member of the mob poured a bottle of sake over him and pulled out a match, "Bye-bye…demon brat!" he dropped the match…and caught the blond on fire.

Only part of him was burning, but it still hurt like hell. Naruto screamed in pain as he rolled on the ground, trying to put out the fire. The mob just laughed as one of the men grabbed the singed blond and tossed him into a small trash can, before he threw all the broken bottles in with him.

Zhane garnished his teeth in rage, he could barely continue his anger, normally Zhane was a calm and collect person and it would take a great deal to make him lose it. But now he wanted nothing more than to go and hunt down every one of these "monsters" and give them a first hand experience as to why he was known as The Hitokiri (The Manslayer).

-Sixth Memory-

Naruto was running from a mob who was screaming things like 'demon' and 'hell spawn'. He tried to run into a store…only for more people to come out screaming insults at him.

He turned around to see that the mob had completely surrounded him…the one up front yelled, "Kill the demon" in moments he had been swarmed by the dozens of people, they were beating and bludgeoning him as another member of the mob yelled out, "Hey…I have a few things we can try!" he pulled out a several throwing knives and told a couple people to hold up the blond.

Naruto was hoisted off the ground as the men began to cackle like idiots, "LET HIM HAVE IT!" the first knife was launched directly into Naruto's stomach, just barely missing anything vital…Naruto screamed in pain as another member of the mob threw a bunch of kunai at him.

He was then pinned to the ground as a woman walked up with a cat of nine tails, "I am sure you are going to like this nine-tailed whip…string him up!" a bunch of people from the mob grabbed Naruto and held him in place, tearing off the back of his shirt.

She grinned, "Take this…CRACK" the nine whips slashed against Naruto's flesh, leaving nine deep slashes in his back. His screams cut through the air as the mob began to laugh at his misfortune, "CRACK" the whip cut into his flesh again…

The mob continued to do this until someone yelled out, "Hey, The Hokage and his ANBU are coming this way…let's get out of here!" the mob scattered and left Naruto to bleed in the street.

"! roared Zhane, he knew he hadn't even watched even half of what Naruto went through in the past twelve years and yet he could barely watch anymore of his brothers suffering. "Damn you Namikaze, Damn you to the lowest pits of hell", thought Zhane furiously. He was so angry right now; he would offer his very soul to the Shinigami himself just so that he could find Namikaze and beat himself for all of entirety for what he put his brother through.

-Seventh Memory-

Naruto was walking down the street on his way home…he was about to turn an alley, "AAH, get away from me!" Naruto looked back and saw a woman being dragged into an alley. He ran to the alley and saw the two men ripping off her clothes while simultaneously fondling her.

"Oh don't worry girl…this is going to feel great!" he grabbed her panties and was about to pull down his pants…

"HEY YOU…LEAVE HER ALONE!" he turned to see a blond haired blue eyed kid run at them with a chair…before they could figure out what had happened, Naruto had smashed them in the face with the chair.

The two men quickly yelled, "The demon is attacking us…AAHHH" and quickly ran down the alley.

Naruto turned to the woman with a smile, "Hi there…I don't think that they will…" Naruto was kicked in the face by the woman who screamed.

"Help, the demon is going to rape me!" a bunch of people saw the woman's state of dress at the end of the alley and saw Naruto on the ground.

"Hey, get the demon now!" Naruto tried to run, only for the woman to trip him and begin stomping on his knee.

The mob began to beat him when the woman pulled up a trashcan, "TAKE THIS DEMON!" and smashed it over his head…

Naruto remained conscious as the blood began to pour from the top of his head…

"Ungrateful whore", spat Zhane as he show how he was treated for saving the women from being raped, he wished he could somehow take part in these memories and snap the necks of each and everyone one of these pieces of scum and throw their remains to the wolves.

-Eight Memory-

Naruto was thrown into a pit as a bunch of civilians began to pour the water from their latrines and gasoline into it.

One of the civilians began to laugh, "Oh, how do you like this…burning in a pile of shit, a degrading way for a demon to die!" he lit a match, "So long!"

Naruto looked around and prayed he could find a way out…when he saw a hole in the wall of the pit…he ran towards it just as the match hit the sewage and gas.

Naruto crawled through the hole but got stuck…his entire lower body was set ablaze, "AAAGGGHHHH" Naruto used what strength he had in his upper body and pulled himself through the rest of the way.

He quickly began to roll around in the dirt and cried as he tried to put out the fire…

The mob began to cheer about, 'The demons death' and slowly began to leave.

Naruto stayed in the hole, as his legs were so burned that he could barely use them properly.

He curled himself into a corner and began to sing to himself, 'Happy Birthd-day…t-to me…Happy B-Birthday to me…

"And they call him a demon, these pieces of filth would not know a real demon if they saw right in front of them", though Zhane angrily.

