Brothers Bond

Chapter 6: Swords



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Previously on Brother's Bond

"Now that we have that other mattered settled, I think it's time I pay a visit to an old friend of mine", spoke Zhane.

"Who's that Nii-san?"

"Our father's other old team-mate Kishin Tetsu, who was also my godfather" answered Zhane.

"Wait! Old man Tetsu is your godfather and was the Yondaime's team-mate", Naruto said in surprise and he had never heard about it, as he had often gone to Tetsu shop to get Shinobi gear. He was among the few people in the village to treat him kindly, as Tetsu never kicked him out or called him demon and even gave him discounts on things whenever he was short on money.

"Correct, Tetsu was a good friend of mine, as he helped me deal after my mother's death, he retired though, after his wife died so that he could take care of his daughter, but back in his day he was highly skilled master swordsman. He and my mother were also the ones who taught me everything I know about making swords as well" finished Zhane, further surprising Naruto as he no idea that Tetsu was so great.

After a few minutes (during which Ketsu heal the bruises that Naruto made on Zhane when he hit him), Zhane took down the privacy barrier, after which he, Naruto along with Ketsu and Saya started to walk to their new destination. Where as they did, they were being followed from the shadows by the Sandaime's ANBU and by the members of Danzo's ROOT foundation.

-With Zhane and Naruto-

After revealing the truth of the Sandaime's conspiracy to Naruto, as well as the truth, as to why he was the container of the Kyubi. The two brothers, along with Zhane's two students Saya and Ketsu walked through the streets of Konoha towards the Shinobi Gear store, run by Zhane's Godfather Kishin Tetsu.

As they walked through the streets many people who had recognised both Naruto and Zhane stopped and stared, at seeing the unusual pair. As no one could understand why the son of the great Yondaime Hokage, the hero of Konoha, was walking next to the "demon" that killed his (Zhane) father.

Zhane, Naruto and the others of course ignored the people's stares and continued on towards the Shinobi Gear store. Soon enough, they arrived at the store and entered it, where they were greeted by the store owner Tetsu.

Tetsu was a medium height broad man with a muscular enough build, due making weapons most of the time. He had short light brown hair and dark eyes and was clean shaved; he wore typical Shinobi pants, along with simple green shirt that was dirty from working in the back.

"Hello and welcome to Kishin's Gear, where all your Shinobi needs are met, how may I hel-" greeted Tetsu only to stop when he saw Naruto with Zhane.

"Zhane is that you?" asked the middle aged weapon's maker with surprise, where Zhane, just nodded a smirked ever so slightly.

At seeing Zhane nod in confirmation, Tetsu immediately went over and hugged Zhane tightly, who hesitantly hugged back, as hugging was not really his thing.

After a minute or two, Tetsu let go of Zhane and stepped back a bit to get a better look at Zhane. Look at you, you've grown", remarked the man before he turned to look at Naruto, Saya and Ketsu.

"So you finally know the truth" remarked Tetsu, since if Naruto was here then it was obvious that Zhane knew the truth.

Zhane of course just nodded to the remark, after which Tetsu turned to Naruto.

"Naruto, I'm sorry I couldn't protect you from the abuse, but there was little I could do, since I had no influence in the council to help you", spoke Tetsu, as he had known who Naruto really was and wanted to protected Naruto better, but there was little he could do. When he first saw Naruto, he immediately realised the truth about Naruto and had tried to get word to Zhane, knowing that he would never abandon Naruto unless he thought he was dead. But since he had no idea where Zhane went all his attempts failed.

"It's ok Tetsu-san, you at least tried, which is more than I can say for most people", replied Naruto with some bitterness. As Tetsu had been one of only a handful of store owners who had treated Naruto with any kind of respect and allowed him to shop without incident in his store. He even gave Naruto discounts on things, whenever he was short on money and let him hid in his store when he (Naruto) was hiding from a mob.

Tetsu of course nodded, after which he then turned to Ketsu and Saya, "And who are these two?"

"These are my students Ketsu and Saya" answered Zhane, which naturally surprised Tetsu, as he did not think that Zhane would ever take students.

Both Saya and Ketsu of course respectfully greeted Tetsu, who naturally replied in just, stating he was pleased to meet them both.

For the next hour and a half Zhane and Tetsu talked amongst themselves, where Zhane explained what he had done during his meeting with the Sandaime and the council, (minus the fact her was a Shinobi Warlord). When Tetsu heard this he was both impressed and concerned at what Zhane had done. Since Zhane was probably the only person bold enough to do what he did to both the Hokage and the council. Yet he was also putting a very large target on his head and earned himself many powerful enemies. But despite Tetsu's warning, Zhane assured him that he could handle things and that he would be fine.

During the discussing Zhane also gave Tetsu two gold rings, (one for himself and one for his daughter) with red gems on them (1) and explained how they worked, should he be endanger and need help.

After giving Tetsu the rings, the door of the store suddenly burst opened, where a young girl wearing a pink Chinese shirt, with her hair done in two buns, entered the store and was followed by three other people.

The first person was a tall young Hyūga boy, while the second was a tall young boy wearing a green jumpsuit and had thick bushy eyebrows and bowel cut hair. The third and final person was a tall man who looked like an older version of the second young man, due to wearing the same green jumpsuit, and having the same bushy eyebrows and bowel cut style haircut.

When the four entered the store, the bun haired girl, who was leading the group spoke up, "Tou-san, I'm back! Also do you think you could spare us some Kunai as during training we sort of-", said the girl. But stop speaking when she saw Naruto, Zhane and the others, "…oh sorry I didn't know you had customers."

"Ah Tenten, I did not expect you to finish training so early, but I'm glad, as it makes things much easier" spoke Tetsu as she turned to his daughter.

At hearing this, the girl named Tenten of course had a curious and slightly confused look on her face, when her father said this, since she did not understand what her father was talking about. When she turned to the people her father was with, she immediately recognised Naruto, as she had seen him her in the store sometimes buying some Shinobi tools. Although she did not recognise the blue haired boy and white haired girl with him, but when she turned to Zhane and got a better look at him, she instantly recognised him, despite him being older than the photo she had seen of him.

Upon recognising him, Tenten, then did something that she swore she would never do, and something that her father, her team-mates or even Sensei thought she would ever do. For upon seeing Zhane, Tenten let out one of the biggest fan girl scream that anyone in Konoha had ever heard.


After making nearly everyone in the store go deaf from her fan girl scream, Tenten immediately appeared right in front of Zhane with stars in her eyes.

"Your Akechi Zhane…. the greatest sword master in the history of Konoha!" cried the bun haired girl.

Naturally after seeing the way their team-mate was acting, both Neji and Lee were surprised, at how their team-mate was acting like a fan girl, something she hated above all other things.

"Tenten-san, what has gotten into, this is very unlike you, who is this youthful Akechi Zhane?" asked Lee with curiously, as he had not heard the name before.

"Lee how can you be such a baka?" cried Tenten in disbelief as she turned to her team-mate. "This is Akechi Zhane, The Hitokiri Battousai (The Sword-Drawing Manslayer), the hero of the battle of Yashimara and the Kyūbi attack. He's also the only son of the Yondaime Hokage and Konoha no Kuīnzu Bureido (Konoha Queen of Blades)."

Upon hearing this, both boys were shocked, as they had both heard of Hitokiri Battousai, who was said to be one of the great heroes of the Third Great Shinobi World War, second only to the Yondaime Hokage himself.

"So this is the infamous Hitokiri Battousai no Konoha (The Sword-Drawing Manslayer of Konoha)" thought Neji, as he stared at Naruto's brother. He had heard a great deal about Zhane from his older cousin Hitomi, who had been friends with the famed Shinobi when they were younger.

After Tenten had finish explaining who Zhane was to her team-mates, Zhane was quickly lifted up and enveloped, in a bone breaking hug, by none other than the team sensei Maito Gai.

"Zhane-kun, my old friend, you've finally returned, Yosh!" cried the youth obsessed man.

Upon seeing this, the younger people in the store were of course shocked at how Gai greeted Zhane, but none were more surprised that Naruto, Ketsu and Saya, who all thought the same thing, "Who the hell is this freak?"

"I-It is good to see you to Gai…" grunted Zhane, as he could've sworn he heard his spin crack. "…But if you don't mind… could you please let me go."

"Oh, yes of course!" replied the green wearing man, where he put Zhane down and let him go.

