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"Neil Patrick!" The small boy jumped up with surprise and rushed up to the stool as the young professor called out his name.

The hat slipped over the red head's eyes and would have covered his entire head, if his slightly hooked nose hadn't prevented it. Ricky held his breath for what seemed like hours until… "Aaah… very interesting, yes VERY interesting. Hmm lets see no lack of intelligence here… and bravery, when it suits you. There is a bit of loyalty lacking, but I doubt that matters to you. Hmm… yes all in all I think… "S.."

"Wait!" Patrick thought hurriedly. "Yes?" The voice question. "Slytherin, would not be helpful to me." For two long minutes the hat said nothing then finally. "No? You'd prefer Ravenclaw? Or Gryffindor?" Rick Shook his head. "Hufflepuff? But why?…..OH!

If hats could quiver, Rick was sure that the sorting hat would be doing that at this very moment. With great effort the hat finally bellowed out "Hufflepuff!"

Since as far back as he could remember the Neil family had, had a unending streak of bad luck. Destruction fowled them where ever they went, Patrick had never had what we would call a home, having never stayed in one place more than a week. The disasters had taken his Uncle's life last year.

When Rick's Hogwarts letter came, at first his father was against it but Patrick's sister Wendy and his mother had convinced the man to let Patrick go. So here he was, finally at Hogwarts. No idiot father's holding him back by " Wanting to keep the family together." No high and mighty brother looking over his shoulder making sure he didn't do anything immoral! No here he would truly let his true colours show. Here at Hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry he would have some most deserved fun. Patrick knew what he planed to do at Hogwarts this year might by some people's standards be considered evil. But Rick just considered it very, very fun.

The other students were starting to tuck into the feast that was laid before them. Ricky's eyes scanned some of their faces. They looked so very happy. Patrick hated them all so much and he felt a slight sensation of glee thinking of what their faces would look like once his plan had been played out. They wouldn't be smiling anymore, he was sure. But the true beauty of his plan, had not yet reached the eleven year old. The beauty was they would never even imagined who had done the foul deed, because no one ever suspected the Hufflepuff.

The End