-Ninth Memory-

Naruto's door was kicked open by two men wearing Shinobi attire, "Well looky what we have here, a little demon all by himself…hey…how about we have some fun?" the man looked at Naruto as he pulled out a hammer, "Pin him down!" Naruto tried to run but the men were too fast.

Naruto was thrown to the ground as the men pinned his arms down…

The man with the hammer walked over to Naruto, "Hmmm…so the little demon wants to become a ninja…lets see how he becomes one after all his fingers have been destroyed!" the man smashed the hammer down on Naruto's pinkie finger.

"AAAGGHHH" the man continued with the rest of his fingers…smashing the hammer down on each one until it broke into several pieces.

"Well, looks like he won't be taking up our career now will he?" Naruto was whimpering as he tried to struggle, "Oh shut up!" the man smashed the hammer into Naruto's jaw…breaking it in three places, and knocking him unconscious.

"Bastards! ...and they call dare call themselves men…They will pay for this in blood I swear it….. When I find them I will gutted them like fish and strangle them with their own intestines", snarled Zhane in his mind.

-Tenth Memory-

Naruto was sitting on the sidewalk in the middle of the night…he had not found anything to eat in the garbage cans, and was extremely hungry, as he had not eaten anything in weeks.

Naruto sighed and looked up at the sky, which was starting to darken. He knew it was about to rain, and decided it would be best if he headed towards the woods. He got up and was about to walk down the street…

"Why hello there…" he froze and turned around, expecting to see another mob…instead seeing a lovely looking woman carrying an umbrella, "What are you doing out here so late at night?"

Naruto shivered, fearing the woman, "Ano…I h-have no pl-place to g-go."

The woman frowned, "Awww…you poor thing." she leaned down and pinched his cheek, "Who wouldn't want to take in such a cutie?"

Naruto looked up at the woman with hope in his eyes, "R-really?"

The woman smiled, "Of course…in fact, why don't you come home with me? I always wanted a son."

Naruto smiled and nodded his head eagerly as he followed the woman down the streets. They walked passed many buildings, heading deeper into town. Suddenly the woman stopped and turned to him, smiling softly, "Here, my home is this way." she walked down an alleyway, and Naruto eagerly followed, never once thinking of the possible dangers of following the woman.

The woman suddenly stopped in the middle of the alleyway and smiled at him, "Well…here it is…my home."

Naruto looked around…the entire area was just one big pile of rubble and debris. He looked at her, "But…this is a…" Naruto froze as a malicious grin crawled up the woman's face as she pulled out a knife.

"This IS my home demon! The one you destroyed while my newborn son was still inside!" she sneered in disgust, "I will make you suffer for taking my son from me demon!" she charged at Naruto and buried the knife in his shoulder.

"AAGHH!" Naruto screamed in pain as he felt the knife tear through flesh, muscle, and bone, and fell over, blood dripping down his arm.

The woman sneered in disgust and reached into her back, bulling out a piece of barbed wire coated in blood, "How dare you scream in pain when my baby wasn't even allowed the chance to do so?" she kicked Naruto in the face, making him fall onto his back. She walked up to him and unrolled the barbed wire, dangling it in front of his face, "You see this demon?" she rolled up her sleeve, revealing deep scar marks, "This is the barbed wire I got tangled with when you attacked, keeping me from saving my child!" she wrapped the wire around Naruto's throat and began to squeeze, cutting deep into Naruto's flesh, "How ironic that the thing that kept me from saving my child, will be your death! HAHAAHAHAA…BLACHH!" the woman stopped strangling Naruto as a kunai was buried in her throat.

Naruto fell to the ground, bleeding out, the last thing he saw being a woman with purple hair, whom Zhane recognized as one of Kushina's former students Uzuki Yugao.

"That murder wrench how dare, she call herself a mother when she does that to an innocent child", raged Zhane in his mind. "If I had been there I would have crushed her scull with my bare hands and splattered it all over the wall".

-Eleventh Memory-

Naruto was sitting in his apartment alone…hungry…watching the other kids playing with their parents and the other brothers and sisters.

He crawled into a nearby corner and curled into a ball…whimpering as he tried to hold in his tears…

"Kaa-chan…Tou-san…where did you go…" he tightened the ball he was in and sobbed, "I want my Kaa-chan…I want my Tou-san…where are you?"

Naruto sobbed into the night…an orphan on his own…at only six years old…

When Zhane saw this hundreds of emotions ran through him until it was too much for him and did something he had never done, not since the death of his mother…he broke down and cried and banging on the ground.

"It's all my fault…. It's all my fault…if I hadn't left…..if I had stayed…..none of the would have happened…I could have protected him…I could have been there for him…..Forgive me Naruto…..Forgive me….. I failed you", cried Zhane.

