Brothers Bond

Chapter 7: Training



Kyuubi/Shadow Warrior talk

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Previously on Brother's Bond

As the people were busy with their activities, the quite morning was suddenly destroyed, by the sudden cries of people screaming and the sounds of things breaking, followed by several small explosions.

When the people turned to look the saw a middle age man with several bruises and cuts on his body being set flying through a glass window, causing it to shatter and break. After which, the man thenunceremoniously hit the ground in a crumpled heap.

After the man was thrown out the window, another small explosion happened, where the building began to burn, upon which a dark cloaked figure walked out carrying three other badly beaten men and dumped them on ground next to the other beaten man.

When the dark cloaked figure dumped the other three men on the ground, the onlookers saw that the dark figure who had attacked the three men was none other than Zhane. But before anyone could ask him what he was doing he disappeared in a whirl of Wind.

This was of course a repeated event throughout the village for most of the day for Shinobi and Civilian alike, where Zhane went after different people and beat many of them within an inch of their life or made them suffer terribly in some way. This day of course later on became the day of Judgement for many people, the day when Akechi Zhane visited those that had made it their business to make Naruto's life miserable and delivered their Karmic payback onto them.

-With Zhane and Naruto others-

After finishing his business in Konoha, Zhane met up with his younger brother and his students the following day.

Once he re-joined Naruto, Saya and Ketsu, Zhane then explained to Naruto that they would be heading west, towards the coastland, where they would meet a ship that would take them to where he was going to train them.

As they travelled toward the coastland, Zhane placed some sensory seals along the way to tell him if they were being followed, and as he expected they were. From what he could gather, they were being followed by two teams, one he guessed was sent by the Sandaime, and the other he guessed was sent by Danzo.

This was no surprise to Zhane, since given what he did in Konoha and how he revealed he was one of the Jū Shinobi Shogan (The Ten Shinobi Warlords). It was only natural that both the Sandaime and Danzo would want his movements monitored.

Zhane guess that they were doing this so to see what he planned to do with Naruto, as well as hopefully discover the identity of the other new Jū Shinobi Shogan maybe even learn the location of their hidden base. Since for years, the Shinobi Nations had been trying to find the secret base of operations for the Jū Shinobi Shogan, but all their attempts failed.

From what Zhane could tell, the team the Sandaime sent was made up of Jonin level Shinobi who were highly skilled, as they kept at least an hour's distant from them. Yet they had not lost track of them, making Zhane believe, that one of the Jonin was a sensor type or had a member of the Inuzuka or Aburame Clans with them.

The ROOT team that was shadowing the Jonin team was also equally skilled, since somehow, they were able to hide the presence from the Jonin team without being discovered.

After a while, Zhane and his students arrived at the coastland, where he then turned to Ketsu and told him that they would need some cover.

Nodding at his Sensei request, the male ice user started to focus his Chakra and did a single hand seal, where he then said "Kirigakure no Jutsu (Hiding in Mist Technique)."

Within seconds a thick Mist started to form around them and filled the surrounding area.

"Saya, can you sense the teams that are following us?" Zhane asked.

"I can sense the first team, but only just be barely, they're trying to keep their presences hidden. The other team, I can't sense at all for some reason" the white haired girl answered.

"Hmm, my guess would be that they're one of Danzo's elite assassination teams, trained to keep themselves hidden, even from Sensor type Shinobi" replied Zhane.

"What do you mean? What's going on Ni-san?" Naruto asked, not understanding what was fully going on.

"We're being followed by teams sent by the Sandaime and Danzo" replied Zhane.

After hearing this Naruto grew angry, given how he was still furious over his surrogate Grandfather's betrayal. He was also familiar with Danzo, as he had seen him once or twice, when visiting the Sandaime and from the few times he met him, he knew he didn't like the one eyed man.

"So what do we do now and how are we going to meet with the ship, with this Mist around?" asked the blonde haired boy.

"You needn't worry Naruto, this Mist is only to keep the teams that are tracking us from seeing the ship", answered Zhane before turning back to Saya.

"Saya, How far is the Sandaime's team?"

"Not far, they're just a five minutes away from us" answered the young girl.

"They must be worried that they may lose us, when they realized that we were heading for the sea" Ketsu said, figuring that was the reason why they were so close, given the distance they were keeping earlier on.

"That seems to be the most likely case" Zhane replied

"So when does the ship arrive here?" Naruto asked where his older Brother just walked over to the rocky shoreline and said "It's about to appear now."

After which he then bit his finger and did six quick hand-seals and slammed his and onto a large stone and cried "Kuchiyose no Jutsu (Summoning Technique)!"

As soon as he did this, a large puff of smoke appeared in the water, when the smoke dissipated Naruto could make out the silhouette of a large object appearing in the water. But due to the Mist still covering the area, Naruto couldn't fully make it out.

"Ketsu, could you please make a path for Naruto?" Zhane asked, "Unlike us, he is unable to walk on water."

The blue haired boy of course nodded in agreement to this request and walked to the water. He then did some hand-seals before saying, "Hyoton: Koori Kairo (Ice Style: Ice Path)" (A) and placed his right hand into the water.

After which a three foot wide path of ice began to form and led to the large silhouette out in the water.

Once the Ice path was made, Saya and Zhane began to channel their Chakra to their feet and started to walk across the water.

When Naruto began to walk on the path, Ketsu tried to warn the blonde about watching his balance, due to the ice being slippery.

Sadly though his warnings came too late, where Naruto feet slipped on the ice and fell head first into the shallow water.

Eventually though Naruto and the others made their way to the ship, where when Naruto got a clearer look of it he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

The Ship itself was in the shape of a giant Dragon, with its head up front and tail like sails on the back. In the middle of the ship was a large wooden building, which was like a small castle and massive sails. The ship itself was about hundred and thirty-seven meters long, fifty-five meters wide and sixty-seven meters tall (counting the sails). (1)

"Holy cow…that thing is Huuggeee" a shocked Naruto commented.

"Yea it's pretty impressive" Ketsu said as he stood next to Naruto.

"So how are we going to go on board?" Naruto asked.

"This way" Zhane answered, as he grabbed hold of the back of Naruto's collar and jumped into the air and onto the ship, followed by Ketsu and Saya.

When Naruto landed on the ship, he gasped at how vast the ship was when on board, as it was like a floating castle or something.

"Is this ship yours? And how did you make it appear out of nowhere like that?" Naruto asked as he turned to his elder brother after looking around.

"This ship is called the Watatsumi, it is one of a kind ship and it belonged to my Clan long ago. But I share it with the other Ju Shinobi Shogun since I don't use it too often; we use it to travel to the island nations. As to how I brought it here, I used Kuchiyose no Jutsu to summon it here, since all the members of the Jū Shinobi Shogan can summon this ship to them when they need it."

After hearing this, a surprise and confused look appeared on Naruto face, not fully understanding what his brother was talking about.

"Eh Summoning?"

"Summoning is a space–time ninjutsu that allows the summoner to transport special summon animals or things like this ship across long distances instantly. The technique depends a great deal on the Chakra reserves on a person, meaning if someone like you tried to summon this ship, you would fail, since you don't have the Chakra reserves to do it yet. The same goes for large scale summons, which can be as big if not bigger than this ship, although even then, you need to have a contract with a summoning animal" Ketsu explained.