Once Gai let him go, Zhane turned to look at Tenten and her team-mates, after which he turned back to Gai.

"So Gai are these your students?" asked Zhane, where he already knew Tenten and Neji, due to his relationship with Tenten's father and his relationship with Hiashi and Hitomi. Although when he saw Lee, he began to wonder if Gai had secretly had a son, given how much they looked alike.

"Hai! These are my beloved students, Tenten, Neji and Lee" replied Gai with pride, where each of his student introduced themselves to Zhane respectfully. Although Tenten was still staring dreamily at him, when she introduced herself to Zhane, as Zhane was one of her idols, second only to Tsunade of the Sannin and his mother Akechi Gracia, whom Tenten based herself on, as she was a weapons expert.

The reason why Tenten admired Zhane so much was because unlike most Shinobi, Zhane was not famed for unique Ninjutsu techniques or abilities. He was famed for being a skilled swordsman master and creating extremely deadly techniques with his Katana.

"Gai-sensei, how is it that you know Akechi Zhane?" asked Lee.

"Yosh! I Zhane-kun since he is the only son of my late Sensei, Akechi Gracia who taught me Goken (Strong Fist)", replied Gai shocking everyone, (minus Zhane and Tenten's father Tetsu).

"But Sensei, I always believed that it was you who created the Goken style" spoke Lee in surprise.

"A common misconception my beloved student, the Goken style is actually a style created by the Akechi Clan, which was taught to those within their Clan who did not possess their bloodline" replied Gai.

"But if that is true, then why can you do it?" asked Neji with mild curiously.

"Ah, well you see, Gracia-sensei believed despite the fact that I was the lowest scoring person in my year. I had immense potential, especially in Taijutsu, so she taught me the Goken fighting style, which she was skilled in, due her not possessing her Clan's Bloodline either. Once I'd mastered it, she gave me permission to teach the style to anyone I believe worthy of using it."

"A decision that my mother never regretted" replied Zhane, since despite his quirky personality and the fact that he was his class dead last. His mother had stated that Gai had been her prize student. As he had mastered the Goken fighting style faster than she ever expected him to, and was able to make the style his own by developing his own techniques with it.

"Sensei you never told us that you were trained by Akechi Gracia!" spoke Tenten in surprise.

"You never asked" replied Gai, made nearly everyone (minus Zhane) to fall down onto the ground from disbelief and have large sweat drops on their heads.

Zhane of course only chuckled silently to himself at this, "Gai certainly hasn't changed in the slightest."

For the next few minutes Tenten preceded to berate her Sensei at how he can be such a baka, at how he expects them to know things, when he doesn't even tell them.

Seeing this of course made Zhane smile, where he turned to Tetsu and commented how much Tenten reminded him of her mother in terms of fiery spirit. Tetsu of course just nodded in agreement with Zhane.

"So if your Clan created the Goken style, does that mean you can use it?" asked Lee as he turned to Zhane.

"I can use the Goken fighting style to a certain degree, although I' am not a proficient as Gai is or as my mother was. For unlike her I possessed my Clans bloodline, where I did not really need to learn it" explained Zhane.

After Zhane gave his explanation to Lee about his skill in the Goken fighting Style, Tenten finished berating Gai. Who then turned to Zhane, "So Zhane-kun tell me, what brings you back to Konoha and who are these youthful young people."

"Well as to why I'm here is rather a long story, one that will have to be heard at another time, but as to whom these children are, they are my students", explained Zhane simply. After which he introduced his students to Gai and the others.

Upon hearing this Gai was of course shocked, as he never expected Zhane to take on students, when he turned to have a closer look at them he quickly recognised Naruto, due to his whisker birthmarks.

After recognising Naruto, Gai immediately turned to Zhane, who just nodded confirming that Naruto was indeed the host of the Kyuubi.

When Neji heard that Naruto and the others were Zhane students, he gave them each a calculating gaze, as if trying to understand them. When he looked at Saya and Ketsu, he could tell by the way stood and how they held themselves and stared back at him, that both were skilled shinobi.

But when he stared at Naruto, he was unimpressed with the young blonde, given how he held himself with no real pride and dressed in ridicules orange outfit.

After a few minutes Zhane decided to get to the matter at hand as to why he was here. "Tetsu, if you don't mind could you bring us to you your private work room, as there are some things I need to collect."

Tetsu of course nodded in understanding, where he led Zhane, Naruto and everyone else to the back room and the opened a small hatched that led to an underground room. After walking down the small stairs the group entered a large room that had a large furnace in the centre and several blacksmiths tools and metals around the room.

"What is this place?" asked Naruto as he looked around.

"This is my dad's private work room" answered Tenten, as this was the first time she had been allowed down here.

After entering the room, Saya decided to ask what everyone else was wondering, "Excuse me Sensei' but why exactly are we here?"

"We're here to collect some things that I left in Tetsu's care until I returned to Konoha" answered Zhane, where he then walked to the wall at the other end of the room and cut his right hand and placed it on the wall. After which a large glowing seal appeared on the wall, where Zhane then did some hand-seals and the placed his hand on the seal again and channelled his Chakra into the seal, where he then said "Kai!" After which he took a step back, where a hidden door appeared out of the wall and opened up.

"What was that?" asked Naruto, when he saw the seal and the hidden door appear.

"A security seal, which keeps other people from finding or opening this room, as the seal helps hide the door and will not open for anyone but me, since it requires both my blood and my Chakra to open it.

Upon hearing this Neji raised an eyebrow in interest, as he wondered what was in the hidden room to require Zhane to go to so much trouble into hiding it from other people.

When Zhane opened the room, and the group entered the small room, they found the walls lined with many different Katana's of various designs and make.

Upon seeing the room Tenten's eyes lit up with wonder and awe, as each one of the Katana's were uniquely designed and beautifully crafted, showing that they were made by true master craftsmen.

"What is this room?" asked Ketsu as he stared at the various different Katanas.

"These are special Katana that have made by Zhane's family throughout the years. Before the Akechi Clan were wiped out. They were famed for not only being fierce Shinobi fighters, but also as famed sword craftsmen, where they could make weapons with unique abilities. For example the unique weapons of the Kiri no Shinobigatana Shichinin Shū (The Seven Shinobi Swordsmen of the Mist), which are passed on from one generation to the next, where based on the knowledge on the sword making arts of the Akechi Clan", explained Tetsu, causing Naruto and the other Genin to gasp in surprise.

Upon hearing this, Tenten became even more excited and wanted to just touch just one of the Katana that were hanging on the wall. But as she stretched her hand out, Zhane suddenly grabbed it, right before she could touch the nearest one to her.

"I would not touch them Tenten at least not yet, as each of the Katana have protective seals on them, where if anyone other than myself touches them, they will lose their hand."

After hearing this, Tenten gulped at how close she came to losing her hand, where she slowly withdrew her hand.

After Tenten withdrew her hand, Zhane then went over to the other end of the small room and took two Katana from the wall. The first Katana had a pitch black blade, with an oval shape guard with various designs on it and a red and black handle and sheath. The second was a silvery bladed Katana, which shined brightly in light of the room, it have a gold and white handle and a unique silver guard. Its sheath was bitch black, but had a white flame at the bottom. (2)

After deactivating the seals on the two Katana and then placing them in there sheaths, Zhane then handed the two blades to Naruto, "These two are for you Naruto."

When Zhane handed the two Katana, his younger brother eyes widened in surprise, where he began to shout out with excitement at how he was going to kick butt and be a super cool shinobi with his two Katana.

Naturally both Saya and Ketsu sighed with embarrassment, at the antics of their new team-mate, where Neji just scoffed. Tenten on the other hand sighed with announce, as she found that Naruto was just like Gai and Lee, who were both now stating that the flames of youth were burning in Naruto. But as annoying as she found Naruto, she still could not help but envy Naruto fortune, as he was now the student of Konoha's foremost Kenjutsu master and was also being given two of his Clans unique Katana.

Fortunately though Zhane quickly put an end to Naruto's shouting by giving a sharp but light tab on the head.

"Naruto remember what I said about shouting out" spoke Zhane sternly, causing Naruto to mumble "sorry", as he rubbed his head.

This of course caused Tetsu to chuckle slightly, as this was the first time he ever saw anyone other than Iruka, reigning Naruto in when he became unruly.