After a few minutes of this Zhane regained control of himself and lifted himself up and then began to watch the rest of Naruto's memories

He watched Naruto being tied to a practise pole with barbed wire around his wrists and ankles and was being covered in gasoline. He saw them light a match and throw it on him. The gasoline must have only been placed on certain parts of his body because the fire followed a line and burned his flesh. The fire made a bunch of cross shapes in his flesh. Not a moment later an ANBU came in and cut down the assailants. The ANBU carefully doused the fire on the screaming blond and cut the barb wire off.

He watch several other beatings and attack on his brother such as when Naruto was beaten near death; with five broken ribs, a fractured femur, and a kunai shoved into his lung… and released the next day with any real medical care. Another one was when he was hung by his wrists and beaten with bats, both arms broken, every rib shattered, fractured skull…released next day again without any real medical care. The next one was when a group of Uchiha tied Naruto to a training post. He had seventeen stab wounds from kunai, 20 from shuriken …released next day again without any real medical care.

The rest of the memories all followed similar lines which did not help Zhane and his rising anger, which was about ready to erupt like a volcano. As he watches the memories, Zhane noticed two blank spots in Naruto's memory and stop the memories from continuing forward.

At first Zhane thought it was a gap made by Naruto's subconscious to blank out memories that were too emotional hard on Naruto to remember. But as he looked deeper into these blank spots he notice that they did not have the consistency of being a subconscious memory blocks, since they were too precise and exact, it was then that Zhane realised that the memory blocks were man made.

These blocks had been made by someone or someone's who were skilled enough in Fūinjutsu and had enough knowledge about the mind to seal off and block exact memories in Naruto.

After realising this Zhane began to use his knowledge and skill on Fūinjutsu to open up these memories and find out who place these blocks on Naruto. After few minutes Zhane was finally able to open up the blocks, both had been tricky to open up and both styles seemed familiar (since every Fūinjutsu user and master has a certain style). But even though he had opened up these memories here it was only a temporary job since as soon as he was finished looking at these memories they would seal up again. The only way to fully get rid of these seals would be to go deeper into Naruto's mind and destroy them and for that he needed Naruto to be awake and for him to trust him.

After opening the memories Zhane then began to watch the memories

-Twelfth Memory-

Naruto was walking up the stairs of The Hokage tower after he got out of the hospital. He was going to ask Jiji to see if he can give him some scrolls to train with, at the very least he can get a Jutsu that show everyone at school that he wasn't useless.

Naruto arrived at the office and was about to knock on the door when he heard someone talking…

"Sarutobi, how many times do we have to tell you? You have to kill that wretched demon; it is a threat to our village", spoke a voice (whom Zhane recognized the voice as that old hag Utatane Koharu).

"I concur; if that demon is allowed to grow stronger then our village is doomed", said the other voice, (whom Zhane clearly recognized as of that old fart Mitokado Homura).

"I will not have Naruto killed…I have gone so far as to allow the villagers to beat him without persecution and not punish the few Shinobi that attack him, but that's is as far as I will go. Since if I tried, I know it would just divide the village and weaken it, I will not kill him, even if he was the Kyuubi…which he isn't, the risk of Kyuubi getting out is too damn high if he was killed. Besides I have fate that Minato's seal will keep it contained if Naruto is kept alive".

"I had originally hoped that the villagers and Shinobi's would regard the Naruto as a hero, and although the most of the senior Shinobi's treat Naruto neutrally, the younger Shinobi's and the villagers treat him like he was the Kyuubi. This is why I'm trying to make sure that Naruto is kept alive and trying to make sure he's loyal to the village, since if he trained right and learns how to use the Kyuubi's power he will become an unstoppable force that would protect Konoha just as Minato had wanted".

"That is too risky, killing him would be more efficient, there is too much of a chance that he will betray us and turn against us", spoke Koharu.

"That's enough, my decision is final…dismissed."

After which the doors bust open and Sarutobi and the other elder's saw the shocked and betrayed look on Naruto's face.

When Zhane saw this he began to snarl like a raging Tiger, it made him all the angrier when he saw the pained looked in Naruto's eyes at how his "Jiji (Grandfather)" had been lying to him about why the villagers hated him and how he let them beat him. This betrayal was made all the worse since the Sandaime was one of the few people that Naruto believed truly cared about him.

Zhane then watched with a look of unbridled fury as the Sarutobi quickly grabbed Naruto and stopped him from running away. He then began to watch Sarutobi place a tracking sealing on the back of Naruto's neck so that he could keep track of where Naruto was. This especially made Zhane angry since it was illegal for a Ninja to place a tracking seal on another person (who had broken no laws), and do it without their consent, after it was done Sarutobi sealed Naruto's memories of the whole event away.

"Sarutobi… traitorous piece of filth…you pay for what you done I swear I will make you and Jiraiya suffer for what you done to Naruto and me. Konoha will drown in the blood of its own people for this", thought Zhane furiously.