After hearing Ketsu's explanation, Naruto just nodded his head, to make it look like he understood everything that Ketsu said. When in fact he didn't, he mainly only understood that his brother could summon this ship from somewhere else.

Once Ketsu finish explaining summoning to Naruto, a large number of Shadows started to appear on the deck and moved towards them.

After the Shadows had surrounded them, a large number of Black clad Shinobi appeared out of the Shadows.

Seeing the Shinobi, and believing that they were enemies, Naruto quickly too out a Kunai and prepared to attack.

But before he could, Zhane placed his hand on his younger brother's left shoulder to stop him.

"Peace Naruto, there is no need to violence, as they are not our enemies."

The Shinobi in question were clad entirely in Black, with glowing Red eyes and Blue like skin, which could be seen from their exposed hands. (2)

"What is your will Shisho (Japanese for master)" spoke one of the Dark clad Shinobi in an echo-like whisper. (3)

"Take us to the Isle of Mist" replied Zhane, where the Dark clad Shinobi nodded and left to prepare the ship.

"Who the hell are those guys?" Naruto asked.

"They're called Shadow Warriors and as you can guess by the color of their eyes and their skin, they are not human", Zhane replied.

"But what are they?"

"To put it simply they're Shadow demons"

"Shadow Demons?" Naruto repeated, where his half-brother nodded.

"Yes, they're special summoning creatures that only the Jū Shinobi Shogan can summon; these few here maintain and run the ship" Zhane explained, where Naruto nodded again in understanding.

"So what is this Isle of Mist place, is it some kind of island surrounded in Mist?" asked Naruto.

"Yes it is," replied Zhane, "It is a hidden island that only members of the Jū Shinobi Shogan known about and we'll be staying there for the next few months."

After a few minutes, the Ship was ready, where it then started to sink. When Naruto saw this, it immediately started to panic saying that the ship was sinking.

Thankfully though, Saya calmed Naruto down and told him that it was alright, since the ship could sail both on water and under it. She went on to explain that the ship had special seals on it that would create a barrier around the ship, like a bubble and keep the water out and allow them to move underwater.

When Saya had finish explaining everything, the spikey haired boy calm down, where he watch in amazement as the ship sunk beneath the water and began to move under the sea.

-With the Pursuing Shinobi-

After the giant ship sank beneath the water, the mist that Ketsu created slowly began to fade, at the same time. The tracking team that the Sandaime sent after Naruto and the others arrived at the shore, where all they found was the ice path that Ketsu created.

"What happened? Where did they go?" asked one of the Shinobi.

"I don't know, their Chakra signatures indicated that they were here a few minutes ago, but I can't sense them anymore", a blonde longed haired Shinobi replied. Who had his hair tied up in a long ponytail, indicating that he was from the Yamanaka Clan.

"Can you track there scent Satu?" asked another one of the Jonin, as he turned to the Inuzuka Clan member and his ninken who was part of their team.

"No I can't the salt air is messing things up, besides Sata is right, their tracks on the shore, not to mention this ice path, indict that they were here a few minutes ago and that they went out to sea", Satu answered.

"But where did they go? They couldn't have met a ship, since we would see it if they did" one of the Shinobi said in confusion. As he refused to believe, that there was a ship that could sail beyond the horizon in the space of only a few minutes.

"Well they didn't fly away, as we would've seen something leave the ground if they did and there are no indications that summoned something to fly away" the team leader said.

"So what do we do now?" asked Sata.

"We'll return to Konoha and report to the Hokage, there's nothing else we can do" answered the team leader. The rest of the team nodded at this, knowing that was all they could do now.

As the team left, the ROOT members, that were shadowing the tracking team and who were hidden in the tree-line, converse with one another.

"It seems that Zhane-dono has given us the slip", spoke a ROOT member wearing a Bear-like ANBU mask.

"Regrettably so" the team leader wearing a Leopard shaped liked masked replied.

"What do we do now?" asked another ROOT member wearing Wolf shape-like ANBU mask.

"Attempting to track him would be pointless, as if the Hokage's tracking team lost them, then we cannot hope to find them either. We'll return to Konoha and report to Danzo-sama, eventually Zhane-dono, his students and the Kyuubi jinchuriki will return to the village.

At hearing this, the rest of the ROOT members just nodded, where they then turned and began to trek home.

-Several days later-

After traveling for three days underwater, the Shinobi Warlords ship, the Watatsumi finally emerged out from the water.

On board Naruto quickly went out on deck to enjoy the sunshine, after spending three solid days underwater looking at nothing but fish and the water that surrounded them. Not that he didn't find the whole event interesting he just missed looking up at the sun, not to mention the fact, it got very cold when travelling underwater.

As Naruto walked around the deck he saw the Shadow warriors moving about the Ship. This was another thing he wasn't going to miss about being on this ship. Even though the Shadows warriors hadn't done anything to him, the creatures gave him the creeps, especially when they were looking or talking at him.

Soon after emerging from the water, Naruto was joined by Ketsu, who Naruto had gotten to know better during the past three days.

In many ways Ketsu and Naruto were a lot alike, both had gone through harsh childhoods, where Ketsu had watched his family being killed right before his eyes, while Naruto had been persecuted by the villagers of Konoha for being a jinchūriki. Yet despite their harsh backgrounds, neither had let their past dictate their upbringing.

Ketsu was a fairly easy going and carefree person, who like Naruto enjoyed a good laugh and joke to lighten everyone's mood. He was very loyal and protective to those he considered friends and was also extremely perceptive, where he could pick up things fairly quickly and form effective strategies in the heat of battle.

"Glad to be out in the sunlight again?" Ketsu asked with an amused smile, after seeing how happy Naruto was to be on the surface again.

"Yea, being underwater is cool and all, but I like being above water" answered Naruto, as he breath in the salt air.

Soon enough though, Naruto notice a large mass of mist up a head of them.

"Is that where this Isle of Mist is?" Naruto asked, remembering what his brother told him about the place.

"That's the place, as the name suggest, the island is surrounded by Mist, although it no ordinary mist, it surrounds the island like a giant circle, preventing most from entering the island. It was created by the original Jū Shinobi Shogan and acts like a Genjutsu barrier, where it hides the island from people. For example, if anyone should enter it, the mist will disrupt their sense and they will unknowingly sail around the island in the mist."

"Cool, but how are we going to reach the island, won't the mist confuse us as well?" asked Naruto.

"Nah, that's why we have the Shadow Warriors sailing the ship, they aren't affected by Genjutsu due to their simple nervous systems, so they can sail right to the island", explained Ketsu.

After a little while, just when the ship was about to enter the mist, Saya walked up to the two boys and told them that Zhane wanted them to get ready as they would be landing soon.

Like Naruto and Ketsu, Saya's life was marked by tragedy, before she was born; her village had been destroyed during the Third Great Shinobi World War by Kiri, along with her father and his Clan. Her mother and sister were able to escape the destruction, but shortly after her birth, the small town they were staying in was attacked by bandits and her mother was killed.