Once Naruto settled down, Zhane then began to explain the abilities of the two Katana. "Now then, as I was about to explain to you, the Black Katana you have there is one of the first Katana that I ever made. It's called Kurokaze (Black Wind) and it has the unique ability to generate a powerful black coloured wind around it, when you channel your Chakra through it, allowing it to cut through most things. Its other abilities you will have to learn and develop for yourself as it's your Katana now.

The second Katana is called Ryuga (Dragon Fang); it was created by my Great Grandfather Akechi Ryu and according to what I was told, it was created under the flames of the Dragon King, which is the strongest of the Dragon summons. I do not know what its abilities are, as no-one has ever used it before, hence you will have to learn it for yourself when I start training you."

When Zhane finished his explanation of the two Katana, Naruto just nodded, but inside his mind he was giddy with excited with his two swords and couldn't wait to start training with them with his newly found brother.

After finishing explaining Naruto's two Katana, Zhane then went over to the other end of the room and picked up another sword that was hanging on the wall. The sword he picked up had a black and red handle (similar to the Naruto's Kurokaze Katana), its blade was blood red and it had a back sheath with red flowers on it. After deactivating the protection seals, Zhane then sheathed the Katana and handed it to Tenten, much to her surprise.

"F-F-For me?" spoke the girl is surprise and some confusion, where Zhane just smiled kindly and nodded.

But as surprised as Tenten was, both Gai and Tenten's father Tetsu were utterly stunned, as they knew the value that Katana was to Zhane.

"Zhane, that's your mothers Katana," spoke the shocked Tetsu.

"Yes I'm well aware of that Tetsu" replied Zhane simply.

After hearing what her father had said, Tenten was naturally shocked at how Zhane was giving her his mother's Katana. "Y-Y-You're giving me your mothers Katana, I can't accept this!" spoke Tenten, as she didn't wish to take something that rightfully belonged to Zhane.

But when she tried to give it back, Zhane refused "Tenten, my mother's Katana was never met to be left hanging on a wall. It was met to be used by a strong Kunoichi and I believe my mother would approve of me giving this to you. Besides you can think of this as twelve years' worth of missed birthdays from your godfather."

"Godfather?" repeated Tenten with surprise, which got the same response from everyone but Tenten father.

"You didn't tell her did you?" asked Zhane as he turned to Tetsu, who was starched his head in embarrassment and had a nervous grin.

"Eh Yeah, wwweelllll the subject never really came up and I thought it be best to introduce you both to one another when you returned to the village."

"So it's true?" asked Tenten, as she turned to her father.

"Yes it's true, Zhane is your godfather. He left the village after the Kyuubi attack when you were a year old. He was also the one who gave you Bon-bon, when you were born."

"Bon-bon?" spoke Naruto in confusion.

"Her stuff Panda bear, that she carried everywhere with her when she was little, and still keeps in her bedroom", replied Tetsu with a slight smile as he remembered how cute his daughter use to be.

"TOU-SAN!" cried the mortified Tenten.

This of course caused slight snickers from Naruto and Ketsu. Both which were quickly silenced with a glare from Tenten, that told them that if they laughed, she stick something very long and very sharp up where the sun didn't shine. After which Tenten then turned to her father and started to berate him about being a baka. She further berated him about not telling her that she had a godfather and that he was the famed Akechi Zhane, where she grabbed hold of his shirt and started to shake him like a rag doll.

As this was happening, Zhane could only shake his head in amusement, as in many ways Tenten reminded him of her mother, especially when she got angry.

Soon enough though Tenten calmed down, after which she then hugged Zhane tightly saying "thank you" over and over again. Eventually though Tenten calm down again, where she then decided to point something out to Zhane, which she just realised herself.

"But I won't be able to use the Katana very well, as I'm more of a long range Shinobi, where I throw my weapons from a distance and support Lee and Neji."

"That can be easily resolved with this", replied Zhane as he took out a large scroll and handed it to Tenten.

"What is it?" asked Tenten as she took the scroll.

"This scroll contains some of the technique to my mother's Kenjutsu style which she created, the Hibana no Mai (The Dance of the Fireflower). Now I would normally teach you this myself, but since I will be away for a while training my students. You can use this to train and once I've returned, I'll help you improve on it. Although I' am certain that by the time I do return, you'll have already mastered the basic's, since your father knows the moves well and was once one of the finest Shinobi's in this village, " answered Zhane.

Tetsu of course smirked at this, especially when he saw his daughter turn to him in surprise. For although she knew her father was a skilled Shinobi before she was born, since he had helped train her in weapons. She still had no idea that her father was so well known a Shinobi.

"Is that true Tou-san?" asked Tenten.

"Well I wasn't too shabby I will admit" replied Tetsu as he didn't like the brag too much.

"Perhaps, you could give us demonstration through a friendly spar, as I'm sure we could learn much from watching you both", spoke Neji suddenly. For even though he wasn't too interested in learning about Tenten father, he was interested in learning what Zhane was really capable of, given what he had heard about him.

"Yea, that would be so awesome!" yelled Naruto, as he was eager to see what his elder brother could do.

"Hmmm, what do you think Zhane, are you up to it?" asked Tetsu, as he turned to his godson.

At this Zhane kept his face blank, so not to reveal his true opinion. Normally he would simply refuse such requests. But given how interested and excited Naruto was, he decided to agree, as he thought if he showed a bit of what he could do, Naruto would focus fully on his training when they began it.

After resealing the secret storage room, and leaving the underground work room, Zhane, Naruto and the others headed for a nearby training field. When they arrived at the training area, Zhane and Tetsu went to opposite ends of the training field, where Tetsu took out a small scroll and unsealed a pair of short Katana.

After taking out the Katana's Tetsu the quickly fell into and fighting, Zhane on the other hand remained perfectly still and waited for Tesu to attack. Once the two of them were ready, Gai who was referring the match shouted "Begin!" After Gai shouted "Begin!", Tetsu charged straight at Zhane with remarkable speed, that only Gai and Zhane could follow.

Within the space of only a few second, Tetsu was directly in front of Zhane, where he then swung the Katana that was in his right hand towards Zhane.

As Tetsu's Katana came towards him, Zhane remained perfectly calm, where just as the Katana was about to cut him, Zhane gracefully sidestepped the slash.

Seeing this, Tetsu quickly swung his other Katana forward and tried to slash Zhane again. But like before Zhane gracefully avoided the slash and jumped back slightly.

For the next few minutes this continued, where Tetsu swung his Katana's multiple times from multiple different directions. But each time, Zhane would gracefully sidestepped Tetsu's attacks, not once even trying to defend himself or to counterattack.

Eventually though Zhane jumped away, creating a large space between the two of them.

After Zhane jumped away, Tetsu then quickly combined the handles of the two Katana to create a double bladed Katana, with a blade at each end. (3)

"It seems that you've become quite good at dodging attacks, but if that is all you've learned in the past twelve years of your travels Zhane, then I'm disappointed", spoke Tetsu.

At this remark, Zhane just smirked as he knew that Tetsu was just trying to rile him up.

"If that is what you think Tetsu, then you shall be in for a rude surprise", replied Zhane, after which he then disappeared in a blur and suddenly appeared right in front of Tetsu. Who was so surprised by Zhane's sudden burst of speed. That couldn't defend himself when Zhane kicked him away and snatched his double bladed Katana from him.

Upon seeing this all Naruto, other Genin (Minus Ketsu and Saya) could do was gap, as none of them, not even Lee, could keep up with Zhane's speed. As one second he was opposite Tetsu, the next he was directly in front of him and taking his weapon off him.

After seeing this all the Genin (Minus Ketsu and Saya) were thinking the same think "So fast!"

After being kicked away, Tetsu, quickly recovered and landed on his feet, where he then saw Zhane drop his (Tetsu) weapon on the ground and then smirk.

"So are you still disappointed Tetsu?" asked Zhane, with the smirk still on him.

Upon seeing this Tetsu just smirked, "No I'm not, but don't think for a second that you've won this fight." After which Tetsu the jumped up into the air and fired several Kunai down at the ground toward Zhane.

Seeing the Kunai, coming at him Zhane just smirked again, where like before he disappeared in a sudden blur and appeared on Tetsu's right, (much to the shock of the man again), where he then kicked his godfather to the ground.

Recovering quickly, Tetsu quickly took a defensive stance and defended himself from Zhane's attack, who appeared on his left side and tried to kick him again.

Fortunately though Tetsu was ready for him this time and blocked the kick with his left arm and pushed Zhane back.

"Damnit, Zhane just too fast for me, I can barely defend myself" thought Tetsu, after he jumped back a bit to gain a bit of distance between him and Zhane.