After calming down a small bit Zhane began to watch the second memory that had been sealed away.

-Thirtieth Memory-

Naruto was walking alone down the dark streets of Konoha in the late evening, since he had just come back from training in his secret training area away from everyone.

As he walked down he was suddenly jumped by a group of for men jumped him from behind and dragged him into a dark alley. Naruto tried to fight back and as he struggled he saw that two of his assailants were Hyuga' due to their eyes, (When Zhane saw them he recognised their faces since they were members of the Hyuga Main Branch family). As he continued to struggle Naruto the saw his other two assailants were two men with long blond ponytails, (When Zhane saw them he also recognised their faces and realised that they were both members of the Yamanaka Clan, one of them was even Inoichi younger cousin Sho while the other was Sho best friend).

Eventually the four men where able to subdue Naruto, where two of the assailants held Naruto down, while the other Two stood over him, one of the two was a Hyuga (Whom Zhane knew as Hori) while the other was Sho.

"Well, Well, Well if it isn't the "Demon Brat" just the person we been looking for", sneered Sho.

"Let me go….I didn't do anything to you", said Naruto as he struggled.

"Not yet you haven't…..but you will in a few years time", spoke Hori, "Thanks to that soft hearted fool The Hokage is allowing you to train in the academy and become a Ninja, and once you become one, you will threaten our village, we are here to make sure you don't".

"What are you going to do to me ?" asked Naruto as he continued to struggle against the two men

"Normally we would kill you, but unfortunately that annoying healing ability of yours makes it hared to kill you and even if we did we would have The Hokage coming after us shaming both our Clans", said Hori.

"But we can settle for making sure that you never become a Ninja and making sure that you never threaten us again", said Sho and he moved up to Naruto and started to drawing seals on Naruto head.

After Sho had done drawing the seals, Hori then went up and drew more seals on Naruto's chest after they were done they activated them.

"AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!" screamed Naruto after which he then blacked out.

When this memory ended he growled in anger he recognised the seals that both men used, both were highly illegal to use on people outside their Clans. The one that Sho used was a mental seal that if used on full power could very well destroy a person mind and leave them as a human vegetable. Zhane guessed that Sho must have the seal at either a quarter or half strength, making it very hard for Naruto to focus or concentrate when learning, as well as understand things, making him look like a complete idiot. The seal was only meant to be used on criminals that had done serious crimes against the Yamanaka Clan or traitors who had betrayed the Clan; the technique itself was declared a forbidden Jutsu by the Clan and was only to be used on only the highest of crimes against the Clan.

The seal that Hori had used was a sealed that was used on Branch members back before the Cage bird seal was created. The seal was designed to completely destroy a person control and prevent them from focusing and using the Charka correctly. It was even used on captured enemies of the Hyuga Clan during the Shinobi Clan Wars, where the Hyuga Clan would put these seals on their prisoners and would keep the from escaping. But even if they did they wouldn't be able to use their Chakra anyhow thanks to the seal. The Hyuga Clan later stopped using the seal on the Branch members since the seal made them useless to protect the main Branch and they stopped using it on prisoners when they join Konoha.

Zhane guessed that like with Sho, Hori used the seal at quarter or half strength so to nearly ruin Naruto's control over his Chakra. Zhane also guessed that the only reason neither men used their seals at full strength was because if they used them at full strength Sarutobi would investigate and find the seals on Naruto's body and would learn of their involvement due to the seals. But if they used the seals at a half or quarter strength then it would have been enough to almost ruin Naruto's chances at being a Ninja. Sho also must of block Naruto's memory of this so to make sure that he wouldn't mention this to Sarutobi.

Zhane then decided that once he gotten rid of those seals on Naruto's body and dealt with Sarutobi and a few others he would make sure to pay Hori, Sho and both their friends a "visit".

After that Zhane watch the remainder of Naruto's memories and saw what other things happen to him (which didn't settle well with him at all).

As he watched the memories he did see that there was at lest a small group that actually treated Naruto as a normal boy and actually tried to help him.

Zhane saw that Tsume head of the Inuzuka Clan, who was an old friend of both his mother and Naruto's mother Kushina, tried to help Naruto by giving him small odd jobs in the Inuzuka kennel and paying him with some money or with a hot meal. She even chased away several mobs that tried to attack him or were attacking him.

For that Zhane was deeply indebted to Tsume, he had know her when he was growing up and thought of her as a kind of Aunt. She had even helped him get through his mother's death and had several good memories at the Inuzuka kennel, where he often played and help take care of the of the dogs there, since he found it relaxing and help him forget his troubles for a time.