Luckily though, a member of the pervious Shinobi Warlords arrived and helped save Saya and her. After which they were taken in by the third generation of the Jū Shinobi Shogan, where her sister later became a member of the new Jū Shinobi Shogan.

Like Ketsu, Naruto got to know his new team-mate member better and found Saya to be a very serious person, not unlike Sasuke, as well as a by the book type of person, not unlike Sakura in some ways. She could also be very impatient at times, which Naruto found out when he was taking his time in the shower on the second day of the journey and she needed to use the bathroom, where she broke the door down. Although at the same time, he did learn that she could be embarrassed very easily and slightly hot tempered, where when she saw him coming out in the shower wet with just a towel on, she turned bright red and started attacking him, while screaming that he was a pervert.

Yet despite her faults, Saya had a very strong sense of justice, which she would never compromise and had strong sense of loyalty to those close to her.

After a few minutes, the ship emerged from the Mist and arrived at the island.

The island itself was quite large with large cliffs around it and covered mainly in trees and had a dormant volcano in the centre. As they got closer Naruto saw a large crescent shaped bay, with a white sandy beach. (4)

As soon as the ship got as close as it could to the island, Zhane took hold of Naruto and used Shunshin no Jutsu (Body-flicker Technique) to appear on the beach, along with Ketsu and Saya.

Once Naruto and the others had arrived on the island the Watatsumi disappeared in a cloud of smoke, just like it did, when it first appeared.

After the ship had left, Naruto and the others made their way inland to where Zhane said they would be staying.

The building itself was a medium size two story wooden house, big enough to house at least four people where it had a kitchen, living room, four-bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Once everyone had unpacked and settled in, Zhane then called Naruto and the others to the beach.

"What are we doing here nii-san? Are we going to start training?" Naruto asked excitedly.

"No, your training will start later, we have more important things to do as of now, such as getting the Kyuubi to enhance your abilities" answered Zhane.

Naruto was of course disappointed at hearing this, since he was eager to start training with his new found older brother, but understood none the less.

A few minutes after, Zhane had Naruto take off his black shirt and began to do some hand seals and used the same Jutsu he used before to transfer his conscious into Naruto's seal.

-Inside Naruto's seal-

After entering the seal, Zhane found himself standing next to Naruto, where this time they stood directly in front of the Kyuubi's cage.

Shortly after they arrived Kyuubi's large red eyes opened up "So you have appeared again?"

"Yes, are you ready to fulfil your end of our bargain?"

"Of course, I am a Kitsune and I will always keep my word. But be sure to keep yours in return, you must train this boy to be strong, and kill that accursed man Madara."

"That will not be a problem, as I have every intention of doing both and like you I always keep my word" Zhane replied before turning to his young brother.

"Are you ready Naruto?"

"Yea I am" the blonde replied.

With that settled the Kyuubi began to slowly send a large amount of his Chakra into Naruto's body.

-Outside the seal-

Standing next to the two brothers, the two students of Zhane stood watched as crimson red Chakra surround Naruto. Before either of them could comment on the Chakra, Naruto collapsed onto the ground and began to writhing and screaming around in pain.

Seeing this, both Saya and Ketsu went over to Naruto to try and help, but before either of them could move they suddenly heard their sensei's voice tell them "Don't touch him!"

At hearing this they both stopped in their tracks, after which they then saw Zhane move over to Naruto and took out three small needles and stabbed them in his neck in certain points.

As soon as Zhane did this Naruto stopped moving about and screaming in pain and relaxed, where it looked like he was sleeping, although he still had the Kyuubi's Chakra covering his body.

"Sensei, what's happening? Why didn't you want us to touch him?" Saya asked.

"Because a Biju's Chakra is toxic to touch to anyone but their host, if you were touch him when he is coated with the Kyuubi's Chakra it could cause severe harm to your bodies" Zhane explained.

"What's happening to Naruto?" Ketsu asked.

"The Kyuubi and I came to an agreement, in return for insuring that he is not captured and sealed away by the Akatsuki, as well as getting his revenge on Madara. The Kyuubi has agreed to help Naruto. By slowly filling Naruto's body with large amounts of its Chakra and keeping it filled for several days. Naruto body will slowly and absorb the Chakra, where it will greatly enhance his strength, speed and other senses."

Natural when Ketsu and Saya heard this they were both surprised, as they didn't expect this.

"What did you do just now then?" Ketsu asked when he looked at the needles in Naruto's neck.

"I used acupuncture to put Naruto in coma like state and numb the pain in his body. It's a skill I learned some time ago and it is the best way for his body to handle the changes that will happen to him with the Kyuubi's Chakra flooding it. Since the process is quite painful as you saw earlier" Zhane explained.

"So what do we do now?" Saya asked.

"We'll take him back to the house and watch him until the Kyuubi has finished." Zhane said.

Nodding in understanding the two students helped Zhane take Naruto back to the house, where Ketsu used his Hyoton skill to create a stretcher to carry Naruto with.

-Ten Days Later-

Slowly waking up Naruto found himself lying on a bed staring up a wooden ceiling, before he could even begin to wonder where he was he suddenly heard a familiar voice speak.

"Good you're awake"

When Naruto turned he saw his elder brother leaning against the wall next to an open window which was letting the sun's light shine through.

"Nii-san, what happened? The last thing I remember was us talking to the Kyuubi."

"You fell unconscious due to the pain of the Kyuubi's Chakra flooding your body" the elder son of the Yondaime replied. "You've been asleep for ten days."

"Ten days!" Naruto yelled in surprise, where he then tried to sit up, but suddenly felt pain shoot up throughout his entire body.

"Do not press yourself Naruto" Zhane said as he walked over to Naruto and gentle pressed him back down into the bed. "Your body has not yet fully recovered and still needs time to rest. The Kyuubi's Chakra finished its job three days ago, but I kept you in your coma like state until I was certain you were out of danger. I also used that time to remove the seals that the Hyuga and Yamanaka members placed on you" Zhane said. He then went on to explain that once he was certain Naruto had fully recovered from the stress of the Kyuubi's Chakra they would begin his training.

Hearing this Naruto was of course ecstatic, but before he could comment, Zhane continued speaking.

"Naruto there is something else you should know, the Kyuubi's Chakra had a side effect that I did not account for."

"What sort of side effect?" Naruto asked with some concern.

"This" said Zhane, where he took out a small mirror from his coat and held it in front of Naruto, showing his face.

No longer was his face round and full, instead it more angled and narrower, which Naruto thought made him more attractive. His whisker birthmarks were still there, but weren't as profound as they once where and were more like lines. But the thing that stood out most was his eyes, which had gone from clear blue to crimson red silts.

When Naruto saw this he took the mirror from Zhane's hand to have a closer look at himself. But as he did this, he notice that his fingernails had grown slightly longer and pointer, making them more claw like.

"What happened is this because of the Kyuubi's Chakra?"

"Yes, because your body was flooded with the Kyuubi's Chakra for a full week, the Chakra altered your body slightly so that it could work better with it and could handle the changes that were done to it. It is also not the first time the Kyuubi's Chakra has influence your body like this, since before you were born when you were still in your mother's womb. Some of it Chakra leaked into you, which is why you were born with whisker shape birth marks."