This distance of course did not last long, where Zhane sped straight at Tetsu with frightening speed.

Knowing he didn't have long, Tetsu quickly took out several Kunai and threw then at Zhane, where as they were flying towards him. Tetsu then did some quick hand-seals and cried out "Kunai Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Kunai Shadow Clone Technique)!" where hundreds more Kunai suddenly appeared with the ones Tetsu threw.

Seeing the large mass of Kunai coming at him, Zhane continued to charge straight at Tetsu, where much to the shock and amazement of the Genin (Minus Ketsu and Saya). He gracefully avoided all the incoming Kunai with ease without receiving so much as a scratched, or losing his momentum.

It was then after avoiding the Kunai, that Zhane then once again appeared in front of Tetsu and half drew his own Katana, (which was tied to his right hip side) and hit Tetsu right in the chin with the bottom of the Katana hilt, causing the man to fall backwards.

After hitting Tetsu, Zhane then re-sheathed his Katana with a loud click. But when he did, Tetsu quickly recovered from Zhane's hit, where before he hit the ground he brought his left foot upward in an attempt to kick Zhane in the chin.

Zhane although saw this and jumped back slightly, but when he did, Tetsu the brought his other foot up and kicked Zhane in the stomach sending him back a few feet.

When the two Shinobi separated, most of those watching couldn't believe what was happening. As it was obvious who was winning the fight, since after kicking Zhane away and landing back on the ground, Tetsu began to pant slightly from exhaustion, as trying to keep up with Zhane's great speed had not be easy for him. Yet Zhane didn't even look the slightest bit winded, as he stared at Tetsu with a calm blank look, waiting for Tetsu to make the next move.

"You certainly have become stronger Zhane…" thought Tetsu with pride, as he picked up his double bladed Katana that was on the ground nearby, "…which is why I can't afford to make any more blunders."

As the two Shinobi stared at one another, most of those watching the battle couldn't believe what they were seeing.

"Incredible, TenTen's father is clearly at the level of a Jonin like Gai-sensei, yet Zhane is treating him like a little Child", thought Neji. As he couldn't believe the difference in skill level between Zhane and Tetsu was this great.

"Yosh, Zhane-dono and Tetsu-san are true martial artists, their speed, skill and strength is phenomenal" exclaimed Lee with excitement.

"Oh I'm afraid you've yet to see anything yet Lee-san, Zhane-sensei has yet to become truly serious", spoke Ketsu with a knowing smirk.

"Ketsu-san is correct, as Zhane hasn't fully drawn out his Katana yet", stated Gai. As he knew from the many battles he fought with Zhane, how dangerous Zhane could be in battle, when he drew his blade.

Tenten of course nodded in agreement as she knew this was true from the stories she had heard of Zhane. But even still she found it hard to believe how easily Zhane was handling her father, as she knew from the many spars and training seasons she had with her father, that he was no pushover.

Naruto too was also surprised at how the battle was turning out, as he couldn't believe how strong his elder brother was and yet it was obvious, that he wasn't fighting serious.

As Zhane stared off at Tetsu, he decided to end this battle, as he believed he had given Naruto and the others a good enough show. Normally, Zhane would never toy with his opponents as he often preferred to finish his battle as quickly as possible, as he took no enjoy in fighting a person who was obviously not as strong as him. But the reason why he was going easy on Tetsu was to show Naruto how strong he could be if he trained under him (Zhane) and did what he said.

Another reason why Zhane wanted to end the battle now was because he could sense Sarutobi's and Danzo's men watching him. This was why he spent most of the time avoiding Tetsu's attacks, since he wanted to give away as little of his abilities as he could.

"You've certainly improved from when we last fought Tetsu-san, but I believe it's time that we end this battle" spoke Zhane calmly, as he fully drew out his Katana.

When Tenten saw Zhane draw his Katana out, she gasp slightly "Kurohūu (Black Storm)!"

The Katana itself was pitch black, just like Naruto's Katana Kurokaze was, but unlike Naruto's Katana. The edge of Zhane's blade was a blood red colour, and it guard was in the shape of a flame. Although the Katana handle was red and black much likes Tenten's sword handle and the handle of Naruto's Kurokaze.

"You know that Katana?" asked Neji, when he heard Tenten gasp and speak the Katana's name.

Before Tenten could answer, Gai suddenly spoke up and answered Neji's question.

"Kurohūu is Zhane's personal Katana, which he made himself from a meteorite that he found when on a mission for Konoha. From the meteorite he created two Katana's the first was Kurohūu, while the second was Kurokaze" stated Gai, where he then looked at Naruto. Who was now looking at Kurokaze (which was in his right hand) in surprise, after hearing this.

"The sword it is incredible durable…" continued Gai, "…but what makes it truly unique is that it can generate Black Lightning, an ability which was believed that only the Sandaime Raikage and two others could do."

Upon hearing this both Naruto and Lee's eyes widened slightly, while Neji raised his eyebrows with interest.

After Zhane drew his sword, those watching the fight could almost feel a powerful aura that now appeared around Zhane. At the same time, Tetsu also prepared himself, as he knew that Zhane was getting serious.

Zhane then quickly jumped up into the air and channelled a large about of Chakra into his Katana, which started to generate Black bolts of Lightning. After which he then swung his Katana in a downward angle and roared out "Kokurai no Sen (Flash of Dark Lightning)!" (A)

Once Zhane cried out his attack a powerful bolt of Black Lightning erupted from his Katana and flew towards Tetsu at staggering speed.

Seeing the powerful Lightning attack coming at him, Tetsu jumped away, narrowly avoiding the attack, which hit the ground and caused a large explosion.

"What power!" thought Neji with concern, as he covered his eyes from the shockwave of the attack when it hit the ground, and created a large crater in the training field.

"This is nuts!" thought Naruto, when he saw the attack.

After the attack hit the ground, a large dust cloud filled the training field, limiting Tetsu field of vision.

Unable to see where Zhane was after the attack, due to the large dust cloud, Tetsu kept his guard up, so to be ready for Zhane's next attack.

Soon enough though, the dust began settled, where Zhane's outline soon appeared, where Tetsu found that Zhane was several feet away, directly in front of him.

Once the dust fully settled, Tetsu charge straight Zhane with his double bladed Katana, where he attempted to slash at Zhane with downward diagonal slash.

Zhane of course easily side stepped the slash, as well as several more that came after it.

After his fifth attempt to slash at Zhane, Tetsu threw his double bladed Katana at him in an attempt to impale the younger man.

Zhane of course avoid the attack, by jumping backwards, where the double bladed Katana stabbed the ground instead.

Seeing that another of his attacks failed, Tetsu immediately went to pick his double bladed Katana up and the charged at Zhane again. Who deflected Tetsu strike with his Katana and pushed him back. Zhane then followed it up with a spinning kick to Tetsu's right side; causing him to drop his weapon and sending him skidding back several away on the ground in a small heap.

After landing on the ground, Tetsu tried to pick himself up, but before he could fully pick himself up, he found the tip of a black blade pointed at his forehead, where when he looked up, he found Zhane looking down at him with a barely seen smirk.

"Looks like you lose Tetsu" spoke Zhane.

At this Tetsu only smiled, "Looks like it."

At this point Gai then declared the match was over and that Zhane had won.

After the battle ended, Zhane helped Tetsu back up on his feet, who then congratulated Zhane on his win, while at the same time commenting on how much stronger Zhane had gotten. As it was obvious that Zhane could've ended the battle whenever he wanted.

Soon after the others arrived, where like Tetsu they congratulated Zhane on his win, Naruto of course shouted out how awesome they were, especially Zhane. Both Gai and Lee even joined in Naruto in his cheers, where they cried out that Zhane was in the springtime of his youth. Neji himself even admitted that Zhane was indeed an impressive fighter.

Soon enough though, when all the congratulations were done, Zhane stated they needed to leave as there were still some things that needed to be done, before they left Konoha for some specially training. Although before they left Zhane promised Tenten that when he returned in three months' time he would test her on how much of his mother's fighting style she had mastered and would help her improve on it.

At hearing this Tenten was almost giddy with delight, as she couldn't wait to start training under Konoha's top sword's master.

After Zhane, Naruto and the others bid good-bye to Tetsu, Gai and his team, Zhane told Ketsu, Naruto and Saya to go Naruto's apartment and to gather his belongings and moved them to Zhane home. When the others asked where he was going Zhane simply replied that he had a meeting to go to, after which he then disappeared in a whirl of leaves.