Zhane also saw a local Ramen stand Ichiraku Ramen had gone out of way to help Naruto by welcoming him in and treating him kindly. Even despite the business they lost for having the "Demon Brat" at their stand they still welcome him with open arms and even gave him free meals from time to time when he didn't have enough money. Zhane also noticed that they were the main reason why he hadn't starved to death, or died of malnutrition since Zhane notice from the memories that they added a lot of vitamins to his Ramen, allowing him to eat a somewhat healthy diet. For that Zhane was forever grateful to them and planned to visit the family and thank them personally and pay them back for all their kindness.

Zhane also noted that the Aburame Clan helped Naruto as well since they knew what it was like to be thought as outcast for what was inside of them. He noted that several members of the Aburame Clan helped save Naruto from several mob attacks and they even helped Naruto out having him do deliveries of the different types of goods that the Aburame Clan made with their bugs help. Where they would they pay him for the jobs he did, so that he have a little extra money.

Zhane was thankful for that and was not surprised by their action, since the Aburame Clan did not take things at face value and did not let their emotions rule them. He had a good strong relationship with the Clan and held them in high regard and enjoyed speaking with them. This was because they always looked at the facts first and always took the logical approach in things, he only wished that the village had followed the Aburame Clan example and used their heads instead of following their blind anger and bigotry.

Zhane also saw his mother old teammate and his Godfather Kishin Tetsu helping Naruto out by giving Naruto odd jobs and discounts on Ninja tools so that he could train. Zhane was not surprised that Tetsu was among the few that treated Naruto like a person since he knew Tetsu was a good and honourable man. Tetsu had helped Zhane a great deal after his mother death and was the one who taught him to make swords, hence he and Zhane where quite close.

Zhane even saw that Naruto had a few friends in the heir's of the Nara and the Akimichi Clans who although did not help Naruto in any real way, they still treated him like a normal boy and did not tell their children to stay away from him which was more that most families did.

Zhane even witness his Friends Kaiya Uchiha (one of the last three Uchiha's in Konoha) and his Sensei eldest Daughter Hitomi Hyuga, both helping to protect Naruto several times from mobs of civilians and a few drunken or foolish Chunins that had attacked him. After seeing this Zhane felt deeply indebted to them especially when they each help to try and heal Naruto wounds that he suffered from the attacks.

Zhane also saw from the memories that a teacher names Iruka who even though had lost his parent in the Kyuubi attack had a close relationship with Naruto. Although Zhane saw that Iruka had held hatred for Naruto for a time he had still treated Naruto like everyone else, but he eventually over came that and saw Naruto for what he really was a lonely boy. When Zhane saw this, it just proved to him that Iruka was a better and wiser person that most of the people in Konoha.

Zhane also witness the night when Naruto was tricked into stealing the forbidden scroll by a Ninja named Mizuki and everything that happened that night.

When he finished watching the memory Zhane was proud of his brother for being able to master the Kage bunshin no Jutsu (Shadow Clone Technique), and the Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Multiple Shadow Clone Technique), to such a level in such a short time. He also planned to personally thank Iruka for helping to save his brother and for everything else he did for him. Not to mention he planned to play Mizuki a visit and "thank" him as well.

After finishing watching the Naruto memories Zhane then began to plan what he was going to do next and how he was going to make Konoha pay for what they done to his brother.

-Outside the Real World-

As Zhane was linked to Naruto's mind and watching his memories Saya and Ketsu watch over him and Naruto, since Zhane was basically helpless when he was linked with Naruto's mind. After about fifteen minutes Zhane cancelled the Rinomoi no Jutsu and his and Naruto minds separated, (9).

When Zhane cancelled the Jutsu both Saya and Ketsu went over to see how he was but when they went over to him the saw a dark cold and murderous look in his eyes which made both students shiver in fear.

Ketsu recognised this look, he had seen it once before, near around the first time he met his Sensei. The last time he saw that look, over five hundred Kiri Ninja's died that day.

"Sensei are your ok? ...Did you see something wrong?" asked Ketsu.

"I'm fine and Yes I did", replied Zhane shortly, since he was not in the mood to talk after which he made a hand sign and made two Shadow Clones. After which he quickly began and ordered the first Shadow Clone of him to sneak into the ANBU file and archive room and return with what he wanted and return in two hours. While he ordered the other to go to a sealed location he knew of and after which he then told the Shadow Clone what he wanted him to do.

After which the Clones nodded in understanding and left, Zhane then told Ketsu and Saya to sneak into the hospital file room and find Naruto's medical files and make copies of them and then bring them to him.

When they left, Zhane then sat down and took out a few empty scrolls and a pen from his side pouch and began to write a letter.

During the next two hours Zhane continued to write several different letters to people he knew. He only stopped to write when he received two storage scrolls from Ketsu and Saya both of which continued all of Naruto's medical files that they copied, which according to Ketsu were all ten inch tick and filled all the draws of a large four door metal cabinet.