"Will they stay like this?" Naruto asked as he looked at his claw-like hand and then at the small mirror to look and his new eyes. As he was afraid that his new appearance would just give those who scorned him for so long more ammunition to throw at him, stating that it proved that he was a demon.

"I am not sure Naruto, but I believe it is possible at the very least to turn your hands to their normal state. As I once fought a female jinchūriki from Kumo who had the ability to grow her finger nails and turn her hands into claws, without having to use her Biju's power. Regardless though we will figure something out, for now you need to let your body rest, I will have Ketsu come in to check on you, after that I will cook some Ramen for you."

At the promise of Ramen Naruto spirits lifted a little, where he then thanked his elder half-brother, who nodded and smiled momentarily before leaving the room to get Ketsu.

-Four Days Later-

After waking up, Naruto spent the following two days lying in bed allowing his body to recover from the effects of the Kyuubi's Chakra. Eventually after two full days in bed he was allowed to leave the his bed and move about, which made Naruto extremely happy, since he had been going stir crazy just lying in bed and looking up in the ceiling.

But what he didn't expect was not being in full control of own his body, where when he went to open his door he accidently broke the handle and then broke a glass full of juice when he was eating breakfast.

Later after Ketsu finished examining Naruto, Zhane theorised that because of the enhancements done to his body by the Kyuubi's Chakra, Naruto was not use to the new abilities of his body.

They then spent the next two days practice doing basic doing basic things like picking up objects, holding them, jumping, running and hitting things. Allowing Naruto to gain a new feel for his body's enhancements and learn how to restrain himself so that he wouldn't hurt or break anything by accident.

Once Naruto had learned to control his body again, Zhane then took the three new Konoha Genin into the forest and up to the top of the dormant volcano. When they reached the top Zhane then made a Shadow Clone of himself and went over to a large flat stone and took a Lotus position.

"What are you doing Nii-san?" Naruto asked when he saw Zhane the purple haired youth make a clone of himself and then sit down on a large stone.

He was of course not the only one who was wondering this, as both Ketsu and Saya were wondering the same thing.

"I'm preparing a special Jutsu, that I created" Zhane replied, "It is called Jikan no Okure (Time lag)."

"Jikan no Okure?" the three youths repeated.

"Yes, before I first left Konoha, I took with me several notes and scrolls Namikaze had on Jikūkan Ninjutsu. For the past eleven and a half years I have been study the abilities and effects of Jikūkan Ninjutsu, from my studies I came up with Jikan no Okure technique."

"What does it do?" Naruto asked whose curiosity was peeked.

"By placing certain seals at six specific points around a given radius, like this island for example, I am able to create a large barrier, or bubble if you will, around it. Once the bubble is up, I am able to manipulate the rate of time inside the bubble, in other worlds I am able to speed up or slow down time. My plan is to speed up time here where we can do several years' worth of training."

When Zhane finished explaining how his jutsu worked all three Genin were left speechless, as they couldn't believe that Zhane created such a technique.

"That's so cool!" Naruto yelled excitedly, "You're awesome Nii-san!"

"Incredible" Saya muttered, as this was the first time she had ever heard of this, and she couldn't believe that Zhane was this powerful.

"Even after all this time sensei, you never cease to amaze me, to think you had created something like this?" Ketsu thought with an amused smirk before looking up as Zhane and asking. "How much can you speed up and slow down time inside the bubble?"

"At most I can speed time up by six minutes and eight seconds for ever second that passes in the outside world. This means that one day in the outside world, would be equal to one year inside the bubble. I can also slow down time to the effect, where one day in the bubble would be equal to one year outside."

"Amazing" thought the three pre-teens, as they thought about how much stronger they could become.

"So is that what you plan to do?" Naruto asked excitedly, since he couldn't wait to get started.

"Not exactly, you see the technique takes up an immense amount of Chakra to perform. Creating the bubble itself is taxing enough and takes up a lot of Chakra. But speeding up or slowing time down inside the bubble takes up even more Chakra, and to speed time up to the extent that you are suggesting on a large island like this is well beyond my capabilities. If I were to try by myself, there is little doubt that I would die from Chakra exhaustion. To speed time up or slow it down to that point, the radius of the bubble would have to be quite small, like that of a small room or a house, and I don't think we could handle staying cooped up in a small room or a house for a year"

The three naturally nodded at this remark, since they would probably go mad after a month or two.

"So how much will you speed time up by?" Ketsu asked.

"I will speed time up to the point where year in the bubble will be equal to one month in the outside world and we will be staying here for two years."

Hearing this, Saya then decided to ask something she had been wondering, "Sensei if I may, what would happen if someone was to enter the bubble or if we were to leave it?"

"I have already place safe guards on the seals that help make up the bubble to prevent that from happening, where as long as the Jutsu is in effect, no-one can leave or enter the bubble" Zhane replied.

"But what if someone found a way to break through the bubble what would happen?" Saya asked.

"It would depend a great deal on how slow or fast time was moving inside the bubble. If the time difference between the inside of the bubble and the outside world was small, then the most the person would feel is a small wear on their body. But if the time difference was great, then it is very likely that the person would die, as their body would be unable to handle to sudden change in time."

After hearing this all three Genin shared a nervous look and made sure to keep their distance from the edge of the barrier once it was up.

Once he had answered all their questions, Zhane then decided to explain one final thing to his students about the Jikan no Okure.

"Now before I begin, there is something else you all should know about the Jikan no Okure technique. To preformit and maintain the bubble, the user must be in the centre of the radius and stay there until they end the Jutsu, as they will be inside a small barrier that will keep them outside the flow of time inside the bubble. Normally I would use a clone for such a duty, but given how long I am holding the barrier up, I will have to do it myself.

"But how will you train us?" Naruto asked.

"My clone here will handle the physical aspects of your training, but I will also help you in other ways as well" Zhane replied.

"But how?" Naruto asked, but received no real answer from his brother, who simply said he would see later.

Still unsure about some things, the three Genin decided put their concerns aside and decided to trust their purple haired sensei.

Once everything was settled, Zhane closed his eyes and began to gather his Chakra before preforming a series of high speed hand seals and the said "Hijutsu: Jikan no Okure (Secret Technique: Time Lap)."

After saying this, a large seal with six points appeared on the ground around Zhane, where six long lines of written words emerged from the six points and travelled down the extinct volcano to the six seals that Zhane had placed around the island. Once they reached the six seals they then glowed, forming a large circular seal around the island. After which a large silver dome formed over the island, where once it was complete it disappeared, making it seems as if it was never there.

Once the barrier was up the Zhane clone led the three Genin back down the extinct volcano and to the house, stating that it was time to begin their training.

When the group finally arrived back at the house, Naruto turned to his brother's clone.

"So what do we do first?" Naruto asked who was eager to start training

"You will come with me Naruto" said another Zhane who suddenly appeared out of thin air right next to the Zhane clone.

"Ahhh! What the hell?" Naruto cried where he jumped back in fright when he saw his half-brother appear out of nowhere like a ghost.