-One hour later in the Forest of Death-

Currently standing in the middle of a large clearing, Zhane stood over six unconscious masked people, four of these men, where four of them were of Danzo's ROOT division, while the remaining two where Sarutobi's ANBU.

He had ambushed the two groups, by replacing himself with a clone without them knowing, after which he then snuck up on the two groups individually. He then used Kanashibari no Jutsu (Temporary Paralysis Technique) to freeze them, and knock them out before they could defend themselves.

Originally there had been four members on the team of ANBU sent by the Sarutobi, but since Zhane couldn't sense anyone else in the area, he guessed that the remaining two were following Naruto and his students. He also guessed that since Danzo considered him a more serious threat to the village than his students, he had his goons only follow Zhane.

With the ANBU and ROOT members unconscious for the next few hours and sensing no threats nearby, Zhane took a meditation position and prepared to convert his thought to Chakra so to communicate with his allies.

The technique in question was called the Gentōshin no Jutsu (Magic Lantern Body Technique). The technique involved Zhane and his allies sitting down and send out thought waves, which were converted into chakra. These thought waves are then picked up by one of Zhane allies, who would amplifies the thought waves and broadcasts them to a specific location through illusionary body, acting as a sort of control tower. This technique allows Zhane and his allies to communicate with each other from great distances, without having to gather all in one place.

Once Zhane began converting his thoughts, he soon found himself standing in the middle of a large dark round room and was soon joined by nine other dark silhouettes, which surrounded him.

After the nine figures appeared around him, Zhane spoke up, "I' am of the Jū Shinobi Shogun (The Ten Shinobi Warlords), we who stand between light and dark, and the lines of order and chaos. We protect the innocent from the nightmares that dwell and walk in the dark place that no Shinobi will go. We stand apart from all others, invisible to all that do not know the unknown."

"And we welcome you Akechi Zhane, as both a fellow Warlord and brother in arms" spoke one of the Nine figures.

"Do you know why we've asked you to appear in front of us, Zhane?" asked another one of the nine figures.

"Yes, I 'am"

"Then you are aware of the charges that have been placed on you" stated a different figure that was female given the shape of her silhouette and the sound of her voice.

"I' am" replied Zhane.

"And how do you plea?" asked the first of the figures that spoke.

"Guilty" answered Zhane without hesitation.

At this response the other nine figures remained silent for several minutes, although the silence soon ended when the first figure spoke again.

"You're aware then, that by admitting that you're guilty, you will be executed at once?" asked the figure.

"Yes, I' am well of aware of it".

"Very well then, since you admit to your guilt, there is no need for there to be a vote. Hence I've no other choice but accept your plea and sentence you to…" stated the dark figure, but before he could finish another of the figures spoke up.

"Before we pass judgment I would like to speak on Zhane's behalf."

At this request several of the other figures mumbled with one another, discussing on whether or not to let the other member speak, soon enough though they decided to allow it.

"Although it is indeed true that Zhane broke some of our laws, I believe he was justified in his actions. As given the memories that Zhane set us of his brother's life in the village, he could not simply leave his brother there to be abused by the people there", spoke the Warlord defending Zhane.

At this statement the other Warlords began to talk amongst themselves, as many of them were sympatric to both Zhane and his brother's plight, especially at what they saw in Naruto's memories.

"Even so, that does not excuse his guilt, where he threated to start a war between us and Konoha, by revealing that he was one of us and threating to attack the village. Thereby forcing us to attack the village in response should they capture or kill him", stated another of the Shinobi Warlords.

After several minutes of discussion, the main speaking of the Warlords spoke up, "Zhane before we leave to vote on your punishment, do you have anything else to say for yourself."

"Yes", replied Zhane, where the other nine Warlords remained silent. "Although I do regret placing all of you in this situation, I would still do it again without hesitation. As I've already failed my brother once and I will do whatever it takes to not fail him again, regardless of the consequences to myself."

At this the other Warlords remained silent, as many could not help but admire Zhane commitment to his brother. But before any of them could make a response to Zhane's statement, Zhane spoke again.

"Also if I may before you pass judgement on me, I would like to announce that I've decided which of my students will inherit my place as one of the Jū Shinobi Shogun, once he has been fully trained."

"You mean Ketsu?" spoke one of the female Warlords.

"No I mean my brother…Naruto" replied Zhane, which shocked the other Shinobi Warlords.

"Zhane, you cannot do that he is not your student!" stated the main speaker of the Warlords.

"He is, as I've already claimed him as one in Konoha, and there is no law that prevents me from having more than one student, hence as my brother, student and heir to my position as a Shinobi Warlord. You're all obligated by the laws set down by the original Jū Shinobi Shogun to protect and train my brother until he is ready to take my place."

"Zhane you know the position you are placing us in!" stated the one of the Shinobi Warlords. "If we do this, and take your brother, who is the jinchūriki Kyūbi no Yōko, we will be breaking the treaty that we have with the other Shinobi Nations, where we agreed never to steal any of the jinchūriki from the villages."

"Yes I' am, and I deeply regret having to force you all into this situation, but as I said, I will use whatever means I have to protect my brother."

"Zhane even if we do this, we'll be starting a war, where even if we train him to take your place as one of us. The other Shinobi nations will see this as us trying to upset the balance of power in our favour and will declare war on us", spoke another of the Warlords. Since the last thing any of them wanted was to cause another Great Shinobi World War, which would happen if they did this. The last time the Shinobi Warlords got involved in a war with the other Shinobi nations war the First Great Shinobi World War and that ended with massive casualties on all sides, with no-one as the winner.

"War is already coming, you all feel it in the air just as I do, and the world is already beginning to shift. You're all aware of the Akatsuki, who are kidnapping jinchūriki to extract their Biju from them. They've already captured Han of Iwagakure, who is the jinchūriki of the Gobi (Five-tailed Beast) and extracted his Biju from him. Yet Iwa has ignored what they've done, as they still do not believe that the Akatsuki are a threat to them and don't care about their jinchūriki. By the time they and the other villages do realize the danger of the Akatsuki, it will be too late. I'm certain you'll all agree that whatever the Akatsuki plans are for the Biju will not be for the benefit of any of us. Especially given the fact that Uchiha Madara is the real mastermind behind the group", stated Zhane where he continued.

"That is why I believe that the time has come for us to emerge from the shadows and reveal ourselves once more to the world and why I believe we need to train and protect my brother. As the Akatsuki will eventually come after him, as they need the Kyuubi for whatever plan Madara has for them and the stronger he is when that time comes. The better our chances are in stopping Madara and the Akatsuki."

After hearing all this the room remained silent, as none of the other Warlords could argue with Zhane, as what he said made a lot of sense.

"Although I cannot argue with what you've said Zhane, since much of it is indeed true. But even still, what you propose is highly unorthodox and goes against much of the tradition of the Jū Shinobi Shogun. As a jinchūriki has never become a Shinobi Warlord", stated the main speaker of the other Warlords.

"Five years ago you presented me the offer of becoming a Jū Shinobi Shogun, due to my great strength and skill, despite the fact that I was still a Shinobi of Konoha. When I asked you why, you told me that the world is forever changing, and for the Jū Shinobi Shogun to continue to exist, they must change with the times as well, hence I give you the same answer as you did me."

At this the main speaker of the other Warlords remained silent for several minutes before replying.

"So I did…very well then, we'll leave here and discuss and vote on how we should precede with both you and your brother Zhane", stated the main speaker. After which both he and the other Warlords faded away, leaving Zhane alone in the dark.

For several minutes Zhane stood alone in the dark in silence waiting for the other Warlords decision over whether they would punish him or not and if so how exactly they would.

Eventually though, the silhouettes of the nine other Shinobi Warlords appeared around Zhane, where the Warlord that Zhane had been speaking most to, spoke.

"Akechi Zhane, on the charge of abusing you position as a member of the Jū Shinobi Shogun for your own personal gain, we find you not guilty. On the charge of endangering the Jū Shinobi Shogun, we find you guilty. On the charge of threating to destabilising the balance of power in the Shinobi World and threating to start a war, we find you guilty as charged."

At hearing this Zhane remained silent, as he wasn't surprised at their verdict, as he had already admitted his guilt, although was a little surprise that he was found not guilty on the first charge.

"Normally when found guilty of even one of those crimes, you would be executed on the spot", stated another one of the Warlords.