This news had not shocked Zane since he had seen Naruto memories hence he knew everything that Naruto went through. But this had shocked and horrified both Ketsu and Saya when they saw them, since they had read some of the files when they were making copies of them by use of a copying Jutsu.

After they had read some of the files both of the agreed to do whatever their Sensei asked them to do, since both of them agreed that Konoha needed to pay for what it had done to their Sensei brother. Soon after Zhane's Clones arrived where the one had sent to the ANBU achieves and file room came in with two storage scrolls, while the second Clone had one storage scroll in his hand, both Clone then gave their scrolls to him before disappearing.

When the Clones dispelled he gained all the information that they learned when on their separate missions, when Zhane gained this knowledge he frowned and even growled a little when he received the information.

Half an hour later Zhane finished writing he then took one of the storages scrolls that Ketsu and Saya gave him, as well as one of the storages scrolls that his Shadow Clone gave him and put them both in his pouch pack.

He then took out another empty scroll and then drew a seal on the scroll, after which he placed his two forward fingers on the seal and did a few one handed hand signs before crying out "Kinenisou no Jutsu" (Memory Transfer Technique).

The seal that Zhane had drew was a memory storage seal that he created along with "Kinenisou no Jutsu" (Memory Transfer Technique), which like with the Rinomoi no Jutsu was created based on Zhane knowledge and understand of the mind manipulating techniques of Yamanaka Clan. The Jutsu stored a copy of all the memories that Zhane and seen about Naruto's life and placed it in the seal, he planned on giving the scroll with the seal to a certain person so that they could see first hand what Konoha had been doing to his brother. The seal worked where all the person would have to do was cut their finger and make it bleed a little and then place the finger on the seal so that the could see the memories stored in the seal. Zhane also wrote instructions under the seal so that the person he was sending it to would know what to do, he then repeated the process with another scroll.

After he finished rolling up the last scroll he was sending, Zhane then lifted the left sleeve of his trench coat to relieve a Dragon shaped Tattoo and the bit his thumb to make it bleed and spread the blood on the tattoo and slammed his hand of the ground and cried out.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summonging Jutsu)"

When he did a puff of smoke appeared in the air, after the smoke cleared, several small lizard like creatures with wings appeared in the air flapping their wings fast so to keep themselves in the air.

These creatures where of Zhane's Dragon summons but these were only young ones; hence they couldn't really fight, but could deliver messages for him very quickly. Each of these Dragons where of different colour, one was ruby red, another was emerald green, one was pitch black, while another was sapphire blue, the next was golden yellow, as well as another being silver gray and another bright white and others being of similar colours.

"What is it you wish of us Zhane-sama?" asked the young sapphire blue Dragon in a small and cute like voice.

"Seiryū! I need you and your brothers and sisters to go and deliver these scroll to certain people and bring their replies to me as quickly as you can", said Zhane to which the young Dragon nodded.

After giving the different scrolls to the young group of Dragons and telling them each who to give the message and storage scrolls to, the group of Dragons all disappeared in small puffs of smoke.

After the young Dragons disappeared, Zhane told Saya and Ketsu to watch over Naruto while he sleeps and to make sure that no-one but him comes into the room. He also told them to keep themselves hidden if Naruto woke up while he was away and that they were not to let him see them and were to follow him wherever he would go if he left the hospital.

When Saya asked Zhane where he was going Zhane simply replied.

"I have some busy with the Hokage and the Council that is long over due", and then left.

- The Council Room -

After Zhane appearance in the village, Sarutobi had his ANBU go and inform the Clans heads, Koharu, Homura, Danzo, the ANBU Commander and the Civilian Council members of the Council for an emergency Council meeting.

As Sarutobi sat in the Hokage's chair alone in the Council room he could not help but let out a tired sigh, he had feared that this day might come. Sarutobi had hoped by the time Zhane returned to the village, the people of Konoha would have forgotten their hate of the Kyuubi and accept Naruto, where he in turn would have come to love the village and its people and want to protect them. Sarutobi had also thought that once Zhane saw how happy Naruto was and how the people of Konoha had accepted him he would forget his anger at being tricked and forgive him and believe it was the right decision.

But unfortunately Zhane came back sooner than Sarutobi thought he would and the villagers still hated and despised Naruto and believed he was the Kyuubi.

When he first tricked Zhane into believing that Naruto was dead and then gave him the right to travel wherever he wanted, he thought he was doing the right thing he even had the support of Danzo, Koharu and Homura, who had all agreed to have Zhane leave the village.

Since Sarutobi knew that if Zhane stayed in the village and learned that Naruto was alive and had been turned into a Jinchūriki and saw how the villagers and some Shinobi's treated him, Zhane would have lashed out at them and stopped at nothing to protect Naruto.

When Sarutobi announced the news that the Kyuubi had been sealed into Naruto, he had believed that the villagers would have respected the Yondaime last request and treated Naruto as a hero.