"Astral Projection, Ah now I get what you meant" Ketsu said as he realized what was going on.

"It makes sense if you think about, I surprise I didn't think of it sooner" Saya added.

"Okay can someone please tell me what the hell was going on?" Naruto asked since he didn't understanding what they are talking about and was rather annoyed by it.

"Zhane-sensei is using a technique called Gentōshin no Jutsu (Magic Lantern Body Technique)" Saya answered where she then went on to explain the technique. "It's a special technique that he and the other Jū Shinobi Shogan use to communicate with one another from long distances. The technique works by the user converting his or her thought waves into Chakra, which are picked up by a certain person. Who acts like a control tower for those thoughts waves and sends them out to others, almost like a radio but in this case we can not only speak to sensei but we can see him as well. My guess is right now Sensei's clone is acting as the control tower, and is allowing him to project his thoughts and his image to the rest of us."

"Correct Saya, very good" Zhane said, as he wasn't surprise that Saya knew so much about the Gentōshin no Jutsu, since her sister was Shinobi Warlord like him.

"Now do you understand?" Zhane asked as he turned to his blonde brother.

"Eh, Nope…" Naruto replied as he scratched the back of his head embarrassingly and had a goofy grin. "Could you explain it again?"

Hearing this Zhane's clone, Saya and Ketsu all collapsed to the ground in disbelief, while Zhane in his astral form just closed his eyes and shook his head. "He's definitely Kushina's son."

After a few seconds a furious Saya stood up in front of Naruto and yelled "What they hell didn't you get, my explanation was perfectly simple?"

"Eh I just got stuff like turning thoughts into Chakra and acting like a radio, but after that you droned out" Naruto replied. After which Saya grabbed him by the collar of shirt and angrily started shaking him about.

"You really are an idiot you know that? How the hell can you be related to someone like Zhane-sensei?" Saya yelled angrily where she continued to shaking Naruto about and yell at how much of an idiot he was.

As this was happen, Zhane just closed his eyes and shook his head again, where he then watch Ketsu try and calm Saya down and let go of Naruto.

Zhane was of course not surprised by the way Saya was acting; she had never been the most patient of people and could get easily annoyed with things. It was one of the few traits she shared with her elder, who in many ways was also the opposite of Saya, where unlike Saya, she was more open, easy going and less serious.

Eventually though Saya calm down and left the matter of how the Gentōshin no Jutsu worked for another time.

Once everyone was settled, Zhane then told Ketsu and Saya to go off with his clone to train while he took care of Naruto.

When the others had left, Zhane told Naruto to follow him into the house, where they would begin the first phase of his training.

"So what are you going to teach me first Nii-san, are you going to tech me some awesome Kenjutsu technique or powerful Ninjutsu that will blast my enemies away with one shot?" Naruto asked excitedly.

"I am planning to teach you how to use the most powerful weapon that any Shinobi can ever have. It is something that if used correctly will allow you to defeat enemies much stronger than you and is more powerful than any weapon or technique that anyone can teach you. Once you know how to use this correctly, few enemies can stand up to you."

When Naruto heard this he was giddy with excitement as he couldn't wait to start training. Thinking that once he got back to Konoha, he would use the weapon Zhane was going to teach him, to finally kick Sasuke's ass, which would maybe then get Sakura to finally notice him and maybe go out with him. (6)

As they walked through the house, they finally arrived at a door, where Zhane then told him to open and go in.

When Naruto entered the room, he was surprise to see a large room filled with bookshelves on all four sides. With only a small desk and chair in the middle and a small window directly in front of the desk to allow some light in the room.

"Hey what's the big idea Nii-san?" Naruto yelled as he turned to his elder brother. "You said you were going to teach me a powerful weapon that would make me unbeatable."

"The weapon I was referring to is this" Zhane replied where he pointed to Naruto's forehead. "Kunai, Shuriken, Katana, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Bloodline Limits they are all just mere tools to a Shinobi. They are only as good as the person, who wields them. Any fool can rush in head first to fight an enemy. But to be a truly great Shinobi, you must be able to use your head, find your enemies weknesses, plan what you are going to do before you do it. Predict your enemy moves before they do it, use your surrounds to your advantage and use your skills in different ways to catch your opponent off guard. These are only some of the things you need to know to become a great Shinobi, guts and determination can only get you so far. I myself have defeated Shinobi, who were much stronger than me, not by being more skilled but by outsmarting them. A man, who has spent a hundred years training with a wooden sword, will always defeat a novice with a metal sword and right now your head is like a blunt badly crafted sword…"

At this remark a large thick formed on Naruto's head, but before he could respond to his brother's comment Zhane continued.

"…But given time, with my help and these books and with the right training. We can make that blunt head of yours become as sharp as any sword, allowing you to face any number of dangerous opponents."

Hearing Naruto grinned, and got excited again, "Alright right then let's get started!"

"Good, now, I want you to read all those books on the top shelf by the end of the day. During which each hour I will give you a pop quiz on what you have read, and if you don't get enough right, you will have to reread everything again from the start."

-With Saya and Ketsu-

Currently the two senior students of Zhane were sparing against the clone of their sensei on the beach.

After the clone blocked both their attacks, the two of them were standing at opposite ends of one another, with the clone standing in between them.

Before either of them could attack again, the three suddenly heard Naruto's screams of despair coming from the house.


"Heh, looks like Zhane-sensei as already started Naruto's training" Saya commented with a small grin.

"Looks like it and it's only going to get worse for him from now on" Ketsu remarked with a smirk, before he and Saya attack Zhane's clone again.

-Iwa, One Week Later in the Outside World-

It was a typical peaceful night in Iwa. The moon was up high illuminating the village with it light. The night was peaceful where the only thing that could be heard was the chirping of crickets and there was a nice, cool, gentle breeze coming in from the south. There were few lights on in the village, as most people in the village were in their beds fast asleep.

But as the night wore on, a dark shadow silently sped across the building rooftops, the only reason it could be seen was because of the moon that was shining down on the village.

Quietly, the dark shadow passed by the different Shinobi patrols, without anyone even noticing it presence.

Moving through the shadows of Iwagakure, the dark figure made its way towards the tallest building in the village, where one of the windows had a small dim light still on.

Sitting in a large comfortable armchair in a small sitting room was the Sandaime Tsuchikage, Ryōtenbin no Ōnoki (Ōnoki of Both Scales), one of the longest reigning Kages in the Shinobi world.

Ōnoki was a very short, old man with a triangular beard and a moustache that had angular corners, a big red nose and thick eyebrows. The top of his head is completely bald, although, he had a long white hair on the lower-half of his head which is styled in a traditional chonmage haircut, the back of which is tied with a yellow ribbon into a topknot. He wore a green and yellow coat with a red collar. Underneath he wore the traditional Iwagakure outfit consistent of flak jacket, mesh armor. He however had both his sleeves of his shirt, but kept the single lapel on his right side and wore simple sandals.

Despite his unintimidating appearance, Ōnoki was regarded as one of the strongest Shinobi alive, even to this very day despite his advance age. Due to his vast experience from surviving various battles and because of his Kekkei Tōta (A Selection of Blood Inheritance) known as Jinton (Dust Release), which allows him to simultaneously use three natures: earth, wind, and fire.