"But given certain circumstances, such as your brother's abuse, the fact that he is a jinchūriki and given the threat that Uchiha Madara and the Akatsuki represent to the Jū Shinobi Shogun and the rest of the Shinobi World. It was decided on a vote of six to three that you will not be punished and that you will retain your position as a Shinobi Warlord," stated the main speaker of the group.

"Also it has been agreed that we shall approve of you taking your brother in as another of your students. But it remains undecided whether we'll accept your brother as your heir, due to the issues that would be caused should we do so", stated another Warlord.

"You should consider yourself very lucky Zhane, as before the voting several of the others made strong argument in your defence. But still, should you ever break another of our laws for whatever reason, or put the Shinobi Warlords in danger, you will be executed without question, do you understand?" stated the main speaker of the group.

"Yes I do, and I thank you all for you mercy, understanding and wisdom" replied Zhane with a slight nod of thanks. At this the other Warlords just nodded, after which most of the other Warlords faded away, leaving the silhouettes of Zhane and four other Warlords in the room.

"Thank you all for speaking on my behalf, I will not forget what you did for me" spoke Zhane.

"Do not thank just us, several of the others, also did not believe that you deserve to be punished", spoke one of the female Warlords.

"I understand, but still…thank you all."

"There is no need to thank us Zhane, your actions were justified" said another of the Warlords.

"Indeed, had I been in your position, I would've done the same thing", stated a different Warlord.

"Yea besides, you are Saya's Sensei now, and I can't let my little sister's sensei, get killed before he finish's training her", spoke the other remaining female Warlord.

At this Zhane nodded, before he turned to one of the Warlords, "Seigi, I know I've no right to ask you this but I need a favour."

"I' am already aware of what you wish to ask me and I shall do it" replied the man named Seigi.

"Thank you" said Zhane, after which the other Warlords began to fade away

"Take care of your brother Zhane, you will need each other", spoke the other male Warlord.

"And make him strong" said one of the female Warlords.

"I shall" replied Zhane.

"Say hello to Saya for me and tell her I'll be seeing her soon" said the second female Warlord, where Zhane just nodded, after which Zhane himself faded away from the room.

-With Naruto, Saya and Ketsu-

After splitting from Zhane, Naruto, Ketsu and Saya headed off to Naruto's apartment to get his stuff, since he would be staying at Zhane's home for the night, before they left to training.

When they arrived at Naruto's apartment, they were saddened to see the state of Naruto's apartment. Although it wasn't as bad as they expected, it was still not very much. The apartment itself was an old singular room, with a small window, bed, frigid and table all squeezed tightly together. As the looked around the apartment, there were several cracks on the walls and ceiling, which no doubt leaked in the rain and much to Saya's disgust, she saw several cockroaches scurrying around the room.

It did not take Naruto long to pack up his few belongings, where he then re-joined with Saya and Ketsu and headed off to Zhane's home.

As they walked through the streets to Zhane's home, Saya and Ketsu noticed that several of the people were staring at them, or to be more precise they were glaring coldly at Naruto, who of course ignored it, as he was use to such things.

As they walked on Naruto decided to get to know his new team-mates better, as well as find out some things about his brother from them.

"So how long have you guys been with Zhane-niisan?" asked Naruto, where Saya quickly answered.

"Well I've only been with Zhane-sensei for about six months, although Ketsu has been with him for about five years now."

Upon hearing this Naruto turned to Ketsu, "So what is my brother like?"

"Well to most people Zhane-sensei can seem to be a cold emotionless person, as he's a pretty hard person to read. He rarely loses his temper, as it takes a lot to get him angry and even then he always has some control over himself. His pretty confident person and never second guesses himself, but he's not an arrogant person. He rarely shows surprise and is extremely sharp and observant which is why, I don't think I've ever seen him caught off guard. He also has a strong sense of honour and will never compromise his beliefs for anything. Also despite his fearsome reputation, he's a very kind and caring person."

"How so?" asked Naruto.

"Well back when I first met Zhane-sensei, he saved me from a group of Kiri Bloodline hunters, where later on he took me in as his student."

At this Naruto just nodded, but ask Ketsu something that he was curious about, "What are Bloodline hunters?"

"They are a group of Shinobi in Kiri, who were formed by the Yondaime Mizukage to hunt people with Bloodlines, which are unique abilities that only a select number of people in certain Clans have."

"And you have a Bloodline?" asked Naruto, where Ketsu nodded.

"Yea, I have the Hoton (Ice Release) Bloodline, which allows me to create ice and do unique ice techniques that no-one outside my Clan can do."

At this Naruto's eyes widened in amazement, "That's so cool!"

Ketsu of course smiled at this, as despite Naruto and Zhane being brothers they were very different in many ways. For example Naruto was very excitable, loud and energetic, whereas Zhane was cool, quiet and calm.

Soon enough though, Naruto calm down a bit, where he then asked Ketsu another question.

"What kind of Sensei is Zhane-niisan like?"

At this both Saya and Ketsu had the same identical mischievous and knowing smirks on their faces, which unnerved the young blonde. Since it was obvious that they something about Zhane that he didn't.

"Well we could tell you some things, but then you might get scared off when we finish telling you. But if you survive it, you will be a lot stronger when he's done" explained Saya.

After hearing this, Naruto started to sweat a little in fear, "If I survive!"

"Trust me; you're better off not knowing, for if we tell you, you'll just spend the remainder of your time worrying about it", explained Ketsu.

This of course did not settle Naruto's fears, as he started to worry even more and wonder what kind of mess he gotten himself into.

After a few minutes though Naruto calm down again and decided to ask Saya a question.

"So Saya-chan, how did you become Zhane-niisan's student?"

"Well you see, originally I was trained under my Nee-san, but when she had to go off on an important mission. She asked Zhane-sensei to train me as a favour for her."

At this Naruto just nodded, but before he could ask any more they arrived at Zhane's home.

The house was a small mansion surrounded by high walls with a single entry way in front and two double large wooden doors. The house itself was medium size, and was connected to a smaller building to the side, with a large garden and small pond behind the house.

"Wow, I didn't know Nii-san had this!" stated Naruto in surprise.

"Nice isn't it?" asked Ketsu with a smile, where Naruto just nodded.

After a minute or two of staring at the house Saya then told Naruto to take hers and Ketsu's hands. When Naruto asked why, they explained that Zhane had put up a barrier around his home so to prevent anyone but himself, and those with special seals on them from entering the house. Saya then went on to explain that they each had they seals on them and that if he held onto them, when they pass through the barrier he would be allowed to enter.

Upon hearing this, Naruto did what was asked by them and took hold of their hands, where he was allowed to pass through without incident. (4)

Soon after, Naruto and the others arrived at the house; Zhane arrived, where he then told Naruto he was to change into a new outfit, stating that Ninja's don't wear bright orange jumpsuits.

Naruto of course argued that he like wearing orange and liked his jumpsuit.

Eventually though, they reach a compromise, where Zhane gave him an old black T-shirt with a large orange spiral on the back, which he had when he was young. He also then gave Naruto black pair of Shinobi pants to wear.

Once Naruto had changed into his new clothes, Zhane then showed Naruto around his home, where he showed him where the bathrooms were, the bedrooms and where everyone slept. He also showed Naruto where the kitchen was along with the training room (which was the smaller building connected to the main part of the house). The tour then came to an end when Zhane showed Naruto the living room, where Naruto saw several pictures of people. The first picture that caught Naruto's attention was one of a young woman carrying the same Katana that Zhane gave Tenten. Naruto also notice standing next to the women was a younger Zhane who looked to be about seven or eight.

"Who is that Nii-san?" asked Naruto, as he pointed to the women.

"That is my mother Gracia; this was the last picture of her taken, as she was killed a month later", answered Zhane sad look. (5)

At hearing this, an ashamed look appeared on Naruto's face, but Zhane quickly told Naruto that it was alright. After which Naruto then turned to look at the other pictures. The first picture was of a tall man with shoulder length black hair, wearing a long black trench coat similar to Zhane's. The second picture was of another man with spiky black hair, a red tattoo that went across his left eye and a dragon tattoo on his left shoulder. The man also wore a black scarf and outfit and carried a black sheathed Katana.