Sadly that did not happen, the fear, hate, anger and loss that the Kyuubi had created had been too strong and the people saw Naruto as the Kyuubi himself instead of the boy he was. After seeing this he knew that he had to have Zhane leave the village or else Konoha could have been destroyed. He knew that if Zhane stayed it would be revealed that Naruto was also Minato's son and Zhane brother hence placing him in danger. Since he was related to the Konoha no Kiiroi Senkō (Konoha's Yellow Flash), Konoha no Shouten Gosai (Konoha's Red Death) and Konoha no Hitokiri Battōsai (Konoha's Sword-drawing Manslayer) which would earn him countless enemies all around the Shinobi world.

Not to mention the fact that if Zhane stayed and he protected Naruto it would divide the village, since Zhane had enormous influence in Konoha, due to the fact he was the last of the Akechi Clan one of the mightiest Shinobi Clans that had lived. He was also the son of Namikaze Minato Konoha no Kiiroi Senkō and The Yondaime Hokage and the son of Akechi Gracia also known as Konoha no Kuīnzu Bureido (Konoha's Queen of Blades). He was the former student of Hyuga Hiashi, the current Clan head of the Hyuga Clan, one of Konoha's most prominent and influential Clans, he had close ties with the Aburame Clan and the Inuzuka Clan and was the Godson of Kishin Tetsu one of Konoha's few great sword masters. Zhane was also a hero in The Third Great Shinobi World War and in the Kyuubi attack, hence many Shinobi's and people in Konoha look up to him and held him high regard. Zhane also had many friends in the Shinobi's ranks, most now being Jonin or in ANBU and who would side with him. Hence the village would have been deeply divided between two factions, the ones who hated Naruto for having the Kyuubi in him and the ones who where on Zhane side and if Konoha's enemies saw the village divided they would have attack and destroyed Konoha.

There was also the chance that Zhane would just take Naruto away and leave Konoha which also could not be allowed. Since the Shinobi Elders as well as most of the Council, would never have allowed the Jinchūriki of the most powerful of all the Bijū's inside of him leave the village, where they would have had both Zhane and Naruto hunted down like animals. Not to mention the fact that if the other Shinobi Nations learned of that, they may have lured Zhane and Naruto to join their village and turn them both against Konoha.

Hence Sarutobi believed he had only one choice, which was to trick Zhane into believing that Naruto was dead and have him leave the village. Sarutobi had even had to argue with Jiraiya for hours before he got him to agree to his plan, since Jiraiya did not like it and because he did not agree with it, but eventually Sarutobi had got him to agree. After Zhane left, Sarutobi had thought Jiraiya would have stayed to help keep an eye on Naruto or even help rise him, but sadly that did not happen, since not long after Zhane departure Jiraiya left the village without so much as a word.

When Zhane had left Sarutobi had believed that over time the people of Konoha would forget their hate of Naruto and see that he was just a boy and see that he could one day become a great protector for them. He even believed that if Naruto stayed, he would grow up and bond with the people and come to love the village as much as his father did and be just as loyal to it. But sadly that plan did not work the people continued to see Naruto as the Kyuubi and was attacked by them. Sarutobi had even forbidden the information of Naruto being the Jinchūriki of the Kyuubi in the hopes that Naruto could bond with the younger generation, but that too failed when parents told their children to stay away saying that he was trouble, leaving Naruto further alone with no friends.

But even despite that Sarutobi believed he had gotten Naruto to still love the village and want to protect it and everyone in and try and prove them wrong about him being a demon.

But now with Zhane here that could change, since Naruto would then learn that he lied to him about having any family. This would then destroy the trust he had built with Naruto and combine the hardship and suffering that the villager's put him through, Naruto could turn against Konoha.

As Sarutobi thought this he could not help but think about how things could turn so terribly wrong with just one person's return.

Soon after the members of Konoha's Council arrived one by one, after everyone was seated and the large double doors of the Council room where closed and Sarutobi spoke.

"Thank you all for coming so quickly for this emergency Council meeting, I know you were all busy with your own affairs".

"What is it that is so important, that you needed to have an emergency Council meeting and to send out ANBU to inform us of it Sarutobi?" asked Homura.

"The reason why I called this meeting is that little over three hours ago Akechi Zhane returned to the village".

When Sarutobi said this excited muttering broke out between the Council members, although concerned looks appeared on Homura and Koharu faces, where they both turned and looked at Sarutobi sharply who just nodded.

When Danzo heard this he narrowed his one visible eye, since he knew how dangerous Zhane was and if he returned it would ruin any chance he had of gaining control of his brother. Not only that but he knew that Zhane could very well bring about Konoha's ruin in revenge for the acts of the villagers of Konoha against his brother.

