One Hundred and Ten Years Apart

Chapter Three;; About as Funny as a Heart Attack

Thursday, July 1st, 2009

(Spot's POV)

Dreaming wasn't an often luxury (or curse. Depends who you are) that I was given. I slept and then I woke up. But falling asleep atop the Hattan Newsboys Lodging House must have sparked something in my mind. I was being pulled and stuffed and cramped into who knows how many positions and crevices. The word "uncomfortable" didn't even describe it in the slightest. My lungs were closed and opened, squeezed and yanked open. My blood flow would stop to one area, and that limb or finger would fall asleep, but I could do nothing as the prickling/tingling sensation radiated through out my body. This, by far, was the strangest thing that had ever happened to me. It seemed to carry on for hours; days even! But it could have been in the time span of only a couple of seconds.

Once it stopped, though, I was relieved. Then for a few moments, nothing happened. In those small moments, I was hung between falling into a deep sleep and waking up suddenly... But my body did neither. I just floated between planes as if I was unconcious. Then, before I knew it, a jab reached my cheek. And although I wanted to retaliate and hit whoever it was back, my body just wouldn't allow it.

The jabbing continued, but with it came a voice.

"Hello in there." I heard the voice above. It was comforting and oddly familiar sounding, "What're you doing on my roof?"

Words... I tried to comprehend them. My brain was a slurry of curse words and painful memories. Nothing was making sense at the moment. Who knows? If I opened my eyes right now, I might be somewhere in the future!

The jabbing continued, and I was starting to get annoyed, so with all my energy concentrated in my arm closest to my assailant and when I felt strong enough, I grabbed to where I guessed the girls' arm would be. Lucky for me, my target was right where I assumed it would be.

As if I had shocked her (oh yes, it was definitely a she; unless these whimpy wrists belonged to a sad excuse for a boy), she fell back from the sitting position she had been in. I resisted the urge to smirk in triumph. So instead, I spoke.

"Stop. Touchin'. Me." I growled before releasing the girls arm. All I wanted was to rest, if just a few moments more. My dream had left me breathless and flattened in my own little world.

"Hey!" I heard the girl yell, sitting back into her original position at my side, "Get off me roof, jerk!"

There that word was again; roof. Yes, I had fallen alseep on the Manhattan Newsboys Lodging House... what of it? There weren't any newsie girls in Hattan. At least not any more...

"Would you please just wake up?" The vibrations of the girls growl in my ears suddenly lit a nerv in my brain, which went to the others as my brain came out of its' small hibernation. I knew that voice. I knew it all too well. But could that possibly mean..? Had I..?

Finally being allowed to use my body, I slowly slid my eyes open to stare up into a face that had been lost to me over a year ago. It was her; Hollis. The face above me was an exact replica: same eyes, same hair color (different hair cut, though, I might add), same nose, same lips, same confused looked.

Yes, the girl above me suddenly held a shocked and pained look, as if she had just stuck her hand in a lantern. Was she really that shocked to see me?

As my eyes widened at suddenly seeing a ghost, I sat up to become level with the girl in front of me.

"Hollis?" I asked, my voice slightly choked.

After only a moments hesiation, the girl answered back.


I felt my face fall. She didn't recognize me; not a bit. But I could have sworn... an exact copy of Hollis sat right in front of me, and the girl didn't even know who I was?

Suddenly, a more important thought dawned on me: Where exactly was I? The roof beneath me felt different, and was slanted instead of flat. I was on a short building that was surrounded by other small houses and trees. What was this?

Looking into the yard below, I almost fell out of my skin, because yet again, I was seeing another ghost. Only this time it was Spice; Hollis' best friend and Mush's girl.

Quickly, I looked back to Hollis who still sat staring at me in a confused manner.

"What's goin' on, Hollis? Where are we'se?" I asked her, motioning to my surroundings.

Hollis shook her head, as if clearing a daze she had been in. I could see a serious glimmer appear in her eye.

"Well for one, we're in Fresno, California, and second... who's the Hollis person you keep talking about? My name's Delia. Delia Teichman." She told me, her eyebrow coming up in a little quirk. It was cute... exactly what Hollis would do.

Suddenly, realization ignited and I mentally kicked myself in the gut.

"I gets it. I'm dreamin'." I sighed, standing shakily to my feet.

"Dreaming?" Hollis- er... Delia asked, standing as well, "What're you talking about?"

I shook my head sadly to myself, walking toward the edge of the roof.

"Dreams." I mumbled over my shoulder, raising an eyebrow to stare at her, "None a dis' is real. You'se-" Here I pointed to her "A'n't real. Yoah a pigment a my imagination."

"Do you mean 'figment'?" She corrected me, chuckling in a nervous way.

I smirked at this as old memories came racing back of that cute girl who always knew how to correct me.

"You'se know... fa' a dream, ya really do act loik Hollis." I mumbled, turning back around to stare down at the ground below me.

"Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing?" I heard Delia scream.

Before I even had time to put a toe over the edge, I was yanked back by the coller of my throat. I let out a gasping sound as my air way was cut off by the pressure. Before I knew it, I was back on the part of roof I had been laying on, and Delia was standing over by the edge, glaring down at me.

"Go take your suicide attempts somewhere else! If you die, I have to clean up the blood!" She spat, both of her eyebrows resting on her brow line.

Although amused by her sudden outburst, I was still angered by the fact that she wouldn't allow me to do as I please. So without another moment going by, I whipped my cane out from my belt loop (easier said then done while you're in a sitting position). The sudden movment must have startled her, because she took a step back off the roof.

For a brief moment, Delia was suspended there, her arms twirling in circles as she tried to regain her balance.

Spice, who had been silent up until now, screamed, "Delia!"

As quickly as I had fallen, I was up and grabbing one of Delia's arms to yank her back to solid roof.

I could feel her pulse pound under my touch as her heart rate started to calm down from her momentary scare.

Pulling her wrist away from my grasp, Delia gave me a dark glare.

"Consider ourselves even." She growled, looking down from me to Spice.

Another question started to squeeze its' self into my thoughts. It had been a question I should have asked from the start, really.

"Wut year is it?"

Delia looking up curiously from where she rubbed her wrist. Maybe I had grabbed her a bit too hard.

"What are you saying?" She asked, her blue eyes peircing my stormy ones.

"I'm sayin' wut I'm sayin'!" I argued, becoming fed up with the blonde, "Wut year is it?"

Delia stared at me for a moment, her eyes looking me over in confusion and wonder.

"Two thousand nine..." She mumbled, "Why? What year are you from?"

I let out the breath I had been holding in, shaking my head to myself as I sat back down on the roof.

"Eighteen ninty nine..."

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