When Naruto asked who they were, Zhane explained the man in the first photo was his Grandfather Akechi Kenshin, who was feared throughout the Shinobi World, and was given the nickname Shinigami (Death God). A title he gained for killing countless enemy Shinobi in battle, to the point where people said "he killed as if it was the will of the gods". (6)

Zhane then went on to explain the man in the second photo, was his Great Grandfather Akechi Ryu, who was also a famed and powerful Shinobi. Zhane then went on to explain that his great Grandfather was practically famous for his ability to summon and use Dragons in battle, which earned him the moniker Konoha no Kokuryu (Konoha's Black Dragon). (7)

When Naruto heard this he was of course surprised, as he had no idea that Zhane was related to so many powerful Shinobi from "his" mother side.

"And who is this guy?" asked Naruto, where he pointed to a picture of giant like man in another photo, who was surrounded several people who were clearly much smaller than him. The man was fairly old looking, as he and had a long white beard and looked to be about in his seventies. He had an extremely muscular build and looked to be very strong despite his old age and had many scars on his chest, which looked to be from many different battles that he most likely fought. The elderly man also held a massive Naginata that was bigger than even him.

"That is my Great, Great Grandfather Akechi Shingen; he was the last official head of my Clan before they were destroyed, back before the Shinobi villages were formed. During that time, he was credited of being the greatest Doton Ninjutsu user to have ever lived and was said to the strongest Shinobi alive. Even in his old age, when powerful Shinobi like Uchiha Madara, Senju Hashirama and Senju Tobirama, were around. He was feared and revered to the point where any of those men were weary to do battle against him. He was known by most, as the Hakaisha no Kuni (The Destroyer of Nations), where he was able to conquer entire nation's singlehandedly" explained Zhane.

"Wow, was he really that amazing?" asked Naruto with awe.

"He was, as according to my mother he was credited to being the strongest person in our Clan since our founder, who was the strongest Akechi to ever exist. When my mother was alive and when I was younger, she used to tell me stories about him, that were told to her by my Grandfather Kenshin. He was my hero and was everything that I wanted to be, strong, powerful, honourable and wise."

"So what happened to him?" asked Naruto.

"He was killed along with most of my Clan" replied Zhane.

"But how could he? If he was so powerful"

"Even the strongest of Shinobi cannot remain the strongest forever Naruto. As there is one enemy that no-one can defeat…and that is time. Since eventually a Shinobi reflexes will dull and their strength, speed and stamina will decrease. By the time when my Clan was destroyed, he was already well past his prime."

"How were your Clan destroyed?" asked the curious Naruto.

"I'm afraid that is a story for another time Naruto…now come, I believe it's time for dinner and before you ask. No you cannot have Ramen for dinner" spoke Zhane, where she smirked when Naruto moaned with disappointment at not being able to have Ramen for dinner.

For dinner Zhane surprisingly showed he was a good cook; Saya of course helped Zhane cook, and like Zhane, she showed was quite good herself as well.

After finishing eating, Zhane then told Naruto and the others that they would be going bed early tonight, as they would be rising early in the morning and be leaving the village a dawn.

-Later that Night-

That Night in Konoha the majority of Konoha was gathered outside in front of the Hokage Mansion for an important announcement that the Hokage was to make.

As they waited for the announcement, many people speculated on what the announcement was about. Several of the Shinobi of course speculated that the Hokage was about to declare Akechi Zhane as his successor and become the Godaime Hokage. As they had heard rumours that Zhane returned and had met with the Hokage and the council yesterday.

At the same time in the Hokage's office, the Sandaime Hokage prepared himself for the announcement he was about to make. He had spent the majority of the day coming up with the speech that he would make to the gathering crowed about the truth of Naruto's heritage. He designed the speech in a way that would ease the shock of the revelation and hopefully not cause a mass riot.

As the Sandaime walked up to the roof of the mansion, where he would make the speech, he was joined the by his three advisors Koharu, Homura and Danzo.

When the Sandaime arrived on the roof top, he looked down at the large crowd that had gathered before him. He then sighed heavily, as he felt like the weight of the world was on his shoulders.

After a minute or two Sarutobi then spoke up, "Citizens and Shinobi of Konoha, thank you all for coming here tonight. The reason why I have gathered you here tonight is to make a very important announcement to night. As you all well know, twelve years ago our village was attacked by the Kyuubi, during which we lost many loved ones and friends including the Yondaime Hokage. Who died defending Konoha and stopping the Kyuubi from destroying our village", spoke the old Hokage.

"But what you do not know is…" stated the Sandaime, before he could finish his sentence another voice suddenly spoke up.

"What you do not know is that the story of the Kyuubi attack is based on a lie!"

Upon hearing this knew voice; people began to look around, to see who had interrupted the Sandaime when he was speaking. As they looked around, the people soon found that the person in question was none other than Zhane, who was standing on the rooftop of a tall building near the Hokage Mansion.

After seeing Zhane, there was much excited murmuring among the large crowed at seeing the son of the Yondaime Hokage and one of Konoha's great heroes of the last war. There was also much murmuring about what Zhane was talking about.

"Zhane what are you doing?" thought the Sandaime as he and his advisors stared at Zhane.

"Many of you've been told that twelve years ago the Kyuubi suddenly appeared at Konoha and attacked the village. But that is a lie, the Kyuubi has been in Konoha since the reign of the Shodai Hokage", spoke Zhane shocking everyone in the village.

"Zhane no, don't!" thought Sarurobi, as he knew what Zhane was going to do, for unlike Sarutobi, who would've released the news gentle and less the damage it would cause. Zhane would release the news without any regard of the consequences and tell the whole dark truth involving jinchūrikis.

"For almost seventy years Konoha has been hiding the truth involving the Kyuubi and its jinchūrikis."

At hearing this many people had confused looks on their faces, the young members of the crowd, grew confuse at hearing jinchūriki, as none of them had heard of it before. While other people who knew what a jinchūriki was, grew confused at when Zhane said jinchūrikis, as in more than one.

"As the younger generation has been told, twelve years ago the Kyuubi attacked Konoha, where it was then killed by the Yondaime Hokage, who used a special jutsu which resulted in his own death as well. This in fact is a lie, as the Kyuubi was a creature made up of pure Chakra and cannot be killed. The Kyuubi was in fact sealed away by the Yondaime Hokage into a young child named Uzumaki Naruto, a person who has been blatantly and sadistically abused by people of this village for what he simply carries within him."

Upon hearing this, the younger generation of the crowd was shocked to say the very least.

"Naruto is this jinchūriki thing?" thought Uchiha Sora with confusion.

"Naruto-kun!" thought Hinata sadly, when she heard this and how he was being abused by the people in the village.

"Many of those who have abused this boy would have you believe, that he is in fact a demon, who would destroy us all. While others would state that the Kyuubi would take him control of him and destroy us, thereby justifying their despicable and cowardly attacks on him. When in actuality these are all lies, for like everyone else here he feels, pain, anger, sorrow, joy and loneliness and is no more a demon than I' am", stated Zhane.

"These people would also justify their attacks on him stating that he was the cause of the death of many of their love ones and friends. Something I find ridicules and pitifully as Naruto was no more than an infant when the attack happened and could not cause the death of so many on that night. Naruto was in fact just as much a victim as any of those people, for on that night he was cursed and forced to become a living weapon for Konoha".

Upon hearing this statement, the younger generation and some of the older generation grew confused at Zhane statement.

"What many of you people do not know is that in fact he has been protecting Konoha, not only from the Kyuubi, but also from its enemies. For what most people are unaware of is that jinchūrikis are in fact used as living weapons by the great villages, due to their great power and yet because of this. They are subjugated to the ignorant and bigotry hatred of the people that they help protect and serve and are hated simply because they exist" spoke Zhane.

"But they're a danger, look at what the Kyuubi did to the village!" cried a Shinobi from the crowd.

At this Zhane frowned slightly, but kept his clam façade up, as he reigned in his anger. "If that is so, then tell me which is more responsible for the damage, the weapon that has no control of itself and cannot help what it does, or the person who created the weapon to begin with. As it was Konoha and the other Shinobi villages themselves who turned those like Naruto into jinchūriki, they did not choose to become what they were. It was placed on them by the ruling Kages to become living weapons for them. Unlike the few like Uzumaki Mito, who became a jinchūriki by choice, for the sole purpose of protecting this village."

Upon hearing this there were many gasps of shocked heard in the crowed, as no-one could believe that the wife of the Shodai Hokage, the founder of their village had been a jinchūriki for the Kyuubi.