"This is excellent news, the Youndaime's son has returned to us. Now that he is here perhaps he might want to take his father mantel", spoke one of the civilian members named Oroka Akogi. Who was a wealthy merchant and had used his influence to make sure that Naruto was kicked out and refused service in most stores and restaurants.

"And perhaps he will also avenge his father as well. Not to mention all other Shinobi's and people that died during the Kyuubi attack and kill "it" once and for all", spoke another member of the Civilian Council named Mekura Chijin.

Mekura Chijin was from a power noble civilian family who were among the first non-Shinobi families to join Konoha when it was founded. His family held a great deal of wealth and influence in Konoha, and had often used his family wealth and influence to organise attacks on Naruto, and have certain Shinobi's look the other way if the saw anything.

At this Sarutobi could only sigh "Fools, Zhane would never do either of those things, he would sooner become a Genin again than become Hokage, since he doesn't want to take Minato's mantel. Not to mention he would sooner skin himself than hurt Naruto and if they keep talking like that in front of him then they are liable to find their heads mounted on his wall".

"I'm afraid that will not happen sinc-", spoke Sarutobi before he was interrupted by a loud voice of a Chunin shouting.

"YOU CAN'T GO IN THERE, THE HOKAGE AND THE COUNCIL ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A EMERGACY MEETING AND YOUR FORB -…AAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH", shouted a Chunin before he screamed in pain which was followed by a sickening sound of bone cracking.

"STOP! YOUR UNDERA-ARGH!" shouted another Chunin who quickly screamed in pain as well and loud crash was heard which sounded like as if a wall was crashing down.

The crash was then followed by several more noises of bones breaking, screams of pain, large banging sounds as if something or someone was being smashed against something hard and load crashes as if someone or something was sent crashing through another wall.

"What the hell is going on out there?" cried Akimichi Choza and as if answering his question a Chunin was suddenly sent crashing through the large double doors of the Council room. The Council room doors were completely knocked off their hinges when the Chunin hit it, while Chunin himself was sent flying through the Council room. Where he then slammed into the wall behind the Council table, and made a massive dent in the wall with many spider web cracks around it, after which he then fell onto the floor unconscious and bleeding from the head.

When the Hokage and the Council turned back to the now open doorway they saw that the entire hallway that lead to the Council room was completely destroyed with holes, dents and cracks all along the ceiling, the walls and floor. They also saw the bodies of several dozen or more Chunins that had guarded the Council room scattered all along the hallway unconscious. But that sight was not what had many of them shivering in fear slightly.

The sight that had many of them shivering in fear slightly was the figure standing in the doorway in front of them cloaked in Black, like an Avatar of Death, with a dark menacing and murderous aura surrounding him. That figure was Akechi Zhane whose head was lowered slightly and his hair hanging down covering his eyes.

"AAAAHHHHH Shit!...Zhane is pissed…this mean this meeting is going to very, VERY troublesome, especially if this meeting is what I think its about…and if it is then we're going to be in for one hell of a shit storm very soon", thought Nara Shikaku since he knew the word troublesome did not even come close to describing what he knew was going to happen next.

After the Council turned to look at Zhane, Zhane raised his head up so that the Sandaime and the Council could see his cold, merciless and murderous eyes now, they also now saw that his pupils had shrunk and his Iris had grown (10). When the Sandaime, the Shinobi Elders, the ANBU Commander and the Clan heads saw this, they began to get scared since they immediately recognised the way his eyes were, since this was the only physical characteristic of a user of the Bāsākāmoui (Berserker Fury) Limit when they have it activated. When the Civilian members looked into his eyes they along with some of the Clan heads could not help but shudder slightly and feel imitated out of the shear intensity of Zhane's cold merciless, murderous eyes.

"Those eyesThose are the eyes of a true Shinobi… A true Slayer of men", remarked Danzo in his mind as he looked into Zhane's eyes, since all though he hated Zhane and believed him a danger to both himself and Konoha. He did respect Zhane's skill and power, which said a lot, since there were few people that Danzo ever respected in anyway.

For a minute or so everyone remained quiet in the Council room the Hokage and the Council member just continued to look at Zhane in silence. This remained so, until Zhane suddenly spoke up in a cold, calm yet hate filled tone of voice.

"Sarutobi…we need to talk".


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(1). She will be explained more further on in the story

(2). Since it would ruin Minato's reputation among the people of Konoha and its Shinobi's since he was seen as a hero to them.

(3). The Bloodline will be explained further later on in the story

(4). A fake created by a few medics on Sarutobi's orders

(5). Funeral never happened Sarutobi just said it did

(6). Sarutobi did not tell anyone that Zhane was awake and made sure that the doctor's and nurse that treated him said nothing about him being awake to anyone.

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(9). Time in the real world and the world of the minds is different since an hour in the mind world is a minute in the real world

(10). Imagine Kira Yamato eyes in Gundam Seed when he uses the SEED factor