Jinton allows a person to form as a small three-dimensional object composed of chakra that forms between the user's hands. When the technique is released, the form expands and surrounds the target. This nature allows the user to manipulate molecules, giving them the ability to disintegrate anything on a molecular level within the boundaries of the three-dimensional form. Making it one of the most dangerous techniques in the Shinobi world, where it can destroy large fortifications and vast numbers of enemies in an instant.

As the old Kage read his book, he began to rub his eyes, feeling the lateness of the night creeping in on him.

Believing he had read enough for one night, Ōnoki was about to close his book and head to bed. But as he was closing his book, he suddenly felt a strong breeze coming in from the window, which he had left open to allow some fresh air in, so that he wouldn't accidently drift off while reading.

Thanks to surviving so many battles in all three Great Shinobi World Wars, the Tsuchikage had developed an innate sense for danger. So when he felt the sudden strong breeze he took out a Kunai from his sleeves.

"Impressive" the old Kage commented after looking over the room for any sigh of the infiltrator. "You've shown remarkable skill in infiltration and stealth to make it so far into my village undetected, more so by entering my private study. But if think for one second, that I, Ryōtenbin no Ōnoki, will sit back and let myself be assassinated, then you're sadly mistaken."

"You need not worry Tsuchikage-sama I have not come here to kill you…" a mysterious male voice said, where a tall man wearing a hooded top appeared out of the shadowy corner of the room, which was to the Tsuchikage's left. "…If I had, you would already be dead."

The man was roughlt five foot eight, who wore Grey pants, a Black hooded top and carried a quiver full of arrows and long sword on his back. He also wore brown booths with a red shawl tied around his waist with a brown corset and what what looked like metal arm guard on his left arm. (7)

Even though he couldn't see his face thanks to the hood covering his head, Ōnoki estimated judging by his height and the tone of his voice. That his mysterious guest was a relatively young man, who sounded like he was in his mid if not late thirties.

At the man's comment the short Kage just scoffed, although he kept his senses alert of any danger. "Tsk, you certainly talk big brat, but I have heard many Shinobi say such things to me, yet I am still here."

"I'm certain you have Tsuchikage-sama" the man replied in an amused tone.

"I'm assuming that you have placed my guards under a Genjutsu" commented the short Kage, as he glanced over at the two Shinobi who were flanking the door to the room. Who had a glaze look over their eyes indicating that they were under some kind of Genjutsu.

"That would be correct; they can neither see nor hear what is really happening between the two of us. As far as they're concern, you are still quietly reading your book. I thought it best that the two of us could talk like civilize men without any unwarranted disruptions. But you need not worry for them, when the two of us are finish, I shall release them from my Jutsu and they shall return to normal unharmed."

Hearing this, the old Kage let out a small sigh of relief and silently complemented the hooded man. As to entering his private study with him barely noticing and placing his guards under a Genjustu in the space of only few seconds was no small feat.

"So if it is not to kill me then why have you come here?" Ōnoki asked, with his guard this up, not trusting the hooded man's assurances.

"I have come here to deliver a message" the hooded man replied.

"A message?" repeated Ōnoki, "From whom?"

"Akechi Zhane."

"That little bastard, what does he want?" Ōnoki said angrily.

Naturally Zhane wasn't well liked in Iwa in fact the only village that hated him more was Kumo. Given the large number of their Shinobi he killed during the war and the humiliating defeat he handed them at the battle of Yashimara.

The reason why Zhane was so hated in Iwa, was not only because he was the son of Konoha no Kiiroi Senkō (Konoha's Yellow Flash) and Konoha no Kuīnzu Bureido (Konoha's Queen of Blades), but because he had also killed many of their own Shinobi in the war himself.

Ōnoki also had personally experience with Zhane, back when the war was drawing to an end. Iwa had been pushed out of Kusa no Kunai (Grass Country) where Konoha forces began to invade Tsuchi no Kuni (Earth Country). At the same time, Konoha's ally Suna invaded from the south forcing Iwa to fight on two separate fronts.

Naturally Iwa dug in and made both villages fight for ever kilometre they gained, hoping to exhaust both nations and thire advanced. But what the Tsuchikage hadn't expected was Konoha to launch a large scale night raid on his village where they sent several teams of their elite ANBU to infiltrated the village.

The raid was to demonstrate that Iwa itself was vulnerable to attack. It was also to provide a vital moral boost to the Konoha forces, who were exhausted from all the fighting and at the same time have a demoralizing effect on Iwa's forces

Among the ANBU who infiltrated the village was a young nine year old Zhane, who was among the ANBU who had been sent into the village.

Ōnoki had met Zhane when he stayed behind to hold the Tsuchikage off and allow his comrades to escape. Despite being hopelessly outmatch, Zhane had held his own just long enough to allow his comrades to leave the village, after which he was able to somehow escape himself. But not before he killed fourthly-two Iwa Shinobi and written the words "For my Mother" on the village outer wall in the dead Shinobi's Blood.

The raid of course proved to be even more effective than Konoha had hoped, it had not caused a great deal of damage to the village. But it also caused several large fires that lasted several days, and cost Iwa the lives of over five hundred of their Shinobi. It also crippled the village's ability to fight effectively, which forced Iwa to surrender and sue for peace.

"In a few weeks' time you will hear of a rumour regarding another son of the Yondaime" the mysterious man replied.

"What?" the Tsuchikage said in surprise, as this was the first time heard of this, as he had been unaware that the Yondaime had another son.

"His name is Uzumaki Naruto and he is the current Jinchūriki Kyūbi no Yōko (Nine-tailed Demon fox) and he is Zhane's half-brother."

As soon as Ōnoki heard this, both his eyes widened in surprise, "Damnit why the hell am I only hearing about this now? Konoha must have kept this all hidden after the Kyuubi broke free from twelve years ago and was resealed into the boy."

It of course made sense to Ōnoki for Naruto to be the new Jinchūriki of the Kyuubi, since not only was he an Uzumaki, who Konoha had always used as Jinchūriki's for the Kyuubi due to their remarkable bodies. But he was also the son of the Yondaime Hokage, which would fall under the tradition of always having a Jinchūriki as a close relative to the ruling Kage, insuring their loyalty.

"I'll have to take care of him" the Tsuchikage thought, "If that boy is even half like his brother or his father, he could be a serious threat, especially since he would have access to the Kyuubi's power."

"I wouldn't try anything if I were you Tsuchikage-sama" the hooded man warned, as if reading Ōnoki's mind. "The only reason I am telling you this is because it is only a matter of time before you learn of it from your spies and because it involves the message Zhane asked me to give you."

"And what is this message of his?" Ōnoki asked.

"His message is simple; he wants you to leave his brother alone. Zhane does not care if you send your Shinobi after him, all he cares about this that you order your Shinobi to leave Naruto alone."

When Ōnoki heard this, his brow furrowed, "That brat Zhane has certainly got some nerve thinking he can order me, Ryōtenbin no Ōnoki around."