"You people say that jinchūriki are dangerous and that they should be destroyed, yet you still create them and scorn them for what your leaders made them into. You're nothing but hypocrites, especially with how you all praise the Yondaime Hokage, yet you abuse Naruto."

"What do you mean by that?" asked a Civilian.

"Knowing the abuse that jinchūriki receive from its own villages, the Kages of each village made it a tradition for each new jinchūriki to be a close relative to the ruling Kage, such as a sibling or offspring. This was to ensure that the jinchūriki remained loyal to the village and not go rogue, as well as to show off the ruling Kages might. This tradition remained true with Naruto, where the Yondaime Hokage made his newly born son Naruto, my younger half-brother, into the new jinchūriki of the Kyuubi, to replace his mother Uzumaki Kushina."

When Zhane said this, hundreds of gasps of shock could be heard from the crowed as no-one could believe what Zhane had just said.

"No way, Naruto is the son of the Yondaime Hokage and the younger brother of Hitokiri Battousai!" spoke Ino out loud.

"And he as the Kyuubi sealed within him, as well" mentioned Sakura.

"No Way!" spoke an equally surprised Choji.

"Troublesome" muttered Shikamaru.

But as shocked as many people were, none were as shocked as Uchiha Sasuke, who was among the crowed. As he couldn't believe that Naruto the class dope was directly related two of Konoha's strongest Shinobi and had one of the strongest creatures that ever lived sealed within him.

"The Kyuubi brat is the Yondaime son…impossible, it can't be true!" cried another civilian.

Upon hearing the civilian insult, Zhane frowned slightly, for despite what he'd said, the people of Konoha still held their illogically hatred for Naruto.

"What I've said is true, as I was there when Naruto was born", replied Zhane.

"Well if this is true then, it proves that he is dangerous, as if his mother was the last jinchūriki of the Kyuubi and she could not contain the beast, then what chance does the boy have?" spoke a Shinobi.

"The Kyuubi escaping was not Kushina's fault; it was the fault of a masked individual who attacked us when Kushina was giving birth to my brother. He somehow knew that the seal on a female jinchūriki weakens when she gives birth. He is one to blame for the Kyuubi attacking Konoha, not my brother, as all of you have so blatantly stated with your illogical hatred of him" rounded Zhane with a cold harsh tone.

When the crowed heard all this, no-one said a word, as many of them were confused at what they were hearing. As for years they had blamed Naruto for what he carried inside him and blamed him for the death of many of their loved ones and friends, as well as the destruction of much of their village. Yet here they were now learning a completely new version of the story, along with much more.

At the same time Danzo frowned and slightly cursed Zhane, as this would cause many unwanted questions to be asked. Since at the time after the Kyuubi attack they had no clue who the masked man was, hence Sarutobi left him (Danzo) in charge of finding out whom the masked man that Zhane had told them about was. It was later on that Danzo and the other Elders came to the conclusion that a member of the Uchiha Clan was behind it, given how their eyes had the power to suppress and control Biju. Their belief grew further when they received word of the Uchiha Clan planned coup d'état, although on the night of the Uchiha massacre Danzo learned that the true perpetrator was Uchiha Madara.

"That still doesn't change the fact the he's a danger to our village, as he can still go out of control and destroy our village. Especially if this masked man you told us about has the power to realise the Kyuubi", replied a civilian man.

After hearing this, Zhane frowned further in disgust at how there was still people who refused to accept the truth at how they were wrong about Naruto.

"It's truly a pitifully thing, at how this village can still be filled with so many people, with such blind and great hatred against an innocent boy, for something that he had no control of. Many of you may hate him because you blame him for the death of your friends and loved ones during the Kyuubi attack. But others of you hate him because he is a constant reminder of your cowardice. For during the Kyuubi attack I saw many people run in fear and cower, while others stood their ground and fought. As when in dire crises, people often show who they really are and during the Kyuubi attack, many of you saw what you really are, and how ugly you truly are inside, which has only grown over the years when you attacked and abused my brother."

At this many people glared at Zhane angrily, since although they wouldn't admit it, he had it his mark. But before any of them could respond to Zhane's stamen, he continued on.

"Finally there is one thing else I wish to tell you, as of this moment, my brother is now under my protection and any attack on me will be considered an attack on my person and be met with serious repercussions", spoke Zhane with the utter most seriousness. Upon which he then raised his right hand up and pointed it at a nearby old abandoned building and channelled his Chakra to his hand. He then converted his Chakra into Lightning, where much to the utter disbelief of the Sandaime and the other Shinobi, the Lightning was pitch black. The reason that this was so surprising was that only the Sandaime Raikage and two others were said to be able to do this themselves without a unique weapon like Zhane's sword helping them.

"Impossible how can Zhane generate Black Lightning? He was only able to do that with his Katana?" thought Sarutobi with shock.

"Could Zhane actually be him?" thought the old Kage further, as in recent years, rumours had been spreading of an unknown rogue Shinobi, with the ability to mimic the Sandaime Raikage Kuroi Kaminari (Black Lightning) technique. The rumour had rose during an incident in Amegakure (Hidden Rain), where although the details were unknown, it was said that Hanzo wanted the man's head and placed a high bounty on him. The rumours of this Shinobi only grew, during another incident on the boarder of Shimo no Kuni (Frost Country) and Kaminari no Kuni (Lightning Country) involvingboth the jinchūrikis of the Nibi and the Hachibi. Even though information of the incident were sketchy, it was confirmed that the there was a sign of a massive battle happening and rumours stated that the Yondaime Raikage wanted the Shinobi dead and placed a high bounty on him as well.

No-one knew the name of the man or what he looked like, the only description of him, was that he wore a long black hooded trench coat. Due to his outfit and ability, as well as because no-one knew his real name, people simply called him Kokurai (Dark Lightning). Originally Sarutobi had thought it might have been Zhane, but after hearing he could generate Black lightning by himself without any tools, he dismissed the thought. But after seeing Zhane now generating Black lightning in his hand, without his Katana, he started to believe that his original suspicions were correct and that Zhane was indeed the mysterious Kokurai.

Once Zhane had generated enough Lightning in his hand he let it lose and fired a large blast of Black Lightning, which completely destroyed the top section of the building. After which Zhane then looked down at the stun crowed, where several Shinobi look ready to attack Zhane for what he done.

"Remember my words Konoha, should you ever attack or harm my brother again, I will show you no mercy" stated Zhane coldly. As he stared down at the people with an equally cold look, before he then disappeared using a Kaminari-Shunshin (Lightning Body-flicker)(Where the Lightning was black), leaving a confused, angry and slightly fearful crowed behind.

-The Next Day-

After the events of last night all of Konoha was abuzz, where Shinobi and Civilian alike were talking with what Zhane and had said and done. Some people were completely blown away with learning what really had happened at the Kyuubi attack as well as the truth behind jinchūriki. Others were in shock at how Zhane had insulted the village, stating how he was disgusted with them, as well as how he blew up the top section of a large building, just to make his point. Some people were even ashamed of themselves over how they threated Naruto, especially at how Zhane revealed that Naruto was the son of the Yondaime. Although some still held their anger towards Naruto, due to that they simply couldn't let go of their anger.

Fortunately though, Naruto was not here for all this, as just as Zhane had planned, they left the village at sun rise, so that they wouldn't have to deal with the backlash of yesterday. Although Zhane had stayed behind in the village stating that he still had some unfinished business and in Konoha, where he set a Shadow Clone with Naruto and the others and said he would join them later.

As the people were busy with their activities, the quite morning was suddenly destroyed, by the sudden cries of people screaming and the sounds of things breaking, followed by several small explosions.

When the people turned to look the saw a middle age man with several bruises and cuts on his body being set flying through a glass window, causing it to shatter and break. After which, the man then unceremoniously hit the ground in a crumpled heap.

After the man was thrown out the window, another small explosion happened, where the building began to burn, upon which a dark cloaked figure walked out carrying three other badly beaten men and dumped them on ground next to the other beaten man.

When the dark cloaked figure dumped the other three men on the ground, the onlookers saw that the dark figure who had attacked the three men was none other than Zhane. But before anyone could ask him what he was doing he disappeared in a whirl of Wind.

This was of course a repeated event throughout the village for most of the day for Shinobi and Civilian alike, where Zhane went after different people and beat many of them within an inch of their life or made them suffer terribly in some way. This day of course later on became the day of Judgement for many people, the day when Akechi Zhane visited those that had made it their business to make Naruto's life miserable and delivered their Karmic payback onto them.


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