Butterfly Love

Butterfly nestled in her bedroom

Sits looking beautiful for her groom

As she peers in the mirror, what does she see?

She takes a deep breath and lets it out "Me."

She reaches out as if to touch

The appearance of glamour that is her crutch

It's all I have left she thinks to herself

As she gazes at faux pieces of childhood on her shelf

The bridesmaids walked in and she forces a smile

The pain she faced only lasted a little while

She walks down the aisle a smile on her face

And hurries picking up speed like it's a race

As all look at her she stares at her man

The one who's always been her number one fan

He hugs her to him and only then does she see

"I'm prefect as I am just being me."

Butterfly springs free from her cocoon

Her heart and eyes as big as the moon

True love doth conquer all

And butterfly jumps no longer afraid to fall