"You would be wise to heed his words Tsuchikage-sama, Zhane is much stronger than he was when you last saw him. If you were to send your Shinobi after his brother, you would only send them to their doom, and once Zhane has finished with them. He will turn his wrath on you your village and you of all people should know what it is like to face a vengeful Akechi.

At the mention of this the old Kage suddenly had a flashback of an event that happened many years ago. Back when he had just become the student of Mū, the Nidaime Tsuchikage and was fighting in the early beginnings of the First Great Shinobi World War.


Stumbling through a large forest that was lighting up the night sky as it burnt down, a young and injured Ōnoki hobbled towards an Iwa Shinobi would was lying on the ground not far from him.

"Tenchi are you ok?" asked Ōnoki after he reached the Iwa-nin. But when he turned the person over, he saw that the person had been completely burnt to a crisp.

Seeing this, Ōnoki quickly moved away and turned his face away and closed his eyes in sorrow, unable to look at the burnt corpse of his friend.

"Damnit" Ōnoki cursed, as he held his injured arm painfully, before he began to look for a way to escape. But found he was completely surrounded by flames, with trees falling and burning in every direction he looked. The smoke filled the air, making it difficult to breathe and he could smell the distinctive stench of burning flesh from the remains of his other comrades. Whose bodies were burning in the inferno that surrounded him, making the young man wonder, if he had somehow died and entered hell.

Before the young man could ponder this thought any further, a person suddenly stumbled out of the flames and fell to the ground near him.

Moving forward Ōnoki quickly went over to the person and when he turned the man over. He was horrified to see that the man was almost entirely covered in first and second and degree burns.

"Hey are you alive, speak up, who are you?" asked Ōnoki, as he could not tell who the man was, due to the burns covering his body. The only part of his body that wasn't burnt was the top portion of his face. But it was too covered in, blood, soot and dirt for Ōnoki to recognise."

Eventually though, the person opened his eyes and looked up at the short young man and said "Ōnoki…your alive…good."

"Mū-sama?" cried Ōnoki in surprise, recognising his the Tsuchikage's voice, while at the same time not believing that this was his sensei

"We'll need to leave…now! …this fight is lost" the Nidaime Tsuchikage said as he slowly stood back up.

"Mū-sama! You shouldn't move…your injuries!" the young Ōnoki said, as he couldn't believe that his sensei could move given the extent of his injuries, let alone the fact that he was still alive.

"There's no time for that…!" the elder man rounded. "We do not have long…I just managed to escape him… we need to leave, while we still can."

But as soon as he said this, the two Iwa-nins suddenly heard an inhuman roar coming from where Mū came from. One that shook the two Shinobi to their very core, where they both knew that it would be a sound that would haunt them to the end of their days, however long that may be.

When the two Shinobi turned they could just make out the dark silhouette of a man slowly walking through the blazing flames unharmed. As he got closer, they could see his glowing slitted yellow eyes and his claw like hands that look like they could tear man apart with ease. Furthering Ōnoki's earlier statement about them being in hell, where it appeared as if the devil himself had arrived to greet them.

Before either men could comment, the dark figure suddenly let out another inhuman roar and let out and massive blast of flames from his mouth as he roared.

Wasting no time, Ōnoki quickly grabbed hold of his injured sensei and used the flight technique that he taught him to lift the both of them into the air. Allowing them to narrowly avoid the massive fire stream, which erupted into a massive blast that destroyed the clearing they had been standing in.

The blast had been so powerful that it blew the two Iwa-nins several meters into the air and nearly caused them to fall into the flames below them.

Fortunately though for the two of them, Ōnoki had been able to recover in time and stabilize their height.

"Well done Ōnoki" Mū said before turning to look down at the fiery inferno that had once been a lush green forest. "Damn Akechi's…they really are Devils."

"He's a monster" the young Ōnoki said with a small shudder, as he held up the injured Nidaime Tsuchikage. As their opponent wiped out all twenty of the Tsuchikage's elite guard, whom were all elite Shinobi of high skill and had severally wounded the two of them.

"I never dreamed that Konoha had another Shinobi of the calibre of Hashirama and Madara" the injured Kage remarked. Before to the horror of the two Shinobi, they saw the dark figure shoot of the burning forest and into the night sky, with a pair of pitch black bat-like wings on his back.

"Impossible" yelled Ōnoki when saw the dark figure flying towards them at high speed.

"Hold on Ōnoki!" Mū yelled, where gathered the last of his remaining Chakra between the palms of his hands and used the Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu to form a Cylindrical.

"Die you Damn monster!" the injured Mū shouted before firing the Cylindrical which expanded rapidly in size as it flew towards the dark figure.

Seeing this, the dark figure let lose another massive fiery blast to intercept the Cylindrical.

When the two attacks collide a massive blast erupted in the night sky, sending the three Shinobi flying in opposite directions from one another.

-End Flashback-

After remembering that event, Ōnoki's Kunai arm shook with fear, he would never forget his first and only meeting with the legendary Konoha no Kokuryu (Konoha's Black Dragon) Akechi Ryu (8).

Both he had the Mū had barely survived that blast, but were still able to make it back to Iwa, although the burns on Mū body had covered over ninety-five percent of his body, forcing the Nidaime Tsuchikage to cover his entire body in bandages.

Ryu had of course survived the blast, although later on, during the Nidaime Hokage's reign he died in battle during the war against an unknown opponent. No-one knew what had happened or who had done it; all anyone ever found was Akechi Ryu's body, with everything around him in a five mile radius destroyed.

Steading his still shaking arm with his other hand, the Tsuchikage glared up at the hooded man.

"I don't care how powerful that brat Zhane thinks he become! Even he is not powerful enough to take on the full might of Iwagakure by himself and survive and if he does come I will finish the job I started with him all those years ago!"

"Perhaps, Tsuchikage-sama, but should you target Zhane brother "we" will be forced to take action against you."

"And who is we?" Ōnoki asked with an annoyed look.

"This should answer your question" the man replied, where he held up a Black jewelled ring on his middle finger and a pendant that was underneath his hooded coat that had a symbol on it. (9)

When the Tsuchikage saw the ring and the pendant, the old Kage turned ghost white, "No you can't be…"

"I am, both Zhane and I members of the Jū Shinobi Shogan, therefore if your village should specifically target either Zhane or his brother. The Warlords and I will be forced to act and we will destroy you village."

"So you're breaking the armistice treaty we signed after the First Great Shinobi World War, and allying with Konoha?" the Tsuchikage said. Since the old Kage knew that this would greatly tip the balance of power further into Konoha's favor.

"No, we remain neutral in the affairs between the Shinobi nations as the original Warlords agreed. Although Zhane is a Shinobi of Konoha, he is a Shinobi Warlord first, he will not upset you or any of the other village's positions, unless he is provoked by someone directly targeting his brother."

"Do you honestly expect me to believe that?" the old Tsuchikage said angrily not believing a word the man said.

"It is the truth, whether you believe it or not Tsuchikage-sama" the man replied. "It is not hard to believe if you think about it. You should know better than most how Jinchūriki are treated in their villages and you should know how Zhane would react when someone attacks his kin. I can also tell you that Zhane does not hold much love for Konoha, since they made him believe until recently that his brother was dead after the Kyuubi attack.

At this a large frown appeared on the old man face, as he went over what the hooded man said in his head. "Now I understand, no doubt Sarutobi faked the boy's death and hid his status as a Jinchūriki from Zhane, so to make sure we wouldn't learn the truth. He also probably knew how that brat Zhane would react and what he would do to anyone who would threaten his brother, given how family is sacred to an Akechi" Ōnoki thought, knowing how Jinchūriki were treated in Shinobi villages.

As he thought this over, he could see some benefit for his village in all this, he knew that after learning of his brother treatment and how Konoha lied to him. Zhane would lash out at the village and do want ever he could to make the village pay, since like the old saying "Hell hath no wrath, like a vengeful Akechi."

He also figured that since Konoha kept his only living blood relative away from him. Naruto would be likely to turn away from Konoaha, leaving the village without a Jinchūriki, making it vulnerable.

"Now that I have delivered my message, I will take my leave Tsuchikage-sama" the man said, before he could take a step towards the open window. A Kunai suddenly flew past him and stabbed itself into the wall.

When the man turned to look at Ōnoki, he saw the Tsuchikage, was now floating in the air with another Kunai in his hand.

"Did you really think I wouldn't recognise you…Iga Seigi, or would you prefer I call you Rei (Ghost)."

Hearing this, the man smiled, "Very impressive Tsuchikage-sama, I honestly did not think you would remember me after all these years. But still, I would expect nothing less from the famed Ryōtenbin no Ōnoki."

"I make it a point never to forget a deserter like you" the old man replied with a frown.

Seigi was of course a well know Nuke-nin from Iwagakure, who had been once a rising star in the village. He came from the renowned Iga Clan who possessed the powerful Meiton (Dark Release) Bloodline limit.

Seigi was the branch member of the Clan, yet his talent and skill in the art of the Shinobi was unlike any other person, especially in the art of assassination. Sadly Seigi became disgraced after he failed an important mission which resulted in the death of the Iga Clan heir.

As punishment for failing his mission and the death of his son, the Iga Clan head removed young Seigi's eyes. A punishment that even the Sandaime Tsuchikage thought was extreme, but could do little about it, since it was the Clan head's right to punish members of his Clan.

After the failed mission, Seigi became an outcast in his own Clan but instead of wallowing in shame or in despair for losing his eyes. Seigi trained himself to fight and move without his eyes, using his four other remaining senses. He developed these senses to such a level that he had a sort of echolocation allowing him to sense objects in their environment by hearing echoes from those objects. With these new skills Seigi was able to turn his shame into a blessing, making him an even deadlier Shinobi than he was before. He could predict his opponent's moves by the sound they made with their body and even tell if they weren't telling the truth by listing to their heart beats.

Seigi could also do the same by sensing a person's Chakra due to him being a gifted sensor Shinobi. He could even tell if a person was lying from the fluctuations in their Chakra made from dishonest emotions or if someone is under a Genjutsu. He could even sense out people by their Chakra, whether they were far away or nearby, and could easily tell who they were by their Chakra signatures alone, and perceive their location and movements with great detail.

When he fully developed his new skills Seigi decided to leave Iwa.

Naturally Ōnoki sent a team of Hunter-nins after them, accompanied by several members from the Iga main family. The team of course never returned as their bodies along with the Iga member were found several days later, with no trace of Seigi.

It wasn't until several years later that Iwa began to hear of an infamous assassin. Who targeted specific high ranking corrupt officials and Feudal Lords, killing them all leaving no trace. He became famed because the few people who saw him all said the same thing. He acted like a blind man, but could see more than most people, and he always appeared and disappeared leaving no trace, like a Ghost, hence the moniker.

"I suggest that you surrender boy, regardless of your status a Shinobi Warlord I cannot allow you to simply leave. Even if you try to run, you won't escape this village alive" the old Kage stated.

At this the hood man just smiled and said, "I'm afraid I've already left Tsuchikage-sama."

When Seigi said this, Ōnoki quickly threw his Kunai at Seigi where it passed right through him, revealing he was an illusion, after which the image of Seigi faded away.

"Damnit, another one of his Genjutsu, he's a tricky brat" Ōnoki mutter, while at the same time wondering if Seigi had been really hear from the start.

Shortly after, Ōnoki guards were released from the Genjutsu they were under, and were naturally confused as to why their leader was suddenly floating in mid-air and staring out the window.

"Tsuchikage-sama, what's happened" one of the guards said as he and his partner went over to the Sandaime.

"We had an uninvited guest" the old Kage replied simply.

"What?" said the other in surprise, where he was about to leave the room and alert the patrols and the ANBU. But before he could he was stopped by Ōnoki.

"Don't bother, he's already long gone, and you will never find him."

"But Tsuchikkage-sama we can't ju…" the second guard said, but was interrupted by Ōnoki before he could finish speaking.

"I said there is no point!" the old Kage growled angrily, making the guard finch.

"But we have to do something Tsuchikage-sama" said the first guard.

"Assessable the council, as well as all the Shinobi commanders for an emergency meeting in the council chambers" order Ōnoki.

"At this hour…all the council members will be asleep by now" the first guard said.

"THEN WAKE THEM!" Ōnoki yelled angrily, as he turned to the now nervous Shinobi. "This is an emergency!"

"Hai!" the two guards together said, before the Shunshin away to follow their leader's orders.

After his two guards had left, Ōnoki turned to the still open window and looked into the starry sky.

"A Storm is coming" Ōnoki muttered, as he looked out into the night sky, he could feel it in his old bones and in the air. For the first time in over sixty years, the Jū Shinobi Shogan were on the move and what would happen next, no-one would be able to predict.


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(B). Hijutsu: Jikan no Okure (Secret Technique: Time Lap): A Technique Zhane created after study Jikūkan Ninjutsu for eleven and a half years. By placing certain seals at six specific points around a given radius. The user is able to create a large barrier, or bubble around the area. Once the Barrier is formed the user is able to manipulate the rate of time inside the Barrier, allowing him to speed up or slow down time as much as he wants. The technique although has some flaws, one of them being that it takes up an immense amount of Chakra to perform and to slow down or speed up the rate of time inside the Barrier. Making it very easy for a person to die from Chakra exhaustion if they are not careful. Another weakness is that size of the barrier and the length he has to hold it. Meaning that the bigger the radius of the Barrier the more difficult it becomes for him to maintain it. To preformit and maintain the bubble, the user must be in the centre of the radius and stay there until the Jutsu ends, where they will be surrounded by a small barrier that will keep them outside the flow of time inside the bubble. When needed the user can have a clone preform such a duty, but if the user must maintain the Barrier for a prolonged period of time, then they will have to hold the Barrier themselves. Also if a person tries to leave or enter the Barrier before it has been lowered, the sudden change in the speed of time could be quite dangerous to the person. Although it does depend on how fast or slow time is moving inside the Barrier. If the rate of time is small between the outside world and inside the Barrier, then at most the person will feel is a small wear on their body. But if the difference is great, then it could be fatal to the person and their body will be destroyed from the stress of the sudden change.